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Craftyreader03-12-2010 08:34 PM

How to make images black and white!
I know some people have been wondering about this.. Well I know of 3 websites you can do this on and it's really simple, too. I will guide you through this, and after this lesson, you'll see it's really simple! Alright, here we go! (:


First, you need to go to www.tinypic.com. Then choose the picture you want to upload from your computer, by clicking browse. After that, you click "upload now". (For these example pictures, I'll be using whales)

Here is what it should look like, while it's uploading:

Now, this is what you'll see. Click "Edit".

This is the edit page (click adjust):

Now move the white ball-things on the line until your color is gray-ish (black and white).

Now all you have to do is right click and save to your computer, or get the URL and post on here. The loading sign:

And here is the finish result:

~My theme editor\Lunapic~
First, you go to www.lunapic.com. Then, you upload your picture. For this example, I'll use a picture of the mario princess, Peach, Daisy & Rosaline. Anyway you should see this:

Now scroll over "Adjust" and choose the first thing - black and white.

Then, once it's applied.. you SHOULD see this:

You'll see a bar asking were to upload this to. Make sure you click Image Shack!

You'll see a please-wait bar.

Now right click & save, or get the URL and post it here.

Go to www.picnik.com, for this. I'll use a rose in a heart for this example! Choose edit and move the little things, like you have to on tinypic. Then choose to save and share! Save it as what you want - yeah, its that easy! (:


And that's it! Thanks for looking and enjoy, I hope I helped you!

sapphire686803-12-2010 09:13 PM

Re: How to make images black and white!
Great giude! 5 stars!

Craftyreader03-12-2010 09:19 PM

Re: How to make images black and white!
Yay, thanks so much! :)
I'm just glad I helped somebody.

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