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Old 03-27-2008, 12:08 PM   #11
Webkinz :)
xplosionplaya15 is an unknown quantity at this point

Default Re: *** Writing Contest #2!!*** New Version! Win up to 3 PSF's!! Enter now!

I created this last year. webkinz id: xplosionplaya15
created by: chris cummings
The Sword
Of The
A boy named Toby and his friend Nigel were at there last day of school. It was a beautiful sunny day, and it was 90 degrees. On the way home, Nigel and Toby stopped at a Chinese restaurant. In the United States it is hard to find a Chinese restaurant, but luckily Toby and Nigel had one here in Virginia Beach. Toby and Nigel are both 14 years old. Toby is slender with medium build, short black hair and brown eyes. Nigel is short with stocky build, long blonde hair and blue eyes.
Toby and Nigel went looking around at the Chinese restaurant and found a sign. This sign displayed a reward for a missing magical sword from the Chinese Dynasty. The reward was 10 billion dollars in American money. Toby thought if he found the sword it would be awesome. They both ate Koa Pao Chicken and it tasted delicious. After dinner, they both received a fortune cookie. Toby’s fortune cookie read that he would become a famous swordsman. Nigel and Toby went home, Toby went to bed. He woke up in the middle of the night and saw a mysterious box in his room. The box had had Chinese symbols and pictures of ferocious green Dragons on it. The mysterious brown box had some ancient figures carved on it side. Inside this box there was another glossy black rectangular box and inside that was another brown box laced with gold leaves. Toby went back to sleep and dreamed about what was inside this ancient Chinese box.
Toby decided he would open the box when he woke up in the morning. He called Nigel and he came over. Toby opened the box and saw a razor sharp sword. The three foot long sword had Chinese writing on it. Toby thought in his mind that this sword glowed with tremendous power. Nigel said, “Hey that looks like the sword from the sign at the Chinese restaurant.” Toby said, “Didn’t the sign read whomever holds the sword has magical powers.” Toby grabbed the sword and imagined about being a mighty warrior. Boom, he had Chinese armor and the other things a warrior might wear. Now, Toby thought that the fortune cookie was totally true. Nigel had some idea how the sword works and told Toby that it’s magical power work by reading your thoughts. Toby willed for another duplicate Chinese sword and it appeared. He gave the duplicate sword to Nigel and it looked like Toby’s sword. Now they dreamed of being heroes of a Chinese Empire.
Toby and Nigel were going to decide on a hero group name. They called themselves the Mysterious Chinese Swordsmen. Toby and Nigel were going to practice skills with their new swords. Toby and Nigel signed up for Ninja training course and were learning lots of combat skills. Toby and Nigel were so confident; they were going on their first mission which was to save the town from a low-life robber. Toby and Nigel caught the robber easily with out even using the sword’s magical powers. They were having fun going on missions when an ancient warrior appeared out of thin air; he looked like he was from the Chinese Dynasty Era. The Chinese warrior had a sword just like the ones Toby and Nigel were holding.
The Chinese warrior looked way more powerful than Toby and Nigel. The warrior wore a black head band with a Chinese symbol in the middle of it. The warrior’s outfit had a Dragon emblem on it just like one tattooed on his upper arm. The warrior had long black puffed up hair. The only difference from the warriors outfit and Toby’s was that Toby’s outfit was white and blue and the warrior wore black and red. Nigel and Toby teamed up and started attacking the Chinese warrior. The warrior was beating them with little effort. Soon, Toby realized their predicament so Nigel and Toby teleported back to Toby’s house. Toby said, “Man, I think that mysterious Chinese warrior could kill us with one finger.” We should get back to training so we might have a chance to defeat the warrior. Toby and Nigel were going to train 6 hours a day.
Chapter 2: Dragon Guards
