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rockermom05-30-2010 01:06 AM

"Undefined" Party Downer!
I had a party today and we were REALLY looking forward to the Pin the Tail on the Donkey Game.

When it came time to play the game it would not finish and we had to close the game with no prize because of a new Party Goer


Because Undefined is not a person........the game stalled and we just forfeited the game.

Great Job Undefined!!!


Why is this UNDEFINED keep popping up in Webkinz World? On the WOW, in Arte's and now in the Parties!!! :P

has anyone else had "Undefined" show up at their parties and ruin their games?

cuteforpop05-30-2010 12:38 PM

re: "Undefined" Party Downer!
It does this to me every party we go to, on all the games except for the single player ones. Very disappointing, but I'm just happy to get to GO haha. ::)

rockermom05-31-2010 03:49 PM

re: "Undefined" Party Downer!
Very True I should be just glad I could have my party!!

pikachukick90005-31-2010 05:02 PM

re: "Undefined" Party Downer!
this has happened to me too.
my server is 2 [i think so]
i was with my friends 123siber and Bannzle, when the game ''hot potato'' was going on.
one of them had appeared to left the party!
so, in the place of 123siber was....

the game had stalled.... i tried to click the buttons... nothing.
so i quit the game, no prizes, no nothing.:'(

rockermom05-31-2010 05:10 PM

re: "Undefined" Party Downer!
Thank you for your comment.....We were so disappointed that we did not get to play the game. None of us played the Pin the Donkey game before.

Undefined seems to be popping up everywhere!

ClaraZ2505-31-2010 07:25 PM

re: "Undefined" Party Downer!
Thank you all for adding your input. I will be adding this glitch to the report.

Parties aren't the same without games.

Jennielou05-31-2010 07:34 PM

Re: "Undefined" Party Downer!
My donkey game got ruined the other night by Undefined. "Uninvited" is more like it! LOL

lamb06-01-2010 07:17 AM

Re: "Undefined" Party Downer!
We get this about 50% of the time. It will then mess up all the multi-player games we have selected. Parties are very glitchy and not working well at all in our opinion.

Dixiecup06-01-2010 07:41 AM

Re: "Undefined" Party Downer!
One person lost 100 KC :) That is all that happened at my party. The rest of the party went ok. I had no problems with any of the other games :)
TODAY, however, when 'undefined' was in the room, I also got a notice that my room was being monitored. I think that other entity MIGHT just be a moderator and not a guest :nod:

amyms06-01-2010 09:03 AM

Re: "Undefined" Party Downer!
This happened to nearly all of the games at the last party I attended yesterday.

This is a complete guess, but could "undefined" be a person who is there, even though they were not invited? Twice now, my daughter has been in a party, stayed in the room past time, and ended up being part of the next party (which she was not invited too and does not know any of the other pets in attendance). I do not believe she is able to play the games at these parties, which is why I am wondering if this is who the "undefined" pets are.

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