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neon♥green02-21-2010 10:28 AM

Beds pets can tuck into! Support today! Its just 2 words, "I support!" ♥Thank you to all that have supported♥!Click today! WE'VE BEEN RATED 5 STARS! This is the biggest current idea! 1000 post! Can we get 2000?! OMG...It's been a year!

I was thinking, GANZ makes beautiful blankets, that webkinz never use! Maybe someone can make a pic or something and we could create a super bed that webkinz actually use the blankets on!

Why should webkinz get tucked in?

It would make more sense, and much cuter! Some people also think that webkinz are cold!

I'd like to thank all my supporters. I guess a lot of you have wanted this because I have 30 people in about a day. I'm glad to be the one who brought you this thread and I am so thankful to have you! The pictures are wonderful and I'm trying my best to keep up this thread.

Thank you levinscar!

Thanks to webkinz300000

Thank you, neon♥green! (haha, yes, thanking myself)


Webkinslover420, thanks!

Thanks, Bubblesluver821

Give GoldenDoodle a hand of applause!

Thanks so much, wyn2005!
Thanks to Webkinsluver420

Note: I am still accepting any pictures

Note! Oh no! We have run out of picture room! Go to Page 73, or just click here for more fun! BTW, wyn2005 is the new picture helper!

Signatures! You can create a signature saying something about supporting this idea! Put these as your signature, with or without a link! Thanks!! If you can't use a pic, just a link is great! This is optional, but will definitely help!

Thanks me!

Thanks MissPuppy

Ideas will be comments or ideas that people make to help make this awesome idea even better!


Originally Posted by knuths
Maybe you could be able to buy different blankets for the bed


Originally Posted by stormypanda
Maybe you could buy blankets, pillows, etc. from the W-Shop, there could also be a choice of whether you want your pet tucked into the bed or not, because some may not like this idea. But I totally do!


Originally Posted by WebCats139
There should be a winter option to sleep "inside" the covers or out!


Originally Posted by webkinzmania44
I think you should be able to pull the covers up yourself! Like, you drag the blanket over the webkinz with your mouse! That way your webkinz really could be tucked in by their parents!


Originally Posted by TheFlamedance
Maybe Ganz could make little stuffed animals your Webbies can hold onto while they sleep? That would be so cute!


Originally Posted by megaly
Also it would be nice if they came out with more sets of PJs.


Originally Posted by Webkinslover420
Maybe this would teach some kids to make there beds more (like me, i never do unless my mom yells at me lol) and like when you get 10 you get a thing from the w-shop and then the next 10 same thing and then they get more rarer as you go, it would be a really cool thing.


Originally Posted by Webkinslover420


Originally Posted by FreakShow
Also, maybe we could get random bonuses every time we 'make our bed' We can make our bed once everyday and each time we'd get some random Pajamas.


Originally Posted by FreakShow


Originally Posted by sapphire6868
I also think that the WShop could have bedsteads that you can choose, and the ideas for the seperate blankets and pillows are great!


Originally Posted by TheFlamedance
Maybe every 10 times you make your bed you could get a bonus. And if you make your bed every day for a week you could get a badge sort of like the 'Warm & Fuzzy' badge. That'd be super cool!


Originally Posted by Blythe
I love the stuffed animals, pillows, and blankets idea. Along with the random bonus idea! What if it was like the daily event where you "click to show you love your webkinz" and they could make it into a game. Like, for every week you do it without missing a day you get a small prize. Then for a month without missing any you get a medium prize. And a year, you get a large prize. And after the first time you "make" your bed you will get a notebook or something that goes on the wall where you can check your progress. If you skip a day you'll start over. And you only have to do it to one pet. Its a far-fetched idea, but pretty decent? lol.


Originally Posted by Bloo's Pal
I also agree that we need more pajamas and snuggly stuffed animals. The W-Shop description of the Tubby Tummies Bears says, "Give your pet a cute, cuddly friend to snuggle with at night," so it was a big disappointment when it turned out that the bear cannot go in the bed.


Originally Posted by MarielofRedwall
You can change the colors of your blankets whenever you want, just click on the pet and there will be multiple choices on what colors!


Originally Posted by live4webkinz
Here's an idea, when pets are sick or have low happiness rates, tucking them into bed could make them better or boost their happiness.


Originally Posted by starbucksfun
After waking up we should have to make there beds in a quick mini game like when you go to the sink or bath tub with your webkinz!

Hi everyone. If you have any questions, ask me! Has it been a while since you asked and I still haven't responded? (Whoa, what happened to me?) You don't have to worry, because I have the best Co. Captain! Its Webkinsluver420! Ask her any questions that I haven't had time too!

Important notice: When I first started this topic, I thought I might get 10-20 supporters, if I was lucky. Never have I dreamed I'd have 80 in under a week. Thanks you all so much! Its really hard to keep up this thread, so please understand if everything is not perfect once in a while ;)
Thanks so much,

The owner of the link below is wyn2005, my "Go to (picture) Girl"! She made a whole bunch of the pics! I gave her this idea, and she made a poll! Vote in the poll after you support here!

Do you support? Tell me here, then click here!

Look in the spoiler to see my 100 supporters gift!
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Thanks Webkinsluver420

Random thing of the week (just to take your mind of of things) is...

The VMA's are Sunday! Who do you want to win? I for one love Bieber!

Stay tuned for next weeks.

Please note that petitions (lists of names) are not allowed.

Okay, as Webberlily said, we now don't have a list. Those who make the list stop, & those who have a list on there other thread, here's a reminder!


Okay so if you follow this thread, you know I have 2 helpers. One of which is wyn2005. Wyn2005 helps me so much, she spent a hour getting all the pictures onto page 73. I could never do that, I am so shocked. Please take the time to thank her, she deserves about as much credit to this thread as I do. We truly wouldn't be the biggest idea if it wasn't for wyn2005. THANKS!

Please read- I haven't been able to get on a lot. I have school stress, friend drama, and other things I find a little more important then webkinz. Please except my absence :)

Webkinz-Waffles02-21-2010 10:31 AM

Re: Beds pets can tuck into! Support today!
I'll support.

neon♥green02-21-2010 10:45 AM

Re: Beds pets can tuck into! Support today!
Thank :) ;)

anyone else?

skyrazor1202-21-2010 10:49 AM

Re: Beds pets can tuck into! Support today!
I will proudly support!

neon♥green02-21-2010 11:03 AM

Re: Beds pets can tuck into! Support today!

Blythe02-21-2010 11:04 AM

Re: Beds pets can tuck into! Support today! Goal-5
I support! That would be so cute. ^^
I would offer to make a pic... but not so good at computer graphics.

neon♥green02-21-2010 11:05 AM

Re: Beds pets can tuck into! Support today! Current Goal, 5
Haha, its ok :)

ButterflyFlower02-21-2010 11:06 AM

Re: Beds pets can tuck into! Support today! Current Goal, 5
I'll support this! That sounds like it would be super cute! I think it's funny how Webkinz just sleep ON TOP of the bed, when they have blankets. ;D

neon♥green02-21-2010 11:30 AM

Re: Beds pets can tuck into! Support today! Current Goal, 5
Especially in winter! Thanks! My 1st goals done for!

New goal,10

Come on guys. you know you want some ;)

rolyatismyname02-21-2010 02:38 PM

Re: Beds pets can tuck into! Support today! Current Goal, 10
m webkinz are cold!!! i will definetly support, but i'm technologically challenged with making pictures or whatever its called

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