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Default Top Model Guide & Tips

Okay, well, I'm sure almost everyone has entered a Top Model contest, right? I know I have, and along the way I have learned a few helpful tips that will help you, weather you are starting one or entering one.

For Contestants:

~ Be sure to notify your contest host if you're going to be out of town, or won't be able to get online. This way, you won't get eliminated.

~ Okay. So you just entered a model contest. And So-and-so, who wins almost every contest they enter, just joined. You feel like backing out. Don't! For one, it makes it harder on your host. Also, you won't have any fun. CONTESTS ARE FUN, NO MATTER WHO'S IN IT WITH YOU. So enjoy it.

~ Okay. Well, you are crusing around the contests section, looking for a contest to enter. Don't just choose some random one. Is it their first? First, take a look at how the contest is going to run, the prizes, and the rules. If it seems un-organized, bad prizes, rules aren't very good, or confusing, pass on it. Okay, so let's say you found one and you like the way it's planned out, the prizes, etc. Next, look at the host's profile. Is there any arguing? Do they have alot of friends? Do they have a good reputataion? If yes, then enter. If you are having a hard time finding one, look on pages 2-4 as well. Some just weren't as popular, and one might just be tucked in someplace other than the first page.

~After you join, be sure to subscribe to the thread, so that you can find it with ease. Go "reply to thread" and down at the bottom under "additional options" and right above "Submit reply", there is a thing that says "notification type" click subscribe to thread, tehn, when you want to get to it, click on subscribed threads, which is under the link to the PMs.

~ Okay. This time the theme is sports. Uh-Oh. You are not good at designing outfits when it comes to sports. DON'T QUIT! Always try. And when you put the outfit together, don't just try one outfit and go with it. Try a few, then ask yourself the following:
Are the colors tacky together?
Does it match?
Does it scream (insert theme title here)?

Your answers should be: no. yes. yes. If not, alter it until it does.

~ Okay. This time, you have to dress for a halloween party. But you are late, so alot of the costumes you would have done are taken. BE CREATIVE!! Look at some real life costumes for an insporation, then get to work. If when you first see it you know it's a (insert costume name here) costume, then put a description. For example, if you dressed as a sundae, and you are wearing white pants, a cowboy top, and a red cap, explain what things stand for. { Ex: white jeans= vanilla ice cream. Cowboy top: Caramel Sauce red cap: Cherry} This is a very important thing to remember.

~ This time you have to dress as a WW food. *Be sure to look at ALL the foods and which ones are taken. Then, make the outfit be sure to ask yourself the questions listed in tip 4. Also post a pic of the thing you are dressing as, so when your host judges, they can easily compare.

~ Okay, , you just got eliminated. DON'T GET ALL ANGRY, OR WHINE, OR COMPLAIN!! That is NOT a good idea. Just be mature about it and just say "Oh well, good luck to everyone else, and I'll try to do better next time." And if they didn't post why they didn't like your outfit, NICELY ask why. Take it as constructive critisisim.

~ Now, let's say you made it to the final round. Take your time (but not too long) and make a good outfit. Take a look at some old contests and the winner's outfits. That way you know where the bar is set. Be sure to make it count. Be sure to say good luckk to your competitor.


~ You are about to post a new Top Model contest. Ask yourself these questions first:

Have I included the rules?
Have I included how the contest is going to run?
Have I included an enrollment form?
Have I included what the prizes are?
Does my contest make sense?
Does it seem organized?

If you answered yes, then submit. Here are a few more little tips for the things in the first post:
Please post a (insert smiley here) to let me know you read the rules. That way, you know that they have actually read the rules. Put it in with the rules, so that they can't just skip it. EX:

4.vxtyxbnx h nxmni ubxuweb
5. PLease post a too let me know you read the rules
7.bdenxm wenxdde

Also be sure that your enrollment form has these things:
Pet name:
Pet type:
Pet gender:
WW username:
Are you committed?:

And after you have all your contest up, write this stuff down. That way you don't have to go searching through your thread for a WW username. Or you could put it in textedit or something and save it on your computer.

~ Okay. Your contest is up. Everything's in order, you've included everything. But it seems to not be getting any attention. What do ya do? Normally, you can't really do much about it. To get it on the first page, just post like "ANyone want to join?" ANd it will get in front for people to see. Also, when you start it, PM a few people asking to join.

~ Your contest has started! But you keep waiting on (insert WI username here). You've posted on thier profile, you've Pmd them, but they just won't enter. If people aren't posting on time, eliminate them, It's important to post a deadline, so that they are obligated to post on time if they wish to stay in the compitition.

~When you eliminate someone, praise them on their accomplishments and give constructive critisisim so that they know what to work on for future contests.

~ When writing/ typing usernames, scores, and other little notes, be sure to keep them organised.

~ To decide who stays and who goes:
Give scoring from 1-10. Write/type notes about thier outfit and thier score so you can easily judge.

~ When sending prizes to your winner, do it right as soon as they accept your friend request.

Phew, that took a while. I hope this helps you, and have fun!


---------- TexasGirl8 added 1053 Minutes and 46 Seconds later ----------

Don't forget to post comments/ questions and leave a rating!

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