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admin10-09-2008 08:36 PM

NEW WI POLICY: No Discussion About Trade Room Trades
NEW WEBKINZ INSIDER POLICY: No Discussion About Trade Room Trades

Back when the Webkinz World Trade Rooms first opened, the Webkinz Insider staff made it clear that we have no authority in Webkinz World and as a result cannot be responsible for bad trades made in the Trade Rooms.

At that time we instituted the following policy:


Trade Discussion on Webkinz Insider is ONLY allowed inside of the Gift Exchange area. Trades made in the WW Trade Room should be negotiated in WW Trade Room. If you wish to discuss trades on Webkinz Insider, please consider joining our Gift Exchange.
Over the past several months we have noticed that there has been a lot of discussion on the site regarding trades that have already taken place in the Webkinz World Trade Rooms. While most of the talk has been about fair trades, some of it has been about unfair trades, with a handful of members bragging about how they were able to take advantage of other traders. While we would like to think that our members will aways be fair in their negotiations off-site, we must acknowledge that this is not always the case.

That being said, we find it necessary to make an important addition to the policy above:


No discussion of trades made in the Webkinz World Trade Rooms will be allowed on Webkinz Insider.
It is our greatest hope that everyone will understand our need to make this policy.


1. Is it trade talk to talk about getting scammed? -It is fine to talk about getting scammed, as long as you don't indicate what was traded for what. If someone tried to convince you that an item was something different from what it really was, that's info that is useful to our members. Please post this info on the sticky Clubhouse Scammers thread at the top of the clubhouse section and please only mention what the scam was. For example you could post something like this on the Clubhouse Scammers thread: "New scam - this person today tried to claim they had a storage item with a silver dress in it. Remember no storage items can be traded if things are in them!" Do not post whether or not you completed the trade or anything else. There's no reason to start a new thread for every scam and it is most useful to members to find them all in one place! Please read through the thread to make sure you are not posting duplicate info.

2. Is it trade talk to say that you got something special in a trade without saying what you traded for it? - No. You may say: "Look what I got, bunny ears!" We ask that members use the "Look what I got" section. Any threads that mention the trade or values of the trade will be removed.

3. Is it trade talk to discuss item values according to the guide provided by WI? - It's fine to point out what the WIGEV has as a value for an item, but if the discussion starts getting into what is a fair trade for what, we don't want it here on WI. Inside of the Gift Exchange we have a "Fair Gift Exchange Policy" that helps define what is and what is not a "fair" trade here on Webkinz Insider. If someone is trading off of WI, those rules don't apply, and, again, we don't want to get involved in that discussion. The WIGEV is located HERE and is available for all members to use to find values.

4. Is it trade talk to say that a person has traded high value items for low value items without mentioning the items that were traded? - Yes that would be trade talk and not OK. We don't want to debate whether or not a trade is fair. The rules for what is and what is not fair vary widely from site to site. If someone traded a high value item for a low value item, and there's some discussion to be had about that, the discussion should happen in the place where the trade took place, not here on WI.

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