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coolawesomeAbby04-26-2009 06:56 PM

The List of all 156 of Emma's webbies!
Hey everyone, here's a list of all of my webbies. :)
The first is the oldest, the last being the newest. :)

Bitsy the Gold&White Cat
Uni the pegasus
Harold the Lil' kinz hippo
Alex the lion
Ryan the tiger
King Kong the Gorilla
Cappy the Golden Retriever
Wilbur the pig
Jenny the Cheeky cat
Polly the Pink Poodle
Allie the Ally cat
Frogger the Frog
Marshmallow the bunny
Cuddles the Lil' kinz Poodle
Gabriella the Yorkie
Ella the elephant
Harry the black bear
Mackenzie the Lil'kinz cow
Troy the pug
Chocolate the Cheeky dog
Ming Ting the Panda
Daisy the White Terrier
Poncho the Chihuahua
Buddy the cocker spaniel
Googles the Google
Bananas the Cheeky Monkey
Sassy the basset hound
Larry the polar bear
Abby the Lil'kinz Grey&white Cat
Sticky the Tree frog
Chloe the St.Bernard
Crystal the Lil'kinz Unicorn
Chef Gazpacho the Lil'kinz Pig
Madeline the Poodle
Goldie the Lil'kinz Horse
Kissie the Love Puppy
Clementine the Persian cat
Hopsley the Bull Frog
Vanessa the Pink Pony
Amanda Joy the Leopard
Romeo the Bull Dog
Rainbow the Sherbet bunny
Plumpy the Hippo
Winslow the Black&White cat
Fraiser the Koala
Cheeto the Leopard
Pierre the Black Lab
Dexter the Lil'kinz Monkey
Kelly the lil'kinz white terrier
Willoughby the lil'kinz bunny
Stanley the lil'kinz elephant
Bamboo the lil'kinz panda
Marley the lil'kinz golden retriever
Smudge the lil'kinz cocker spaniel
Diego the lil'kinz Chihuahua
Simba the lil'kinz lion
Codder the Unicorn
Bo bo the monkey
Corky the cow ( my Fave! )
Lola the lil'kinz yorkie
Jessie the lil'kinz pug
Lily the lil'kinz frog
Kuzco the lil'kinz tree frog
Zac the Clydesdale
Miley the beagle
Sarah the lil'kinz Alley cat
Chrissy the Grey&White Cat
Tad the frog
Sparky the Dalmation
Miss Callie the Lil'kinz Alley cat
China the Panda
Hershey the chocolate lab
Manny the lil'kinz tiger
Tootsie the lil'kinz Black&white cat
Daughtry the spotted frog
Forty the lil'kinz gold and white cat
Dreamer the Black fresian
Bill the monkey
Pangani the lil'kinz gorilla
Rocky the raccoon
Kiko the Husky
Salem the Black cat
Clark the lil'kinz black bear
Maximus the german shepard
Breezy the lil'kinz basset hound
Aflac the lil'kinz google
Dustin the seal
Candy the yellow lab
Jingle the reindeer
Cookie the charcoal cat
Sheila the collie
Waddles the lil'kinz penguin
Nutmeg the Pinto
Darren the turtle
Chestnut the brown arabian
Colbie the lil'kinz persian cat
Finn the lil'kinz koala
Philby the penguin
Beethoven the lil'kinz Saint Bernard
Cupcake the love frog
Cookie Dough the lil'kinz cocker spaniel
Quackers the duck
Pipsy the Velvety elephant
Giselle the Black poodle
Floyd the Tye Dye frog
Kanga the Kangaroo
Oreo the Black&white Cheeky Dog
Angus the Schnauzer
Sadie the lil'kinz Polar bear
Severus the tiger snake
Peyton Pawz the Bengal tiger
Chip the brown dog
Lucy the lil'kinz dalmation
Ollie the Himalayan cat
Carly the American cocker spaniel
Persy the chicken
Noah the lil'kinz bulldog
Harper the lil'kinz poodle
Flicka the Grey Arabian
Delilah the black lab
Cassie the pink poodle
Puff the Whimsy Dragon
Remy the lil'kinz mouse
Sabrina the Pink&White Cat
Jammer the rhino
Canobie the Samoyed
Patience the Siamese cat
Tiki the toucan
Smee the Crocodile
Mandy Whiskerz the Spotted Leopard
Pebbles the Cocoa dinosaur
Ed the Bat
Bella the Pink and White dog
Harmony the snowman
Pip the Chipmunk
Latte the brown cow
Buffett the manatee
Monhegan the deer
Sandstorm the lioness
Cotton the sheep
Jethrow the grey langur
Peanut the Otter
Jack the golden retriever
Millie the Love monkey
Blush the pink google
Jamaica the camel
Tappy the spotted turtle
Sophie the lil’kinz leopard
Choural the pink glitterfish
Cami the spotty dinosaur
Poppy the guinea pig
Marlin the clownfish
Willa the cotton candy bunny
Opal the signature panda
Freddie the chimpanzee
Purdy the buffalo

I just wanted to see what people would say. Please?

tarsky78104-26-2009 07:54 PM

Re: The List of all 156 of Emma's webbies!
LOL that's a lot :D

coolawesomeAbby04-27-2009 06:13 AM

Re: The List of all 156 of Emma's webbies!
Yea, LOL. I know. :P

Kinda just BUMPing it up. :)

HuskyLuv04-27-2009 05:52 PM

Re: The List of all 156 of Emma's webbies!
Wow awesome collection! I have a black cat named Salem and a Toucan named Tikki, too!

Movin'2Toons04-27-2009 05:57 PM

Re: The List of all 156 of Emma's webbies!
Wow! Congrats on your collection ;D I only have 53

ICanHasWebkinz?04-27-2009 06:02 PM

Re: The List of all 156 of Emma's webbies!
Lucky you! You have a Cheeky Cat! I have the Sherbet bunny. Very soft! Cool Webkinz!

Stacy.P.04-27-2009 06:07 PM

Re: The List of all 156 of Emma's webbies!
Wow That is a nice and big Family. I only have like 19.

puppylover200904-27-2009 06:12 PM

Re: The List of all 156 of Emma's webbies!
Wowzers!!! Thats a lot of webkinz. I have 54. hhmmm... I LOVE WEBKINZ!!! Do you have any doubles? I read the names, but couldn't remember....

Pupsaresocute04-27-2009 06:13 PM

Re: The List of all 156 of Emma's webbies!
You have a cheeky dog, cat, sherbet bunny and love puppy! :o

Cool collection!!

coolawesomeAbby04-27-2009 06:50 PM

Re: The List of all 156 of Emma's webbies!
Yes, I have 8 sets of doubles. XD

Thanks everyone! :)

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