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funkyc6304-01-2009 01:56 PM

I Caught ZUM-things !!! Pics Here...My Adventures in Zumwhere !!...Updated 3/25/10 !!!...We have Unlocked 5 Pages. Only 1 More Zum to Go !!!
My local Hallmark finally put these out today (04/01/09).
Here is a pic of the first photo of my Peeking Zum....


As you can see she rewarded me with 3 Zummies, 2 red and 1 yellow.

Just found out on 04/16 that the zummies can be used like money to buy Zum Where articles from the catalog.

Here is the Zumthings Prize Catalog.....




Update: Caught Zeeker and Zreth (04/09)
It says that if they refuse to let you take their pic they might leave you a gift instead !! Sometimes you have to play a Challenge Game to earn the pic you take. Here is a link that shows the different games (I can only post 20 pictures on my thread) ......http://www.webkinzinsider.com/forum/...ntures-489375/
Pics of the gifts I have collected are below.

Bratty Zums ( opened on 12/3/09 )

Peeking Zums (opened 07/19/09)

Tricky Zums Completed on Feb. 28/10.

Giggly Zums (06/28/09) Opened the box on the account with 1 klip entered !! Got the Zum Costume. Too cute for words !!


Lazy Zums (opened 05/07/09) Opened the first gift on DD's account with 2 klips entered. Took approx. 1 month. Note: The sign only can go in outdoor and treetop rooms.


Zippy Zums (10/23)

As you collect the zums the picture on the left gets colored in a little more each time.

If you have a kinz clip (or wish you did) check them out.....They are so cute !! I love all their different colors !!

Edited 4/3/09
For some reason the game resets itself at 8:00pmKT. UPDATE 10/28/09: Since the addition of the Zumbuddies the game now resets itself at midnight.
Only 1 try in 24 hrs.

Here are my treats so far....

Zum Toffee. (Common)


Gummy Zum (Common)


Sour Zum Candies (4/05) (Common)


Zum Cupcake (04/06) (Uncommon)

Zum Chocolate (04/14) (Rare)

Zum Soda (05/13) (Rare)

I only have 1 clip entered on each of my 3 accounts. Tomorrow I will enter 1 more on 2 accounts to see if there are bigger things !

Update 04/20:
So far no good !! Nothing bigger and better...even with 4 clips entered in 1 account and 2 in another and 1 on the third. BUMMER !!
Actually the account with only 1 clip entered only needs 3 more giggly zums to open the gift. Go figure.
Maybe tomorrow...

Update 04/27
For the past 5 days we have only gotten candy in Zumwhere on all 3 accounts. A few others have commented on this happening to them also. Is Zumwhere tightening up after you collect so many ? Will it be like elsewhere in the Magic Forest that the last few will take forever to catch ? Time, I guess, will tell !

Update 04/28
The candy spell is officially over !! We caught Zums on all 3 accounts today !
Thanks to freebee diva for pointing this out....There is a discrepency between how many and colors of zummies for what you catch and what you are actually awarded. I am tracking the situation and will let you know if this occurs often or seldom. (On my main account today it said I got 1Blue and 2Yellow zummies. When I checked them it had given me 2Red instead.)

Update 5/05
My DD got one of the drinks today but xed out of it before I could snap a pic !! Aargh...next time I guess. Also the zummie discrepency is still occuring. Only 2 times have we gotten what it says on the zum's pic. Still logging the results. Entered a klip on the 4th account.

Update: 5/07:
Today I traded my zummies on the 1 account for the hat (because I couldn't wait any longer).
Update: 5/08
Got the matching field jacket today on another account.
Update: 5/09
Here is TinkerSmell proudly wearing her new Zum Cap and jacket...
(Had to visit my DD's house to get a pic with the sign so we could see it in the room.)
Can't see the jacket very well. Bummer. I will have to try it on different pets to see if I can make it look better.

Update 5/12:
Finally got another Tricky Zum today. Haven't caught one of those since 4/21. Past few days have been candy and doubles. I need to find more klips so the prizes for missing are better. It seems to get the better prizes you need at least 10 klips on an account. People have been winning PSI's and Rare Items instead of candy. Come on Ganz...lets get those shipments rolling !! LOL
(NOTE: This has proven to be a glitch in the system that only occurs for those who initially entered more than 10 klips at the start. The bonus prizes only seem to happen for them.)

Updated 5/13:
Congrats to choover for opening the Giggly Zum box ! The prize is a Zum Outfit. Pics of her pet wearing the prize are on post #127.

Update 05/16:
For a solid week we have caught nothing but doubles on 3 accounts. Though we are building up our zummie count, the system seems to be repeating all the ones we have collected. I did get a zippy zum on the 1 account, but I messed up the challenge (my fault, I was hurrying) so it was out of focus. I know others have been complaining of this. Hopefully tomorrow will be better for Zum hunting !!

