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PurpleRules12309-09-2007 03:50 PM

Law Offices of Webkinz World
Have you been robbed? Has someone scammed you out of your rare items? Then you've come to the right place! We help you get your life back on track. Please make sure that this happened LESS that 4 days ago. All you have to do is give us this info-

1. Who was involved? Please only say the first 4 letters.
2. What happened?
3. How did this happen? ( Did the person scam you, rob you, etc. )
4. What are the items they scammed you out of, if they scammed you?
5. What is your Webkinz.com username? If you have multiple accounts, please list both.
6. Please post a link to your Gift Exchange thread, if you have one.
7. Please post a link to the person scammer's Gift Exchange, if you have it.
8. Now PM me the Webkinz World username of the scammer and their full Webkinz Insider username.

Once you have completed all of those steps, you should recieve a PM with help. Although we do not promise that you will get your items back, you will get the scammer recognized by Justin ( the site owner ) and multiple moderators as well as an adminastrator.
Thank you for posting and we will be with you shortly. This is all of my contact info-

My Webkinz World Username- LHB1996
My Webkinz Insider Username- PurpleRules123

These are some helpful hints for safe trading!

1. Do NOT trade in the Clubhouse PLUS area.
2. Webkinz Insider is the safest place for trading.
3. Read through the person's feedback that you are trading with.
4. It is very safe to trade with adminastrators, moderators, and gift gurus.
5. Trading less valuable items is the best way to go if you are uncomfortable with trading large items or valuable items.
6. The more trades the person has made, the safer they are to trade with.

This is a free service, so I do not expect anyone to pay for it. Although, I do accept tips if you would like to give them! Thanks and a have a safe and fun time trading.


carguy9809-23-2007 10:10 AM

Re: Law Offices of Webkinz World
heres a BUMP for ya!!

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