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Old 04-14-2012, 01:45 PM   #1
ould you?
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Default •{[Hair Care 101]}• All of your hair problems, solved here!

Click the image to open in full size.

I.ntro: Hello, my name is Amy. :]
I decided to make this thread for all of you guys suffering with basic hair problems.
I'm not a hairdresser of any sort, but I guess I have a fairly large amount of knowledge concerning most aspects of hair-care.

I'll cover most of the basic stuff, then if you guys have any more detailed questions ask away and I'll add it to the guide :]

T.able of Contents:
Post One: Intro/Table of Contents
Post Two: Hair Care
Post Three: Hair Styling
Post Four: Conclusion
Post Five: Reserved for Now

Please check the next post! Comment and rate if you like the guide! :]
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Old 04-14-2012, 01:45 PM   #2
ould you?
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Default Re: •{[Hair Care 101]}• All of your hair problems, solved here!

H.air Care:
Sometimes all we want is perfect, flawless hair. Now, unfortunately, it's not possible. The healthiest hair you've ever had would be the hair you had as a baby/toddler. Now, no matter what you're doing, it can't be completely and utterly healthy. But, you can come close.

There are a couple of things you need to know right away about your hair.
First off, no one has the same hair. What works for me may not work for you, and what works for you may not work for me.
My hair is generally thin, halfway between my waist and hip, and generally healthy.
Your hair may be shorter, longer, thicker and has different genes applied.

Now, the thing about hair is that it has cuticles. They are facing downwards, parallel to your hair. When heat is applied to your hair, these cuticles raise outwards. When they do, they become dry. Eventually, these raised cuticles will become a split end.

T.he evils of heat:
As I just explained, heat lifts cuticles, drying the hair and causing split ends.
No matter how much heat protectant you use or how rarely you blow dry it, it will cause the cuticles to lift. Spilt ends will be made after these cuticles are continuosly lifted and no longer have a chance to go down. While there are multiple reasons for this, heat is a primary source.

I'll cover stopping the heat later, but if you're a flat iron addict or love to take steamy hot showers (yes, hot water does the same thing!) here are some tips for you!

• When ending your shower, rinse with cold water. You may have heard that this causes shinier hair, but to be honest the cold just helps lower the cuticles after being rinsed. If you don't like an immediate burst of cold, stand under the shower and gradually lower the heat, letting the cold fall onto your hair.
• After you finish blowdrying your hair, end with cold jets of air- it will do the same as cold water- all over your hair. If you straighten or curl your hair, apply another jet of cold air after that as well.
• Don't wash your hair every day. It dries it out anyways, and by drying it out I mean lifts the cuticles.

Of course, cold showers and no extra heat would be your best bet, but I know lots of you guys out there love your blowdryer, so just take some extra precautions

J.oke's on you, Amy! I use heat and shower daily and I have no split ends!
The joke may be on me, but I'll have the last laugh.
Go take a look in the ingredients of your shampoo. See if you can find an indredient that ends with 'cone'.
What is this 'cone'? That is a silicone, my friend. They make hair shinier, thicker and softer, and like all those shampoo commercials say, 'make hair look healthier'.
'Look'. It doesn't really make it healthier. Silicones coat your hair, and temporarily bind split ends together. If you shower daily, you'll probbaly never see a split end in your hair.
The issue with silicones is that they greasen up your hair and make it heavy. For some of you guys, that's the reason your hair is greasy by the second day. I personally use silicones, but I wash my hair every 3-4 days, or sometimes more. Your hair needs those natural oils.

If you're using cones and your hair gets greasy quickly, try washing with a silicone-free shampoo, or even a clarifying shampoo if you have one. To clarify means to get all the silicones out of your hair. A good shampoo is one that has sulfates (they clean silicones)
And yes, if you use heat and shower daily, your hair will probably look really bad. But don't worry, it'll be better for it later.

Some people prefer to use shampoos without cones, so you may have to experiment to see which one works for you. But if silicones work best for you, stick to them. Just try to clarify maybe once every two or two three weeks ;]

M.ore on Silicones:
First off- silicones are not necessarily evil. There is a lot to know about them, and I can't actually explain it all to you, but there is plenty of information on the internet so I invite you to search them up.
But for some more basics, looks here.

