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pokekid5601-02-2009 06:20 PM

Hello it's Hannah Doogster here on :wi: !! I'm holding a contest! I would like to have a dream webkinz contest!!!!!! My dream webkinz are....... webkinz hamster and scottish terrier!

BELOW i posted some of the prizes that you can win!
5 winners will be chosen! also post once. numorous posts will cost disquailifacation! So post wisely! Limit for DREAM pets is 5. 10 prizes will be listed! each winner gets two foods each ! also my username on webkinz is pokekid56! all entrys must be my friend to recive the prize they chose
to be send in kinzpost!!!!!

1. Chocalate B-day Cake
2. Chocalate B-day Cake
3. Cinnamon Hearts
4. Pumpkin Pop
5. 5 Alarm Chili
6. Teeny Roasted Weenies
7. Bubbaberriboo
8. Banattle Dome
9. Webkinz Cares Cookie
10. Fried Bat Cake

Now go ahead and POST!8)

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