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Blythe01-08-2010 12:51 PM

HEY YOU! YEAH YOU! You haven't checked out my webkinz yet! We are 1, 2, 3, 4.. uh... 5! flavors of unique and love to do our own thing. You should check it out, you won't be sorry. UPDATED OFTEN! [Latest Update: GOODBYE... Or Is it?]
Latest Update:
Making A Sandwich
Christmas Carols!


First Post: Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Second Post: General Information
I. Welcome
II. About Me
III. How I Got Started on Webkinz
IV. When I Update
V. F.A.Q.
VI. Blythe-tionary
VII. Awards/Fanmail/Ect.

Third Post: Those Crazy Kinz
The Webkinz

Fourth Post: Blythe & The Webkinz
I. Information
II. Types of Updates
III. The Updates

Fifth Post: Notification Club
Notification Club

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Blythe01-08-2010 01:03 PM

Re: Blythe & The Webkinz

Hey there! I'm guessing my wonderful use of ice cream and the HEY YOU phrases has drawn you here. Or maybe you're just like me and looking for something fun to do. Or you could have been lazy and clicked on my signature link because you felt like it. Or you could have been one of my oh-so adoring fans (I say that like I have some). Well, if its any of those above, you have come to the WRONG PLACE. Yes, that's right, there is no webkinz family thread here... No ice cream, no awesomeness... the signature link lies! MWAHAHAHA. (:
... Oh, you're still here? Well ignore my rant. And I lied, this is my webkinz family thread. And we greatly welcome you here. Feel free to relax and enjoy the thread. We don't bite much and would adore it if you commented and became our friends! We LOVE friends!

I'll make this short and simple! I think that the best way for you to get to know me is through talking to me and checking out the updates! I love putting my personal activities and things I enjoy in the updates because that's the best way to really enjoy this! If you want to talk to me about ANYTHING you see on here or want a friend NEVER be afraid to VM me. I always LOVE meeting new people and making new friends.

My Quick Stats...
Name: Blythe
Age: Old xD
Gender: Female
Location: Behind You!!
Birthday: March 9

I remember it like it was yesterday... back in 2006 sometime (okay, so maybe it wasn't yesterday...) my sister's friend had a webkinz. And she got my sister hooked on webkinz and my sister got me hooked, like a dead fish. {I had to throw the lame pun in there. Disclaimer, remember?} Anyway, we wanted a webkinz so we went to this Hallmark store and she got a cow and I got a horse. At that time, there was only one horse otherwise I suppose he would be a brown horse or something else but nope he's just a horse. A horse which I named Lucky. Yepp that's the how I got hooked on webkinz story. There's no flashy lights, no bells, no whistles, no cool story... that's it.

As for how I came to be a member of WI... I was googling a webkinz item that I wanted to see in a room. I clicked on one of the images that came up and it brought me to this FANTASTIC site. I've been a member ever since then around 2009. I LOVE it here!

I suppose this is where I'd post a lovely schedule or something, but I find them so unreliable. I mean, sometimes I'm online at this time, and other times I'm online at that time. It all has to do with my workload and real life problems. So updates might happen really often one week and once the next week. It all depends. If it helps you at all, I am in Eastern Time (ET) also known as Eastern Standard Time (EST).

Below is a mini FAQ of this thread. These were some questions I put together that people might ask. If you have one that isn't on here feel free to ask your question via PM, VM or Post! I'd be GLAD to answer it for you!

Q: What inspired you to make this thread?
A:My inspiration and motivation doesn't come from one source. The main thing that really keeps me going is that I LOVE picture-threading. There's something almost calming about taking photos of my webkinz. Its a nice little hobby to have. And being a writer and artist it involves two of my favorite things... WRITING and ART (Photography). As for motivation to keep the thread going that comes from everyone at WI! When I'm stuck or frustrated other picture-threaders help me out! They might not realize it, but they're a big influence on what I do. I think we all influence each other in some way! Its like one small community!

Q: Can I have a picture thread too?
A: Sure! I don't control if you have one or don't have one.

Q: Will you help me with mine?
A: I will not write your stories or help you out word for word (its all in your creativity, make it your own!), but I can help you with anything else. Just PM me, VM me, anything and I will be glad to help you!

Q: What kind of camera do you use?
A: I use a Nikon S4000 and a Casio Exilim. The bulky camera you usually see Wrigley with is a Minolta. I have two of those, both of which take film. So they're just used in picture stories not in the actual phototaking process.

Q: How do you get your photos on here?
A: In the past I would use Nikon Transfer and import my photos, resize them then upload them. Now I just put my SD card in my computer and directly upload them. It takes a little longer to load, but really cuts down on poor quality and you can see a larger image. Which is always a plus!

