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01-09-2008 11:06 PM

Webkinz World Guide: Mac edition
Dear Mac users,
I have noticed that there are a lack of thread concerning Macintosh computer, So i am making on! Here you will find tips and tricks on how to play WW on a mac, or do anything else. When i find a new tip I will post it here... Have fun and enjoy.. if one of my tips DOES NOT WORK please politely PM me and say " I have tested Mac tip #___ and it does not work" It could be a typo i will check and test it my self then MODIFY the post...

Tip #1: There are 2 ways to take a screenshot on a Mac.
Way 1: Press APPLE + Shift + F4 ( cross hairs will appear so u can make a box around the pic.)
Way 2: Press APPLE + Shift + F3 to take a pic of the whole screen

Tip #2: When on a Mac laptop games such as GROCERY CLERK in the EMPLOYMENT OFFICE are very difficult because Macs click differently.

Tip #3: Macintosh computers come with either Internet explorer, Safari, or Firefox. Safari is very delicate when logging on to webkinz after typing in your name/ password DO NOT TOUH THE MOUSE! Otherwise safari will freeze abd you will have t force quit,

If you have other Tips feel free to PM me and tell me so I can add it here! I keep this post updated and will add tips often!:D


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