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Old 08-15-2008, 04:06 PM   #21
Webkinz :)
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Default Re: Webkinz Ideas!!!

I think that's great. you could host parties and you could even give little goodie bags! That would be super cute. You could pay for a party and the food and goodie bags are included and everything so you only have to pay for one thing. If you do the party on the exact date then you get a discount or something. I think that is a really cool idea!
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Old 08-17-2008, 11:25 AM   #22
Webkinz :)
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marineluver93 is an unknown quantity at this point

Default Re: Webkinz Ideas!!!

I think there should be a way to get to clothes faster when you are in a room. Instead of having to pull the clothes out of storage before you put them on your pet, you should be able to click on the clothes you want for your pet and put them on right from the storage. That way you don't have to put it in your dock! There should be a washer and dryer for your clothes. That way you can wash clothes that your pets have worn. You should also be able to wash your food from the garden before you eat it so that it's clean and healthy to eat. More plants should be added to the garden as well. Things like banana trees, apple trees, coconuts, orange trees, and grape vines. That would diversify the food choices a little and grow more food for your pets to eat. A bank would be a great addition to Webkinz World so we can save more money!! Please keep posting your ideas! I love reading all of them. Don't forget that you can rate the ideas too. Have fun!!
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Old 08-17-2008, 11:30 AM   #23
Flip Flop

Default Re: Webkinz Ideas!!!

i look all over my house to find what i want! its soooooooo anoying! they should have something where you type in what you want and it takes you to that room its in!
Old 08-24-2008, 12:13 PM   #24
Webkinz :)
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marineluver93 is an unknown quantity at this point

Default Re: Webkinz Ideas!!!

That is another awesome idea. It would definitely be useful.
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Old 08-26-2008, 10:38 PM   #25
YAY! I am a
Gift Trainee
stylediva7 is just really nicestylediva7 is just really nice

Default Re: Webkinz Ideas!!!

OMG PinkSparkles. I love your idea. When I want to have parties, its hard because my KinzChat never works to invite others over. Reserving a room and letting the website take care of it for you would be awesome. You should definitely send that to Ganz!

I love this thread!

Marineluver93, I gave you rep that took you from a gray square to a green one! Congrats!
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Old 08-27-2008, 06:43 PM   #26
My dog likes
Webkinz :)
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Default Re: Webkinz Ideas!!!

View Post Originally Posted by marineluver93
Post any of your ideas here. Rate any ideas of other people here. Hopefully our ideas will make a difference to the Webkinz community. My only idea right now is marine animal Webkinz. Any others? PM me ideas that you'd be embarrassed to share. I'll anonymously share them with the other users.
I have posted these ideas in other threads, but I'll post them here, too.
A * means that iluvwebkinz27 came up with that PSF or PSI. It only counts for what the star is exactly next too. (If it's next to the PSF that means that I came up with the PSI.)
A ** means that someone else came up with it.
1.Bichon Frise. PSI: Some type of unicycle. PSF: Very White Cotton Candy. Notice that they're all circus themed because the Bichon Frise was used for circuses.
2. Weather, and daylight/nightlight could be put into WW.
3. Lil' kinz Australian Terrier. PSI: Small Terrier Bed. PSF: Red Crunchy Bones.
4.Lil' kinz Dove: PSI: Feathery bed, or chair. PSF: Gray Seed Salad.
5. lil' kinz Partridge. PSI: Pear Tree. (You harvest pears from it) PSF*: Candied Pears.
6. Jellyfish. PSF: See-through Jelly. PSI: See-through Couch.
7. Giant Garden theme.
8. Lil' kinz Possum. PSI: Hanging Upside Down Tree Chair PSF: Play Dead Cookies.
9. Lil' kinz Ladybug. PSI: Ladybug Beanbag Chair. (A red beanbag chair with black polka dots.) PSF: Aphid Icecream.
10. Lil' kinz Dragonfly. PSI: Compound Eyeglasses. PSF*: Nectar Punch.
11. Owl. PSI*: Owl's Nest Bed. PSF: Spicy Rodent Cookies.
12. Lil' kinz Seagull. PSF: Scavenged Fish. PSI: Beach Pool. (A pool with sand all around it.)
13. Woodp e c k e r (don't know why it puts stars.) PSI: Moving Picture (of a woodp e c k e r p e c k i n g a tree.) PSF: Tree Hole.
14. Donkey. PSI*: Pack Mule's Backpack. PSF*: Kickin' Kool Kookies.
15. Candyland Theme.
16. Chameleon. PSI**: Changing Colors Chair (if a pink webkinz is sitting in it, then it turns pink.) PSF: Changing Colors Flies.
17. Camel. PSI: A couch with humps on it. PSF*: Sand Dune Cookies.
18. Lil' kinz Dachshund**. PSI: Long Hot Dog Bed. PSF: Hot Dog with everything on it.
19. Ferret. PSI*: Treasure Trove Bed. PSF*: Fudgey Fondue.
20. Seahorse. PSI: Underwater Seaweed Plant. PSF: Tiny Shrimp.
21. Starfish. PSI: Star TV. PSF: Seaweed Cake.
22. A page where you can go to which gives more details on your pet's personality.
23. Akita**. PSI: Akita Statue. PSF: Big Chewy Bone.
24. Goat. PSI: High Mountain Chair. PSF: Mountain Made of Hay.
25. Cheetah. PSI: Speedy Cheetah Car. PSF*: Gazelle Steak.
26. Lil' kinz Ant. PSI*: Picnic Basket Fridge. PSF: Discarded Food.
27. Lil' kinz Bee. PSI: Bee Hive Bed. PSF: Very Honey Pollen.
28. Great Dane. PSI: Great Big Bathtub. PSF: Giant Kibble.
29. Swan. PSI: Love TV. PSF*: Watercress Sandwiches.
30. Fox. PSI: Fox Den Bed. PSF: Berries n Birds.
31. Lil' kinz Cairn Terrier. PSI: Dorothy Basket Chair. PSF: Tin Man, Scarecrow, and Lion cookies.
32. Lil' kinz Munchkin Cat. PSI: Short-Legged Chair. PSF: Short-Legged Mice.
33. Bunny Hop Action.
34. A theme for each animal that only the person that bought that animal can buy. If you have a Bassett Hound, you can buy an exclusive dog theme. If you have the Alley Cat you can buy the exclusive cat theme. They are not found in the w-shop unless you bought the animal. This is how one possibility of how it could be grouped.

Cat (big cats would be included.)
Dog (Wolf would be included.)
Insect (there aren't any yet)
horse (including reindeer)
monkeys (including gorillas)
other mammals
love animals
sea animals
mystical animals

35. If you click on speak to pet, they should say more than yes, they could also say like I don't fee like it, maybe, etc, etc.
36. Interact with them more. Like throw a ball to them, etc.
37. Webkinz could have feelings. They could be feeling happy, sad, angry, etc.
38. Walk around the neighborhood.**
39. Wacky Zingoz pet.
40. Button in the kinzpost that can be checked and unchecked that automatically sends out invites to all of your friends when your pets are about to have a birthday.

These are my ideas.
I wrote this before, but I copied and pasted it here to save myself work. What do you think?
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