I already explained that silicones make your hair heavier and greasier as a primary effect. Looks shiny, great, awesome! You're living on those cones!
But why clarify?
Well, there comes a point when your hair is greasy at the top, but the ends are heavy and dry. Another, bigger issue with silicone build-up is that while it locks in the moisture, it also locks out moisture. if you go a long time without clarifying, your ends will be lacking moisture and, yeah, dry. Dry hair is more prone to damage, so you can see how this can be a problem. Easily solved by clarifying every so often :]

M.y hair gets greasy by the second day. Help?
As I mentioned above, that could be due to daily washing with silicones. To be honest, the most efficient way to get rid of this problem for good is to gradually get used to stretching washes (not neccesarily showers). Go two days, shower. Go two days, shower. go three days, shower etc. For most people it can take 3-4 weeks, sometimes longer.
And yes, your hair might look bad at first. But, again, healthier in the long run!

If you're not in the mood to try washing, here are some tips to making sure your hair doesn't get really greasy-
• Now if you really dry out your hair with shampoo, you hair will get used to it and make up a lot of grease the second day to make up for it. Use a dime-sized drop of shampoo at most, and only shampoo ONCE. (If you shampoo more than once anyways, I formally command you to stop. It dries out your hair to no end)
• Buy a 'dry' shampoo. If you're in between washes, you can apply some of this to the scalp, and it will get rid of the grease. Very useful!
• If your hair is straight or slightly wavy, you can brush is with a boar bristle brush. It's made to distribute oils from your scalp to the rest of your hair. Never detangle with it- just use if when your hair is untangled and to get oils from the top to the length.

As I said before, if you don't want to spend your time worrying about grease, go for the stretching-washes challenge. You hair will thank you in the end. Trust me ;]

D.andrufff. Help!
I hate dandruff too, my friend XD It's natural, though, so don't you worry about it a lot.
But if you have a lot, here are some tips to help you with it.
• Dandruff is the result of a dry scalp. So, surprisingly, you have to do the same thing as for the opposite of a dry scalp. Wash less often, to let your hair's natural oils help, and do not use more than one serving of shampoo.
• No heat! At all! Heat dries the scalp, so obviously it's a bad idea.
• If your dandruff is really bad, you can get a shampoo to help. My personal favourites are coal tar shampoos. They smell icky, but they work excellently. They specialize in treating dandruff and dryness, along with itchiness.
• Don't itch! Do your best not to scratch your head, as the more scratching there is, the more flakes there will be.

If none of this helps, you should contact a doctor for a more powerful aid. ;]

P.reventing split ends (besides no heat)
Friction, wind, tanglies... there are so many things we do on a daily basis that damage our hair. So many, that could be solved by one problem.
Wearing your hair up. And by that I don't mean ponytails. Buns, side braids, anything that keeps the ends out of the way and if technically down rather than up, in front of you rather than behind.

Friction and tangly hair cause the cuticles to lift, and you should already know what happens when cuticles lift. Often, when our hair is down, so much happens to it we barely notice, but if builds up over time. You don't want your hair rubbing behind you at all, and if it is let out, keep it all in front of you, and make sure to not get it caught in straps and other various things.

There are two more quick, simple steps, but these involve your shower routine. When you shampoo, don't pile your hair on top of your head. The length shouldn't be shampooed at all anyways, but piling your hair causes damage as well. After you shower, don't rub your hair at all with a towel. Wring it out softly, and do this instead of the wrapped towel turban. Flip over, and take the towel width-wise and put it under your hair, near the scalp. Take the ends around the hair, and simply pull one side down, and pull the other side down, and flip your hair back up. There's less stress on the hair this way :]

This will be a long and complicated portion of the guide, but it needs to be cleared out and finished. Trimming is one of the most important factors in controlling hair health.
It won't affect the growth of your hair at all though, contrary to what some people might say.

First off, trimming 1-2 inches every 6-8 weeks is pointless, unless you want to maintain your length and/or thicken it up (if your ends are thinning out, trim your growth each month (1/2 inch) so that the thickness 'travels' down the hair)

The thing is, not every method of trimming works for everyone. It depends on the damage in your hair, how prone it is to damage, and what you want to do with your hair. I'll be outlining the different ways to trim, and how to do them yourself. It's not really haircutting, but it's very incredibly simple to do for yourself :] You'll need very sharp scissors, as blunt blades damage your hair as well.

What is a split end?
Spoiler: show

Click the image to open in full size.

