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RamsesII11-06-2007 03:52 PM

35+ WebKinz Themes and ideas!!!
Just a little side not that some items listed below were not available at the time of my writing this, but a few are actually available now. :thumbup: THANKS FOR LISTENING GANZ!!!

I have so many ideas all the time I wanted to share just a few with all of you. I would also like to hear other ideas too, if you want to share. I will even add them to the main script with credits to you. If you want me to design your idea just let me know what you want.

First let me start with ideas for outdoor themes:

***Please forgive me if I misspell anything. :D

Play Ground

Slide, Merry-Go-Round, Swings, Seesaw (Teeter-Totter), Monkey-bars, Balancing Beams, Sand Box (Keep the cats out of the sand box please), Grass Stained Jeans, Dirty Shirt, Messy Dress, Muddy Shoes, Dusty Cap, Bicycle (vehicle), Tricycle (vehicle), Pogo-Stick (vehicle), Kick Ball (Toy), Beach Ball (Toy)

Native American Bison, Pronghorn Antelope, Coyote, Armadillo, Raven, Eagle, Horned Toad (Lizard), Rattle Snake

Teepee, Sleeping Blankets, Smoke Signal Fire, Pottery Fridge, Clay Brisk Oven, Corn Stalk Sheath (Decoration "Summer Corn"), Lacross stick and ball Decoration, "Cornfield" fence, Tanning Hide Divider, Beaded Necklace, Cerimonial Headress, Mocasins, Tanned Hide pants, Tanned hide dress, Beaded Vest, Canoe (Vehicle), Ceremonial Drum (Toy), Story Stick (Toy)

Camping Kodiak (Brown) Bear, White-tail Deer, Turkey, Canadian Goose, Great Horned Owl

Sleeping Bag, Hanging Lantern Lamp, Tent, Campfire stove, Cooler Fridge, Folding clothe chairs, Folding coffee, Large Stump Table, Orange Camo Vest, Orange Camo Pants, Orange Camo Cap, Waterproof Hiking Boots, "Woodline" fence, Kayak (vehicle)

Lumber Jack Moose, Boar, Wolf, Eagle

Wood Burning Stove, Carved Log table, Carved Log Bench, Carved Log Seats, Carved Log Statues, Flannel Shirt, Corduroy Pants, Totem Pole, Heavy Denim Pants, Heavy Boots, Suspenders, "Tree Trunk and Saplings" Fence, Log Path Borders

Woodlands Fox, Skunk, Humming Bird, Squirrel, Chipmunk, Beaver, Otter

Pile of Leaves Bed, Bed of Flowers, Tree Stump Bed, Fallen Log Dining Table, Tree Stump Seats, Hollow Log Refirgerator, Red Maple Tree, Golden Oak Tree, Weeping Willow, Fire Flies Lamp, Stream Square (can be linked together to make a stream that flowes all the way across the room), Swimming Pond, Mushroom Trampoline, Daisy Chain Necklace, Flower Chain Crown, 'Don't feed the animals' Sign, Blossoming Bushes

Farm Sheep, Goat, Duck, Rooster, Chicken, Crow, Bee

Pile of Straw bed, Bail of Hay chairs, Feeding Trough Table, Overalls, Plaid Shirt, Straw Hat, Workboots, Muddy Galoshes, Tractor (vehicle), Some type of sprinkler or Aquaduct system to help water the fields (for those of us with huge farming rooms or strawberry fields...)
rachel0895 added this idea: you could buy chickens, put them on your farm and then collect eggs (sort of like the gardening idea) and either eat them or sell them back to the W-Shop. So that got me to thinking... You should have to own the appropriate farm animal to do that, ie a Chicken Webkinz. But then we could also have an Apiary (For Bee owners to make Honey), Milking machine (for Cow owners to make milk), butter Churn to turn milk into butter, Cheese Vats To make milk into cheese...