Update 05/18:
Looks like the zummies miscount glitch is finally over !! For the past several days we have been getting exactly the zummies it shows on the picture. Also my DD is upset that her name appears nowhere on the thread.....so I am proud to tell you that sarahx8 is my DD#3 and a WI member. It was her account that got the Zum sign. Hope this makes her feel better !

Update 05/20
Congrats to elefancy for opening the Peeking Zum box. The reward was a Zum Trophy. I wish I could show it but I am out of space for pictures. A pic is posted in the thread as post # 149. Check it out....it floats !!

Update 05/22
Finally caught a Zum that wasn't a double on my 4 klip account. I got Zoopy the Peeking Zum. Only 2 more to go for that box and 1 on the Lazy Zum box for that account. Both the sign and trophy would be nice to have. I am still having trouble finding Zippy Zums. I guess I am too old and not quite zippy enough to find one..LOL.

Update 05/28
Double, double, toil and trouble....All we seem to have been getting lately is DOUBLES !! There are so many that we need yet the system feels the need to award a double every time. Even after completing the Zum Challenges. Very disappointed. I guess it is better than candy.

Update 06/01: FINALLY !! I caught a Zum on my 4 clip account that wasn't a double. It was the rare Zuzu Giggly Zum. Now I am 1 away from opening the box and getting the Zum Outfit. It is soooo cute. I hope I find it soon !!

Update 06/06: I did it !! I finally caught another Zippy Zum !! I guess my reflexes aren't that slowed with age ! LOL

Update 06/07: I got it !! I had enough zummies to get my Zum Lawn Ornament. It is so pretty and it spins. This was probably my most favorite thing in the catalog. The pic is post # 215.

Update 06/12:
Caught a peeking zum today. Only need the rare Zala to open my trophy box. Yippee !!

Update 06/16: I spent some more zummies today and got the Zum Poster. It is really cool. Your pet clicks on it and it goes down and rolls up like an old school map !! Pic is on post #202.

Update 06/27: Still getting nothing much but food or doubles of the zums we already have. We are 1 away from opening a couple of lazy, giggly, and peeking zum boxes. The thing is, it really isn't the rare zums that are needed. My DD, sarahx8, did spend some of her zummies today and got the Zum Finder Case. The pic is posted on #213 if you want to see it in person.

Update 06/29: Got the last Giggly Zum and was able to open another box today. This is, surprisingly enough, the account with only 1 klip entered. So excited !!

Tree Nymph is busting with pride !!

Update 7/05: Broke down and got a door mat for my room. The room looked so bare and I wanted to see how it looked in a room. The pic is on post #224. Typical door mat size, 1 square.

Update 7/10: I found the new kinzclips at my local Hallmark. I bought 6 more so that should make 10 on my main account. I am so tired of getting gummies !! It is true that if you have 10 or more klips on your account you will get exclusives and pet items instead of food. It seems not to be a glitch. And these people are getting more Zums caught.
Wish me luck !!

Update 07/19: Got the trophy today on my 1 klip account. I posted the picture above showing TreeNymph in her costume posing with the Peeking Zum Trophy. Bumming me out that I have not opened 1 box on the account with 10 klips entered but the account with 1 klip has opened 2. Bad luck I guess.

Update 07/26: Today I opened the Lazy Zum box on 2 accounts. (Must be a Generousity Day from Ganz. LOL) Finally on my main account and once again on my 1 klip account. That makes 3 boxes opened on the 1 klip account !!
Note to everyone ....Spread the klips out among all you accounts. Obviously only 1 is needed to open all the prizes. My 1 klip account is doing better right now at opening boxes than my multi klip accounts. No need to enter mass quantities if you don't want to. Save your $$ for the eStore !!

Update 07/31: FINALLY caught not 1 but 2 Bratty Zums in the past 2 days !! It has been since April since I've actually caught one and I got 2 in a row. :P (Being Bratty)

Update 08/08: Caught the final Lazy Zum on account #4 and was awarded a Zum Crossing Sign. Now all 4 of our accounts have the sign. If you would like to see a pic I posted it on post #262.
Hooray !!

Update 08/12: Caught another Bratty Zum. Only 3 away from opening the box. I wonder what the prize will be ?? I also picked up a Zum Plushie today from the catalog. I've posted a pic on post #269 so you can see its cuteness !!

Update 08/13: Whoo hoo !! I got the last Giggly Zum today on my main account !! I just adore the Zum Costume...it is the cutest thing in WW. Now 2 accounts have one. Love it !!

Update 08/27: Well it has been weeks of candy and doubles. Getting nowhere in Zumwhere. I'm a little bit frustrated with the searches. It's like the system is frozen in one place and won't let me pass onto the next phase of zums and prizes. A little glimmer of hope might keep me going. Aaargghhh !!