Minor Damage/Growth- If there's not much damage in your hair, 'dusting' and 'search & destroy' will be your best methods to get rid of the damage but still keep your hair growing. I would define minor damage as: ends generally look healthy, not dry, and minimal split ends. Once a month or so, you can 'dust'. Take the very tips of your hair, and trim off less than 1/4 of an inch. The length taken off should look like 'dust' on the floor, hence the name. If you have splits further up the length, you can 'S&D'. Just grab some scissors, and when you find a split end trim it off. It's time consuming, but if you want growth a lot, this is all that's necessary :]

Minor Damage/Maintain- If you want to maintain, you can trim off 1/4 of an inch every two weeks by yourself, with regular 'S&D' sessions :]

Moderate Damage/Growth- Ends are a little dry, and you don't have to look far to find split ends. If you're going for growth, you'll need to trim less than you grow, so I reccomend either a 1/2 inch trim on yourself every 2 months, or 1/4 inch trim every month. Add this with lots of 'S&D' sessions, and you should be down to Minor Damage in about 2-3 months

Moderate Damage/Maintain- I reccomend about 1 1/2 inches off at first (You can trim off 1/4-1/2 inch at a time until you reach your desired length) Then regular 'S&D' and 'dusting' for four months or so until another 1 1/2 inch trim ;]

Major Damage- If someone can see splits on your hair from more than 3 feet away, and your hair is very dry, it's time for a trim. No matter if you're growing out, it's better to grow with healthy hair than damaged hair, since you won't be very discouraged. If a LOT of it is damaged, don't get it all trimmed off at once. You can trim an inch off by yourself every one or two weeks, until you're down to moderate damage or even minor damage. If you just want it all off and start fresh, you can go to a salon to trim it off for you ;]

Methods of Trimming:

Straight Across/Blunt Hemline: Brush out any tangles in your hair. Tilt your head down towards the floor, and make a ponytail at the nape of your neck. Bring it down slowly, enough so that it can go over your shoulder so you can see it. Trim the ends off in a straight line (do about half of what you want off). Remove the ponytail, and repeat the steps, taking off half this time as well. Enjoy your new, straight hemline! :]

U-shaped Hemline: Divide your hair into two strands, and bring them forward. Secure one side with a scrunchie. Brush it out, and then tilt your head all the way back, as far as you can go. Comb it out again, and then put your index and middle finger near the ends of your hair, perpendicular to it (do your best to make sure of this!) Bring your head back up, making sure not to loosen the hold on your hair. Now trim it in a straight line (take off about 3/4 of the length that you want off). Repeat on the other side. Now, when you brush your hair back, it will be slight V-shaped. Just make a ponytail and slide it down your hair like in the straight across hemline. Pull it to the very ends of your hair, and trim off the other 1/4 you want off off the ends. This will make a nice, pretty U hemline :]

V-shaped Hemline: Divide your hair into two strands, and bring them forward. Secure one side with a scrunchie. Brush it out. Now, tilt your head depending on how deep you want the V (tilt towards the floor for a deep V, don't tilt at all for a moderate V, and look straight up for a soft V) Tilt if you're planning to tilt, and then grab the ends of the hair between your index and middle finger. Trim off half of what you want to trim. Brush it out again, and then repreat the steps, trimming off the second half. Repeat this on the other side of hair.

Layers: Gather your hair in a really high ponytail. Brush it off, and then trim the ends off of the ponytail to your desired length. This is a sort of tricky thing, since trimming 1/2 inch won't make a difference to the length. If you want more noticeable layers, i reccomend trimming off 2-3 inches, a bit at a time. But it's up to you. Personally I only go with about 1/2 inch when I make my layers. They blend in well, which is what I like, but it may take some figuring out for you to decide what you like.

Face Framing Layers: Flip over, and brush your hair out. Make a ponytail at the hairline, and slide it down near the ends. Trim off the ends- 2-3 inches, a bit at a time. 1/2 won't do much at all for this type of layering, but if that's your trim max, go ahead with that :]

That's all we have for trimming! Next up- frizz :]

The next post will have more details on hairstyles you'll be able to try.

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Old 04-14-2012, 01:45 PM   #3
ould you?
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Default Re: •{[Hair Care 101]}• All of your hair problems, solved here!

I am being completely honest when I tell you that if you asked me to write every hairstyle I know, I would be stuck here until midnight.