Orchard Trees that grow Apples, Cherries, Pears, Peaches, Plums, Oranges, Lemons, Hey as long as we are at it let me add a Money Tree. These new plants come with new planting options (Water, Cut Vines, Harvest, Trim Branches)

Vinyard Honey suckle, White Grapes, Red Grapes, and since this is my vinyard I want a Rainbow colored Marshmallow Vine to go along with my Donut Plant,

African Plains Giraffe, Rhino, Cheetah, Baboon, Crocodile, Egret, Zebra, Ostrich, Meerkat

Shade Tree (Makes a canopy bed), Golden Grasses (Fence), Termite Nest (Decoration), Leafy Brush (Dividers), Water Hole (Pool), Land Rover (Vehicle)

Australian Outback Red Kangaroo, Spiny Echidna, Emu, Cassowary, Cockatoo, Platypus

Dirt Clearing (Bed), Large Bird Nest (Bed), Scrub/Sage Brush (Dividers), Wire Fence, Ant Hills (interactive with scurrying ants that turns into 'Picnic' game), Geyser (Stove), Hot springs (Bath), Standing Stones (Decoration), didjeridu (Decoration), Jeep (Vehicle)

Tasmanian Jungle Tasmanian Devil, Yellow Wattlebird (Honey Eater), Wallaby, Kiwi (Even though they are actually from New Zealand)

Trees with Vines, Moss Cover Rocks, Large Leaf Plants (Elephant Ears), Exotic Flowers, Eucalyptus trees

Water Park (For flash123) Indoor or outdoor theme, Reclined Sun Chair Bed (Be careful not to Burn), Inflatable Raft (Bed), Innertube Chair, Inclined Sun Chair, Round Metal Mesh Table with Picnic Table Umbrella (Like the ones at a water theme Park), Metal Mesh Chairs, Metal Mesh Side Table, Beach Umbrella, Wave Pool, Circling Pool, Wading Pool, Water Slide, Children's Spray Nozzle gun, Squirting Fountains (spraying jets of water into the air), Pooring Fountain, Sprinkling Fountain, Brightly colored Swim Suit (boy), Bright Swim Suit Bottoms, Bright Swim Suit Top, Funky Swimsuit, Funky Swim Suit Top, Funky Swim Suit Bottoms, Cement Floor, Picket fence boarder, Sunny Day at the Waterpark Wall Paper (With Slides and birds in the back ground), Suntan Lotion (Toy), Water Gun (Toy)

In the Field Ant, Field Mouse, Dragonfly, Butterfly, Snail, Grasshopper, Sow Bug (Roly Poly), Lady Bug, Fence Swift (Lizard), Scorpion, Grass Snake

I am picturing a room of oversized blades of grass and objects, (Like in the Disney movie "Honey , I Shrunk the Kids") Blades of grass folded into a chair or a chouch and woven together into a bed, Large (2x2) Flower Bloom Dinner Table and Blossoming Vine Chairs, Morning Glory End table (Holds one item, like the cannon) Red and Gold leaves folded into a chair, Dirt Flooring, Grass and Roots Wall Paper.

Skate Park (Finally somewhere to use that Skateboard...)

Ramp, Quarter Pipe, Half pipe, Grind Rail, Stairs w/ Rails, Jumps, Drained Pool, Skate Boards (of all types), Roller Skates, Inline Skates, Scooters, Bikes (of all Types), Safety Helmet, Knee pads on Jeans (blue and black jeans), Elbow Padded Shirt (red, blue, pink,and black), Sun glasses,

Golf Course Gopher, Mole and Raven (I picked these animals for those of us who have lost because of these critters, or because we could conveniently blame them...)

Golf Tee, Greens and hole (w/ removeable flag), Sand Trap, Water Hazard, Plaid pants, Polo Shirt, Light sweater, Golf Cap, Golf Cleats, Golfer's Umbrella (toy), Golfbag (toy), Place Marker (toy)

And now the ideas for Other themes:

Deep Sea Blue Whale, Great White Shark, Hammmerhead Shark, Sea Horse, Starfish, Octopus, Clown Fish, Blue Tang, Jellyfish, Morey Eel, Leatherback Turtle

