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mpsinger10-20-2007 08:31 PM

Best Siggy/Avvie contest! Winner gets 3 PSFs
Yes I no lots of ppl R doin these contests, but I want a really kewl avvie/siggy. K some stuff that'll help U make a GR8 avvie/siggy:

My Webbies:
:lac:(lil Alley Cat)-Kim
Lil Gorilla-Liz
Black Fresion-Freedom
:uni:(lil one)-Belen

I luv the Clique Books and The Princess Diaries Series.
My fav actress is Emma Roberts
My fav colors:Hot Pink, Lime Green, Turquoise, Orange
Fav movies:Grease, Hairspray, Nancy Drew, HSM and HSM2
I luv 2 sing and act. I am in the play Mulan. I wanta Bcome a singer/actress
I luv 2 shop! and I luv clothes!

1st place:3 PSFs of mine* and Cing the siggy/avvie all over WI
2nd place:2 PSFs of mine*
3rd place:1 PSF of mine*

*Look above 4 the list of my Webbies, U can choose.

Thx every1. This contest will end on Sun, Oct. 28th.
Hope 2 C lots of entries!

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