Hair is Art, and so many things can be done with it it's almost unbelievable.
Since I can't magically post every single hairstyle I know, I'd like to ask anyone to give me a picture, and I'll do my best to explain how to do it :]

But, for now, let's start with braids and messy buns :]

There is a lot that will be covered in this category. To a point where it will probably be the most updated on this guide. I'll only start with the basics, which I hope everyone knows, and then I'll explain some of the more difficult braids.

Regular 3-Strand Braid- Make three equal strands of hair. Take the right strand and switch it with the middle one. Then take the left strand and switch it with the current middle. That's all there is to it! Just practice a bit if you don't have the hang of it. Tie it at the end. PICTURE

'Bohemian' variation on the Regular 3-Strand Braid- (this should only be done on small braids; it won't work well with bigger ones) Before tying it at the end with a hairband, take the current middle strand of hair in one hand. With your other hand, push the other two strands back up. This will be more difficult the more hair is in the braid. When you get to the top and can't push it up and more, carefully slide the strands down, bit by bit, until you get a cool zig-zag-esque pattern. Tie tightly at the end. This may take some practice. PICTURE

French 3-Strand Braid- Take a small section of hair at the top of the head, and divide it into three strands. Whenever you move a strand from the middle, grab a piece of hair from the side of the head to go with the original strand, and do so until all the hair is used up. Then continue the braid as though a regular 3-strand braid. PICTURE

Lace Braid- This works the exact same way as a French braid, except that when taking a piece of hair to add to the strand, take it only from one side. So, when you add hair onto the right strand, don't add hair on the left at any point during the braid. This will give the braid a lace-like effect, hence the name. PICTURE

Waterfall Braid- This needs to be done horizontally. It is similar to the lace braid, but not quite. Take the three strands of hair, and start lace braiding. If it's on the left side of the head, take hair only from the right side (top) of head, and vice versa. Let's pretend we're doing it on the left side. So, you take hair onto the right, and put it in the middle. However, you don't take the left strand. Let it fall, and take an entirely new section of hair from the right side (bottom) of your head. Repeat this until the braid reaches the middle of your head, and tie it. Do it again on the other side of your head, and when it reaches the middle, tie the two braids together. It's cool, and sort of elf-like. PICTURE

Double Waterfall Braid- Do the two regular waterfall braids across your head. Now, begin another one below the original one, using the 'waterfall' strands from the first one as the lace-braid strands in the second one. Do it again on the other side of the head, then tie all four braids together. PICTURE

Bohemian Style Pancake Braids- This looks best with curly/wavy hair (a section on that will be added soon!). Brush out your hair, and then pick two pieces of hair from both sides of your head. They should be closer to the ear, not the temples. Loosely braid them horizontally, all the way across the head . Make them flat, and pull the strands a bit so they're wide. Make sure the two braids are one on top of another, then pin the end of one braid under the beginning of another :] PICTURE

That's all I'll do for now ;]

'M.essy' Buns:
These aren't elaborate, just basic, simple buns you can do if you want your hair out of the way and don't have much time

Basic Ballerina Bun- Make a ponytail with all your hair. If you want, braid it and secure with a hairbrand. (If not, just twist it) Wrap it around the middle, and secure it with bobbie pins, or if you want added security a scrunchie. If you want it to look pretty add a cool hairclip of some sort to the side. PICTURE

Basic Messy Bun- Make a ponytail. If your hair is shorter, just make a point in the middle of it, and spread the hair outwards towards the hairband and secure with another hairband. If it's longer, then wrap it around (without twisting) and secure with a hairband. For added effect pull some strands out and make some bumps in the scalp (or add a headband) PICTURE

Messy Bun Variation for Shorter Hair- If your hair is around shoulder length and refuses to be pulled into a bun, try this variation. Spilt your hair into two sections horizontally- so there's the upper layer of your hair and shorter layer. Pull the top layer into a ponytail. (Don't worry if some strands at the top fall out, you can secure these with a headband later) Wrap the hair into a small bun either spreading the hair outwards or wrapping it around.Secure with a headband. With a clear headband, make a ponytail out of the bottom layer. Pull it upwards towards the bun, and secure with bobby pins. If you want, put a hairband for extra security, or a scrunchie if you think it's very noticeable. Now, if you want you can put a headband on. This can be used to hold the front hairs down, to hide the hairband on the bottom ponytail, or just for fun!