Bed of Coral, Kelp Curtains, Brain Coral Table, Anemony Side Table, Pink Coral Chair, Red Coral Chair, We already have a Clam Shell couch, Oyster Chair, Diving Helm, Presurized Diving Suit (top and Bottoms), Weighted Diving Belt, Weighted Diving Boots, Sunken Ship (Toy), Clam Shell Bathroom Sink, Clam Shell Toilet, Clam Shell Tub, Bubbling Treasure Chest Table

Caveman Woolly Mammoth, Sabertooth Tiger, Cave Bear, Hippocampus, Brontotherium, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Diplodocus, Triceratops, Anklosaur, Stegasaur

Sleeping Furs, Stone chair, Stone Table, Cooking Stone, Cavern Wall Paper, Caver Stone Floor, Torch Lamp, Cave Paintings, Stalactites-Stalagmite room divider, Stalagmite Column, Caveman Clothes, Fur Boots

Roman Great Dane, Hawk, White Charger (Horse)

Roman Emperor's Bed, Lavish Round Bed, Roman Columns, Roman Throne, Banquet Table, Roman Hot Tub, Roman Column, Decorative Statues, Red Streamer, Toga (Short), Toga Dress (Long), Gladiator's Armor, Olive Branch crown, Gladiator's Helm, Sandals, Chariot (vehicle)

Oriental White Heron, Red Panda, Chinese Dragon

The Last Emperor's Bed, Low sitting Dining Table, Kneeling Pillows (Dining), Oriental Dresser, Oriental Armoire, Oriental Desk, Oriental Vase, Oriental Shrine Television, Samurai Armor, Silk Sitting Cusions, Statue of a Dragon, Rice Paper Paintings, Silk Kimono, Silk Shirt, Ninja -mask -jacket -pants -boots, Rice Paper Wallpaper, Thatch Flooring, Gong, Red Mahogony Wood Flooring, Pearl Necklace, Jade Necklace, Rickshaw (Vehicle) Folding Fan (Toy)

Hawaiian Hawaiian Goose(Nene), Hawaiian Monk Seal, Hawaiian Rail, Humpback Whale

Luau Spread (Table), Open Pit (Oven), Wicker -Chair -Bookshelf -Seat -Bed -Couch -End Table -Vanity, Wicker Room Dividers, Tiki Idol Statues, Tiki Masks, Hawian shirt, 'Jams' Shorts, Hawiian Tattoo's (Worn like a Shirt), Hula Skirt, Coconut top, Sea Shell Necklace, Lei Necklace, Palm Leaf Crown, Tiki (toy), Surfboard (Vehicle)

Gymasium Mastiff, Siberian Tiger, Silver Back (Gorilla)

Weight Lifting Center, Balancing Beams, Parallel Bars, Beat Board, Vault Horse, Uneven Bars, Still Rings, Floor Mat, Pommel Horse, Trampoline, Sauna, Shower, Indoor Pool, Towel Rack, Calk Stand, Treadmill, Stair Stepper, Stationary Bycicle, Leotard, Unitard, Sweat Band, Head Band, Sweat Shirt, Sweat Pants, Shorts

Library Griffin, Hydra, Sea Serpent, Dragon, Hippocampus, Chimera, Nessie, Phoenix, Jackalope

Librarian's Counter, Library Towering Shelves, Study Table, Reading Chair, Reading Lamp, Discussion table (long table 2x3 squares), Library Seating, Kinz Encyclopedias (encyclopedias about the different WebKinz, You only can buy the ones about each of the different Kinz you own), Recipe Book (only contains recipes of things that you have made), Kinzines* (Fashion -Clothes , Home and Garden -Furniture, 'Cuizine' -latestcuisine items, Sports -games and trophies, Holidayz), Book Cart (Decoration), Card File (decoration), Library card(decoration), Librarian's Horn-Rimmed Glasses, Bookmobile (Vehicle)

*Magazines: Show pictures and records of the different current, retired and/or Holiday items according to which one you buy. They will be released according to each theme type like Egyptian, or Christmas 2006.