Update 09/07: Today I got the last zummie I needed to get the Zum Globe. Very cool gift !! The clouds move around and when you click on the globe it reveals the Zumwhere logo. You can see my pic of the globe in post #332 or see icucme's globe in post #229. It is HUGE !! Definately worth the zummies for this item !!
As far as catching Zums go... no luck getting a new Zum for what seems forever. I have to think of some way of shaking up the system. I know others have opened their boxes but not us. A little depressing. Maybe if I get another klip for each acount it might trigger something. Let me know what you are all trying to get the more elusive zums.

Update 09/15: Finally caught a Zippy Zum today. It has been since June since I've got one of those. If it takes 3 months between catches it will take forever to get them all.

Update 09/24: Got another Bratty Zum today. It is the first new Bratty for over a month. Only 2 more to go for that box !!

Update 10/9: Slowly picking up 1 zum here or there that have been needed ... but still can't get the last ones to open boxes for myself. Glad to see others are though.
Yesterday Snow Crystal got her final Tricky Zum and got the Zum Topiary. Very cute !! Makes me want to keep on trying to find those last elusive Zums.
I did buy myself the candles today. They are very nice in the room. Still a few zummies off for more items but getting nearer to buying some I still need.

Today I got the final Zum to open the Peeking Zum box on my other 1 klip account. That means that both 1 klip accounts and the 4 klip account have opened this box......yet my account with 11 klips entered still has not. I know now that more klips do not give you more chances to catch the Zums you actually need !! Don't waste your $$ loading up your accounts with klips (unless Ganz finally gets the system working correctly) !!
I did post a pic on post #376 showing Ol' Bamboo with her Zum prizes.

Update 10/28/09: No Zubuddies yet in my area. Oh the humanity !!
But hurrah !! You can now see how many klips you have on your account !!
But now it is say you need to collect 20. Twenty ?? Are they kidding ?? What do we get for collecting 20 ??

Update 11/01:
Have caught some bratty zums recently. Seems they are becoming a bit more frequent now. Still is slow moving. On my main 11 klip account I need only 10 Zums to finish all my pages. How long will the system taunt me ??

Update 11/18:
Yay !! I have finally caught a Zum I didn't already have. I got Zetti the Bratty Zum.....only 1 more to go and I can get that box opened too. I also caught Zoola yesterday but I already had that one. I am amazed that there was just a Zum both days......no challenge to do !!
Love it !!

Update 11/24:
Got another Tricky Zum today !! 2 in one month is actually seeming pretty good at this point. For my main account I only need 1 Bratty, 1 Peeking, 2 Tricky, and 3 Zippy until I am complete all the boxes.

Update 12/3/09:
Yay me !! Finally opened another box today !! I got my last Tricky Zum on my main account and was awarded the Ancient Zum Guide. Not really an mpressive item in itself, but I'm sure it will look alot better with the matching pedestal when I (if I) ever get it.
It has been 2 months since a box has been opened on any of our 4 accounts ( and 4 months since one has been opened on this account) so I'm feeling pretty happy !! ( Picture in post #418 )

I saved up enough zummies to get the field case today on my main account. Now my zum watchers will be well equipped !

I got another Tricky Zum today !! Only one more to go to finish the page ! Of course it is Zaza, the rarest one to find.
I also got a kinzclip for free at my Hallmark today. You got a free klip when you bought 2 pets. Hopefully this will help in finding Zaza.
This will make 12/20 klips entered on my main account.

Finally !!
I got the last zum to open my Peeking box on my main account. I guess that new klip did trigger the little buddy out of hiding !!
I would suggest that if you are in the "slumps" finding zums you might want to enter another klip to jog the system.
I have caught 44/48 on this account.

I also entered a picture of my Zum Hunter's Room in post #451.
It doesn't show the items that only go outside and my zumbuddy chairs (they are in another room) but you can see how I've used my prizes so far.

Happy New Year to you all !! May the year be full of Zums for you !

Today I opened my Giggly Zum box on our 4th account. That makes all 4 of the accounts now have the Zum Sign, Zum Trophy and only 1 more account for the costume. I wonder if it is possible to open all the boxes in 1 year (April), I guess only time will tell.

Very exciting news today.....I finished my Tricky Zum page and got the Zum Topiary. When I caught the Zum I just had a feeling it was the one I needed. Oh joy !! Only 3 Zippy Zums to go to finish my collection on my main account. I posted a pic of it in my room on post #508. It can only go in outdoor and treetop rooms.

OMG !! I only need 1 more Zum to finish !!
2 days ago I caught a Zippy Zum and then again today. So that means only 1 more and I will have finished all my pages and get my Grand Prize.

