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Webkinzlover52505-23-2007 09:23 PM

How to take Pics, Save it, & Put it on the Site

Also THIS is my BIGGEST thread yet! Thanks to everyone on and all of WI.

-Update: January 28, 2010!-
OMG we are in 2010! (Sounds so Futuristic!) Anyways I have just read through the whole guide and have updated/made tiny changes (mostly fixed wording that sounded confusing) just to clarify some things. The steps are the same though, so no worries.
Also I noticed people asking for help on different types of computers. I only know how to take pictures on Windows Vista and Mac's. So sorry, I have not had these different types of computers so I do not know how to take screen-shots on them. Sorry I cannot be of much help there.
Keep on posting guys! I see you guys are progressing greatly! (:
Laters, WL525.

-Update: June 23, 2008!-
I just updated this whole post! Enjoy! Now this thread is Mac-Compatible.

P.S. If you have a 'MAC' or 'WINDOWS VISTA' computers, please see post #2 of this thread.


This is a E-Z to follow, step by step guide on how to take PICTURES & how to UPLOAD PICS. All just to help you. Every step includes a picture! (WOW! HOW CONVENIENT!)


1.) Get the picture you want on Webkinz/or anything you want post. (like your kitchen in Webkinz or a cool avatar or whatever.):
-Example (I'll use the old login window as an example)

2.) Look for the 'Prt Sc', 'Sys Rq', or 'Print Screen' button on your keyboard. (Usually on the top right of your keyboard.) Now press it. After this Nothing will happen (no pop ups, nothing! P.s. Nothing is SUPPOSED to happen.). {Macs: Apple Mac users press 'Command', 'Shift', '4' then drag around the image/surfaces you want. After you let go the image you had chosen should of appeared on your desktop. If not do it again.}
-Example (for Window users)

3.) Now open up paint on your computer. {Macs: If you want to crop/edit it you can follow the steps but if you like it how it is then skip to the uploading part.}
--Follow the Pink Circles in order of the Step #'s {Macs: Open up the paint program that you have. Note: You must download it or buy a program.}

4.) Now, in paint, click 'edit' then 'paste' (if it does not work simply press 'ctrl' ' v '). {Macs: Press 'Open'. Go to Desktop find the image and click on it! It should of appeared, Or do it however you do it on your program.}

5.) Now it should look somewhat like the example pic 1. Click the 'Select' button (example pic 2) and drag it around the wanted area (Example 3). {Macs: Crop it or however you do it on your Paint Program. Then skip to Step 10 or Uploading}
-Example pic 1 (It should look like this but with more surroundings)
-Example 2 (Click this button)
-Example 3 (Drag like this - pink box will not be there, it's just there so I can show you [i drew it in])

6.) After you dragged the dotted box around the wanted objects then right click INSIDE the picture and click 'Cut'.

7.) Then click in a blank spot and click 'Image' then 'Clear Image'.
-Example (follow step numbers in order)

8.) Then click 'Edit' then 'Paste'. Make sure your picture is docked to the top left. This is very important!

9.) Now drag the bottom, right, gray colored, corners to fit the image.

10.) Now save it with any name you want by clicking 'File' then 'Save'. Make sure to save it in a place wehre you can easily find it again. VERY IMPORTANT! Because then the file will be lost and you will have to start ALL over again.
-Example (follow steps in order.)

11.) Congrats!, YOUR DONE TAKING IT! NOW move to the second guide to UPLOAD IT and put it on the site.



-This is how to upload it on Tinypic.com (top pictures) & Imageshack.us (bottom pictures). I suggest using IMAGESHACK. It is more appropriate.

1.) Open up the site tinypic.com or imageshack.us

2.) Now click browse and find the picture you saved (from Step 10) {Macs: You can just get it from the desktop!}

3.) Now click upload now/host it!

4.) Now wait till EVERYTHING loads (Esp. The pic) [If you don't then your pic will appear the way it did when you copied the code!] It should look like Example 1 (with different codes of course)
--For TinyPic: Copy the 'DIRECT LINK' (fourth one) for Signatures or Copy the 'IMG Code for Forums & Message Boards' (second one) for replies/wall posts.
--For Imageshack: Copy 'Hotlinks for Forums' for replies/wall post (make sure to uncheck the 'details' box - as shown in the bottom half) and 'HTML' for Signatures.
-Example 1

5.) Now paste the IMG CODE it in a reply or paste the DIRECT LINK in your signature! ANY ONE you want! Any way you want! :]
-Here’s Examples

Just paste and add some other words if you like and hit post!

Use the pink box. First erase the http://www. Then Paste the DIRECT LINK in it. Then hit Preview Signature. Then the image should appear. Now click insert Signature Picture. Then something like this should be added : [ SIG] [/SIG ] *WITHOUT SPACES*

6.) Your Done! Congrats and very good job! You get a 'A+' in Online Photography.
--Still don't get it? Ask me and maybe you could pass with an 'A'

.................................................................................................... .............................................................

TinyPic not working so well?
-If Tinypic is not loading then pick one of these sites(BELOW). Or google it!


^Scroll to the bottom to where it says 'Free Image Hosting Directory' Pick one and try it.

.................................................................................................... ...............................................................
Paint Deleted, Don't Have it, Gone, Disappeared?

No worries! I scooped up some info! Check it out!

You can get it back with your cd or something.

For MAC's :
you can just GOOGLE it and you will find some paint programs. Just use any. I have one and it works fine.

For Windows :
Or you can download these things! They are similar to Paint. I have not used these but they look like they work. So just try it. Thanks to Justin for posting these sites on this site!

