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Old 10-20-2007, 07:29 PM   #151
sugarcandy135241 is just really nicesugarcandy135241 is just really nice

Default Re: Another Scary Story Contest...

heres my storie.. its REALLY LONG!!!!

Once there was a little girl named Christina. She was a fabulous dancer and singer. She had always wanted a microphone for her birthday so she could take after her mother, Teresa Aguilera. She really wanted to see what her parents had gotten her but she didnt know where to look. She looked in the closet and under the bed but she just couldn't find out where her mother had probably hid the microphone. She walked to her bedroom in disbelief and sorrow. All of a sudden she sees a shadow on the wall. It looked like it was beckoning to her. She wondered if it was the singing gods and quickly rushed to the wall. All of a sudden, the hand grabs her and she gets punched across the face and scraped with someones nails. She falls to the floor. Then, her friend Britney Spears rushes to the wall and screams What happened? When she hears no reply, a worse shadow appears at the doorway this time, but britney is too stupid to kno that. So anyway she walks up to the shadow and the shadow grabs her, Stabs her with a knife and then with a hooded cape over its head runs. And the last Britney saw was a knife stuck out of his back and she fell to the floor. Another girl named Hannah Montana then returns and awakens from her sleep not knowing what had happened to her 2 best friends. She was walking out of the room to check that bathroom when she sees her dog, dead. blood gushing out of her teeth, guts, stomach. back and head. You can even see some of the dogs skull. There was a blood trail on the floor so Hannah followed it with not a chill. She had a yard length spear in her hand and was not afraid of one single thing. However, when she doesnt realize that i huge bloody drooling goblin with a tilted head and a hunched back came in and without hannah feeling went over to Hannah turned transparent and went into her body so that she can be her. Her mother had came down and when she saw her daughter with huge 5 inch long green and RED eyes she screamed and ran. 2 minutes later nothing was stirring and "Hannah" took the spear and stabbed herself through the head. the spear was still in her head when she collapsed on her back, the bendy part going right up her spine and damaging all of Hannah's bones. that is the really sad story of three best friends who lived terribly ever after with the devil and had to wear rags and got beaten to a worse "death" although they were already dead. The house remained for 4 more months. Then, a family of 4 moved in. Can you guess what happened to them??

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Old 10-20-2007, 08:46 PM   #152

Default Re: Another Scary Story Contest...

I will write a story here it is.....

There once was a very old lady named Wendy. She loved to learn about ghosts and hauntings. She was sent to a hotel in Miami to investigate what was in there. They manager of the hotel said that a women had been murdered in the bathtub in room 19 on Christmas in 1994. Wendy went to room 19 on Christmas Eve. She was going to stay in that room for a night and wright down what had happened. Finnally,the manager left and she was left alone and nobody was in the room. She was so suspicous what would happen if she took a bath. She thought that she would have to wait untill christmas day to see anything. She fell asleep for 4 hours and it was 11:00. She sat down on the couch untill 11:59. At 11:59 she walked over to the tub and turned it on and got in with her clothes on. She sat down and waited untill 12:00. At exactly 12:01 she heard a loud scream by a woman. Then suddenly the lights went out! She started to scream. Nobody heard her. She thought it was the most freakiest thing she has ever seen in her entire life. Then suddenly a loud noise BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG occured. 6 bullets shot through the walls and hits Weny in the chest. Then she screams with pain as the blood oozes out of her body. But the really creepy part is that,nobody heard anything and nobody knew what happened to Wendy untill 3 years later when a new visitor came in on Christmas Eve and saw the decomposed body of Wendy in the bathtub. The visitor actually took Wendy and buried her in the back of the hotel and anyone who was in room 19 on Christmas Day,was never seen again.

Hope you liked it! Just so you kow,I made it up!
Old 10-21-2007, 07:44 AM   #153
Give a
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Default Re: Another Scary Story Contest...

Ok, this ones not so much scary as funny...

A married couple hadn't taken a vacation for a long time in their working careers. They decided to take a two weeks long vacation at a 5 star hotel in Los Angelos. The man went one day earlier than his wife because it was nearing the end of the year and she didn't have enough vacation days. When he got there the man remembered he would email his wife to let her know he was safe. Now where did he put that email address? It was written down on a piece of paper somewhere, but he couldn't find it so he took his best guess. The man was pretty accurate except for one digit so instead his email went to a elderly lady hundreds of miles away...This lady's husband had just recently died so she was a widow.The funeral had just ended so her and her family went back to her house to comfort her. She was just walking past the computer when the email popped up. She opened it.
It read:
Hi Honey,
I'm already really missing you, but just wanted to let you know I got here safely. I can't wait till you join me. See you soon!
P.S. It sure it hot down here.
The lady screamed a blood-curdling spine-tingling scream and fell over.By the time her family had rushed in she was dead. The doctor's diagnosis? Scared to death.
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Old 10-21-2007, 11:55 AM   #154
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Default Re: Another Scary Story Contest...