Sock Bun- You'll need slightly longer hair for this, but it gives a nice, thick bun and big voluminous curls/waves if you sleep on it. First, you're going to need a donut shape. You can make one by cutting off the toes of an old, clean sock, then rolling it up so that the sock makes a donut (heance sock bun). Make a ponytail, then slide the donut into it and keep it near the bottom. Split the ponytail down the middle, and spread it outwards in and around the donut. Once the ends are secured into it, roll the donut up until the hair is in it and it reaches the hairband. Secure with bobby pins and a scrunchie if desired. This bun will take some practice to get the technique down- search up a video for some tips ;] PICTURE

F.ancy Buns:
Church, Prom, Homecoming, Parties... Sometimes a side braid won't cut it in terms of formality anymore. Not to fear- a collection of relatively simple and possible slight more complex buns are here!
I'm not the best at these myself, so before they go on here, they go on me first :]

Fancy Bun (Variation of Variation of Messy Bun & Sock Bun) You'll need relatively long hair for this (at least 3 inches or so past your shoulder) Alright, so first things first- make the two sections of hair, and a ponytail on the first section. Clip your bangs, if you have any, out of the way. Take the donut, and make a sock bun with the top section of hair. Now, split the bottom section into two equal pieces. Take one , pull it up and over the bun. Bobby pin it at the back (if it's long enough, keep wrapping around) Now, take the second strand, and do the same, over the first strand. If you want, put in a flower pin or something pretty :] If you have bangs, take them out. Leave them out, or if they're long enough, pin them loosely back, so they still fall softly on your face. This ends up really pretty, trust me ;]

C.urls and Swirls:
(These are hairstyles for those with curly hair. Curling, waving and straightening (yes, there are heat-free ways to straighten!) are coming later ;]

Now, the first thing you have to do is learn to embrace those curls. I've been playing around lately, with soft curls and tight curls and whatnot. I've realized that they're hard to deal with sometimes, but they're fantastic for medieval-like hairstyles as well :] Most of these can be worn by straight-haired people as well, mind you, but they're targeted towards those with curlier hair :]

Braids- I've always been envious of the curly-hair braid. It's thick and nice and awesome. Side braids with curly hair look great, but if it's getting boring for you, let's continue

Waterfall Twist- Although the waterfall braid looks fantastic on curly hair, it may be a bit difficult to pull off, so- here's a twist (no pun intended) to make it easier :] Start on one side of the head, and take a section of hair. Divide it into two pieces, and start to twist them around each other. Twist them twice, then take a strand of hair from the top of the head, put it between the two original strands, letting it fall down, and then continue the twist. Add another piece every two twists. This is the 'cheat code; to the waterfall braid, so if you're not good at braiding or your hair is too tangly to pull it off, this one's for you ;]

Bundled Braids- This can be either a fancy hairstyle, or a casual one, depending how you wear it :] You'll need hair that's at least a couple inches past your shoulder for this. Make a low ponytail. Take a small section of it, braid it (loose for casual, tighter for formal) and secure at the ends. Leave about two inches at the end, if you can :] Make similar braids with the rest of the hair in the ponytail. Now, take all these braids in one hand, and loop them up, so that they're facing outwards. If it's casual, secure the loops with a hairband, leaving the ends cascading down. If it's formal, you can put a pretty clip there as well :]

Cascading Curls Ponytail- One of the best things about curls and waves is that if you make a really high ponytail, the curls will seem to cascade down really prettily :] Secure your bands if you don't want them in the ponytail, and then flip yourself over. Comb through your hair a bit, and then gather it at the crown of your head with your hand. Flip back upwards, and comb through the bumps, then secure your ponytail. Make sure it's high ;] Now, take a strand of hair from the back of the ponytail, and wrap it around the based, and bobby pin it there. Release your bangs, and you're good to go ;] (I actually did this today- got so many comments! I'm sure you will too! ;])

Zig-zag Part- Want to keep your hair down and curly, but with an edge? The Zig-zag part is for you. It's really not difficult at all! Make sure your hair is combed out well, especcially the top. Now, take a comb, and tilt it in the direction of the first 'zig'. Keep it perpendicular to the hair, and slide it through, seperating the part. Now, turn your comb for the 'zag', make it starting from the first zig, in the same strategy. Now keep doing this until you want it to end. You can do this for double braids and pigtais, too!