Ski Lodge Theme Snowy Owl, Timber Wolf, Snow Shoe Hare, Arctic Fox, Arctic Weasel, Vole

Big Plush Bed (with heavy comforter), Working Fire Place, Wood Branch Chair, Wood Branch Table, Wood Branch Couch, Wood Branch Glass Top Coffee Table, Wood Branch Glass Top End Table, Ski Rack room Divider, Hot Tub, Ski Jacket (Blue, Pink, Red), Ski Pants (Blue, Pink, Red), Ski Goggles, Ski Cap (Blue, Pink, Red), Ski Boots (Pink, Black, White), Ski Mask, Skis (Vehicle), Sled (Vehicle), Snowboard (Vehicle), Ski Lift Window (action window), Snow falling Window (action window), Ski Lodge Wall Paper, Decorative Rug Floor

Super Heroes


Originally Posted by Webkinzluck (Post 3663690)
Some City Pets To Go With The Superhero Theme
American Staffonshire Terrier, Boxer, Bull Terrier, Gray Tabby, Gray Pigeon, Blackbird, Calico Cat, Grayhound, Rottweiler, Pit Bull, Brown Frog, Sparrow, Africot Poodle, Gray Bunny.

Metropolis Bed (Has Skyscrapers for bedposts), Highway Table with Suspension Bridge Chairs (Chairs Backs are Designed like Suspension Cables), Spiderweb End, Big Green Muscles couch, Table, Super Hero Masks Costumes and Boots, Soldier, Airman, Sailor, Marine, Fireman, Police Officer, and Nurse/Doctor outfits, Stethescope (Toy), Statue of Justice, Hero's medal (Decoration)

and for firefly37 I submit

Kinzder Care Based off of any lil'kinz

I am thinking Pastel colored items and soft round edges to tie everything together, Crib (bed), Sleeping Mat (bed), High Chair, Childproof Cabinets, Handwashing Station (interactive little sink), Personal Potty (Potty Training Chair), Stoller/Pram (Vehicle), Inflatable Ball Pit (Works like Trampoline), Finger Paint Smeared Apron, Finger Paint Posters, Alphabet Blocks (Toy)

Originally Posted by NewfieFan (Post 3294472)
I love the Kinzder Care theme. I have some ideas to add just b/c I'm having fun with this theme


Originally Posted by NewfieFan (Post 3294472)

- Changing table/station with a mobile (when you click on the item the mobile rotates for a few seconds.)
- Rocking chair
- Side table with lamp (pastel colored like the rest of the theme)
- Dresser/Armoire (pastel colored and can be used for storage)
- A duck pull-toy (toy)
- A plush doll
- A teddy bear (could look like the teddy bears that are already in the W-shop but this one would be pastel colored to match the theme)
- A Rocking horse

and that's all I can think of at the moment!

Basketball Court

Basketball Court Flooring, Fans and Scoreboard Wall Paper, Baskeball Backboard and Net Shelf, Warm-up Bench, Water Cooler, Refreshement table, Anouncer's Table (with microphones), Folding Chairs, Basketball Rack, TV Camera, Basketball Shaped Bed (With Backboard Head Board), Basketbal Chair and Desk, Legends Poster, Trophy Tower

Laundromat/Laundry Room

Washing machine, Antique Washing machine w/ Clothes Ringer, Antique Wash tub with Scrub Board, Automatic Dryer, Clothes Lines, Folding table, Detegent (decoration), Wall mounted Television, Arcade Game, Pinball Game, Coin Change machine, Coin operated Telephone, interlocking Seats, End Tables

Airport/Bus Station

Runway with running lights and grass edge Flooring/Tower and planes Wallpaper, or you can chose from Speckle Carpet Flooring and Wallpaper with either bus terminal scene or huge airport windows with a loading ramp,passenger jet, and night-time airport back-ground scene.

Then for inside we have Terminal Seating with cupholders, Low end tables, Soda and Snack Machines, Service counter, Ticket counter, Lugage Counter, lugage return conveyer, Sale Posters, Spilt Soda Can (Decoration), Newspaper (Decoration), Soda Bottle (Decoration), and Pilot, Steward/Sterwardess Jacket, Pants/Skirt, and hat, Pilot's Cap, Jacket and Pants.