Toby and Nigel used the magical sword to have two body guards. Toby and Nigel named the body guards Samurai Dragons. They also changed both of their houses into a giant mansion. Nigel assumed the Chinese warrior was looking for them because he posted wanted signs everywhere with Toby and Nigel’s picture on it. Toby and Nigel discovered the name of the Chinese warrior’s name was Grail. Toby realized the Grail called a man on the phone asking information about their history. One day Toby saw Grail asking people if they have seen two warriors walking his streets. The ancient sword has potential to taking over any human’s imagination. Nigel and Toby had installed lots of body guards to the mansion and is surrounding. They had installed the latest technology humans would dream about. The Samurai Dragons were one of the best body guards in the world. The Samurai Dragons were black belts in karate and could jump fifty feet high. The Samurai Dragons were about 6 feet tall, wore a black suit, black sunglass, and had silk black hair. Toby and Nigel thought that the Samurai Dragons were ultimate protectors.
Chapter 3: The First Battle
Nigel thought he was ready to fight Grail. Nigel learned to fly in the air and he created a battlefield that had many obstacles, and it was the perfect training course. Suddenly, Nigel saw Grail fly through the air toward him with all his strength. Nigel was being beaten very badly. Grail did a super move and Nigel’s sword appeared in Grail’s hands. Grail punched Nigel and he dropped down like a dead bird. Luckily, Toby heard the battle and came to Nigel, who was lying on the ground back there. Grail threw Nigel’s sword into a glass window of a building. Toby quickly teleported Nigel back to their mansion. The mansion was 200 feet high, 300 feet wide, and had a giant basement. Toby carried Nigel to the medical lab which was on the top floor of the mansion. Toby asked the Samaria Dragons to assist in examining Nigel.
Nigel was not looking good at all because the punch broke through some of his ribs and he was bleeding profusely. Nigel would have died, if Toby wasn’t there to drug him back to the best medical lab in the world. Toby predicted that Nigel would recover in 3 weeks. Nigel’s last words before he passed out were Grail will kill anyone in his path to acquire the sword. Toby continues to get stronger in training but Grail was getting twice as strong each day that passes Toby drew up a plan to attack Grail the next day. The battle will be at the same place where the brave Nigel fought Grail. Toby looked for Grail on the internet to find any information about him. He found out that Grail was an evil enemy of the Chinese Dynasty, used to aid with the emperor of the Dynasty, and was trying to find a way to over through the Chinese Dynasty.
Chapter 4: Businessman
Toby flew to the battlefield and summoned Grail to the battlefield for a fight. Grail swooped down onto the battlefield and quickly jabbed his magical sword directly at Toby’s midsection. Toby quickly deflected the magical sword and it flew at high speed toward the ground. A business man saw the battle and quickly grabbed the sword of Grail and ran with it to the subway. Grail was furious at Toby because a man had just stolen his mighty sword. Grail got so angry his hair spiked up and giant spiral flames came out of his head. Toby tried to run because Grail looked even more powerful than before but it was too late Grail just came up and smacked Toby down to the ground. Toby’s sword went flying in the air real close to the subway out of sight. Toby had a motion tracker to find his own sword. The motion tracker is a device used to find an item you attach it to and Toby had one on his sword. The same businessman ran back out and took Toby’s magical sword. Grail got so angry and mad he almost lost control of his powers that would cause him to explode. Luckily, Samurai Dragon came around and grabbed Toby from around the corner of Grail’s sight.
Samurai Dragons and Toby went in their private jet and flew back to the mansion at mach one speed. Nigel was awake when they arrived back at the mansion. Nigel said, “Grail is getting angrier.” They watched Grail on there video cameras. Grail was destroying most of the buildings with his mighty power around him. Toby searched for the businessman on his computer and found out he was a master robber. The police have tried to capture the businessman many times but have never succeeded. The master robber was the most wanted on the death list of gangsters in this city. The master robber’s name was Chameleon. Chameleon had brown hair, green eyes, and dark tan skin. Chameleon wore average clothes to blend in with public.
Chameleon’s one weakness is money which he would do anything to gain. Now, Toby was going to try and figure out how to set up a meeting with Chameleon. Toby found Chameleon’s phone number on the internet and was going to call it. Toby then arranged a meeting with Chameleon in l0 days at his office. Nigel plan to arm the building with grenades that will go off with a click of a button. Nigel would have the Samurai Dragons ready their weapons. Toby thought the plan might work but he had to think about it. You are probably wondering, what happen to Nigel and Toby’s parents.

