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Old 07-28-2009, 04:20 PM   #1
Webkinz :)
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Default Quick Tips for New WW Players

Hello all! Because there are so many posts in this forum I would like to apologies in advance if this is simply repetitive:

I know when I first started out there were just a few issues I had that really gave me trouble. Through the great help I received here on WI and simple trial and error I managed to figure many things out. For those new to the WW, welcom and read on if you're experiencing any of these issues:

Loading bar to room not moving:

I have found that more often than not that once stuck this bar remains so. Whether it's from another page to your room, or on your map from room to room, sometimes things just don't load properly. Logging out and clearing your cache can help clean everything up which may help and certainly beats waiting for 20 minutes staring at that little bar.

Item stuck in room (or hovering over space and unable to click on)

If an item is stuck you can first try simply leaving the room and returning, this has often fixed my issue. If not, try logging out and back in and again, you may want to clean things up a bit by clearing your cache. If after all of this you still can't get the item up you'll need to contact Ganz. Finding out where to go to report a stuck item frustrated me a bit the first time I needed to do it so here's a link and make sure you have a pet code handy:
Webkinz´┐Ż - I Have Something Stuck!

Pet will not move in room:

Be sure that you have switched to walk not edit or you pointer will simply try to pick things up in the room. Also, be sure that you haven't blocked off the only available route to the location on which your clicking either with furniture or even another Webkinz, ( I did this once and and felt rather foolish after yelling at my lazy puppy who would not go to bed!)

Blank loading or missing graphics:

This happens to me quite often when heading to the clubhouse. Only a blue screen loads, or graphics are missing, clicking on a room seems to get you stuck so that even when you navigate away from the clubhouse and back you're still experiencing the problem. Often logging out and back in will resolve this issue, however there are some other things you should keep in mind: Allow your phone to load the color before mad clicking on doors. If changing a color allow the phone to change before you begin trying to enter rooms or games (tournement area.) If switching webkinz allow your selected webkin to load completely into the bottom left-hand box before trying to eneter rooms or games. These things have helped me avoid having to log out many times.

Feeding your Webkin and dragging items:

It was probably a month before I realised that not only could you feed your webin by dragging the food item onto the character in a room, but also onto that little picture in the bottom left-hand corner. Maybe I'm just slow on the uptake, but I wish I had known it sooner! I often find that food items seem to fall away before reaching your webkin and it may take several clicks to accomplish feeding which can be frustrating (this happens to me frequently when feeding vacation food.) Instead of making a straight line, try circeling a bit around your webkinz' icon and then letting go; it may take a couple of tries, but you will soon see why this often works well. Also remember to make slower movements...it's a flash program and sometimes that just means buggy.
This can also be applied to trading which I have found can sometimes mimick this dropping item problem. Take it slow and circle the item drop rather than dragging from dock to trade box. I have had items that simply would not go in until I went upand over the trade window, finally landing in the box...what a pain when someone is waiting for you and you absolutely MUST have their items!

Inviting Friends:

When in the trade rooms you may meet others who you would like to add to your friends list or may be lookign to invite you. I didn't realise for a long time that I needed to allow invites (drop box , top of window) in order for others to invite me, I just thought I was unlovable, hehe. You can also invite others to be your friends in the arcade after a game, which can be nice of you find a good competitor!

Health and Happiness:

Last of all, taking care of those stats. The feeding is fairly easy to understand, your webkin is hungry! As for the others happiness can be helped by purchasing WShop items (though food doesn't seem to do it,) eating foods that they really like, or winning games or trivia questions (probably the quickest and easiest way to raise happiness.) Health can be boosted by certain foods, viatamins (watch out they usually only want one over a period of time,) bathing and excersize. If you haven't the money to buy tubs, sinks or excersieze equiptment remember that the clubhouse has a wonderful excersize room that you can use for free and be sure to hit up each of the different machines as they will all add a little boost!

Good luck to you in your Webkin and adventures and remember to attend to the health, happiness and hunger of all your webkinz...and yourself! Thanks for reading.

My Webkin of the Day: Signature Chimpanzee
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Old 07-28-2009, 05:23 PM   #2
I luvz U!
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Default Re: Quick Tips for New WW Players

I have a few comments:

Item Stuck In Room. Your best bet, not mentioned in your guide, is to learn how to unstick your item your self. This is a very useful skill, and with a little practice, you can unstick most items yourself. Here is a link to the guide:
There is also a guide for vehicles stuck in doorways.

Health and Happiness: The easiest way to raise Happiness is to sit your webbie in front of the TV. Has to be sitting. Turn the TV on, then X out the remote and let your webbie enjoy the show. Webbie will giggle every few minutes and the happiness points will go up quickly. Best of all, this won't cost you anything. Thanks to COWS4YOU for providing this tip.
Answering the Trivia questions is also very good because you gain KC, but can you believe that some day soon, you will have answered them all. I have.
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