i have heard it before, but it still is pretty funny
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Old 10-21-2007, 11:57 AM   #155
sugarcandy135241 is just really nicesugarcandy135241 is just really nice

Default Re: Another Scary Story Contest...

did u look at mine?? i thought it was pretty scary!!!
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Old 10-21-2007, 02:38 PM   #156
No day but today
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Default Re: Another Scary Story Contest...

twas oketh............... it is reeluy hard 2 scare me
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Old 10-21-2007, 03:04 PM   #157
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Default Re: Another Scary Story Contest...

ok so its really long but i wrote itfor school b4 i saw this thread and i had to make it kinda long so ya... here it is!!

The Forest of Fright

Nick, Kristen, and Katie were the closest friends and nothing could separate them. Every Halloween they would dress up and go trick or treating around their neighborhood. This Halloween, however, they strayed from their normal route, getting bored going to the same few houses every year. As they walked down the street next to there’s, they spotted a faint light in the darkness of the woods, dense with trees. Curious as to what it was, the three of walked deep into the woods. The far ther they walked, the less they could see the lights that lined the street, outside the forest that they were confined to.
Finally, after what seemed like hours, they reached the house. They started to have second thoughts. There was no life to the house; instead it looked like it had been abandoned for many years. The one and only sign that warned the friends that someone was around, was the light that had guided them this far. The house was painted black, but chipping so that the rotting shingles underneath it were exposed. Along with the shingles, the framing around the windows was also rotted. The knock er on the door was rusted as it was probably never used. Leaves that had fallen over the past few weeks, and probably from past years, filled the gutter. Simultaneously, Kristin and Katie looked at Nick, who walked up the steps towards this peculiar house.
Once inside the search for a light began. It was hopeless as this old house had no electricity, nor did it need it, because little time was spent in it. They each took out their cell phones and began to use the light it provided to look for matches and candles. Katie found candles, but they were of no help without matches, so the search continued. Some time later Kristin found a box of matches and lit dozens of candle which she then spread around the room. As the room lit they could see more and more of the interior of the old, broken down house.
Suddenly, the clock struck midnight and things began to change. A figure off in the distance came towards them. The closer it came to them, the more they could see what it was. By the light of the moon the outline of what seemed to be a person was clearly seen in the midnight sky. They watched in awe, not believing what they were seeing. And in a split second, all the candles went out and a high pitched laughter filled the room. As the figure began to walk towards them, the lights came back on, as if it was magic. And they saw her for the first time, her tall pointed hat and black cloak made the three shiver in fear. Not knowing what to do, they just stared. A long silence that seemed to last forever, although it was a mere few seconds, was broken by yet another outburst of laughter. It wasn’t a normal laugh; in fact, it was more of a cackle. It was the kind of laughter that made you want to block your ears, the kind that gave you goose bumps, even if you weren’t cold.
If her attire didn’t give it away, her long nose with a wart on the side of it did. Although Nick, Katie, and Kristin had stopped believing in magic and witches and wizards years ago, there was no doubt on their minds that this was in a real life witch. It was not just a costume; they had seen her fly with their own eyes. There was no way they could escape now; she was standing in front of the only door. All they could was stare. She along with her outfit, she had a pet gerbil on her shoulder. Its red eyes did not blink; it was foaming at the mouth and had several bald patches all over its body.
“What are you doing here?” said the witch named Alex.
“W-we were j-just… well… we were trick or treating and we came across your house and we just wanted some candy,” Kristin said almost too quickly for anyone to hear.
“I see. So you came here for candy? Well then candy’s what you’ll get,” said Alex.
The witch moved from her spot by the door and began to circle them as she talked. No one was going anywhere, they were too afraid to move. “Oh that’s okay, we’ll just be leaving now,” said Nick.
With a quick movement of her hand, the door slammed shut. They weren’t going anywhere too soon. Alex moved over to a cauldron in the far corner of the room that they were all trapped in. She was, actually, going to give them the candy they came for, but it wouldn’t be what they were hoping for. It seemed like the perfect chance to make a run for it, but what would happen if they got caught? They decided to try it anyway, deciding it would be better to try to escape than to stay there, where they were sure to die.
Katie went first, and Kristin followed. Nick tried to escape last but was caught by Alex before he could leave the small cottage. This was the first time in their lives that the three best friends were separated.
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Old 10-21-2007, 03:15 PM   #158
Lil Kinz
goo17685 is an unknown quantity at this point

Talking Re: Another Scary Story Contest...

ur not going 2 scare her

proud to be a webbie fanatic and a super loon:goo::rdr::chi: have all deese
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Old 10-21-2007, 03:16 PM   #159
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Default Re: Another Scary Story Contest...

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