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Old 08-24-2007, 03:58 PM   #11

Default Re: Finish the Story! (by Colorcolor!)

Good job, guys! I think you did very good. I have picked my 2nd place winner. It is:
3rd place:
Ok, jazzjazz20, you did very good. I didnt like the witch thing tho so you may not, may make it.
peanutkinz0897, you did good. I'll think bout it. But, i have to say, i didnt like the part where Majestic was being a little mean. Try not to do that, cause those are my webbies!
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Old 08-25-2007, 11:45 AM   #12

Default Re: Finish the Story! (by Colorcolor!)

Come on people! I need a first place winner! Who wants the BE-U-TI-FUL food! (hee hee)
Old 08-25-2007, 12:12 PM   #13
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SugarCraze will become famous soon enough

Default Re: Finish the Story! (by Colorcolor!)

The Story of a Raccoon, a Pink Pony, and Cheese
By Sugarcraze

One day, Trolly the Raccoon, was in the W - Shop. She saw her best friend running around the store. She went over to her and asked her why she was running. "I'm not running, silly! I trying to get everyone's attention!" Majestic the Pink Pony said. "Why?"
Majestic said, "Because I am going to my Great-Aunt's house! I love her house! I is filled with history! You know how I love history!"

"Er...yeah," said Trolly, backing away slowly. "History."
Majestic stopped to look at Trolly.
"You don't seem very enthusiastic about this. Don't you like history? It's so totally historical." she said, panting.
Trolly sighed. "No, Majestic. I don't like history. In fact, I hate history. I despise it. I wish history never existed."

Majestic pondered this statement for a moment, then asked, brilliantly, "Why?"
Trolly put her head in her paws, and whimpered. She shook violently, then began to sob. "History...test...bad...failed...parents...cheese...help..." she choked out.
"What on earth does cheese have to do with anything?" asked Majestic.
"I don't know. The author put it in there. But back to the story." said Trolly bossily.
"What story?" asked Majestic.
"The one about history."
"Oh, yeah."

"Well, I failed my history test, and my dad's going to be super mad." cried Trolly.
Majestic ate a piece of cheese.
"Okay, okay." said Sugarcraze.

"Well, why don't you just come on over to my Great-Auntie Lunabelle's place?," said Majestic. "We'll hide you from your dad and eat cheese."
Trolly growled at the author, but agreed to go along.

"Well, if it isn't my great-niece and that one who always hangs around with her!!!" shouted Lunabelle as she flung open the door, knocking over a basket of ripe fruit and cheeses. She hugged both of the Webkinz, and ushered them into her 1700's Colonial Mansion, recently renovated in a more 1500's Baroque style.
"Look, woman. We've got a mission, here." said Majestic.
"That was kind of rude." said Trolly.
"Blame Sugarcraze's 'unique' writing style." said Majestic.

Great-Auntie Lunabelle instantly knew what the problem was.
"Lack of dairy, my sweet Tommy? Have some aged Cheddar."
"AAAAAAAAAAHH!!" yelled Trolly. "NO. MORE. CHEESE!"
"Fine, be that way." said Sugarcraze.

"Well, anyways, we're going to have to do something about that history test." said Lunabelle, magically knowing that, in her heart, Trolly was a good raccoon.
"What the heck? Did we stumble into For Better or Worse, or what?" asked Majestic.
Lunabelle dismissed this comment with a wave of her foot, which looked rather ridiculous.
"I'VE GOT IT!" she shouted in Caps Lock.

"Let's bribe Trolly's father with cheese!" she bellowed, in an epiphany.

Trolly ran out the door, over the bridge, through the woods, to the W Shop, through the strawberry fields (a strawberry shortcut), around a sleeping bear, over a vat of Jell-O, through a brick wall, under another bridge, through a lake, and right to her house.

"What happened at school today, kid?" asked a gruff sounding raccoon, presumably Trolly's father.

Trolly weakly smiled, and held out a piece of paper with a big, fat "F" on it.

Her father looked at the paper. He looked at Trolly. He looked at the paper.
He looked at Trolly. He looked at the paper. He looked at Trolly. He looked at the paper. He looked at Trolly. He looked at the paper. He looked at Trolly. He looked at the paper. He looked at Trolly. He looked at the paper. He looked at Trolly. He looked at the paper.

He finally looked at Trolly, again.

"Who is Bumblebee Whippersnapper?" he asked.

Trolly looked at the paper.

Under "Name", "Bumblebee Whippersnapper" was written.

Her mouth dropped open.

"That's the Tree Frog in my class!!!!" she cried. "It's not MY F!!!"

Meanwhile, Bumblebee Whippersnapper was sitting on the ground in his home.

"An A+, sweetie? Why that's wonderf...wait. Who is Trolly Snickerton?"

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