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Old 03-27-2010, 08:06 PM   #1
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Default 1,000 ideas by Kittyhub54! My endless idea thread!

Hey hey hey! Welcome to my thread FULL of ideas! I honestly sometimes wish I worked at Ganz so I could make all of these ideas come true! Let me know which ones you like, which ones you don't agree with, and if you have different ideas for something! Enjoy!

I love the pets, but I think that Ganz should quit making sooo many. Honestly, I think 5 pets a month is enough to keep anybody satisfied, instead of 13! They should also stop just recoloring the pets, like the bubblegum cheeky cat. I just don't like it, it seems they aren't putting and creativity into some of them.

Wheel of Wow
I really don't like the Wheel of Wow very much. All they give is Wshop, and money. What if they made more WOW items? Kind of like the wheel of wow jacket and hat? I have some ideas for them! How about the normal kinzcash spots on it, with maybe 2 coupons, instead of Wshop items. Then, they could have one wshop item, and then two WOW items! Here are my ideas for Wheel of Wow only items! LOL-wheel of wow socks!
Click the image to open in full size.

Wheel of the Month
What if, like the gemstone pets, they made special Wheel of the Month gem candy or something? Like food that gave your pet like 50 hunger, 50 health, and 50 happiness! It could an event that lasted all day, on the day that the chocolate ribbons where flying! This way, there could be wheel spinning, ribbon winning, and month celebrating! Or, they could give out calenders that you could add special events on! This way, you know your pets birthdays, major webkinz holidays, and other special days of the year! They should make the Wheel of Month-more monthy!

Wheel of Yum
I think the Wheel of Yum should be only food! Nothing else. Basically, a big wheel of free food! This way, people won't hope for something else and maybe not get it. Then, Webkinz players KNOW what they are going to get. Food-that is it! No Kinzcash, no wshop, no coupons. JUST food!

Curio Shop
It is nice to get the one or two rares a day, but wouldn't it be nice if you could go to the Curio Shop and pick out something that you CAN'T buy in the WShop? It is nice to get the occasional deal on Wshop items, but what if they sold more things like the Rainbow Afro or the Viking Helmet? Those are cool, fashionable and not something you could just pick up anytime you want! Make special Curio Shop items that aren't posted as the rares. Just for fun! The Deluxe Curio Shop tab isn't special at all, because they almost NEVER sell anything special! They shouldn't just make clothes either. How about some cool furniture? Like these:

I only use the Kinzpost when I want to send stuff to my friends or to my other accounts. What if they made a nice mailman greet you? And what if you had typable messages? Using the same filter on Kinzchat Plus! Because you have to admit, most of the time, the letters don't cover what you want to say! Then you could host a house party and people could know! And what if there were special stickers that came with your pet? It would be fun to collect the special "sticker sheet" that comes with your pet! Kind of like the special dicekinz pet packs that come with certain pets! You could buy sets of stickers from the Kinzpost from maybe a mailman and then use them for collecting, trading, or your special letter! Also, what if they had different shaped boxes like a star shaped box, or a heart one! Then on valentines day, get some chocolates, type a nice letter, and send it off to your friend!

Employment office
The employment office is quite dull, and I have to admit, if I wasn't saving up for classes I would NEVER go there. Make more jobs have requirements! It makes you feel special when you do the job, that you qualified! Also, ADD some more jobs! I would love to see a job like Gardener! Taking care of the garden is one of my favorite activities I know... Or add things like picking up toys and putting them in the correct containers! I absolutely LOVE the hamburger cook job and it would be nice if they added more levels. And the deluxe jobs, it would be nice if there were Deluxe ONLY jobs, like maybe packing gift boxes for the monthly gifts! I have to admit, Deluxe doesn't seem to have that many special deluxe only features.

Kinzville Academy
It is kind of the jobs at the Employment Office. They just raise the level. What if each level you raised, you had different things to do? Like perhaps on Level one of running, you just have to go as fast as you can. Then in the second level, you have to run as fast as you can, and then drink water. That is a poor example, but I think that the Kinzville Academy can make room for improvement!

Dr Quacks is like a....Chore?
I only go their if my pet is sick to get medicine. And if you go there, they tell you your pet needs more sleep, even if you put them to bed for 9 days. Maybe they could actually make Dr Quack give you a reward! Like a lollipop or a sticker, like they do at the real doctors. Also, he shouldn't just be like: "your pet needs more sleep!" he should say something like: "Good job! Your pet looks healthier then an apple!" or "Amazing work! Your pet is lucky to have you as a parent!" Then, you feel rewarded, and like a true webkinz parent!

