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AlohaWebkinz10-22-2008 12:44 AM

My item is STUCK!!!
A few minutes ago I decided to remodel my Halloween room. I went through and found that I had a Crystal Advisor Ball on top of a Jack-o-table. I was able to remove the table, but not the ball. In the pictures you can see that I was not locked out of the room (luckily) and the animations of the ball were still working. But then my bat was able to fly over and ONTO the item. I don't want to have to pay 1000 KC for a new room but I have been given a guide already that didn't work for me at all. The guide I was given is quoted:


1. Remove table/counter from under stuck object
2.leave room,then go back to the room with the stuck item
3.Place table/counter back under stuck item
4.Leave room, then return
Wha la! the item should be unstuck!
This was sent in an email by LuckyKoala. She is my best friend; don't criticize us for giving out personal information. We were in the same class year. BUT that doesn't pertain to anything at all. If you've had this problem or know how to get it unstuck, PLEASE POST HERE.

~Leigh :ccbunny:

disneydreamer0010-23-2008 05:08 PM

Re: My item is STUCK!!!
I had that happen to me. I even followed the guide to stuck objects that Webkinz gives out, and it still doesn't work. I have two items stuck, a trophy and one of the rare items from the curio shop. I eventually just gave up and bought a new room :(

Webberlily10-23-2008 05:50 PM

Re: My item is STUCK!!!
There's a very good thread on this very subject, just a bit further down from your thread on this page, have you seen it yet? Here's the link:


This is a very common problem. You should be able to learn how to unstick it by yourself. Probably your table was rotated, try it in all 4 positions.

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