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teamjacob0012-01-2009 05:07 PM

Two Words.Rainbow.Lab
I'm so sorry for whoever thought of Two Words._______._______. I asked the person who thought of Two Words.Sequin.Elephant. and she said that it wasn't her idea but I could yuse the concept of it.

When I was looking at that thread one word came into my mind.Rainbow. I was like why am I thinking about rainbows?! But, then it hit me...... Rainbow.Dog. (Plus, I was looking at my dog. lol xD)

I did this whole project on making this Rainbow Dog. I will post the steps soon. :)
Ok, so this is what I was thinking about these:

PSI - Rainbow Dreams Bed
PSF - Rainbow in a Cloud (also like a pig in the blanket)

If anybody would be helpful and make a rainbow dog that would be very appreciated! :)


I would appreciate it if you'd put this in your siggie, if your a supporter, but you don't have too. :)

If you would like to sign my petition, you can just post your username and I'll put ya on there! :) I was hoping that we could get up to ......... oh, let's say 100 signatures. It would be fantabulous if we could get more than that!!

Here are the step for designing a new webkinz.

Supplies you need:
Wax paper
printer paper
colored pencils
permanent marker

1. Go on Google and type in (just an example) lab.
2. Move your cursor to the top left hand corner and click on images.
3. Find a picture of the Lab that's animated (like when your webkinz is animated on webkinz lol)
4. Click on it
5. Click on See image bigger (or least I think that's what it says xD)
6. Hit print
7. Print it out two times
8. Trace over one of the pictures with permenant marker
9. Get some wax paper and put the picture under it.
10. Trace it again.
11. Get a regular piece of paper and put it over the wax paper and trace
12. Cut out the regular picture with nothing on it and put it on a piece of paper
13. Write "Regular" under it.
14. get the pice of paper that you traced the lab on and color it the way you want it to look.
15. get the wax paper you used before and put it over the picture you drew on.
16. tape it on to the pice of paper with the "Regular" under it
17. Write under the new picture "New and Approved"
18. Now think of it's Psf and PSi and draw what you want it to look like.
19. Tape it on
20. There ya go! You got your own new webbie!!! :)

9.Penny Lane

I will post pics in a couple of days :)

Thanks! teamjacob00

xxaeroxx12-01-2009 05:17 PM

Re: Two Words.Rainbow.Lab
Sure, I'll sign it! (;

teamjacob0012-01-2009 05:20 PM

Re: Two Words.Rainbow.Lab
Thanks Noelle!!

xxaeroxx12-01-2009 05:21 PM

Re: Two Words.Rainbow.Lab
Your welcome!! Rainbow dog would be adorable!

teamjacob0012-01-2009 05:22 PM

Re: Two Words.Rainbow.Lab
I know rite!! lol :)

Sugardog67812-01-2009 05:25 PM

Re: Two Words.Rainbow.Lab
I would love to sign! It is a good idea and it looks SO cute in my mind, and Oh, now I CAN'T GET IT''S CUTENESS OUT OF MY MIND!!!

Delilah12-01-2009 05:34 PM

Re: Two Words.Rainbow.Lab
I sign!!! yay me!

LADYVOLS8812-01-2009 06:45 PM

Re: Two Words.Rainbow.Lab
I'll sign. That sounds sooo cute. Haha I'd buy it. :D

ICanHasWebkinz?12-01-2009 06:46 PM

Re: Two Words.Rainbow.Lab
Awesome! I sign!!!

disneyfreak10212-01-2009 06:46 PM

Re: Two Words.Rainbow.Lab
I will sign it!

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