-My Page could be useful!
There are wishlists and badges on my page. What if you could use it in the Clubhouse? You could click on the Webkinz and see a mini version of their my page. See wishlist's, badges, pets, everything! It would be so nice to get to learn someone on webkinz. It would make trading easier-you could know what they want before you trade. Also, maybe there could be a list of things they have for trade. That way, you know if they have something you want. And then, you could also recognize them even if they are a different pet then when you first saw them!

-Lots of thoughts My House!
I think that My House is one of my favorite things on Webkinz, because I can display my collection, and decorate rooms. But it would be nice if we could resize rooms, move doors, and, OF all, if Ganz could PLEASE bring back typable names for you room! It drives me insane having 30 rooms called the Dining room. Also, what if they allowed you to add a lock to your house? I am always nervous about someone hacking my account and taking EVERYTHING that I have collected. The lock could have a special code or password ONLY you knew. You could have it be locked or just leave it off when you don't feel unsecure. It would be so releifing to know i have an extra bit of protection for my account! Also, it would be nice if Ganz allowed Kinzchat Plus in your house. Because it is so hard to have friends over and talk!

It would be nice if the rain and snow actually watered your plants, or if you could buy some sort of special sprinkler system that would water your plants all at once. Also, sometimes my "special seeds" like Donut seeds, candy cane seeds, ossilly plant seeds, don't update. When you rake the weeds, they are still there, and when you harvest them. It is not much of a problem but it can be kind of a pain

Televisions could have more stuff!
Wouldn't it be nice if you could buy the POTM videos and watch them on your Webkinz tv that you spent 600 kinzcash purchasing? I love the videos myself and wouldn't mind spending 50 kinzcash to purchase ALL of them! If they made special series or cartoons also that were on the TV, like maybe "The adventures of Arte and Doug" and they were on at a special time? Also, what if they made ads that could show sneak peeks for the future. I would just love tv to be more like....TV!

What if they made scrapbooks and journals where you could take picturesn and write things? You could use special stickers, or special pet stickers (see above in Kinzpost) and special paper to make them special, or buy special colored pens or ink to make the journals glow! Then, once it was full, you could go to a craft store to buy special journals, paper, stickers, animations, ink colors, and more! This way, people could write down collection items, friends, birthdays, pet rooms, and other random stuff. What yah think? Huh? Huh?

Webkinz Library
What if....there was a webkinz library! You could borrow books, write stories and print them out for your journal or scrapbook, join book clubs, and more! They could have book writing contests, where if you won, your book got added to the library! There could be a game like lunch letters where you had to type up the letters of maybe like....ancient webkinz documents! LOL~!

Computers on Computers!
You can use the computer...webkinz should be able too! They could send emails to friends, (no cool stickers, no cool paper, just words with a Kinzchat filter) for free! People could buy computer games that you could play only on the computer. You could look at all of the items on Webkinz kind of like WI WIGEV and the Picture Gallery! You could look at all of the current and upcoming webkinz! I think there is soooo much more stuff you could do with a webkinz computer!

Weather on Windows Please!
I think that there should be special windows that display the outdoors weather. This way, your webkinz knows what to wear before he/she faces the elements! The windows should be special rare items, so that they make them more special!

Webkinz Mute Button
There has to be a sound that annoys you on Webkinz. For me, its almost all of them! So how about a mute button, in that huge grassy feild, that SHUTS WEBKINZ UP!
In games, you can use the mute button, but they don't really mute all of the sounds-just the backround music. In Zackys Quest, when you select mute there is really no difference at all. This calls for a mute button!

Click the image to open in full size.

That is all my ideas for now. If you have more suggestions for my ideas, just leave a comment and I will be sure to look at them!

Last edited by kittyhub54; 03-27-2010 at 08:23 PM.. Reason: pictures and another idea!
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Old 03-27-2010, 08:23 PM   #2
Webkinz :)
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Default Re: 1,000 ideas by Kittyhub54! My endless idea thread!

These are all great ideas! You should write to Ganz and tell them about some of your ideas.
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Old 03-27-2010, 08:28 PM   #3
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Default Re: 1,000 ideas by Kittyhub54! My endless idea thread!

View Post Originally Posted by taracombs
These are all great ideas! You should write to Ganz and tell them about some of your ideas.

thank you! i do get alot of ideas....quite randomly.
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