Q: How do you come up with your webkinz names?
A: Well... Its a long story. I go about all my webkinz names in different ways. Pretty much it boils down to be figuring out what I want in the name such as funny or victorian, then actually picking out the name. Its all a process like most of the things I do.

Q: Your thread's been open since January 2010... Shouldn't there be more updates, replies, ect right now?
A: Its not about the replies its about the updates! xD But its true, I've had this thread open since 2010. But in that time its been closed proably 3 times and goes through periods of time where its not updated as it should be updated. So I suppose it should, but to do it being closed at times and opened at times it really shouldn't. If that makes sense.

Q: Will you make me a banner or another graphic like the ones on your thread?
A: I don't take graphic requests at the moment, so the answer is no. However, there are some FANTASTIC shops in the Avatar and Signature section of WI that would LOVE to have your business!

Sometimes there are a few things I may say that might confuzzle you. So that's why I've made you your very own BLYTHETIONARY! Complete with all Blythe-tastic (A little Kat-ness going on here. We learn from the best.) words! You should check it out. You might learn some new words. And of course this is regularly updated so check back often!

Spoiler: show

Confuzzled |Con-Fuzz-Ld|
1. Being confused
Blythe said, "UGH. I'm so confuzzled."
2. Puzzled, Baffled, confused... ect
Ulric gave Vulpix a confuzzled look.

Journey Cake |Jer-knee-Cake|

1. A cake that is made when someone embarks on a long journey.
Zander was getting ready to go on a journey so Blythe made him a journey cake.
2. A magical cake
Pokey tried to catch the runaway Journey Cake but it rolled and rolled and rolled, rolling all the way back home. There was something magical about it.
3. An exclamation when telling someone to do something

Daisy needed to clean her room. So Milly said ''You better go clean your room and catch that Journey Cake."

Lesterday |Lest-er-day|

1. The day that happens every other day

Monday, LESTERDAY, Tuesday, LESTERDAY, Wednesday, LESTERDAY... ect.
2. The day that never really happens (or ever happen) but we all pretends happens
Wrigley announced to the world "Lesterday I was a famous rock star."
Butterbean gave him a confuzzled [see above] look "But you were never a famous rock star."

Mommy |Mom-e| & Mom |M-om| & Mother |Muh-ther| ECT.

1. Someone's mother/mom

Did anyone ever tell you that you look like your Mom?
2. The name that Blythe's kinz call her
Ulric yelled "Mom! Butterbean is bothering me again!" Toothless asked "Why do you call Blythe Mom?"

Shmowzow |Sh-mow-zow|
1. An exclamation of awesome. Such as 'Yeah!' 'WOW!' or 'Neat!'
"Shmowzow!" Daisy screamed when she found out she got all As on her report card

This little section is specially dediated to awards, fanmail, nice quotes... and so forth that I receive from members. The people of WI are so sweet aren't they?

Spoiler: show

The award Wrigley won from the Kinz Choice Awards hosted by M & T Productions

And some quotes. ♥


Originally Posted by Craftyreader
And I thought I'd tell you, your MMWFT is the only one that sounds real to me. When I read it it seems like I'm really there, listening to it. Plus its just so darn creative and CUTE!!!!


Originally Posted by megan100160 (Post 23901928)
Oh. My. Gosh.
I simply cannot believe that this thread has evaded me until now. Seriously, this is criminal. I'm beyond in love and I've only dug through the first post and some links so far. ;D A yorkshire pudding would be much appreciated. xD In fact, you've even inspired me to maybe reopen my old MMWT. ::) I can't wait for all of the exciting additions that are arriving- woah, tomorrow's the beginning of July! Well, thank you for giving me something to do this evening. ♥


Originally Posted by FrenchFry130 (Post 24233955)
it took about 1 hour. But it was worth it!!

© 2010-2011 Blythe Productions.

Blythe01-08-2010 01:04 PM

Re: Blythe & The Webkinz
I have a TON of webkinz. However, only a few appear in updates. I have over 250 webkinz, like I said.. A TON. But sadly, I moved and couldn't take ALL of them with me. I was able to take a good many with me that are just as willing to give updates. Sometimes a new kinz will be added or we'll do an update with webkinz not listed here. Not to worry, they're still my kinz. And we're still ready to entertain you just as we have in the past.

If you want to read the "New Beginnings Update" about how I could only bring so many webkinz and why you can check that out here!

The Key
We've color-coded our webkinz! And provided you with this spiffy little key so you know what all the colors mean. Neat right?
A name in blue means the webkinz is aboy ***.
A name in pink means the webkinz is a girl ***.