When Toby first obtained the sword, he was thinking how he would tell his parents or keep it a secret. Toby and Nigel thought they should send their parents on a cruise ship to the Bahamas. Poof, a letter came in the mail inviting their parents to travel on a new cruise ship for free. Their parents were so excited; they hired babysitters to watch Nigel and Toby which were the Samurai Dragons. Toby and Nigel’s ingenious plan was a great success to protect their parents. This plan was simple and Toby and Nigel thought it up in only five minutes. After the completion of this plan, Toby wished for a money making machine with his magical sword.
Toby said, “Maybe we could park the invisible cloaking jet outside office of Chameleon’s building, just in case of an emergency. If Chameleon did not give them the magical sword, they could bust out the glass windows and leap into their invisible jet. Toby needed lots of money to finance their plan so he used the money making machine and printed a trillion dollars. Toby and Nigel used some of this money to plant grenades all around Chameleon’s building and hire more warriors. Nigel’s job would be to pilot the jet in the cloaking mode to prevent Chameleon from discovering them and wait for Toby to return. Toby’s mission would be to do business with Chameleon and try to get the sword back. The Samurai Dragons would be hiding near by to help Toby, if something seriously bad happens.
Two days before the meeting, Toby was practicing martial arts while Nigel was practicing his pilot skills. Meanwhile, Grail went to attack the Chinese Dynasty. Grail didn’t have a chance against the Dynasty warriors so he returned to Virginia Beach. The Chinese Dynasty was unknown place to outside civilizations and was not even marked on any map. Toby wondered how the Chinese Dynasty could still exist after 1,000 years. Nigel was still in pain from his battle with Grail and he tried to run it but the feeling pain was to strong. Tomorrow Toby would meet with Chameleon and execute his plan.
Toby woke up that foggy morning and put on his warrior armor underneath his regular clothes. Toby did this charade because he didn’t want Chameleon to be suspicious. The Samurai Dragons put weapons in their pockets and handed some to Toby. The Samurai Dragons said, “You might need this, so just in case--- at least you will have it.” Toby and Samurai Dragons started walking towards Chameleon’s office. The town’s people could see the town was in chaos because Grail was destroying it. The strange thing was Grail did not completely destroy Chameleon’s office. When you look at Chameleon’s office the top of his building is partially broken off. Toby predicted that Chameleon and Grail were working together but Toby did not know if his prediction was right.
When Toby got to Chameleon’s building, he waited for Nigel to park the jet by the window. When Toby went inside the building, he was having strange feelings. The building had a lot of ancient symbols like the one on the box in his room. Toby saw Grail’s sword in a very fancy box surrounded with lots of security protection devices. Chameleon mysteriously appeared in front of Toby and requests Toby to come with him to the 26th floor. Toby had the plan perfect; there were grenades every where in the building and his jet was standing by. In Chameleon’s office, it was decked out with an 80 inch plasma screen, comfy chairs, nice table, and artifacts on shelves everywhere. Toby asked how much money for that ugly looking sword that the kid dropped while fighting Grail. Chameleon said, “There is no way you could possibly afford this sword.” Toby offered 500 million to Chameleon for the sword. Chameleon said, “Double that amount and you got yourself a deal.” Toby said, “Deal.” Toby asked to hold the sword. Toby thought, the plan seemed to be going great. Chameleon let Toby hold the sword and he tried to summon the powers from the sword but nothing happened. Toby said, “This isn’t the right sword!” “You were very smart kid.” Chameleon said, and he took the money and ran.
