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Old 08-21-2009, 07:57 PM   #1
Webkinz :)
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Arrow Ideaz for Webkinz

Okay, I have some ideas that I think would be cool. I've tried to add a bit of voice and oppinion to my ideas, so it's not boring reading it. I added funnies and comments and as many ideas as I've seen talked about in . If you have any suggestions, don't post in this thread, send a pm or vm to Addict3d2Pott3r. Title your vm or pm: Ideas for Thread. Thanks so much, please leave feedback, whether it be negative or positive. I'll leave other suggested ideas under a category of it's own below my ideas. Thanks!
  • Our Webkinz wouldn't work with out a COMPUTER, so why can't they have one? And, on the computer you could click and access a few things, like email, which could be your mail. Solitare, what computer doesn't have solitare? It could even be Get Eleven Solitare? And Kinznewz.It would show you what was in the newspaper.
  • I think, they should have CD players, or stereos, that could play pet of the month songs, or Ganz could make some songs to put on there. That'd be cute right?
  • Watching our pets eat! I've heard this a thousand times, maybe more! If I have a great old dining hall, and go through getting thirty pets to the table, I'd like to see them eat, and be able to set the food on a table.
  • Musical Instruments to be played. So far, there's an electric guitar, and I think it's a trumpet on a stand or something, I don't know, and a piano. It should be one of those things that you click on and it plays music. They could create more like violins or drums or acoustic guitars, and when you click on the instrument, little music notes float and you hear the instrument. I have rockstar Webkinz, I'd like them to be rockstars.
  • Watching our studio productions on our tvs.
  • I love two-story houses, we should be able to build them for our webkinz.
  • Checklist of rooms and pets, and you click which pets go to which rooms, versus, take one pet to a room, load another pet and take him there as well. Like Christmas morning I took about twenty seven pets to one living room for that, which was all of twenty minutes in there, so they stayed until Valentine's day for the lack of my attention span to get them all in their own rooms again.
  • Bunk-beds. We've all wanted them at one point for our webkinz, Ganz has had tons of messages about bunkbeds. For the love of Webkinz, give us the bunk beds GANZ!!
  • I've also been reading up in other threads. A Weather Channel for the tv's. They've lost their appeal to us. Adding something new would bring them back.
  • Seeing Weather out of windows. Like, rain snow falling. Wind blowing and you see the white streaks with little leaves, we all know how cute that'd be, am I right?
  • Making our Webkinz, like people. We all randomly get sick, not just when we haven't eaten in a while. Let them be able to change their moods on their will, not ours. You can see their emotion in their faces. Or if they're happy they can smile or have smilie faces float above there heads periodically. , ,, and . Or some of the funnier ones: , and my favorite ( I seem to feel like this guy alot) and .
  • Roads, and more vehicles. Crazy, but I like having stone roads in my yards for them to drive on versus grass. I think it's cute with Traffic Light. School buses, limos, and trucks could be added. I like them driving but, when it's not in the middle of a room. It could be rectangles like mats or squares that you can place through your home. They could have different ones, like right turn square, left turn square, straight aways or others. Also, traffic signs.
  • Being able to fit more than one pet in a car, like a school bus could fit four plus a driver, as well as a limo.
  • Those darn doors! Call me crazy, but how many times has that darn door been in the way of your designs. If two rooms in an office building are next door, they don't have doors leading into each other, so why should our houses. I'd love to have a feature where you can move them to a different spot, or even remove them, that'd be nice. Also, if you had sections in a room, you could add walls and a door so it'll be like a room within a room.
  • More mix and match items. Because I don't go to many houses with cat themed rooms, or ballerina themed kitchens. Am I right?
  • More themes and clothing to match. Like office attire, and an office theme. Astronaut items to match that theme. Firefighters and police officers, medical people, dentists. They could even have sports clothing, baseball, volleyball, basketball, football and soccer clothes, ALL for W-Shop.
Thanks so much for all your support,

Got Ideas? Send a Vm, or Pm, to Addict3d2Pott3r.
They'll be posted in this section...
You will receive rep for submission of ideas, and your feedback on mine. Thanks!

Your Ideas:

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Old 08-21-2009, 07:59 PM   #2
ICanHasWebkinz?'s Avatar
ICanHasWebkinz? is a WI addict!
ICanHasWebkinz? is a WI addict!ICanHasWebkinz? is a WI addict!ICanHasWebkinz? is a WI addict!ICanHasWebkinz? is a WI addict!ICanHasWebkinz? is a WI addict!ICanHasWebkinz? is a WI addict!ICanHasWebkinz? is a WI addict!ICanHasWebkinz? is a WI addict!

Default Re: Ideaz for Webkinz

They already have that thread, and it is right here: Ideas For Ganz

OK, I have read this more, and I think this would be a great thing to have. A good idea for Webkinz would be to have more clothes for the pets! I don't even remember the last time the wShop got new clothes. I think some cuter, more "modern" clothes (Aero, Hollister, Justice style) for your pet. They could be more pricey, though.

Last edited by ICanHasWebkinz?; 08-21-2009 at 08:02 PM..
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Old 08-21-2009, 08:06 PM   #3
call me maggie
Webkinz :)
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galpalm is a glorious beacon of lightgalpalm is a glorious beacon of light

Default Re: Ideaz for Webkinz

those are good ideas
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Old 08-21-2009, 08:06 PM   #4
Webkinz :)
AddIct3d2Pott3r's Avatar
AddIct3d2Pott3r is on a distinguished road

Default Re: Ideaz for Webkinz

Yes, I totally agree. The clothes they have, some are cute some aren't. I'd like modern and girlier. Also, dresses, they'd be good too. But yes, the styles you said, I agree.

Thanks so much for the support, don't forget to submit more ideas!

God Bless,

Last edited by AddIct3d2Pott3r; 08-22-2009 at 02:29 PM..
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