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134Lavenderpony04-19-2012 11:32 AM

.::[♥ASL's Kinz Crew♥]::. Come in and Play! New updates almost every week! Stories, Surveys, Blogs, and just plain Randomness!! Hope you like it! NEW UPDATE
It takes a lot to be famous and if anyone knows how to be outrageous enough to become famous, it’s this family right here! I am ASL and I am the spokesperson for this crazy crew. We are so excited to share our family adventures with you guys!
I got my first Webkinz on August 8, 2008 and adopted her on the same day, or I tried to. My sis had to do it first because she got one too. Ever since then, I've been trying to adopt one pet every month, and sad to say I haven't totally lived up to that goal. Thankfully I have gotten some Webkinz as often as I could. We are 66 pets and counting as of August 8th, 2008 (hooray!)! New additions will be mentioned between updates. Some of this crew will be mentioned, but unable to be in the stories because they are virtual-only pets. Not ALL pets will be in one story at once (it would be WAAAAY too long!) but each will have a part somewhere.

Because this list is very long (and I plan to add to it), I won't be adding pictures beside the names. I will put what kind of pet he/she is beside the name so you can get an idea of what they look like. As is probably expected, I have a lot more girl pets than I do boys. This is mostly because I can come up with lots of good girl names better than I can boys; so if you want a girl name for a pet, then look me up and I'd be happy to help you out!^.^

Spoiler: show
(PINK for girls BLUE for boys)

Kelly- Lil’ Black Lab
Diamond- Signature Arctic Fox
Onyx- Black Cat
Fluffy- Signature Harp Seal
Clarabelle- Signature Cow
Gracie- Grey Wolf
Peaches- Signature Lop Bunny
Lilac- Hopping Bunny (Virtual)
Abby- Lil’ Signature Golden Retriever
Buster- Lil’ Bulldog
Trooper- German Shepherd
Dallas- King Charles Spaniel
Rosey- Aardvark
Mimi- Iguana
Sir Rhineholt- Rhino
Snuffles- Lil’ Koala
Chesnut- Lil’ Golden Retriever
Mikey- Brown Arabian
Domino- Domino Cat
Sparkle- Sparkle Mazin’ Hamster
Matterhorn- Mountain Goat
Presto- Presto Mazin’ Hamster
Spooky- Spooky Mazin’ Hamster
Shastah- Lil’ Husky
Dumbo- Velvety Elephant
Buttercup- Groundhog
Kassie- Winter Fawn
Twilight- Twilight Mazin’ Hamster (Virtual)
Presto- Bengal Tiger
Cisco- Signature Pomeranian
Percy- Lil’ Cocker Spaniel
Kha-Rahn – Signature Red Wolf
Squeakers- Guinea Pig
Ki-Ki – Lil’ Rabbit
Hayley- Himalayan
Dotti- Lil’ Polka Dot Fish
Miss Kitty Kitty (Kat for short) - Black and White Cat
Elsie- Cow
Blossom- Schnauzer
Truffles- Arctic Fox
Arthur- Lion
Mr. Moose- Moose
Silver- Silver Soft Cat
Issaqueena- Cherry Blossom Bird
Stella- American Albino (Virtual)
Miss America- Lil’ Oracle
Sparkle- Lil’ Unicorn
Oscar- Signature Cheetah
Elliott- Elephant
Davey Crockett- Cocker Spaniel
Cantaloupe- Key Lime Dino
Ziggy- Polar Bear
Inukshuk- Polar Bear (Ziggy’s Twin)
Tiger- Clown Fish
Eragon- Emperor Dragon
Talon- Grey Owl
Desiree- Love Monkey
Ciara (Key-are-ah) – Lil’ Canary
Savannah- Yorkie
Kay- Cotton Candy Bunny
Baby- Lil’ Seal
Dakota- Husky
Jack Frost- Snowman
Shadow- American Albino
Cobalt- Lil’ Horse
Dasher- Reindeer
Belle- Black Friesian
Gloria- Manatee
Rosie Marie- Lil’ Yorkie
Clover- Lil’ Lamb
Lady- American Cocker Spaniel
Tasha- Signature Siberian Husky
Maddie- Cotton Candy Puppy
(NOTE: These were not named in order of adoption)

Updates will include mystery stories, new adoptions (which doesn’t happen very often unfortunately:'(), stories of trips I take if I take my Webkinz along with me (which will most likely happen ;D), some conversations my pets have between each other (sometimes I'm in them as well), some homemade recipes I sometimes do with my Kinz (some of which are just jokes and I STRONGLY suggest NOT doing them), "Weekly Round-up Blog" of one of my pets (haven't decided who yet), some “Meet _____!”, which will give a short biographical description of one of my pets, and some just plain random pictures or conversations. There should be some kind of update at most every week, maybe sooner (depends on my schedule), so be sure to check back often.

This is where I can contact you when there's a new update. If you want to know when a new update comes out, just ask to be on this list and I will add you as soon as I can!^.^

April 19, 2012: Just started my thread! I hope it's a success!
April 20, 2012: I have the supplies I've been waiting for! Part II should be coming up soon!
May 2, 2012: New update! Sorry it took so long, school is so in the way.
May 4, 2012: We got a facelift! Hope you guys enjoy! New update should hopefully be tomorrow!
May 5, 2012: Finally got Part III up! I can probably get Part IV up by tomorrow or even tonight! Hope everyone likes it!
May 8, 2012: The final part is up now! I think I'm going to do a picture update of my Kinz helping me pack for my camping trip. I'm not sure though. Hope everyone likes!
May 9, 2012: Tasha came today! Yay! I think I will make her the host of the "Weekly Wrap-up" on Saturdays. She is definitely coming with me on the camping trip, but who else should I take along?
May 11, 2012: I got another Webbie! The Cotton Candy Puppy! I've always wanted it and now I have it!
May 12, 2012: Got another webbie! A retired one too! And I got a very good deal on it!
May 13, 2012: Happy Mother's Day everyone!
May 18, 2012: Sorry I haven't updated in a while. Everyone has become sick.