Toby and Samurai Dragons pulled out ninja stars and pointed them at Chameleon. Chameleon said, “I have secret weapon of my own! COME OUT!” Grail suddenly appears and nearly kills Toby and Samurai Dragons. Toby asks Grail why he would be working for someone like Chameleon. Grail said, “Long ago, I formed a deal with Chameleon.” Chameleon told Grail, he would get him that sword of yours and Grail would give him lots of magical powers. Grail told Chameleon that he would probably call him and ask for the delivery of that sword of yours. Chameleon stole it and now Grail will kill Toby, Samurai Dragons, and even Chameleon. Luckily for Toby, Chameleon tossed Toby a sword that had lots of power against evil warriors.
“Fire,” Toby yelled; everyone including Chameleon grabbed a sword and started lunging for Grail. Grail just stood there because he wasn’t even getting hurt so he just watched them slash their swords at him. Toby yelled “Plan B!” and he ran toward the window to jump into the invisible jet with Nigel. When the window glass broke, Grail heard it and charged towards Toby. One of the Samurai Dragons blocked Grail’s way and Toby leaped into the jet with the other Samurai Dragon. When Nigel started pilot the jet away with Toby, he clicked the button on his watch which would make the grenades go off in five seconds. While in flight, Toby could see the Samurai Dragon being beaten by Grail. Suddenly, Chameleon’s whole building blew up into pieces leaving nothing left but Grail and the magical swords flying into different directions.
After returning to the mansion, Toby felt bad for everyone that died in that building especially the Samurai Dragon. Nigel discovered that the tracking device on the magical sword was not working. Nigel said the tracker was very fragile and could fail after the explosion. Toby was committed in trying to stop Grail, and it must happen soon before Grail gets too powerful enough to destroy this planet. Toby remembered the movie “Jason X” where the android kills Jason but Jason just regenerates into a super Jason. Toby thought Grail was like Jason because Grail just keeps getting stronger. Toby knew Grail was going to try killing him because he is the only one that might be able to stop Grail. Toby grabs the sword given to him by Chameleon and is going to challenge Grail while he did not have his own sword. Nigel would be monitoring the battle to help Toby in an emergency. Toby told Nigel he would be leaving now to fight Grail.
Toby saw Grail and jumped at him like a javelin flying through the air and stabbed Grail right into is left shoulder. Grail continued to knock Toby right to the ground while even being stabbed. Toby unleashed the power of his new sword on Grail and Grail charged at him his sword. Toby was able to block Grail’s attack. The block took up most of Toby’s energy and Toby could not afford to be attacked again by Grail. Grail looked even more powerful after Toby blocked his attack. All the towns people were waiting to see how Toby would battle and they were about to riot against Grail.
When the town’s people went to riot, Toby was relieved to not have to use his all his energy. A town person tossed his sword at Grail and Grail’s arm regenerated when it got cut off. Grail fired red flaming blast out of his hands which knocked the rioters backwards to the ground. Toby was able to dodge the blast and attempted another sword strike. Grail was furious and almost cut Toby in half but a small kid lounged his sword at Grail to distract him. Toby flew to the ground with scratches and cuts all over his body.
Toby began to run towards the invisible jet when Grail threw a sword and hit Toby square in the back. Toby fell to the ground and in a minute he just passed out. Nigel quickly sent a Samurai Dragon to rescue Toby. When the Samurai Dragon got there, Toby was struck three times with Grail’s sword. Samurai Dragon and Toby were flown back to the mansion by Nigel, as fast as they could go. Grail still did not know the location of the mansion because it is behind some trees.
Samurai Dragon brought Toby to the medical lab for recovery. Nigel realized this was an emergency and requests the Nanites to repair him. Toby woke up twenty-four hours later. Nigel was excited the Toby was alive and recovering. Toby was able to get up and use his computer and search for Grail’s weaknesses. Toby realized this is going to take hours, maybe even days or years to find. Nigel put the computer on auto search and told Toby, we shall develop a plan. Toby’s idea was to go and visit the Chinese Dynasty. Samurai Dragon used the last Nanite on Nigel so he would have full energy like Toby.
