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talladegabrad09-04-2011 09:32 PM

Mazin Hamsters Home screen freezes
I've had two Mazin Hamsters for a little over a month now. They have been fun to play with so far. However, about 10 days ago, the Mazin Hamster section of WW stopped working for me.

Like everyone else, I had problems with the recently updated Flash player. But, I followed the instructions on other threads and finally cleared up pretty much all of the problems I had with that . . . except one.

When I click on the Mazin Hamsters on the Map of Kinzville, the screen loads up like normal and my hamster appears with all of the options on the screen like normal: three areas to explore, the Mazin Mall block, etc.. However, none of the links work. When I move the cursor over each of them, they brighten like normal, but when I click, nothing happens. None of the links to the next level work, nor do the vidoe link or anything else on this page. Then, when I click on the SIGN OUT button at the top right, I get the "Are You Sure You Want to Log Out?" options, but neither of them work either. I am always stuck with having to press PF5 to re-sign in again.

I've intalled and unistalled the old (06/11) and new (08/11) versions of the Flash player and neither soves my problem. I've also uninstalled and re-installd the Unity program that allows the 3D graphics. None of the changes I've made so far have worked. :(

I like playing with my hamsters and hope I don't have to give them a sad burial. :'(

Can somebody help! :-\

Googlesboogles09-05-2011 08:29 PM

Re: Mazin Hamsters Home screen freezes
First off, make sure you don't post in Blue or Red - those colors are reserved for Moderators and Administrators ;)

And for your problem, I had something like that happen to my account. Which browser do you use? If its Google Chrome, then we have the same problem. My screen does this with the Wshop and sometimes in the Arcade, leaving me to click the red "X" on the WW screen. The problem comes and goes for me, but for yours I would suggest calling Ganz and seeing what they have to say / see what they can do. If you're not 18 have an adult call with you around to explain the problem. :)

Hope this helped!

talladegabrad09-06-2011 06:55 PM

Re: Mazin Hamsters Home screen freezes
I run regular Windows Internet Explorer.

And, my description above may be a little misleading because my screen doesn't actually "freeze", as in everything stops moving. My hamster stands there and moves around a little, like he's impatient for me to get back to playing with him! It's just like my left button on the mouse won't work on that screen. Nothing I click works. :(

HELP! :wallbash:

Googlesboogles09-06-2011 10:55 PM

Re: Mazin Hamsters Home screen freezes
Hmm, still not sure what the problem is here. :/
I cannot ever use arrow keys in Chrome, they just don't work. But they work in IE for me.

There's really only one more thing I can think of before calling Ganz. It could be your Graphics Chip. It could be outdated or worn out. Do you know what year your computer was made?

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