Somewhat frizzy-free Pigtails/Double braids- We all suffer from frizz, and if you have curly hair, you may be more prone to it than others. If you're making pigtails, you'll find that there's often a lot of frizz near the parts where the new hairs are growing in. This way minimizes that, and also is great for controlling the placement of pigtails and braids :] Firse, divide your hair in half lengthwise, and then divide those halves into halves, so that one incoporate the top laye of hair and the other the bottom layer. Make sure all the sections are brushed out, and seperated. Take the top left section, and pull it across your head to meet the bottom right section. Tie it if you're making pigtails, or braid it if you're making double braids. Now, take the top right section, and pull it across to meet the bottom left section. Make sure there are as little bumps as possible, and then tie/braid it. This hides the part in your hair, and should also minimize friss because you're only showing one half of the hair on top :]

Princess Jasmine Bubble Braid- This works best on thicker, curlier hair. If this is for school, I'd personally reccomend small light spheres, like small foam balls. Make a ponytail, either high or low. Split it in the middle, put a ball there, and spread the hair over the ball, and tie it. Pull and adjust to make sure your hair covers the whole ball. Do this for the rest of your length, or as many balls as you want. Now you have a princess hairstyle! :]

Four-twist Ponytail- This one is really simple, and works great with curly hair :] Make a medium high ponytail, and seperate it into four equal sections. Take one of the sections, and split it into two pieces. Twist those piece around each other tightly, and then secure with a hairband. Do this for the other three sections as well. That's all there is to it! If you want, you can spice it up by adding a cool clip, twisting the sections into a bun, or looping them up like you did with the bundled braids :]

Pretzel Twist- Another one of those fancy/casual styles :] This one is super easy, but if your hair is longer than about 4-5 inches past your shoulders, this won't work that well for you. Divide your hair into two equal sections, take one in each hand, and twist in the outwards direction. Put these twisted sections back up against your head, and twist them so that they loop back up, making a pretzel-like shape. Leave about 2 inches of untwisted hair at the top, and secure with either a hairband or a pretty clip :]

Simplified Fishtail- If you find it really difficult to do a fishtail, here's the simple version :] Make a ponytail at the nape of your neck. Make it a little loose, then above the ponytail, seperate the hair so there's a gap, and take the ponytail and pull it through this gap. This will twist the hair above the ponytail. You can leave it like this if you want, but for the braided effect finish it. Tie your hair about 3 inches down from the first ponytail. Seperate the strands above that hairband, make a gap, and pull it though just like you did the first pontail. Continue this for as long as you want or down the length of the hair :]

I'll be adding more to this section later, but I hope it helps!

This is all for now, but more will be added later!

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ould you?
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Default Re: •{[Hair Care 101]}• All of your hair problems, solved here!

H.air Curling and Straightening (Without Heat)
Yes, it IS completely possible to curl and straighten hair without heat.
Well, I guess some of you will believe curling, but straightening? YES IT IS POSSIBLE! However, I do have to put a disclaimer on it, as most straightening methods rely on you having almost naturally straight hair or slightly wavy hair. My hair is naturally wavy and these methods work very well for me.

Anyway, curling will take the longest, so I will start out with the straightening methods first. There's one for short hair, one for medium-long, and one for both :]
You may want to try two methods at the same time if your hair is more than slightly wavy.

Straightening- Fan Dry (all lengths): Alrighty, you've showered, and you've given your hair 10-15 minutes to dry. It's detangled (with a wide-tooth comb, please!) and not soaking wet. Grab a paddle brush and experimentally brush your hair. If it's dry enough to be brushed, start right away. If not, wait another ten minutes. Now, sit in front of a room fan that's blowing cold air. Let it blow on your hair, and just brush it straight. Brush, brush, brush. It should take at least 20 minutes. The fan is much better than a blow dryer because a) It spreads the blow over a larger area, b) It's not as strong, and c) the cold actually helps hair.

Straightening- Banding (shorter hair, doesn't work well on longer lengths): Now this is simple! Brush out your hair, and divide it into 4, 6 or 8 sections (depending on hair thickness). On each section, tie a hairband every inch down the length. Do this for all of the sections. It doesn't really work well on wavy hair, but if your main concern is a stray wave or curl here and there it will solve it for you :]

Straigtening- Wrapping (longer hair, doesn't work well on short hair): This is also simple! Brush your hair and divide it in half as though making pigtails. Secure one side. With the other, take the hair and begin wrapping it around your head. Secure it REALLY REALLY well with bobby pins! Now take the other half and do the same thing, going in the reverse direction. Again, secure REALLY REALLY well! I also suggest tying a scarf around your hair, or a sleeping cap if you have one. Now, go to sleep and wake up to straight hair! This is great for eliminating stray waves, curls and any messed up texture you may have (like me XD).