Samurai Dragon prepared the plane for the trip with food and loaded lots of technology. Toby thought the Chinese Dynasty might be hard to find because no one has ever found it. Toby brought along the boxes that came with his sword. They were on their way to find the Chinese Dynasty. When Toby was piloting the jet for an hour, the boxes started glowing. Toby yelled to Samurai Dragon let’s stop here and travel by boat. The plane skimmed across the water and the came to a stop on stop of the lake.
The jet’s front-end opened up and the sides retracted out to reveal a luxury boat. Nigel, Toby, and Samurai Dragon went on to the boat deck and could see land in the far off distance. The boat sped towards land at full throttle. The Chinese Dynasty Emperor was expecting him and had warriors standing by to escort him to the temple. At the land by the waters edge, the warriors led them to the Chinese Emperor. The Emperor was very old but powerful and wise. He said, “Toby have you brought the great ancient sword?” Toby said, “Grail had stolen from his grasp.” Grail said the Emperor used to be my friend until he went to the dark side. Emperor could see that Toby has unlocked most of the powers of the sword.
The Emperor said if you call the magical sword it will come to you. Toby summoned the magical sword by repeating ancient words. Toby yelled come here my magical sword, I summon you and the sword appeared in his hand. The Emperor told Toby to train here at the Chinese Dynasty for a week. Toby agreed because he needed to defeat Grail. Nigel was going to train with Toby so they both could battle Grail together. They learned indivisibility, silent attacks, and many combinations. Nigel and Toby slept in their luxury boat near the Chinese Dynasty which had the most comfy beds in the world. Nigel and Toby were learning very good combo attacks.
The final task for Toby was to fight the Emperor of the Chinese Dynasty. Toby unlocked the powers of the sword and the Emperor was beaten very easily. During the duel, the Emperor fired his Dynasty blast but Toby quickly blocked it and threw a punch and knocked the emperor down. The Emperor gave him the most powerful warrior armor. The armor was the highest class a Dynasty warrior could ever receive. Nigel was did not achieve the level training as Toby.
The emperor advised Toby that he was ready to fight Grail. The Samurai Dragon stayed with the Dynasty to learn more techniques. Toby and Nigel then teleported back to the mansion and found something surprising. Grail had been through their mansion and the only thing left was their computer and a collection of swords in the basement. The computer still did not find any weakness on Grail. Toby and Nigel practiced the Dynasty techniques and attacks they had just learned.
Toby was going to try and cut through a 6 foot thick bar. Toby cut through it like butter. Nigel got a new sword and created 10 Samurai Dragons. Nigel sent the Samurai Dragons to attack Grail. One by one the Samurai Dragons were defeated by Grail. The last Samurai Dragon attacked Grail and he was defeated easily. Grail destroyed almost the whole town. Grail obtained his mystic sword and now his strength was magnified ten times. Toby tried to transfer all his energy to the sword for a move he called eliminator.
Toby said to himself, this is now or never. Nigel and Toby teleported in front of Grail and began their attacks. Grail used force field to block their attacks and Nigel flew into the wall. Toby stopped Grail’s block and used a Dynasty technique and broke his force field. Grail tried to attack Toby but he was too fast and he slashed Grail 20 times. Grail immediately regenerated himself and knocked Toby to the ground by cutting his arm. Nigel got angry and charged at Grail with all his might.
Grail turned around and rammed Nigel back down to the ground. Toby came up with an idea which wall would be the life strike he had not tested. Toby and Nigel needed more time so they thought to have more time. Samurai Dragons appeared trying to give them more time. The Samurai Dragons were trying to stall for time by moving around real fast. Toby and Nigel were trying to gain more energy. When their energy was up they waited for the Samurais to die. Grail killed the, all with his anger.
Nigel and Toby were ready to do the life strike. The first thing was to get Grail to stand still. Grail knew what they were up to and started to attack Nigel. Nigel said, “This is it! Let’s do the strike Toby.” When Toby was getting ready for the strike Nigel had a hard time battling Grail. Toby said he was ready and Nigel grabbed on to Grail trying to keep him still. Toby then tried his strike which made his sword turn mystic blue.
