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Old 03-26-2008, 11:51 AM   #1
Webkinz :)
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Default [SOLVED] Webkinz Wishlist

Webkinz World is fantastic just the way it is, and it is always improving. Here is my list of things I would love to see added in the future!

  • A Swing Set - Thanks to Annie for suggesting this! I thought it was a marvelous idea! I would like to see a working swing set complete with a slide and maybe a seesaw.
  • A Telescope - A functional telescope that would show actual constellations and accurate star patterns when you click on it. It could be educational to learn about astronomy.
  • A Computer - It is amazing to me that we cannot buy our pets a computer. Their world is all about the computer! We should be able to buy them a little laptop computer that could be set on a desk. Even if it did not do anything, it would be a nice thing to have in the room.
  • Pet Tricks - At the end of Dicekinz, the winning Webkinz does a little flip, which I think is so adorable. I would like to be able to make our pets do that flip in the room on command. It does not seem like this would be a difficult thing for Ganz to add, because they have already programmed it to be able to do that at the end of Dicekinz. It would also be nice if in the future, they could enable more pet tricks, such as sitting, playing dead, or whatever. Yay! Webkinz added the Action Tab, which seems to be the beginning of fulfilling this wish-list item of mine!
  • Asian Room Themes - I love cultures, and I would love some Asian room themes. They could make those beautiful Chinese vases, a window with a bamboo roll-up blind, oriental rugs, a pagoda-inspired dresser, and so on. The Oriental artwork is magnificent, and it would make for such a lovely Webkinz room! They could also offer India-inspired rooms, with elephants, sari-patterns, and so on. How awesome it would be for the elephant Webkinz!
  • Mexican Room Theme - I really wish I had this for my Chihuahuas. They have that lovely Mexican blanket on their Chihuahua chair, and I would love to be able to design the room around this. Just imagine! Adobe walls, a Chili Pepper Oven, a Sombrero lamp - the possibilities are endless!
  • Show Our Webkinz Eating - I would like to be able to see the pets actually eat their food!
  • Cleaning Supplies - It would be kind of neat to have a sweeper that we could run in the room, a washer and dryer for the clothes, and things like that.
  • A Closet - I think we should be able to buy items to make a walk-in closet for our pets. We should be able to hang their clothes up in there, so that we could always find them, instead of keeping them in various dressers and in the dock. It could have a shoe rack.
  • A Working Mirror - The mirrors ought to actually show a reflection of your pet when they stand in front of it!
  • A Two-Story House - I think it would be easier to manage our houses if we could add a second story. If I could do that, I would put all of my Webkinz bedrooms on the second story, and the other rooms, like the living room and kitchen, would be on the first story.
  • A Working Sink - I would like to be able to have our pets actually wash their hands, paws, or hooves, as the case may be!
  • Change Wacky Bingoz! - As it is right now, the only possible way to win is to have several bingoz coupons saved up. If you don't have them saved up, there is hardly any point in even playing. Therefore, many people have totally lost interest in this daily activity. I believe Webkinz needs to stop giving out Wacky Bingoz coupons, and make it so that you cannot use them anymore. They should allow us to sell whatever coupons we have already for maybe 3 kinzcash a piece.
  • Better Way to Move Pets - As it is right now, it is very difficult to move all your pets from one room back into their bedrooms. Let's say you have them all in the classroom, or game room, diner, or whatever. Now, in order to get them all back into their own rooms, you have to click on each pet, go to the map, wait for the room to upload, and put that pet into bed. Then you have to go to Pets, wait for the room to upload, go back to the map, wait for their bedroom to upload, and on and on. It's such a nuisance! Webkinz needs to come up with a way that we can bring up the map and say, "I want this pet to go here, this one to go there, etc." and just do it all at once.
  • An Aquarium! - I would love to see an animated aquarium that we could put in our rooms! They could make it so you could feed the fish every day. It would be a good pet of the month item.
  • A Gazebo - I think our yards would look great with a gazebo!
  • A Bridge - I would love to see one of those little decorative bridges that you can put in your yard. And our pets should be able to walk over it!
  • Quizzy's Blast - When you miss a question in Quizzy's Blast, it does not tell you the correct answer. I think this needs changed!
Animals I Would Like to See in Webkinz Form!

Perhaps Ganz already has some of these in the making. These are just some I have thought of.
  • Fox
  • Zebra
  • Deer
  • Skunk - they already have that adorable skunk in the Skunksweeper game, why not make a skunk!
  • Birds that fly - these would probably be hard to program, but it sure would be neat!
  • Fish, dolphins, etc - these would be even more difficult to program, but hey, I'm just wishing!
  • Squirrel
  • Lamb
  • Dinosaur
  • Kangaroo
  • Camel
  • Giraffe
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Old 03-28-2008, 08:36 PM   #2
Webkinz :)
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Default Re: Webkinz Wishlist

Thats All I Need To Put. So Closed!
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