Outside we have, Helipad, Signal Tower, Wind Sock, Spot Lights, Tug (Aircraft towing tractor) Helicopter, Jet, Airplane, Luggage loader (Vehicle), Luggage Trailers (decoration), Passenger Loader (Stairs), and Ground crew Clothing (Bright orange Jumper with White reflective striping and matching Hat)

For Hollisterhottie101


Store Display Bed (Has a pile of new clothing laid out on it), Shopping bags (Decorative and holds 2-3 items), Groceries Sign, Food Shelves (Holds 12 food items), Clothing Department Sign, Clothing Display Rack (Holds 15 clothing items), Toys and Hobbies Sign, Toy Shelves Sales (Holds 12 Toys and/or Games) Counter (1x2 glass top counter with a cash register), Display Counters (items can be placed on this), Vehicle Service Center Sign, Display items such as -Batteries -tires -Stack of oil cans, Vehicle lift (Display table that raises up and down), Home and Garden Sign, Home Decoration Shelf (Only Holds 3 items of Wallpaper, Paint, or Flooring), Outdoor Display Shelving (Only holds 6 out door items), Webkinz Credit Card (Decoration only), Kinz cash dollars and coins (decoration only), Shopping cart (Holds any 3 items), Disabled Patrons Cart (Buggy/vehicle) I believe there is already a fridge that can easily be incorporated into this theme...

For t2b123 This should have a Nice deeper colour pallette design each piece symbolized by 5 gold stars around the :w:ebkinz design. We would like to welcome you to our Prestiegious Five Star

Webkinz World Grand Hotel

We start with your room and the Larger than life Grande Hotel 4 Poster Bed, Webkinz Hotel Endtables, Exquisit Coffee Table, Cushioned Couch and matching Cushioned Chair(s), and Stationary Desk and Matching chair, before moving into the lobby where you will find Front Desk, Conscierge Desk, Bellhop's outfit Sharp Jacket, Pants, and Hat, Maid's Uniform with Dress, Hair Bonnet, and Black Work Shoes, moving on to see the Waiter's Jacket with Matching striped pants, Ballroom Gowns (Red, White, or Black), Business Suits, Gold or White Tux, Hotel Whirlpool Bath (Big 2x2 Square bathtub), Toilet, Sink, Hotel Towels (Decoration), Cell phone (Decoration), Laptop Computer (Decoration), Next is our Grande Dining Table and High Backed Chairs, and last but not least a Hotel Buttermint (food). Gold and Burgandy Wall paper and Deep Carpet Flooring, we would also like to introduce you to the Webkinz Diamond Necklace, or our Perfectly Pink Pearl Necklace, Before we whisk you away to your Red Carpet debut in the Webkinz Grande Limo and off to see the sunrise in Maine with our new Leer Jet. All this extravigant comfort can be purchase for your house ONLY at the Arte's Curio...

The Real Bathroom

Toothbrush and tooth paste (interactive Decoration), Shower curtains, Make-up Case, Jewelry Display case/holder, Fur (Hair) Brush, Comb, Cup Dispensers, Hand towel (Decoration) Nice Air Plant, Night Light, Light up Vanity, Waste Bin (Decoration), Mirror/Medicine Cabinet, Electric Razor (Decoration), Regular Razor and Can of Shaving Cream (Decoration), Straight Razor and Bow of Shaving cream with applicater brush, Hamper (Holds 8 pieces of clothing), Bath Mat, Toilet seat cover (Decorative Toilet), Bathroom Wallpaper with a decorative border (Most items should have a boys version and Girls version) Towel Rack... RR2323 Would like a mirror that actually shows a reflection of your webkinz...

