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Sammopiper05-31-2010 09:22 PM

The eStore welcome pet? A good webkinz promotion?
I think it would be very cool if on the day the eStore opened, ganz had an exclusive pet, for sale the day of opening and randomly for an hour on random days. i was thinking a set of different pets. estore pup, estore kitty, estore bear, estore horse,and estore fish.
Pup: the word estore in diff colors all over, (sorta like peace puppy) white fur. PSI: Awesome eStore Bed (gold bed with silver sheets and a top covering, like the fantasy theme bed, except made of precious metals and jewel encrusted :D ),and cool estore side table. gem encrusted and gold PSF: Golden doggie bones
estore Kitty: Same as the pup, except in cat form(think alley or charcoal cat but white) PSI: Awesome eStore wallpaper & flooring (think doug the dog, but with less gems and more preciuos metals) and cool estore bathroom set (solid gold, silver, and bronze toilet, bathtub, and sink, respectivly) PSF: Crazy colors catnip

bear and horse: try to think yourself!!

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