Wham! Grail was on the ground because he got hit directly. Grail would then die in one minute. In his last minute, Grail caught the last bit of his energy to make a blast that would kill Nigel and his second copy of his sword. Then a portal appeared and Grail got stuck in it. The portal closed and then disappeared. Toby felt very bad that Nigel had died. Toby thought that it was his own fault.
Meanwhile in the portal Grail saw Chameleon and got mad at him. Chameleon was even madder at Grail. So Chameleon stole Grail’s sword which was the first copy of Nigel’s sword. Chameleon wished he was out of the portal. The sword used its magic powers and raised Chameleon out of the portal.
Toby was glad it was over and he was very tired. When Toby looked around, he realized the portal was opening. Toby said, “O Crap and thought Grail was coming out, but it wasn’t Grail it was the businessman Chameleon. Chameleon’s body was very dark and he had Nigel’s first sword in his hand. Toby had no energy and could only do the weakest techniques that he had learned at the Chinese Dynasty. Some of the rioters came up and started attacking Chameleon. The human people having a riot were no match for the power of Chameleon.
Toby thought that if he took Chameleon’s new sword he would die. Toby told one of the people rioting to fire a rocket when I take Chameleon’s sword. The rioters said okay and Toby was waiting to be in the right angle. Toby had just enough energy to jump up. Toby didn’t think he had enough energy to take the sword but he was going to try. Toby then jumped in the air after Chameleon.
Toby grabbed the sword and pulled it to the ground. The other person rioting fired his rocket and hit Chameleon right in the chest Chameleon couldn’t be seen and Toby was happy. The sword flew into Toby’s other hand and Toby regained his strength and had full energy. The Chinese Dynasty must be happy so he was going to visit them. All Toby had to do was think it and he would be there.
Toby was going to sleep this day and visit the Dynasty the next day. When Toby went by the mansion he used his magical powers to fix it up. Toby went to sleep at 3:00 pm and wouldn’t wake up till the next afternoon. When Toby woke it was 4:00 pm. Toby said, “I must have over slept a lot.” The town was completely destroyed accept for his mansion. He was new going to teleport to the Chinese Dynasty.
When Toby tired to teleport nothing happened. Toby thought that this was very strange. He went to his computer and looked up the Chinese Dynasty to see what was wrong. On the computer it said that the Dynasty had a magic barrier surrounding it so no one could get in. Toby thought I guess I’m going to do this the normal way. He created a new plane with a built in boat on it. The plane was like his old one but this one had more features and bigger spaces.
So Toby was on his way to visit the Chinese Dynasty. In the plane Toby decided to try and find any of Nigel’s things he left behind. Toby knew that Nigel’s parents would be very sad and mad at Toby. The ride was quiet and Toby felt very lonely. The plane stopped and did the boat transformation.
The boat then sped up towards the Dynasty. At the Dynasty the warriors were surprised to see him. Toby walked up to where the emperor would be. Toby told the emperor that he had defeated Grail. The Chinese emperor was very excited and was going to plan a celebration feast in his honor. The feast was awesome. The best it had been in years. Toby gave the Emperor Nigel’s sword and told him he could keep it.
The emperor gave Toby the money reward on the sign he had seen at the Chinese Restaurant. The emperor said he would grant Toby one wish. Toby wished that Nigel was alive and everything would go back to normal. The emperor said okay and Toby appeared at his hometown of Virginia Beach. Toby then saw Nigel who was his best friend. Nigel said that he had remembered the whole thing. Toby was just grateful and glad that everything was back to normal.
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Love to Dance!
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Default Re: *** Writing Contest #2!!*** New Version! Win up to 3 PSF's!! Enter now!