Ulric the Signature Timber Wolf
Vulpix the Arctic Fox
Azrael the Lil' Husky
Princess Addison the Dazzle Dachshund
Henna the Batik Elephant
Valentino the Love Lion
Snickerdoodle the Signature Labradoodle
Toothless the Emperor Dragon
Peter the Pumpkin Puppy

Annabel the Strawberry Cow
Victoria the Pegasus
Daisy the Brown Cow
Aurora Briar-Rose the Rainbow Zebra
Scott the Small Signature German Shepherd
Jelly Belly the Jelly Bean Puppy
Sophie the Himalayan
Butterbean the Lil' Gold and White Cat
Top Cat "T.C." the Calico Cat
Dante the Signature German Shepherd

Starfire the Golden Pegasus
Athena the Ice Dragon
Cinnabon the Cinnamon Dachshund
Drakey the Citrus Dragon
Declan the Small Signature Gray Tabby Cat
Oliver the Small Signature Tuxedo Cat

Esmeralda the Small Signature White Persian Cat
Socks the Lil' Gray and White Cat
Zander the Bat
Wrigley the Bubblegum Cheeky Cat
Thunder the Clydesdale
Storm the Gray Arabian

Brianna the Clover Puppy
Ryder the Mohawk Monkey
Stargazer the Mystic Pony
Dots the Peace Puppy
Avery the Peppermint Puppy
Zecora the Signature Dama Giselle
Peppa the Springbok
Star the Blueberry Cheeky Dog
Aniu the Signature Arctic Fox
Ambrosia the Signature Red Panda
Miguel the Red Wolf

Wrigley the Bubblegum Cheeky Cat

Annabel the Strawberry Cow
Star the Blueberry Cheeky Dog
Scott the Small Signature German Shepherd
Ryder the Mohawk Monkey
Butterbean the Lil' Gold and White Cat
Princess Addison the Dazzle Dashund
Azrael the Lil' Husky
Caspian the Splash Dragon
Chief Grizzly the Grizzly
Vulpix the Arctic Fox
Peter the Pumpkin Puppy
Sir Albrecht Dürer the Small Signature Pug
Daisy the Brown Cow
Peppa the Signature Dama Gazelle
Lassie the Collie
December the Border Collie
Dante the Signature German Shepherd
Aurora the Rainbow Zebra
Athena the Ice Dragon
Toothless the Emperor Dragon
King Charles of Blithe the King Charles Spaniel
Jelly Belly the Jelly Bean Puppy
Ulric the Signature Timber Wolf
Wynter the Ice Fawn
Wilbur the Floppy Pig
Alexander the Bat

Marmalade the Ginger Cat
Top Cat the Calico Cat
Oliver the Signature Tuxedo Cat

Esmeralda the Signature White Persian
Declan the Signature Gray Tabby
Damage the Husky
Sophie the Himalayan
Hawthorne the Grey Wolf (Plush)
Solo the Brown Dog
Violet the Pom Pom Kitty

Socks the Lil' Grey and White Cat
Stargazer the Mystic Pony

Our family also includes Ulric's daddy, Ulric Senior. And Dante's babies the un-named pea triplets.

Thanks for checking out our family!
Continue down for our updates!

© 2010-2011 Blythe Productions.

Blythe01-08-2010 01:05 PM

Re: Blythe & The Webkinz

Below you'll find a nice list of the Blythe and the Webkinz updates! You're right there used to me A TON more updates. But since we're starting over (in a sense) with certain webkinz we've cleared out all our updates. The updates below are the new updates with the kinz that I currently have. If you're looking for the old updates you can check out the Master Update List.

Picture Stories! Picture stories are exactly as they sound. They're stories using photographs of my webkinz to tell them.

More types of updates coming soon!

Below you'll find a list of our updates along with a nifty little key (we LOVE color coding here!).

Picture stories are in Pink.

(Picture Story) We're BAAAACCCKK!!!
(Picture Story) Making Playdoh
(Picture Story) Making a Sandwich

For even more updates! Check out our Master Update List!

© 2010-2011 Blythe Productions.

Blythe01-08-2010 01:06 PM

Re: Blythe & The Webkinz

Would you like to be notified whenever we post a new update? Then just ask to be on the notification list! Please also specify if you'd like to be PMed or VMed. If you don't specify we'll VM you. And no worries... you can be taken off this at any time if you ask to be.

Members to notify...
Hearts just let me know how to notify.

© 2010-2011 Blythe Productions.

Blythe01-08-2010 01:08 PM

Re: Blythe & The Webkinz
Reserved for future use.

Blythe01-08-2010 01:09 PM

Re: Blythe & The Webkinz
Reserved for future use.

Blythe01-08-2010 01:11 PM

Re: Blythe & The Webkinz
Reserved for future use.

Blythe01-08-2010 01:12 PM

Re: Blythe & The Webkinz
Reserved for future use.

Blythe02-05-2010 08:45 PM

Ulric's Blog >> Because he's just that awesome. Filled with tons of phots and stories you don't want to miss this adorable little puppy! Check it out now and don't forget to comment.
Reserved for future use.

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