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Geminicat2101-01-2008 05:18 PM

Need Help With Dock? Here Is Your Help In A Easy Guide! Come Take A Look! ( Formerly DOCK CLEANING HELP! )
Many people i know on this thread have problems keeping their docks under 100 items. If you have problems with this you came to the right place. I have been wanting to do this for a while now and i have finally decided to post this.

KEY AND CONTENTS - Each dock item you could have (objects, gifts, coupons, clothing, etc.) will be in bold and will have a different color.

GIFTS - I understand why people have difficulty with these. You can not store them. So limit yourself. You have that kinzstyle code. You are not sure of what to buy and you have dock issues. Don't use the code. Keep it in a very safe place and maybe on the back of the code with a pencil write UNUSED OF (insert date here) and tuck it in a place where friends, parents, pets, siblings, no one can get to it but you can. Or better yet, don't open the package.

FOOD - Food is different than gifts. You CAN store food. Like most of you have buy a large room that contains fridges. But the trick is to keep 1 pet in the fridge room at all times. This way if one pet is hungry switch to that pet in the fridge room and take whatever food you need. Then switch back to that hungry pet. You might want to switch between pets because that fridge room pet might not be too healthy or happy after a while. Don't store w shop food. ONLY STORE RARE FOODS!!! Why??? Because if you store w shop food you are wasting space. You can buy it anytime!! If the pet is hungry for w shop food, take a quick run over to the w shop and buy some chicken noodle soup with a soda on the side. :) Please note that even though the candy cane and other holiday foods might be in the w shop, if they are not there all the time store them.

CLOTHING - This isn't too tough. The cheapest clothing storage is the ratten toy box (100 for 8 items) Try to fit these into a large room. Again that w shop clothing that you have 20 of... get rid of some. I bet if you cleaned out most of your doubles you would have a lot of space. Saving space and staying on top of things is most important especailly in clothing. I wrote down where every piece of clothing is in my house and left lines for the space in the storage unit. I know where there is space and where all the clothes i need are. Maybe create a few rooms right next to each other that are all clothing and a few that are all food. Keeping it organized.

COUPONS AND COINS - You really can't do anything with these except remember them. If you are buying a item that is 600 or over (unless it's a rare) use one of those coupons. Just remember them. I always forgot them and ended up with 17 coupons!! Well when i created my next room i had 10 left which was great because i saved a lot of money. I didn't use the big ones like 50% and over but the small ones needs to be used too! Coins are great. If you have a lot you might want to use one. I use mine when there is a rare that i really need coming the next day but then i only have 1 at a time. I am saying that you have to use these every once in a while.

OBJECTS - EASY!!!! These are probaly the least of your problems. They can go on tables, in storage, in kitchen sinks, and on the floor. Just make a room or two with these and you should be fine. You might want to invest in some more ratten toy boxes (100) and some beach side tables (100) and stick them in your room. Just make sure to REMOVE instead of MOVE because that is how a few of my things got stuck!! If something gets stuck and you used this trick try to log in and back out a few times. This will usually fix the problem.

FURNITURE - ANOTHER EASY ONE!!!! Just stick this one in a large room! If You have a storage unit ( such as Ra's Golden Bureau or Medieval Dresser ) Stick it in the Clothing Or Objects Storage Room and then write yourself a sticky note to remember when you make your Rare Item Room.


Originally Posted by cheerleader13 (Post 4393303)
OK I have found 1 way to get rid of food is to cook stuff.


Originally Posted by pawsitivelycute (Post 5516282)
I had the same thought--I wanted to keep at least one if not two snowmen....I hid my snowmen outside behind fir trees. I also like to hide items in my rooms by sitting my beds one space out from the wall and putting items behind. I also have my Christmas Tree still outside.

Dress your petz up! Great storage and nothing worse than a cold pet.

It is sometimes hard to part with certain items--but you just have to. Either sell or send gifts to friends:) Just do it.