Mirek's free Window download


^For ScreenHunter. I referred this to a user on WI! They downloaded it and said this, "I got screenhunter. It works amazingly and very easily."

The OrAnGe Rule[of this thread]: If you have any questions/concerns/complaints/compliments/problems/WHATEVER: Be sure to post! I will try to help you at my level best! (means: I will try to help you in any way that I can) Or I will fix the problem.

Enjoy Posting!;D

*Your allowed to try it out! Like try posting the image on the site! Don't forget to do Step #9! I have seen some people have not been doing this!*


For urgent questions, concerns, complaints, etc. Please pm me. So I can get to you/answer
your questions a.s.a.p.! Thank you!

Webkinzlover52505-23-2007 09:43 PM

Re: How to take Pics, Save it, & Put it on the site!
You welcome all!

If you do not have Paint then Download it off Google (Microsoft Paint)

If you have a Apple (MAC) Computer then do this:

Originally Posted by Justin (Post 108997)
If you're on a Mac (Apple) like me, it's easier... Press "Shift + Apple + 4" and you will get "Crosshairs". Drag a box around what you want to take a picture of and let go of the mouse. You will hear a "shutter" sound. Then, look on your desktop. You should see "Picture 1". That's a .PNG file and it's already compressed enough, so you just make a most here and then scroll down below the "typing window" and then click "manage attachements" and upload all your screenshots (which would be picture 2.. picture 3... etc) :)

Courtesy of JUSTIN !
Thanks a ton! You rock at WI!

If you have a Recent-ish Mac do this:


Originally Posted by rattyjol (Post 9644748)
hey i have another, different explanation for macs!

if it's a recent-ish mac (i have a G5), go to applications, then utilities, then grab. take the pic, then change it to a jpg. go to photobucket.com, make an account (it's free!) (WL525: Instead go to the sites given on first post.) and upload the pic. click the bar that says IMG right below the pic (it's the bottom one). it should say copied. then go to the post on WI and paste it into the box!

Courtesy of Rattyjol !
Thanks for the help!


For pictures press" "command/apple" + "shift" + "4" Then just drag the box around what you want. Then it should pop up on the desktop. Then go to imageshack.us and browse from your desktop, select the picture you want, then press upload! Then get the IMG code and paste it!

Courtesy of Me!

If you have the new Windows Vista do this:

Originally Posted by lightson50 (Post 4467738)
Note for those of you who have Windows Vista, seems to me that the prtsc/sysrq button doesn't work. There is an additional key you need to press in order to take a screen shot picture. To the left of your keyboard, on the bottom, there should be a key marked "Fn". Press this along with the prt sc/sys rq key, then open paint and paste. So here it is simply:

Fn-Alt-Prt Sc/Sys Rq= Open window only
Fn-Prt Sc/Sys Rq= entire screen
Then open paint and paste your pic

I hope this helps someone.:el1:

Courtesy of Lightson50 !
Thanks a bunch!!!!!


Originally Posted by -Lilypad http://www.webkinzinsider.com/forum/...s/viewpost.gif
The method for taking a picture on a Vista works the same for a Laptop. I know I have seen a few people asking about it.

Courtesy of -Lilypad !
Thanks, This is sure to help people.

shobean9405-24-2007 05:38 AM

Re: How to take Pics, Save it, & Put it on the site!
thank you so so so much!

Karen05-24-2007 07:49 AM

Re: How to take Pics, Save it, & Put it on the site!
Very nice tips. Way to go !!! Thankz point to you !!!

juicypinkxox05-24-2007 07:51 AM

Re: How to take Pics, Save it, & Put it on the site!
Thank you i always wanted to no how to do that pm me back that hole thing if you can because i wont remmber where you are LOL

pm me back thanks lotz

WebkinzLover705-24-2007 08:04 AM

Re: How to take Pics, Save it, & Put it on the site!

for saying that



for saying that

xgoodtimes1994x05-24-2007 02:09 PM

Re: How to take Pics, Save it, & Put it on the site!
WOW!! That was AMAZING!! thank you so much!

Webkinzlover52505-24-2007 05:55 PM

Re: How to take Pics, Save it, & Put it on the site!
You welcome all! Thanks Karen! I just saw that some people were a little confused. So I made a guide. Because I know how it feels. I was like that. Everyone is at one time! I am just GLAD to help all you!:smitten::angel:


Originally Posted by dylansbabyxox (Post 109463)
Thank you i always wanted to no how to do that pm me back that hole thing if you can because i wont remmber where you are LOL

pm me back thanks lotz

Sure! I'd Love too! You know though you can always come back to it! But it doesn't matter I get what you mean!:)

Webkinzlover52505-24-2007 06:16 PM

Re: How to take Pics, Save it, & Put it on the site!

Originally Posted by dylansbabyxox (Post 109463)
Thank you i always wanted to no how to do that pm me back that hole thing if you can because i wont remmber where you are LOL

pm me back thanks lotz

1 problem! I can't pm you! It says I am not aloud and that you do not allow them! Please allow them then pm and I will pm you it!

Just go To your User Control Panel and check it!
  1. Go to your 'User Control Panel'
  2. On the actual Control Panel, Look for 'Settings & Options': Under it find 'Edit Options'
  3. Now look for the sections 'Messaging & Notification', under it look for 'Private Messaging'
  4. Check off the box that allows you to recieve PM'S


WebkinzLover705-26-2007 10:09 AM

Re: How to take Pics, Save it, & Put it on the site!

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