View Post Originally Posted by Snowwinter
Hey did you like my story? If I win can I have the collie PSF and the peagusis and/or the love frog.

I know the collie wasn't listed but I want that you more than anything in webkinz world. If you can't get collie then get the beagle

---------- Snowwinter added 11 Minutes and 0 Seconds later ----------

I have to make some correstions on my own paper okay?


---------- Snowwinter added 1 Minutes and 50 Seconds later ----------

Sorry I forgot to put that I have read the rules. Well okay then I have read them and I do follow them.
Yes, I read it... On my list of PSF's, I do not have the collie. I don't know where you saw that.

---------- doggy added 1 Minutes and 34 Seconds later ----------

good job everyone so far.

---------- doggy added 1 Minutes and 12 Seconds later ----------

Today is the 27th, so ill pick winners. Let me look the stories over real quick. If anyone wants to enter real quick, you may.

---------- doggy added 5 Minutes and 39 Seconds later ----------

Ok.... Drumroll Please........

The winners are.......

1st: Snowwinter
2nd: xplosionplaya13


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Smile Re: *** Writing Contest #2!!*** New Version! Win up to 3 PSF's!! Enter now!

A Lucky Gift- Under the Deck Style!!
My family has a beautiful deck. Its so lovely, and we even have speakers in the coners of our deck! There's also a glass patio table, complete with snow-white chairs, and my dad's dashing grill. My family loves our light- brown deck, and it's my favorite place to chill in the summer.
The only thing that bothers my dad is Rabbits. The rabbits will always eat the bushes in front of the deck, and when my dad spots them eating our bright- green bushes, the poor bunnies dash- under the deck. My dad hates that.
Anyway, my dad's rabbit issues are not getting in the way of my happiness about the new neighbors coming in a week from now, on July 10th. I talk nonstop about them, and I hope that they have a girl that's my age. I Badly, Badly Hope.

" Today's the day!!" I shouted. I finally get to meet the new neighbors!!
As my mom and I walk to my new neighbor's house with a cake that we baked just for them, I said, " Do you think there will be a girl my age waiting for a new best friend to magicly come along?"
"I don't know, Lisel, I don't know."

By the way, my name is Lisel, and I love Webkinz. So far, I have 8 of them, and I still want many, many, more.
Finally, we approched the house, and I felt all tingly inside. Soon, a surge of dissapointment and sorrow came across me as I saw that the new neighbors didn't even have kids.
I Ran All The Way Home.

I sat on a chair by the deck's glass table and thought. I thought about how sad I was, my rudeness to the new neighbors the day before, running away from the neighbors, and more.
Then, a thought came to my head. The Rabbits. They always ran away from lots of things, so I went to check under the deck to see if there were any rabbits under it.
At first, I didn't see anything, but then, I saw it- a Webkinz beagle!
Then, I started happy dancing. A silly rabbit chewed its tail a bit, but who would care? I sure didn't!
I fell down to the ground and just laid down. Soon, I noticed a note under the deck, where the beagle was located. I then unfolded it. It read:
Dear Lisel,
Sorry that I didn't come out to meet you- I'm just super
Shy. I'm also sorry I made you run away; I didn't know you would feel that sad.
Think of the Webkinz Beagle as a gift. You can keep it.
Your New BFF,

I smiled from ear to ear. As I was still grinning, I ran over to Allie's house, and in a blink of an eye, we became BFF's Forever.

I named the Beagle after Allie, and now Allie the Beagle is my favorite Webkinz, and to this day, she still is.
Dad got all angry when he found out that a rabbit chewed up Allie's tail. He said that the rabbits were going to start eating wood next. I said yeah right; I thought it was a crazy idea.
To this day, I am still Allie's friend, and like I said before, we'll be BFF's Forever.

The End
* NOTE: The events, people, and things in this sory are completely made up by iluvwebkinz414.

---------- iluvwebkinz414 added 2 Minutes and 9 Seconds later ----------

Whoops... looks like I wroye a huge story for nothing... please enjoy it, though!!

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Webkinz :)
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Default Re: *** Writing Contest #2!!*** New Version! Win up to 3 PSF's!! Enter now!

the psf's i pick are husky and penguin one

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Default Re: *** Writing Contest #2!!*** New Version! Win up to 3 PSF's!! Enter now!

i would like the peagusis

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and the love frog and the beagle

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Default Re: *** Writing Contest #2!!*** New Version! Win up to 3 PSF's!! Enter now!

Ok, winners... i have your choices. Please add Whitesnow60 . Thanks!
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