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Old 11-27-2009, 06:09 PM   #1
Its really fun being
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Default How to Create a "view-worthy" house

This is a guide I just thought of doing. I think some of you may find this helpful.
Have you ever seen those "300,000" hit house threads? I wrote this little guide to help people achieve goals of hits for their houses. Simply read on (or cheat and skip to headlines.......) to find some tips and detailed instructions on how to do just that.

Step 1: Get some Inspiration
Before you start designing anything, you should get some inspiration. I've always been inspired by Bamboo's thread... I love the pet names that go with each room.... amazing! Follow the following links and spend a few minutes admiring some of the most popular house threads on WI.

(116,000 hits!!)
(over 230,000 hits!)
(pictures that take place in a house)

That was kind of overwhelming, wasn't it? Well, I'm sure those who put these together spent lots of time on it, as you can see.

Step 2: A budget... maybe?
How much are you willing to spend? All of your kinzcash? In order to figure this out, follow the steps below. But first, I must say that a lot of houses thrive on exclusive items and rares. Rares are purchased at the curio shop, but exclusives come from pet adoptions, the wish factory and sometimes in trades either at the trading room or here at WI. Since you have a webkinz account, you should have at least 1 exclusive item. Figure if you are going to use exclusives and rares, or rely on items from the w-shop?

Budget Steps:
1)- Ask yourself: Am I going to use the w-shop or the curio shop or the adoption center or what I have?
If you answered "w-shop", go to the next question. If you said, "curio shop", skip to question 3a. If you said "adoption center", skip to question 3b. If you said, "what I have", go to question 4. If you think both curio shop and what you have, do questions 3a and 3b, and skip the bold letters in between 3a and 3b. Follow 3b's directions.
2- When I buy items, am I going to shop the sales, themes or whatever goes along with the room?
If you said "shop the sales", go the answer number 1a. If you said "themes", go to answer number 1b. If you said, whatever goes along with the room, go to 1b.
3a- Am I willing to buy every rare for the next week, or just buy the ones that go along with the room?
If you said, every rare for the next week, go to answer 2. If you said, "the ones that go along with the room," go to answer 1b.
3b- In real life, do I want to stock up on webkinz, whether on sale or not, to see what exclusives I get or just buy the ones with good PSI's (and of course, all the exclusives)
If you said, stock up, go to answer 3. If you said good PSI's, go to answer number 4.
4- Do I have a lot or a little?
If you said, "a lot" go to answer number 5. If you said a little, go to answer number 6.

Budget answers:

Your pretty wise with kinzcash! However, w-shop items don't always make the most decorative rooms, but, are better than buying a whole theme because then its not like you designed anything, its pre-set. Consider buying rares once and a while at least.
1b- Your a little short on designing, and themes are kind of costly. Consider buying rare items once in a while, since your willing to shell out about the same amount of kinzcash for w-shop items.
2- Your room is probably going to look great! Just watch your kinzcash a little, as for rare items are sometimes costly, but not always unreasonable.
3- Stocking up on webkinz certainly offers plenty of opportunities for exclusives, PSI's and more. Just don't spend any money you shouldn't have. If you buy when on sale, you can really save some major cash (or the currency in your country....)
4- Your pretty wise! You'll get some good items, while not breaking too much of a real life budget!
5- A lot of stuff...... your all set!
6- A little... well your going to have to work on that. Consider the w-shop, curio shop rares, trading room... whatever you can think of!

Step 3- It's room time!
What kind of room is your 1st going to be? A recording studio? A game show? A trophy garden? Think of a few possibilities... and then maybe even decide. You can always do the others for the rest of the house. If you need help, go to the threads listed in step 1.

Time to make your 1st room. Don't buy a new room yet, just go to a random room in your house, whether its for storage or for a bedroom.

If the room is a storage room, look at the kinds of items. Are they all Christmas items, or randomly scattered?
If the room is a theme room, is it the kind of theme you wanted?

My room is going to be a audition room, where pets are going to audition for a TV show. My rooms were already pre-wallpapered, and not in the colors I wanted, so I ended up buying a whole new room. But you don't have to!

Browse the w-shop, or if your lucky, the curio shop rares to find a wallpaper. You might even use a Trading Card Game wallpaper.

I went to the w-shop sales. I like the sales because well... its on sale! When I opened it up, here's what I saw:
Click the image to open in full size.
The only wallpaper on sale was that one, but I thought it would look good.

- Wallpaper (check)

Repeat the same steps. I happened to purchase the flooring to left of the wallpaper above. It just so happened to be in the same theme, because most furniture items on sale are from the same theme.


For the buyers: Here's some places you may find cheap/free/etc. furniture items!
Freebies: Wheel of wow, today's activities, your dock, rooms in your house
Freebies with luck: Today's activities scratch off tickets
For purchase: w-shop, w-shop sales, curio shop, today's activities hourly sales
Other: Magical forest prizes, trading room, WIGE (WI gift exchange), purchases in real life (pets)

For the everything else people:
You may want to use empty, or partially occupied rooms for storage of items. Yes, you can use your dock, but then it gets all cluttered. No, you don't have to buy storage bins if you don't want to, but they help keep rooms uncluttered.

Step 4: Putting it all together!
Wherever your items are stored, go through them and place them in your dock. This makes it easier. Or, if they are kept in the same room that your using for the 1st room... then no need!

Place in the walls, the floors...

Look at your items. What's the main things you need?
In my room, I needed chairs for pets to sit in, and a pedestal for the judge stand at... or maybe even just 3 chairs so that multiple judges could review them.

Arrange the main items as you like. Then, add decorations. Then, put in some pets to stage the scene. Take a snapshot/screenshot and your done with your 1st room. Dismiss your pets and tell them they did a great job!

Step 5: Room 1 complete!
Now, just repeat these steps to make a second room, etc. Expand how you like, without breaking your budget!

Step 6: Maybe this was years later...
Maybe by the time you were done it was 3 years later. Maybe 3 days, 3 hours, 3 months, 3 weeks... (I doubt three minutes or three seconds). But anyways, your house is complete! Post your house pictures on WI, with a cool title. Remember, you can always update later!

Some room ideas....
- a birthday party
- a recording studio
- a fantasy garden
- a day spa
- a very large closet (or very small)
- a lair

I will post pictures of my finished rooms, etc. soon, but 4 now... good-bye!


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Old 11-27-2009, 06:17 PM   #2
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Default Re: How to Create a "view-worthy" house

Thank you for all your time you put into this.. Lots of good tips
many thanks!
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Old 11-28-2009, 10:18 AM   #3
uvs Kitties
Webkinz :)
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Default Re: How to Create a "view-worthy" house

Wow! Thanx- so its all about the headlines. Well the most I got on my house thread was twenty. But I'll work on it.
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Old 12-06-2009, 06:37 PM   #4
Webkinz :)
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Default Re: How to Create a "view-worthy" house

Wow! You made a great house guide. Thanks for all your time on this!
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Old 12-10-2009, 07:32 AM   #5
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Default Re: How to Create a "view-worthy" house

Wow, thanks for this guide! I might make a house thread soon, and it good to have a guide to make reference to!
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