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robertcleveland08-07-2019 01:45 AM

Re: -- The Minecraft Club -- Love minecraft? Well come on over!
Hello every one ,to the reborn MineCraft Club welcome and lets have fun , what has every one been doing, I will show some of my builds some old and some new .

I want every one to reintroduce or introduce them selves like this below

1 WI name robertcleveland
2 MC name hoppytoadbob
3 favorite thing to do in Minecraft = I like to make towns on Towny servers, building Roads, bridges, spawns. and other amenities for for the citizens
4 have you ever been on a server ? yes my first was on the meet-up in the beginning of this club, that server has folded the owner moved on after he ran it into the ground,
5 are you on a server now name and type and rating Lonks towny PG, PVP in wild, voting yeilds nice rewards most are friendly I also like Barty Realms bigger owner is friendly also Towny PG PVP in wild,larger server , both are fully updated in all mobs, a world spanning RR has been plotted out. at spawn a large player run shop area, warning the Creeper are turned up to full blast , I messaged Barty about toning them down he has reasons not to, meanwhile around town the number of craters is growing daily !!!
6 favorite and least favorite mob to battle I love to lure endermen into wher my pack of tame wolves are, one escaped and warned all others , one did not , I like to battle Phantoms one night on a small island while mining sand , had to take out a dozen , just keep you back safe face out and keep lots of food handy, I love taking them down with an enchanted bow .
7 and lastly would you like to plan another server meet up, vote yes or no I will keep track of vote and list servers so a choice can be made by all in another vote later.
8 this is your club any suggestions, Ideas ?
the above link has pics of a town Winsider on the Super Fun Time server town and roads were all built by myself and Hershey sadly like all servers worlds and ares get reset when Mojang makes large changes, to prevent lag issues and problems , my house was moved to another area left a hole clean to bedrock , now building a new place .
the above link has more pic of the town Winsider Hershey and I Created


Beginnings of my house in town of Toad Port in Barty realms towny server

robertcleveland08-15-2019 03:39 PM

Re: -- The Minecraft Club -- Love minecraft? Well come on over!
Internet has been down for a week , any one have any updates on servers or what they have been doing in MineCraft ???


A pic of Phantoms attacking

robertcleveland08-24-2019 01:35 PM

Re: -- The Minecraft Club -- Love minecraft? Well come on over!
Looking back on older posts many wanted to do a Meet up , I am spending most of my online time on (1) Realismtown @ play realismtown.com (2) Lonks MC @ LonksMC.net and (3) BartyRealms @MCBartyRealms.com please join me Hoppy the ancient miner

robertcleveland08-29-2019 02:48 PM

Re: -- The Minecraft Club -- Love minecraft? Well come on over!
I was on Super Fun Time server yesterday , had problems with in ascending order Internet, Widows,server lag and Minecraft lag spent a half hour mining the same 6 blocks, trying to finish the floor level to install a wort farm, it continued until I just gave up for the evening, has anyone else done anything on Minecraft lately ???

robertcleveland09-06-2019 04:03 PM

Re: -- The Minecraft Club -- Love minecraft? Well come on over!
Good September has anyone tried any new servers , recently, I tried a server touted as a dating server , it was more like a high school or college server with a working soccer pitch and 2 football fields in town places to buy cars motercycles McD food Famous coffee bars, ETC it was called CloutCraft.us, please post if youve had any new things , Bob

Electrabuzz106-04-2020 03:04 PM

Re: -- The Minecraft Club -- Love minecraft? Well come on over!
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