And then there is one idea made off another idea I made after reading about everyone's want for a bank and using my want for a safe trading forum. This is actually from one of my other posts:

RamsesII's Trade and Pawn Emporium

This is a place where you can place your Virtual Items you own up for Auction for Kinzcash or place it up for trade for another item(s). This way there is a safer way for people to trade items safely or for the first time sell their covetous hordes to get Money for The First Kinsville Bank and Trust. For Kinzcash sales, you place the item up for set number of days (1-7 days) and people are allowed to bid Kinzcah on it. All "Bidz" must be made with KC that account already has, and that amount will be locked into the bid and cannot be spent once the bid is made. For item Bidz you must place 1-9 items into the 9 bid windows the same as you would a Kinz Post Package. These items (again) become locked into the bid and cannot be used once the bid is made.
Bidz may be denied at any time and all items being bid may then be used by the bidder again. Bidz may be tied up in the auction up to 24hrs after the auction ends. After 24hrs the auction is declaired void and all items/Kinzcash will be returned to the rightful owner(s).

The First Kinsville Bank and Trust

(Many people want a bank) This is not my idea, it is just my twist. The bank may only be accessed 1 or 2 times per day. You may Deposit, Withdraw, or Check Balance on your account during the access period (using an Optional PIN.) You may store up to 20 items in the bank's Safety Deposit Box for safe Keeping (such as the wall paper you finally found again for your egyptian theme room so your daughter doesn't add it to your Medevial room again.) You may receive randomely 1,2, or 3% interest on the final balance of your account each Friday for the lowest amount maintained during the week. You may exchange KC at the bank for coins valued as low as 50kc up to 50,000kc for a 2% surcharge.

Webkinz Wonderz Day Spa

Caution: Before taking this seriously, Note that it was just for... Just... For... Fun.

:smitten:Pamper your favorite Webkinz/lil'Kinz in the ultimate Spa experience. Each visit is a Chance to spoil your webkinz rotten. (Boosts Health and Happiness)

Fur Dye ....................................... w25 (Changes your Webkinz fur to the color(s) selected for 1 day)
Bon Bons...................................... 25 KC (Bon Bons -food)
Shave ......................................... 35 KC (Mirror Sunglasses)
Facials ........................................ 40 KC (Cucumbers -glasses)
Hair Cut (with Shampoo)................ 50 KC (Towel Wrap -hat)
Hair Style .................................... 75 KC (Hair Curlers -hat)
Manicure/Pedicure ....................... 85 KC (Day spa Flip-flops)
Botanical face mask ................... 100 KC (Chain of Roses -hat)
Sauna ....................................... 125 KC (Dayspa Towel wrap -dress)
Neck and Shoulder Rub ............. 150 KC (Dayspa Draped Towel -necklace)
Massage ................................... 175 KC (Nice White Robe-dress)
Designer Manicure/Pedicure ....... 225 KC (Day Spa Manicure table-end table)
Full Body Massage ..................... 850 KC (Massage Table-bed)
Hot Springs Treatment ............. 1500 KC (Hot Springs Bath)
Hyrdo Therepy Treatment ........ 2000 KC (Hydro Therepy Pool)
Limo Ride Back Home............. 12500 KC (White Limousine)

:coolsmiley:'Full Day Treatment' includes everything in one trip for only 20000 KC and gets everything with the exception of recieving the the Complimentary "Webkinz Wonderz Day Spa" Robe instead of a "Nice White Robe" and the "Black" Limousine instead of the "White" Limousine.

(gift coupons are available for 5% extra for your selection or only 500 KC extra for 'Full Day Treatment' gift coupon)

Santa's Workshop Theme
I would love to see this one.

This theme should be in Red, Green, and White with Silver and Gold highlights

Big Red Mahogony Sleigh bed, Toymaker Elf Costumes with Pointy Hats that have Pointy Ears on them, Work Bench (Table), Work Stool, Toyshelf, Candy Canes, Streamers that hang on the wall, Frosted windows with Icicles, Mrs. Claus Dress w/ Apron and Hat with a Holly Sprig, Pointy Toe and Curly Toe Shoes, Mistletoe To hang on the wall, Mallet, Interactive Train Track, Shiny Red Nose (Invisible glasses, just a flashing red nose you put it on in the glasses spot like chipmunk noses), Santa's Beard (works like Shiny Red Nose), Stuffed animals, Dolls (yes you heard me Dolls, not teddy bears or stuffed animals... Dolls), Wrapped Boxes (Decorations), Santa's Bag of Toys (Maybe like a Couch or Bed or Chair), Stockings (Wall decorations), Fireplace (Interactive with fire or unlit), Bicycles (vehicles), Tricycles (Vehicles), Toy Airplanes and Helicopters (Decorations maybe the heli can go up and down interactively), Santa's Chair, Santa's List (Decoration) Cookies and Milk (Decoration)...