New updates will come more often now because I get the month of June off from school (hooray!), so check back often during that time period! Who knows? I might get done early which would be very nice.;)


dogluver1204-19-2012 11:42 AM

Re: ASL's Kinz Crew
Add me to the notification ist if you have one. <3

134Lavenderpony04-19-2012 12:03 PM

Re: ASL's Kinz Crew
I'd love to but I'm not exactly sure how to make one :wallbash: I'm not EXACTLY new to this place but I haven't figured my way around if you know what I mean ;D

Please give a warm welcome to the newest member of the family!

She was adopted April 18, 2012. She is a Winter Fawn. She is funny, imaginative, and kind. She loves to shop, her favourite food is watermelon (like mine!), and her birthday is November 4.

dogluver1204-19-2012 12:03 PM

Re: ASL's Kinz Crew
Well, here's an example:

(You can put this anywhere on your first post or wherever you want it to go.)
Notification List:
(Put all the usernames of people that have asked to be on the Notification List here.)

Then when you make a new update you can go through your notification list and (Visitor Message) whoever asked to be on the notification list.

I hope this helped!

Awwwww how cute she is. ^.^
Welcome Kassie! :clap:

134Lavenderpony04-19-2012 12:10 PM

Re: ~ASL's Kinz Crew~
Thanks for the help!

She is cute isn't she! I've been wanting her for a while then she finally shipped and I was really happy!;D

New update coming soon (I need to get some supplies) ;D

dogluver1204-19-2012 12:31 PM

Re: ~ASL's Kinz Crew~
Your welcome.

Yes, I have a little one JUST like her named Juliet. ;D

Ohhhh I can't wait!

134Lavenderpony04-19-2012 06:45 PM

Re: ~ASL's Kinz Crew~


One day, Kelly and Lady were walking around their room picking up their toys. “Man,” Kelly said, putting down a ball, “this is tiring. I think I need a break!” Kelly sat down to rest.


Then, Lady said, “We have been working for a while, I guess.” She looked at the clock then said. “We had better wash up for dinner.” Then the two left the room to wash up.


Everyone sat down at the table for dinner. Then Abby came into the room sporting a very lovely collar. “Nice collar, Abby!” Ki-Ki said after nibbling on a carrot.


“Yeah,” Dallas said, “it looks cool.” “Thanks guys!” Abby said with a smile. “I just got it today from the mall. It was pretty expensive!”


“It sure looks it.” Kelly said. Rosie Marie stared at the necklace with a longing look. She made sure none of the other Kinz could see her.


Once everyone was done with dinner, they retired to their rooms for bedtime. Kelly and Lady brushed their teeth, washed their faces, combed their fur, went into their room, and made their beds. Rosie Marie also slept in the same room as Kelly and Lady. She made her bed as well. As soon as the lights were off, the Kinz fell asleep . . . well, not all of them . . . .



gimmeabook04-20-2012 09:40 AM

Re: ~ASL's Kinz Crew~
Ooh, what a cute blog! :clap:

Is Rose Marie up to something? ^-^ She looked pretty jealous of that awesome collar . . .
I'd love to be on the VM list, if you please! ^.^

134Lavenderpony04-20-2012 06:06 PM

Re: ~ASL's Kinz Crew~
Thanks! ;D You're on the list!;)



This is Kelly. She was my very first pet. She is brave, adventurous, and a good athlete. She loves to go camping, so I might take her with me on my next camping trip (hint hint!). She absolutely loves fish sticks and her birthday is September 24.

134Lavenderpony05-02-2012 03:26 PM

Re: ~ASL's Kinz Crew~


The next morning started off with a shriek coming from Abby’s room. Kelly and Lady woke up with a start and ran into Abby’s room to see what was going on.


“My collar! It’s gone!” Abby shrieked. “We’ll find it Abby!” Lady assured her. They searched the house everywhere they could think a collar could be hidden.


“It isn’t anywhere!” Abby said, almost in tears. Kelly patted Abby’s back and said. “We’ll find it! Don’t worry!”


After about two hours of searching, Rosie Marie came into the room Abby, Kelly, and Lady were searching in.


“Looking for THIS?” Rosie said, holding up the lost collar.


“My collar!” Abby shrieked in surprise, grabbing the collar from Rosie. Kelly and Lady were also surprised. “Guess where I found it.” Rosie Marie said with a slight hint of slyness. No one answered. Rosie pointed towards Kelly’s bed and said, “Under there.” Abby’s mouth dropped open as she turned to Kelly with an angry look on her face. “You . . . didn’t . . . !” She said, becoming enraged. “Now, wait a minute, you know I’d-” Kelly started to say, but Abby held up a paw to silence her. Then she left the room taking her collar with her.

“This is awful, Lady.” Kelly said when she and Lady went into their room. “I know you didn’t take the collar.” Lady assured her. “Try telling that to Abby.” Kelly said with a sniff.


She looked to the ground and saw something very strange. “Lady! A paw print!” She said, hopping off the bed and onto the ground. Lady came over to have a look for herself. Yup, it was a paw print alright. “Who do you think it belongs to?” Lady asked. “I don’t know,” Kelly said, “but it’s small so one of the Lil’ Kinz had to have done it.” “You are a Lil’ Kinz.” Lady reminded her. “True,” Kelly said, “but look at it. It’s too small to be mine.”




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