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flowergirlesl02-21-2008 07:56 PM

[SOLVED] Create a Room.. AND WIN

Hey, All you have to do to win this contest is to create a fantastic and creative room. There must be a picture attached, or it will not count. The prize is 3 pet specific foods of your choice!
To enter fill out this form! You can only enter one room, so make sure it's your best

Webkinz Insider Username-
Webkinz World Username-
Room Size-
Name of Room- (ex. Garage,bathroom,bedroom)
Tour Guide name and species- (ex. Midnight, Black Cat)


- :ac: PSF
- :abn: PSF
- :beagle: PSF
- :bc: PSF
- :blab: PSF
-:bwc: PSF
- :ccat:PSF
-:clyde: PSF
- :cow:PSF
- :gs:PSF
- :grwc:PSF
- :pug:PSF
- :rac:PSF
- :rdr: PSF
- :sch: PSF
- :seal:PSF
- :turt:PSF
- :ve: PSF
- White Terrier PSF
- Persian Cat PSF
- Penguin PSF

Have Fun!

got3bros02-21-2008 08:15 PM

Re: Create a Room.. AND WIN
I'll do it in the morning

flowergirlesl02-22-2008 11:23 AM

Re: Create a Room.. AND WIN
okay! anyone else?

---------- flowergirlesl added 5 Minutes and 43 Seconds later ----------

bump ^^^^ ;D8)

---------- flowergirlesl added 858 Minutes and 41 Seconds later ----------

Bumpity-bump.... come on people... if no one enters, no one WINS! come on!!! enter. You can even submit one of your existing favorite rooms... its not that hard!!

---------- flowergirlesl added 0 Minutes and 52 Seconds later ----------

if anyone wants... they can invite me and i will take the picture of the room for them!

JulieLynn02-22-2008 12:16 PM

Re: Create a Room.. AND WIN
Here's Princess Lulu's :wt: favorite room, her bedroom! All of my little princesses' love to hangout in her room and have tea parties, watch the secret chef and play with her dollhouse!

Webkinz Insider Username- JulieLynn
Webkinz World Username- PrincessJulieLynn
Room Size- Medium (7x7)
Name of Room- Princess Lulu's Bedroom
Tour Guide name and species- Princess Lulu the :wt:.


flowergirlesl02-22-2008 09:02 PM

Re: Create a Room.. AND WIN
Contest ends tommorow.... at 3:30 P.M

---------- flowergirlesl added 125 Minutes and 38 Seconds later ----------

La, La, La... i hope i get at least one room, so someone gets a prize:)

hoops261402-22-2008 10:09 PM

Re: Create a Room.. AND WIN
WI username - hoops2614
WW username - hoops2614
Size - Medium
Type - Sitting room
Guide - Margret the koala

---------- hoops2614 added 0 Minutes and 26 Seconds later ----------


flowergirlesl02-23-2008 04:06 PM

Re: Create a Room.. AND WIN
Thanks for trying! Contest ends later today, 3:30 P.M

---------- flowergirlesl added 295 Minutes and 21 Seconds later ----------

Okay someone entered! Yay! The contest is now over! The only person who entered was JulieLyn with her awesome room! So she is the winner!

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