Oh there is so much I could add, but only so much you should do for each theme...

OK After reading this wonderful idea by WebkinzGirl287 from her thread earlier this month: http://www.webkinzinsider.com/forum/christmas-items-t111294.htmlI got an idea. At first I was just thinking a Manger scene where you could buy the different items at the W-Shop Like, Baby Jesus, Mary, Joseph, Wise Men, Shepherds, Angels, and the manger and different Animals...
Then I thought Animals... Hey wait WEBKINZ!!!

How about a Manger Theme.
Lil'kinz (Baby Jesus swathing blanket)
Mary's Robe
Joseph's Robe
Wise Man's Robe(s)
Shepherd Robe(s)
AngelKinz Outfit Angel Wings/Robes, Golden Sandals, Golden Rope Belt, and a Golden Halo
Black, Brown, Red, White, and Gray Beards (Worn like Glasses, and also good for Pirates!!!)
Brown Sandals
Mager with Hay (Bed)
Bale of Hay Chair
Cross Roads Flooring
Bright Star Wall Paper

If you have other ideas I would love to hear them as well. :D

If you liked these ideas, please visit my other Posts about the Hometown heroes, Kinz Garage, Kinzdergarten, Zingoz Pinball, and Fire House

Firehouse (Done on another thread) http://www.webkinzinsider.com/forum/....html?t=137105

New ideas to be added when I get the time:

Log Cabin
Marvelous Mansion
Police Station

From the Fanz

I love hearing (Reading) your ideas. Please look at this one by sonm of my awesome thread posters.


Originally Posted by bunny217 (Post 3593030)


Originally Posted by bunny217 (Post 3593030)
How about a "The Best Theme!" theme? It is a theme where all themes and your themes are mixed together. It has indoor and outdoor items.
Pets: Kangaroo, Hawaiian Monk Seal, Chipmunk, Squirrel, Skunk, Mouse, Tie-Dye Turtle, Love Lab, Rainbow Lab, Bumblebee and TONS and TONS more!
Otems: Party Machine, Super Beds, Hot Tub, Camping Tent, Honey Bed, Lily Pad Trampoline, and TONS and TONS more!

Wow, my brain hurts!


Originally Posted by Webkinzluck (Post 3570122)
High Mountains Theme Mountain Goat, Bighorn Sheep, Silver Hawk, Gray Owl, Black Wolf, Albino Badger, Musk Ox, Snow Leopard, Silver Fox, Couguar, Bald Eagle, Hungariain Ox, Black Yak, Llama, Alpaca, Albino Squriell, Silver Marten


Originally Posted by Webkinzluck (Post 3570122)

High On The Cliffs Couch, Pile Of Rocks Counter, Hand Carved Stone Bathtub, Stone Toilet, Stone Counter Sink, Rock Pile Fridge, Hard Stone Stove, Rocky Mound Mirror, Boulder In Bunks Bed, Rough Rocks Tv, Rock Counter, Cliff Lamp, Rough Avalanche Window, Carved Blender, Stone Sandwich Maker, Rocky Room Divider, Rock Chair, Stone Stool, Boulder Coffee Table, Rocky Cliff Bookshelf, Stone Storage Toybox, Rock Drawers Counter, Stone Storage Wadrobe, Mountain Wallpaper, Rocky Flooring.


Originally Posted by KinzyHelp (Post 3673293)
What if you could buy a Decorate-a-tree kit! And buy ornaments! (Prices below) included Christmas theme!!!


