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rlla08-26-2019 10:23 AM

The Video Ads
One simple way to earn Kinzcash is to go to the Free Prizes icon on the Things To Do button. If you sent your parental controls to allow ads if you're Deluxe and don't normally see them (annoying--be aware, they pop up randomly when you switch rooms or go in and out of games if you leave them up), you get choices of watching up to 10 videos a day and either winning prizes or cash. The prizes vary from clothes to fun furniture which you can collect or sell, OR, you get 200 kinzcash per video, so that's 2,000 kinzcash a day you can get (~60,000k a month if you do it every day). The old post that listed the then-new prizes:


I cycled through and collected the prizes, now do it just for the kinzcash. It adds up fast. And I figure playing the videos help Ganz with their ad revenue. : ) The videos are short (and often glitchy, so really short), and playing all 10 usually takes about 5 minutes (less than 10). You can also set the parental controls on ONE browser just to pop in and do the videos; that way you don't have the popups while you're doing your regular stuff in your normal browser. It's a bit frustrating because you have to set them for EACH account, and it's a multi-factor authentification deal for EACH account both turning it on and off.

Videos are usually cute and kid-oriented--ads for the new Dora movie, McDonalds happy meals, Harry Potter Lego, children's book series, Lunchables, etc., and they range from about 15 seconds to up to a minute.

FoxesRule61208-31-2019 01:40 PM

Re: The Video Ads
Ooh, good suggestion! I've heard that it can get a little annoying though lol

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