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zeke07-23-2010 12:16 PM

Kinzchat Phone Ideas and Colored Shutters?
I was talking to my friends on WW this morning and we have been thinking lately..
Why not make colored Shutter Glasses? Like pink, purple, blue, etc. Those would be really cool! When users entered the feature code for their KinzClothes T-Shirts, & decided on the Rockstar Outfit, they could choose which color their Shutter Glasses could be. Great idea, huh?

Pretty much everyone on Webkinz World buys KinzStyle Outlet Bows and Hats for their Webkinz pets, but they have been around for quite awhile with no changes or additions. What would be awesome is if they could add to the Bows & Hats group, with different colored bows (Purple, Orange, Green etc) and even more cool hats your pets could wear. They could even add more pajamas, too! There's only about 2 pajama outfits in the KS Outlet, KS Shop, and a bit in the eStore. Why not add more, Ganz?

Another thing is the KinzChat Phones, and no, for this option you shouldn't have to be a deluxe member or pay for it on eStore, it could be something everyone could enjoy. :) Maybe we should be able to have a "Favorites" section at the top of our Friend Lists, so we could add 5 of our best friends and know whenever their offline, online, or on the "do not disturb" option. This could be for all of the people who might have 10+ WW Friends on at once- and like me, when they scroll it doesn't work properly.

And last but not least, the labs.
I love the Webkinz Labs, but the ones that you could buy in the stores - Black Lab, Yellow Lab, Chocolate Lab - are all retired. The plushies are extremely cute, and the online versions are adorable and very well created. Please, Ganz, more labs? I know there was some in the eStore for the Birthstone pets, but not everyone could afford them or were allowed, you know. Plus, they don't include a plushie. :nope:

Well, thanks for reading! I hope I didn't copy anyone's ideas, a checked the forums 5 times in a row and didn't notice anything in mind. :)

Delilah07-23-2010 04:05 PM

Re: Kinzchat Phone Ideas and Colored Shutters?
Well someone already made a thread for the colored shutters, which I made pics for and bows. Not hats though so I'll make something for that. :) The Phone idea is cool though. :) Rep

Emma843207-23-2010 04:08 PM

Re: Kinzchat Phone Ideas and Colored Shutters?
I like your Kinz Chat phone idea! :)

Delilah07-23-2010 04:14 PM

Re: Kinzchat Phone Ideas and Colored Shutters?


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