Originally Posted by KinzyHelp (Post 3673293)

Tree Kit(Comes with 6 round ornaments-blue, green, purple, red, yellow,orange- , i string of lights, 1 string of popcorn, and star tree topper)...............................................................................500KC

Extra sparkly ornaments(8 extra ornaments, diff. colors, sparkely)........200KC

Santa Tree topper(comes with Mrs.Claus ornament)................205KC

Fruit ornaments(comes with 10 diff. fruits, apple, orange, mango, grapes, guava, banana, pineapple, peach, strawberry),blueberry)...........................275KC-NOT edible

Gingerbread hangers(3 gingerbread hangers w/ included icing)............190KC-NOT edible

Extra tree lights.........................................300KC
Christmas theme below!! :)
Santa Stand table w/ lights..................................300KC

Christmas candycane rimed counter..................250KC

Christmas candycane rimed stove.....................370KC

Christmas candycane rimed sink..................200KC

Gingerbread crumbles fridge...........................490KC

Wrapped presants(Put under tree, open on christmas day)..........600KC
BTW: there are 5 sets of chritmas presants, each set containing 2 presants.

ChristmasTree beed w/ green covers+pics of canycanes.....................500KC

Webkinz christmas day FirePlace(Includes fireplace, with-non edible- cookies for Santa, stockings, and carpet. 1 item)............................700KC

Christmas T.V.(Fireplace shaped t.v with santa hat on top and candycanes on side)...........590KC

Reindeer wallpaper..............100KC

Red & green checkered carpet*(not floor:P))...............111KC

That would be SOOOO kool :) also comes with diff candycane RECIPES(not 'real') All stove applaince, all include a candycane

Fruit candycane: (candycane),strawberry, mango, or pineapple, grape, or kiwi, watermelon

Candycane crunch: (candycane) webkinz crackers, pretzal

Candycane soup:chickan soup,shrimp. Also avalible in tomato soup, jello

Candycane surprise!: Pear, lemon mirangue pie

Candycane swirl: lollypop, mints


Originally Posted by poulette24 (Post 3611549)
How about an amusement park with a ferris wheel, roller coaster, tilt-a-world, bumber cars, food stands with popcorn and cotton candy, carnival games for kincash- how much fun would that be!

Someone once asked about me submitting these ideas to Ganz.


Originally Posted by spideyboy3694 (Post 2508859)
all the ideas are great


Originally Posted by spideyboy3694 (Post 2508859)
i hope ganz finds out about these somehow

In answer to Ganz getting these, they have to be bombarded my MANY, MANY people wanting the same things to do them. They have lists of Ideas from within their own company and many more submitted every day. If you truly want something more than anythingelse you must submit (Along with many, MANY others) consistantly for your ideas to be reviewed in seriousness. I understand and respect their decision to do this and I have to say that I support them in what they are doing. (Not to mention you can only release so many things at any one time.)

flash12311-06-2007 03:53 PM

Re: The Mega Theme Ideas Collection
cool how about a virital water park theme with water slide you can go on and lazy rivers you can go on

cubbyfanjohn11-06-2007 04:34 PM

Re: The Mega Theme Ideas Collection
awesome ideas!

spideyboy369411-06-2007 09:02 PM

Re: The Mega Theme Ideas Collection
every idea given in this thread is brilliant and well thought out well done

RamsesII11-07-2007 09:30 AM

Re: The Mega Theme Ideas Collection
Copy pasted to the top after I became Gifted.

cubbyfanjohn11-07-2007 12:51 PM

Re: The Mega Theme Ideas Collection
wow! your ideas just keep getting better!

dukey 10111-07-2007 01:36 PM

Re: The Mega Theme Ideas Collection
nice ideas

MamaLizzie11-07-2007 01:39 PM

Re: The Mega Theme Ideas Collection
Those are such great themes!!! That would be neat for a playground theme or cabin. Very cool:)

goodfun11-07-2007 03:52 PM

Re: The Mega Theme Ideas Collection
You spent a lot of time with that. Good job. I really like the playground theme. It sounds like a lot of fun .

stampingonit11-07-2007 06:39 PM

Re: The Mega Theme Ideas Collection
nice ideas..really well thought out

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