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GymnastGirl72405-10-2008 06:20 PM

GymnastGirl's Next Top Chef! Win up to 15 PSF's!!
:gr:: Welcome, everyone, to GymnastGirl's NEXT TOP CHEF!!! Yeah!! *audience claps* I am Lily Maskirelli. We have recieved permission from writergirl to start this thread. I wanted to join her's, but it was too late. So I'm giving a chance to all you folks out there who need a second chance! Now, for the boring part, the rules. We all hate 'em, but we have to:

1. No fighting
2. What I say, goes. Don't get angry if you are eliminated.
3. No copying. Accidents happen, but I will keep a close eye on it.
4. Have fun!!!!
5. You must be dedicated to the thread. Don't sign up and leave forever.

1. If you know you are going to be away, please let me know in advance so you're not eliminated.
2. If you have just checked the contest and have to leave, you can post your idea for your entry on the thread without completing the idea. This will prevent you from getting angry to find out someone else thought of your idea and already posted it.

:gr:: Okay, the worst is over. Basically, each round, someone will be eliminated. We keep going until there's only the top chef left! Now, I'll toss it over to my good friend Kibbles with the prizes.

:bas:: Wassup, y'all? I'm Kibbles. There are some pretty sweet prizes for this contest. Let's check 'em out:

1st Prize:
15 PSF's of your choice, the glory of being the winner, and of course a chef's hat!
Runner Up:
7 PSF's of your choice and your choice of a recipe food.
Winner of Each Round:
A W-Shop food of your choice (surprise W-Shop food on request)

Here are the PSF'S
:cm::gr::clab::rac::pgn::clyde::ve::chi::grwc:- Googles- Black Cat- Rabbit- Monkey- Elephant- Black Friesan- Regular Elephant- Reindeer- Kangaroo- Duck- Tye Dye Frog

Note: You can only have one PSF of each type.

:bas:: Whoa! Pretty awesome, huh?

:gr:: Wow! Those are GREAT! So you probably wanna join, right? Here's the form:

WW Username: (for prizes and in case you can't take pics. you can pm me the webkinz username if you want privacy, but post the other part of the form here)
WI Username:
Webkinz Type and Gender:
Webkinz Name:
Can you take pictures:

:gr:Some of the challenges will need judging. Here are our judges:

:wt:: Hey guys! I'm Paige.

:blab:: Wazzup? I'm Jack.

:pwcat:: Hello, I am Pinki!

:cm:: And I'm Bobo!

:gr:: There will be many different challenges, varying from... well, you'll find out if you join! So join today!!

---------- GymnastGirl724 added 3 Minutes and 15 Seconds later ----------

Oh yeah, we need at least 10 contestants to start.

carcar3605-10-2008 06:23 PM

Re: GymnastGirl's Next Top Chef! Win up to 15 PSF's!!
what do u do 4 the contest

writergirl705-10-2008 06:48 PM

Re: GymnastGirl's Next Top Chef! Win up to 15 PSF's!!

This is the list of people in the contest.
((This has been posted with GG724's consent))

Cheep-Cheeperstin the Chicken
WI Username: writergirl7
WW Username: writergirl7

Gumdrop the Pink Pony
WI Username: puggielover
WW Username: PUGlovers08

Gary the Gecko
WI Username: sp0ngeb0br0cksny
WW Username: yankess0213

Kylie the Pig
WI Username: Tecytoc2142
WW Username: Tecytoc2142

Star the Grey Arabian
WI Username: pinkwebkinz
WW Username: 96Ivy

Rosy the Pink Pony
WI Username: geros9
WW Username: snowy1016

Wyoming the Pinto
WI Username: Zoe12345
WW Username: Zoe12350

Lindsey the lilWhite Mouse
WI Username: vph3316
WW Username: victoria3316

Mellow the Golden Retriever
WI Username: warriorcatlover
WW Username: puppylov12495

Bailey the Samoyed
WI Username: MadysonLily
WW Username: AshleyTisdale66

GymnastGirl72405-10-2008 08:28 PM

Re: GymnastGirl's Next Top Chef! Win up to 15 PSF's!!
That'd be great, writergirl! Also, you are officially a contestant! carcar, there will be different challenges like making a new recipe, answering a chef riddle or two, etc.

---------- GymnastGirl724 added 44 Minutes and 18 Seconds later ----------

Wait a minute folks! I accidentally wrote a chef's hat was a prize, but it can't be in this section. Sorry, folks!! But come on! It'll be awesome!

warriorcatlover05-11-2008 07:17 AM

Re: GymnastGirl's Next Top Chef! Win up to 15 PSF's!!
Hi Gymnast! I'd like to join!

GymnastGirl72405-11-2008 12:14 PM

Re: GymnastGirl's Next Top Chef! Win up to 15 PSF's!!
Hey, warriorcatlover? Can you fill out the form? Also, COME ON PEOLE!

---------- GymnastGirl724 added 28 Minutes and 45 Seconds later ----------

Come on folks! Also, thanks to writergirl for the updated list of contestants!

---------- GymnastGirl724 added 128 Minutes and 11 Seconds later ----------

Come on, folks! This is gonna be so much fun!

sp0ngeb0br0cksny05-11-2008 12:59 PM

Re: GymnastGirl's Next Top Chef! Win up to 15 PSF's!!
ooh! fun! here i come!

WW Username: yankees0213
WI Username: sp0ngeb0br0cksny
Webkinz Type and Gender: Gecko, Boy
Webkinz Name: Gary
Can you take Pictures: Yep! ;)

05-11-2008 02:18 PM

Re: GymnastGirl's Next Top Chef! Win up to 15 PSF's!!
fine since im peer pressured by gymnast girl i will join LOL!

WW Id tecytoc2142
WI Id dido
type and gender pig girl
name kylie
pics no sadly!

05-11-2008 03:35 PM

Re: GymnastGirl's Next Top Chef! Win up to 15 PSF's!!
Type of webkinz:Silver arabian(girl)
no, sorry! I can't take pictures.

GymnastGirl72405-11-2008 07:44 PM

Re: GymnastGirl's Next Top Chef! Win up to 15 PSF's!!
thanks, everyone! I will have writergirl update the roster. Only 4 more contestants! Tecytoc, pinkwebkinz, and sometimes puggielover, I will send you a friend invitaion. I am Sydneykinz10. Whenever you need a pic, I will come to your WW house and take the pic for you. Thanks, everyone!

---------- GymnastGirl724 added 231 Minutes and 29 Seconds later ----------

Come on, people! Experience of a lifetime! If you don't sign up now, don't be angry when we have over 200 posts but you can't join! So join while you can! 4 spots left!

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