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Default ***** Rosielee's and 8dance4eva10's How To Give Rep Points! +Tips! (WITH A BUNCH OF PICTURES)*****

Hello! I have noticed some HELP! thread about wanting to know about giving rep points, and there have been alot lately. So, I am here to give a complete guide on my tips, and a few other member's tips. I hope that you learn alot, and have a great time giving a getting rep points in the future. Thanks!

This is Rosielee's Tip Guide on Rep Points:

Hi! Rosielee here! I've noticed that many people like giving and getting rep. points. Here are some helpful tips to help you make a rep-worthy post, how to find you gave you rep, and to help you decide if you should give someone rep.

*Note: This is not guaranteed to get you rep. points. These are just pointers.*
*Note: You should follow these rules, rep. points or not. It's just politeness.*

Getting Rep.

1. Be polite and efficient. People like it when you are polite to them and sympathize. For an example, saying, 'That's a bad idea' probably won't get you rep. Saying 'That's a good idea, but here's one that might work better' is more likely to get you rep.

2. Use your own advice. If you are giving advice to someone, don't give them something random. Tell them something that worked for you in the past, and might work for them.

3. Give your own opinion. Don't go with what everyone else is saying if you disagree with them. If you give your opinion, it may turn out to be the best suggestion.

4. Congratulate people. If someone got a new Webkinz or a new trophy, congratulate them! It's very important to them, and everyone likes it when people say, 'That's awesome!'

5. Reply to people. When someone replies on one of your threads, reply as soon as possible. And make sure that you are polite.

6. Speak in clear, easy-to-read sentences. It's hard for someone to give you rep. when they can't understand you.

7. Post in the Somebody Help area. If you help someone, and your advice is good, they may just thank you with some rep.

8. Post in a thread that doesn't have many posts. The thread's owner will be very happy that someone posted in his/her thread.

8. Post in the DCT (Daily Chat Thread). Many people there give rep. points as an act of kindness.

Giving rep.
(Not giving Rep is the opposite of these.)

1. Did someone help you? If so, was the advice good?

2. Did the advice work? If the advice worked, make sure you thank the person.

3. If someone congratulates you, thank them. They took time to say 'Good job'. Now, if they were polite, give them rep.

4. Was the person polite? Did they say, 'That's awesome! Congrats!' or did they say, 'I have that already, it's not special'?

5. Did they upload a cool picture? Pics are hard to take and harder to upload. so its always nice to thank them for a good picture!

6. Did they have a bad day? If so, it'll always cheer someone up to see that they have a nice rep. point.

7. Did they give a good answer? Even if it wasn't on your thread, if you see a post that gives good advice to someone else, don't be afraid to give them a rep! It's even better when, if you were in that position, you'd follow their advice too.

8. Did someone give you rep. in friendship? It's always nice to return the favor.

9. Did someone answer in a kind and polite way? You can give them rep. just because they weren't rude.

Finding your Rep.

1. Scroll all the way up to the top of the page.

2. In the lower left-hand corner, find User CP. Click on it.

3. Click on User CP Home.

4. You have arrived.

When to Red Flag a post.

(Located under your avvie, at the very bottom.)

1. Was the person very rude? I do not mean, 'That's a bad idea' rude. I mean, 'You're so dumb!' rude.

2. Did they curse? If you curse or say something rude, it will *. However, in the event that they have used symbols to make words or it doesn't *, that is an event where you should put up the red flag.

You can also...

3. Close a thread

4. Report spam.

If I find anything else out, I will add more!

And this is 8dance4eva10's Guide:

Have you ever wondered how to show someone that you said "Thank you"? Right in this very thread, I will show you, with pictures and words how to give someone a reputation point.

WHY: If someone has ever helped you, gave a great idea, or anything along the lines of kindness. You can leave a reputation point. That shows the person you gave it to that you thought they were being kind or helpful.

HOW: Now I will show you how to give reputation.

Click the image to open in full size.

I took a picture of my post. Now, you must look under the avatar and there should be a bit of information. Then, below that, there are 3 buttons; a thumb, flag, and little light thing. To give reputation, you click the thumb which I circled for you.

Click the image to open in full size.

Once you click on the thumb, a little box should pop up like shown above. In the box, under comments on this post, add like "Thank you so much" or "Helped Out" for what you thought of the post. I did Thankz for the Information. Then, you click Add to Reputation.

Great Job! You have just learned how to give reputation!

Now, I will show you how to look at the reputation that has been given to YOU.

Click the image to open in full size.

First, click on USER CP at the top of page. It is under the pig on a skateboard. Then, once you are at USER CP you must scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page and you should see your reputation, Who Gave it to you, on what post, and why. It only shows the last 10 rep you have recieved.

Rep boxes are back! ♥ These help signify how much rep you have. The more boxes, the more helpful you are. Now, they were taken away last time because people took them as a popularity contest. Lets try not to have that happen again! Also, we are not sure how many points are per box; only Justin know that information.

Click the image to open in full size. -- These are given when you have 1-5 rep boxes.
Click the image to open in full size. -- These are given when you have 6-10 rep boxes.
Click the image to open in full size. -- These are given when you have 11-15 rep boxes.

Each new rep box also has a new saying! (DG= Dark Green LG= Limegreen G= Gold)

Unlit -- "Username has an unknown quantity at this point"
1 DG -- "Username has an unknown quantity at this point" or "Username is on a distinguished road" or "Username will become famous soon enough"
2 DG -- "Username will become famous soon enough" or "Username has a spectacular aura about"
3 DG -- "Username has a spectacular aura about" or "Username is a jewel in the rough"
4 DG -- "Username is a jewel in the rough" or "Username is just really nice"
5 DG -- "Username is a glorious beacon of light"
5 DG & 1 LG -- "Username is a name known to all"
5 DG & 2 LG -- "Username is splendid one to behold"
5 DG & 3 LG -- "Username is a splendid one to behold"
5 DG & 4 LG -- "Username has much to be proud of" ((Thanks DKmagoo))
5 DG & 5 LG -- "Username has a brilliant future"
5 DG & 5 LG & 1 G -- "Username has a brilliant future"

If you click on the thumb of your own post, you can see the comments of reputation that was left. Once you get 4 reputation on your posts, it would be notified as "Positive" Less then 4 is "somewhat positive". There is also a "Very Positive" If you get a lot, it would be "Extrememly Positive" The words in the pictures below have been edited out.

Click the image to open in full size.

Once a thread is deleted, any rep you earned from a post on it will disappear.

Reputation Points are not something to brag about. They are there to show people you are helpful, and kind. You can be proud of them, but bragging would just be plain rude.

REMEMBER: No offering or asking for reputation points. You have to earn them.

Congratulations! Now you know a lot about reputation! If you have any further questions, remember, you are free to ask.
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