For food storage--I like to buy the coolers and arrange them outside and hide them behind trees, or make a wall.

I also store food in appliances--just add your food without mixing,cooking, etc. and close it.

Keep your dock low--my little one refused to keep anything in her dock--either decorate, eat it, mail or sell it was her motto! She also has almost 50,000 dollars....


Originally Posted by CheekySam24 (Post 5228417)
When I have too much furniture, I buy a large room, and store my furniture inside.
I also keep it organized.

But, I also keep a Gift Exchange Storage room. I keep all the items that are listed on my Gift Exchange in there, so you don't worry about accidentally selling something, or losing it.

Food is pretty easy to store, because you can make recipes out of them and you still have food, just not as much as you did before.


Originally Posted by azlachat (Post 4401184)
Thanks for the great tip Geminica21...:bow:
I have a Cabana room right off one of my backyards, with great beach themed wall paper and Potted Palms to get my furry family in the mood for summertime fun, I have plenty of rattan boxes for storing their suits, flip flops, sunglasses, masks, and hats so that when they are ready to enjoy one of the pools they can slip right in and change in privacy...I also have some rattan chairs for them to sit and relax while their friends try on some of the latest swimwear fashions before they make their grand entrance!!!

Likewise, I have special walk-in closets for holiday apparel as well as seasonal ones for summer & winter gear...Just remember to name the room with the kind of items you have in there and you will always know where to go for just the right clothes!!!

I also have one backyard devoted entirely to extra outdoor items ie., plants, furniture, vehicles, & toys...It's a great place to keep all of your special winter items too when it's summer...

Lastly I have several COLD storage rooms throughout my house, filled with refrigerators stocked to the brim with some of their favorite foods for late night snacks & emergency fuel stops!!!


Originally Posted by shaxpeare (Post 5212611)
I was looking around on WI, and saw that someone made a wardrobe for their pet's clothes, so i made one too. I bought a large room and filled it up with dressers, and i also added some other touches like a waiting room and a room divider for my pets to change behind. it kind of looks like a dressing room in a department store. anyways, i put all my clothes in there, so everything's in one place when i want to dress my pets up. it's very organized, and it really helps to get your dock cleaned out.


Originally Posted by caseybff4ever (Post 8880788)
I have a bunch of furniture that i am not using and so what i did was buy a large room named it STORE and i put all the things i am not using so when i am re doing a room and i only have lets say 100 kinz cash i can get what i need from the "store" (i acually have 3stores!! Furniture store,store,shop LOL)


Organize Your Rooms By Type!! So All The Clothing Are Together, All The Food Is Together, All The Unused PSIs Are Together, Etc! Go Ahead and spend some time organzing! It will make your WW Experience Run Faster and Better.


Neo100001-01-2008 05:29 PM

Rep point! Thank you!! This is really helpful!

sara261801-01-2008 05:33 PM

Thanks! I have over 400 items in one of my docks! LOL!

kristen090401-01-2008 05:37 PM

Wow! thanx for the help! rep for you!

kdbpanda01-01-2008 05:37 PM

You have some great ideas here. I use my medium rooms for rattan storage containers. I know I could fit more in a large room but the medium rooms have to be used for something.

hollistergurl9501-01-2008 05:39 PM

Thanks! Rep points! Good ideas, I just cleaned out my dock =)


Geminicat2101-01-2008 05:41 PM

Thanks for all the rep points. That was very kind of you. I hope these help you!!

xsmartypants97o01-01-2008 05:43 PM

Thanks! This is a great guide. It drives me insane when I have more than 15 items in my dock LOL. I like to be able to see everything. I have a closet with like 20 Ballerina Storage Boxes. 3/4 of them are empty though. LOL

WebkinzPrincess12301-01-2008 05:47 PM

That is really helpful but I only have 83 items so I don't really need it now but I might soon!
Rep points anyways!

Tinkerbella01-01-2008 05:47 PM

wow thanks!!! now i know what i'm gonna buy to store stuff!! thanks rep point!!

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