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Old 11-19-2014, 02:20 PM   #1
Yipes bunnies
Webkinz :)
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Lucy Hippo is epic beyond epicnessLucy Hippo is epic beyond epicnessLucy Hippo is epic beyond epicness

Default UP-DATED MEGA STOVE COMBOS LIST=Elimination List Second Part for use with Original List


this list must be used with the original thread of eliminated combos done.

because of the combos being colored coded I can not copy them here. o I have started this additional list to be used with the original thread list.

Do not post on bottom of this post, report full combos done at end of original elimination list. this is only for adding the new work done.

almond+apple+cherries+tomato+ee inc. cabbage 11/17/14
almond +Baked Beans+Chocolate bar+chocolate pudding + ee (+cabbage) 12/26/13
Almond + Chickn Noddle Soup + Honey + sunflower + ee(+cabbage) 10/20/12
Almond + Chocolate bar+ Cupcake + Mac and cheese +ee(+Cabbage) 4/6/13
Almond + chocolate bar + cupcake + Strawberries + ee(+Cabbaage) 1/26/13
Apple + Baked Bean + Chocolate Bar + Chocolate Pudding + ee(+cabbage) 2/24/14
Apple + chicken noddle soup + honey + sunflower seeds+ ee ( +cabbage) 10/28/12
apple+french fries+tomato+watermelon+ee (inc cabbage) + new foods 11/17/14

apple+pear+toffee+tomato+ee (+cabbage&new foods) 11/30/14
Apple Juice+ Baked Beans+ chocolate Bar+ Chocolate Pudding ee(+cabbage)3/24/14
Apple Juice + Chicken noddle soup + honey + sunflower + ee(+ cabbage) 7/4/13
asparagus +Baked Beans+Chocolate bar+chocolate pudding+ee (+ cabbage) 6/24/14
Asparagus+chicken noodle soup +Honey +sunflower seeds + ee(+ cabbage)12/30/13
asparagus+cupcake+milk+tomato+ee inc. cabbage (+new foods) 11/17/14
Baked Beans+Candy Apples+Chocolate Bar chocolate Pudding+ee(+cabbage) 10/1/12
Baked Beans + chocolate bar + Chocolate Pudding + Hot Dog + ee 11/25/13
Baked Bean + Chcolate Bar + Cupcake + Strawberries + ee(+cabbage 11/4/12
Baked beans + chocolate bar + Jelly + Strawberries + ee(+ Cabbage) 10/7/12

baked potato+cake+carrot cake+toaster pastry+ee (+cabbage&new foods) 11/30/14
bananas+blueberries+chickennoodlesoup+strawberryyogurt+ee(+cabbage&new foods 11/26/14
bananas+blueberries+ramon noodles+strawberrry yogurt+ee (cabbage&new11/20/14

bananas+lemon meringue pie+pickles+pumpkin+ee (+cabbage&new foods) 11/30/14
blueberries+chickennoodlesoup+ramonnoodles+spaghetti+ee (inc. cabbage&new 11/20/14
blueberries+cookies+oatmeal+peppermint+ee (inc. cabbage&new foods ) 11/20/14

blueberries+granola+ramen noodles+strawberry yogurt+ee (+cabbage&new foods 11/26/14
blueberry cheesecake+chicken noodle soup+ramen noodles+strawberry yogurt+ee (+cabbage&new foods 11/26/14
blueberry cheesecake+chocolatemilkshake+oatmeal+peppermint+ee+cabbage&new ) 11/20/14
Burger + Cheeses + Chocolate Bar + Strawberries + EE(no cabbage) 10/6/12
Burger + chocolate bar + cupcake + macoroni and cheese + ee (+ cabbage) 3/21/13
Burger + chocolate bar + Cupcake + Strawberries + ee (+ cabbage) 1/15/13
Cake+chocolate bar+chocolate pudding+ramon noodles+ ee (inc cabbage & new foods 11/13/14
cake+chocolate bar+fudge+salad+ee (inc. cabbage&new foods ) 11/20/14
Cherries + Carrot Cake + Ginger Ale + Radishes + all wshop foods = Nothing 8/21/12
Cherries + Cupcake + Ginger Ale + Radishes + all wshop foods = Nothing 8/21/12
Cherries + Cupcake + Iced Tea + Radishes + all wshop foods= Nothing 8/21/12
cherries + cupcake + marshmallows + mushrooms + ee incl. cabbage 2/7/13
cherries+cupcake+milk+tomato+ee inc. cabbage (+new foods) 11/17/14
cherries + marshmallows + mushrooms + potato chips + EE (inc. cabbage) 2/12/13
cherries + marshmallows + mushrooms + raspberries + EE (inc. cabbage) 2/12/13
cherries+milk+pink lemonade+potato chips+ee inc. cabbage (+new foods) 11/17/14
cherries + milk + potato chips + strawberries + EE (inc. cabbage) 2/12/13
cherries + mushrooms + potato chips + strawberries + EE (inc. cabbage) 2/12/13
chicken noodle soup+ramon noodles+spaghetti+strawberrry yogurt+ee (+cabbage &new) 11/20/14
Chocolate bar + coconut + cupcake + strawberries + ee (+ Cabbage) 4/7/13
chocolate bar + cookies + cupcake + Strawberries + ee(+cabbage) 11/11/12
Chocolate Bar + Cupcake + Mac and cheese+ Strawberries + ee(+Cabbage) 1/26/13
chocolate bar+fudge+ramon noodles+spaghetti+ee (+cabbage&new foods ) 11/20/14
Chocolate bar+fudge+spaghetti+salad + ee (inc cabbage & new foods 11/13/14
Chocolate bar+green grapes+jelly+strawberry yogurt+ ee (+cabbage & new11/13/14
chocolate milk + chocolate pudding +ice cream cone+ iced tea+ee+cabbage11/16/14
chocolate milk + chocolate pudding + iced tea + pancakes + ee incl. cabbage 2/7/13
chocolate mlkshake+chocolatepudding+ice cream cone+orange+ee(+cabbage 2/7/13
cupcake + grapefruit + pink lemonade + raspberries + EE (inc. cabbage) 2/12/13
Cupcake + milk + peach + Webkinzs Cracker + ee 10/9/09
cupcake + mushrooms + pink lemonade + potato chips + EE (inc. cabbage) 2/12/13
cupcake + pink lemonade + potato chips + strawberries + EE (inc. cabbage) 2/12/13
dragon fruit+lemon meringue pie+pickle+toffee+ee (+cabbage&new foods ) 11/20/14
dragon fruit+marshmallows+pickles+pumpkin+ee (+ cabbage&new foods ) 11/20/14

eggs+hot dog+ramen noodles+spaghetti+ee (+cabbage&new foods 11/30/14
eggs+milk+pickles+toffee+ee (inc cabbage) + new foods 11/17/14
hot chocolate+milk+peppermint+toffee+ee inc. cabbage 11/16/14

hot dog+ramen noodles+spaghetti+white rice+ee (+cabbage&new foods 11/26/14
ice cream cone+milk+orange juice+pancakes+ee inc. cabbage 11/16/14
lemon meringue pie+pickle+pumpkin+toffee+ee (inc. cabbage&new foods ) 11/20/14

Imtara reported her last up-date on 7/29/12. I went thru all posts thru #428 and back to her post. so hopefully if people want to do mega stove combos they can use her original list on page #1 AND this list and be able to do combos without duplicating.

hope some people would do some combos. I will be doing combos and up-dating my post in the future.

thanks all.

11/30/14 added

Last edited by Lucy Hippo; 11-30-2014 at 08:48 AM..
Lucy Hippo is offline Female
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