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kidwebsafe06-08-2008 11:44 PM

How to make glitter pets without GLITTERBASE
♥How to make glitter pets without GLITTERBASE♥

Paint.net (I don't know how in photoshop cuz I don't use it)

How to:
1. Make a new file: 100x100
2. Copy the webkinz you want into the small box.
4. Add about 20 noise.
5. Make a new folder and Save it as 1.gif
6. Add more noise and save.
7. Do the same thing 1 more time.
8. Go to http://animator.iconator.com/animator.php
9. Upload the images.
10. Make the speed 10 and change the resolution to 100x100
11. Rebuild the Animation
12. Save it.
13. Upload it to a forum

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