Got that final Giggly Zum box completed !! Now all 4 accounts have the costume. Still no luck in finding Zoom to get my first sanctuary. I have started catching doubles of the Zippy Zums......so hopefully it will be soon !

I found some klips on clearance for 75% off. I entered 1 on the main account (In hopes of boosting my chances for that final zum) and I'm still deciding which account to add the other one.

If you would like to see pics of other prizes before you buy:

Zum Costume: choover post #127
Zum Trophy: elefancy post # 149
Tabletop Candlesticks: rickiekinz post #173
Zum Poster: funkyc63 post #202
Zum Watching Case: sarahx8 post #213
Zum Lawn Ornament: funkyc63 post #215
Magical Zum Map: hiphopten post #219
Field Chair: biophilia post #223
Zum Doormat: funkyc63 post #224
Ancient Clay Pot: momtofaye post #225
Zumwhere Globe: icucme post #229
Zum Plushie: funkyc63 post #269
Zum Cloud Car: kewljlmommy post #273
Ancient Zum Guide: AntLindy post #290, funkyc63 #418
Field Sketch: Bindidog post #358
Ponder Pond: Bindidog post #358
Zum Dreaming Tree: Bindidog post #358, shellwcross #419
Zum Fountain: Bindidog post #358
Zum Topiary: Snow Crystal post #361, funkyc63 post #508
Zum Logo T-shirt: Pom post #382
Cloudy Couch: NanaRose post #461
Zum Statue: SnowCrystal post #499
Zum Sanctuary: mayapal post #534
My Zum Hunter's Cloud Headquarters: post #451

Listing of Box Prizes:

Lazy Zums = Zum Crossing Sign
Giggly Zums = Zum Costume
Peeking Zums = Zum Trophy
Bratty Zums = Ancient Zum Guide
Tricky Zums = Zum Topiary
Zippy Zums = Field Guide Pedestal
Opening All Boxes = Zum Sanctuary
(Remember that these items cannot be traded or kinzposted. They stay on the account you win them on.)
Pictures of these can also be found in the WI Item Picture Gallery.

Here is a breakdown of all our 4 accounts.
#1. Began April/09
Unlocked 14/20, Collected 47/48
Remaining to catch= 1 Zippy Zums

#2. Began April/09
Unlocked 3/20, Collected 38/48
Remaining to catch= 2 Bratty, 3 Tricky, 5 Zippy

#3. Began April/09
Unlocked 2/20, Collected 36/48
Remaining to catch= 5 Bratty, 2 Tricky, 5 Zippy

#4. Began June/09
Unlocked 1/20, Collected 37/48
Remaining to catch= 2 Bratty, 4 Tricky, 5 Zippy

Also let us know what item you are saving up for in the Catalog. What is your favorite item pictured ? I wonder if we all want the same things ??

If you open your surprise gift please share it with us! Also make sure to let all of know when you trade in your zummies for prizes....We would Love to see them in your room or on your pet !!

canonymous04-01-2009 01:58 PM

Re: I Caught My First ZUM !!! Pics Here...
Thank you for posting!

So cool!

webkinzluver<304-01-2009 01:59 PM

Re: I Caught My First ZUM !!! Pics Here...
ooh! congrats! i hope to get a kinz clip soon! :)

margaret04-01-2009 02:02 PM

Re: I Caught My First ZUM !!! Pics Here...
oh how cute !! I cant wait till I find them in the stores !! Thanks for posting pictures :)

bigduck04-01-2009 02:07 PM

Re: I Caught My First ZUM !!! Pics Here...
That's awesome!

Thanks for posting.


funkyc6304-01-2009 02:28 PM

Re: I Caught My First ZUM !!! Pics Here...
The clips are pretty cute......The whimsy dragon was my favorite.

There was also a panda, monkey, chiuaua, penguin and kangaroo.

DramaQueen04-01-2009 02:30 PM

Re: I Caught My First ZUM !!! Pics Here...
thankz so much for posting the pics...none of our stores have them and most don't even know about them....hope to get some soon. That looks like it would be fun to play.

msclockart04-01-2009 02:32 PM

Re: I Caught My First ZUM !!! Pics Here...
Thanks for posting! Congratulations on finding your first Zum!

Pupcake04-01-2009 04:37 PM

Re: I Caught My First ZUM !!! Pics Here...
Congrats on finding your first Zum! The stores near me haven't gotten them in yet. When they do, I think I'll snatch a Whimsy Dragon one...;)

harrypotterfan10104-01-2009 04:39 PM

Re: I Caught My First ZUM !!! Pics Here...
Neato! I'm not entirely sure what these are, but nevertheless, they seem awesome!

Please remember that blue and red ink are reserved for mods and admins only. ;)

- harrypotterfan101

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