Now, in terms of waving hair, you've all heard of braiding. So I'm not going to mention it. But I will mention alternatives that I know you'll enjoy.

Waving- Snake Wave Method (requires long rags & hairbands): Brush out your hair, and divide it into 2, 4 or 6 sections, depending on thickness. You'll need a rag for each section of hair, that is about 1 1/2-2 times the length of your hair. Take the first section, and put the rag over it so it's halfway across the hair. This is a bit difficult to explain, so bear with me. It should look like you're about to start a braid, with the two outer sections being the rag and the inner section being the hair. Now, take the hair, and loop it around one half of the rag. Then loop it around the other. The hair should be going in a figure eight pattern, and the "braid" should look fairly rectangular. Once you get to the end of the hair, tie it with a hairband. This method is great because it waves to the ends plus is very boucy. Sleep on it and take it out the next morning.

Waving- Parandi Braid (requires a parandi & hairbands): First off- a parandi is this thing made of yarn that has three long sections of yarn tied together. You can make a quick makeshift one by tying three of the rags you used for the above wave. Now, section your hair into 1, 2 or 4 sections, depending on thickness and how wavy you want it to be. Take the first section of hair, and divide it into three. Put the parandi on top of it, laying it so that each section of hair has one section of parandi. Now just braid a normal braid. This is a unique hairstyle you can wear out (as a side braid or something) that makes a great wave to the end of your hair. :]

Wavin- Rope Braids (requires hairbands): Seperate your hair into 1, 2 or 4 sections, depending on thickness and how wavy you want it to be. Take one sectin of hair, and divide it into two. Cross the left section across the right, and twist it inwards, tightly. Take the left section, put i across the right, and twist inwards (towards the other section). Continue doing this until you can't anymore, and tie it off. Do this with all sections of hair. Go to sleep, and wake up with waves!

Curling is last, and it will be a huge section ;]

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ould you?
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Default Re: •{[Hair Care 101]}• All of your hair problems, solved here!

Thanks for checking out this guide :] I hope it helped!

If you have any particular questions you'd want me to answer, please post them and I'll add them
If you want me to 'dissect a hairdo', just post a picture! I'll do my best to explain how to do it ;]

If you have any general questions regarding what I've posted so far, ask away and I'll answer them as best as I can :]

Thanks for coming, and I hope you come back soon!
- Amy

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Webkinz :)
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Default Re: •{[Hair Care 101]}• All of your hair problems, solved here!

Thanks for the tips and hairstyles, Amy! My hair is HUGE AND PUFFY, so I'm gonna try these hairstyles!
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ould you?
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Default Re: •{[Hair Care 101]}• All of your hair problems, solved here!

View Post Originally Posted by sportslover
Thanks for the tips and hairstyles, Amy! My hair is HUGE AND PUFFY, so I'm gonna try these hairstyles!
I'm glad you like it
I'll be adding lots more later! =)
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Webkinz :)
sportslover has too much Rep to tellsportslover has too much Rep to tellsportslover has too much Rep to tellsportslover has too much Rep to tell
sportslover has too much Rep to tellsportslover has too much Rep to tellsportslover has too much Rep to tellsportslover has too much Rep to tellsportslover has too much Rep to tellsportslover has too much Rep to tellsportslover has too much Rep to tellsportslover has too much Rep to tellsportslover has too much Rep to tell

Default Re: •{[Hair Care 101]}• All of your hair problems, solved here!

I'm definetly going to use those for church!
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Webkinz :)
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Default Re: •{[Hair Care 101]}• All of your hair problems, solved here!

Awesome guide! very very very very helpful!
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ould you?
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Default Re: •{[Hair Care 101]}• All of your hair problems, solved here!

View Post Originally Posted by sportslover
I'm definetly going to use those for church!
Awesome! =)
View Post Originally Posted by neonflowers
Awesome guide! very very very very helpful!
I'm glad you enjoyed it
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avid wntmer, may wuvs amy

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