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harrypotterfan10104-22-2008 05:42 PM

~Chronicles of Love~ --Updated--
Long ago, lived a beautiful, sleek she-cat. Her grey fur was thick and luscious, the envy of many. Greystar was a quiet cat, often taking to her den for long periods of time. She wasn't rude or uncaring, she simply needed to think. No one thought that behind the curtain of vines, a story would unravel.
Chapter 1
Greystar licked her chops and stood up from her finished meal of rabbit. Spottedtail followed her every movement with his gleaming amber eyes. "Greetings, Greystar,'' he mewed, more to himself than to his leader. But she had heard him none-the-less. She always heard. "Greetings to you too Spottedtail," she mumured, frosty blue eyes sparkling with admiration for her deputy. No one had seemed to notice their love for each other, not even the two themselves. But StarClan had, yes. StarClan had many plans for the two cats. Love was in their futures, but so was war. Neither knew it yet, but they would soon have to choose between their loves, or their Clan.

Spottedtail shook off her gaze, standing up. He did not know why he felt a shiver go up his spine every time he caught a glimpse of Greystar. Sighing, he padded towards the warriors den, preparing for an evening patrol. Greystar stared after him, eyes misunderstanding and a hurt look on her face. A moment later, she was distracted by something biting at her tail. She spun around and saw that Gingerkit, Mooncloud's kit was gnawing at the tip of her fluffy grey tail. Flicking her tail irritably, Greystar padded off, leaving a wide-eyed kit staring after her.

Thinking to join Spottedtail and his patrol, she headed for the warriors den. But when the small leader saw that there were already enough for the patrol, she sighed and headed back to her den. Passing Gingerkit once more, she hissed quietly, "Get back to your mother, she'll be worrying little one." Petalnose, the medicine cat, was waiting in the chilly shadows of Greystar's den. Greystar hadn't even told Petalnose how much she longed for a family, but she guessed the wise old she-cat was well aware of it. Sighing again, she curled up on her bed of moss, and looked up at the star-filled sky. "Why me StarClan? Why did this have to happen to me?"
That night, Spottedtail peered around the curtain of vines that hid the entrance to Greystar's den. He shivered when he saw her sleeping form upon a bed of moss. He did not expect Petalnose to be there. Backing up, fright in his eyes, Spottedtail stalked back to the warriors den. She didn't see me, she didn't, he thought as he lay down on his moss. Spottedtail peered around the den, searching for someone who was awake. When he saw no one was, he laid his head down to sleep.

Greystar lifted her head groggily, sensing something deep inside her. She looked around and saw that the vine curtain was moving. "It's just the wind," she murmured, glancing around for Petalnose. "It's just the wind, isn't it?" she asked the medicine cat. Petalnose looked at her with an even stare, but at last answered her question. "It was the one whom your heart seeks." With that, Petalnose left her leader to think on her own, knowing Greystar would've asked her to leave anyways.

As she stalked towards the warriors den, Greystar searched her mind for what to say. She had never been at a loss for words, until tonight. Is that what love is? she asked herself as she peered around the den of sleeping cats. At last, she saw Spottedtail. Heart pounding, she crept towards him, every limb quivering. Taping his shoulder lightly, she saw that he was not asleep, but awake. Greystar jerked her head towards the entrance, then stalked out, waiting for him to follow.

Sitting in the entrance together, tails intwined, the two cats talked of many things. They talked of the last war, how it felt to loose their families, and about the future. Once at an akward silence, Spottedtail reached out to put his muzzle to Greystar's. She purred, then stopped herself, jerking away. "Not yet dear one,'' she whispered into his ear, standing up. "No one would understand our feelings. They'd think I chose you to be deputy because I love you. We must think things over before..." she never finished the sentence, she simply turned and stalked back to her den, leaving Spottedtail staring after her, amber eyes gleaming.
"Spottedtail!" Greystar hissed from her hiding spot among the ferns. "Spottedtail!" At last when she had his attention, she flicked her tail towards the nearby stream. She'd told Petalnose she would find some herbs there, but in truth, she had wanted an excuse to meet with Spottedtail. "I've thought things over-" he put his tail to her mouth, silencing her. Normally, should would have snapped at him, or anyone else who'd tried to hush her, but this was different.

"We love each other, right?" Spottedtail mumured, question in his eyes. He knew for a fact that he loved Greystar, he knew it when that shiver went down his spine, when he looked into her frosty blue eyes, when he thought of her, he felt love. Her very presence to him was love. Greystar nodded her eyes sparkling from the bright light of the sun. "Then what have we got to hide?"

"Nothing," Greystar answered at last. "We have nothing to hide." Spottedtail nodded, leaning into her. "Will you be my mate Greystar?" he asked, blinking his amber eyes at her. It took no time to get an answer. Greystar had thought things over and had decided if he ever asked her, she would say..."Yes!" Purring, they locked tails and padded back towards camp.

Just outside of camp, Petalnose was sorting a messy pile of leaves while grumbling under her breath. Greystar caught the words, "Kits...mess...punish..." She looked to Spottedtail, then removed her tail from his. Trotting over to the fuming she-cat, she wondered what Petalnose would think when she heard the news. "What's the matter with you now?" She asked teasingly. Petalnose's head shot up, eyes flashing. "A bunch of those mouse-brained kits got into my herb supply and ruin-" she stopped mid-sentence. Seeing the happy far off look in Greystar's eyes, she knew. "Go on back to camp Greystar, we can talk later."

The pale grey leader nodded and headed back to her spotted mate. She nuzzled him a moment, then stopped, ears pricked. From somewhere in a thicket she heard the sound of snickering. Stalking forward, she caught the scent of Cloudpaw and Bluepaw, two of the most annoying apprentices she'd delt with. "And what seems to be so funny today?" she demanded of the now frightened looking apprentices. "The last I heard, you were supposed to be collecting moss for the elders den. If that's too hard, there are plenty other jobs you could spend your day on." The apprentices shook their heads and scampered off.

Greystar smiled as she and Spottedtail walked throughout the camp, not even noticing the stares they recieved from others. Nor did they notice the evil glint of eyes behind the ferns...

Chapter 2
Greystar stepped daintly onto the dew covered grass, a sure sign that green-leaf was on its way. Glancing around the camp, she saw a few early rising cats stretched out in various places. Searching the cats for an amber gleam, she sighed. Greystar had important news for Spottedtail and she could not wait for the chance to tell him. Not seeing her mate, she stepped towards the nursery where Mooncloud, her best friend, lay stretched out. "Greetings Greystar," the pale white she-cat mewed, looking up to her leader. "Greetings Mooncloud," replied Greystar in a hoarse whisper. She sighed again, gazing around the camp for the off chance that she had missed Spottedtail.

"I expect I may join you soon," Greystar murmured, breaking the long silence. After recieving a curious gaze from Mooncloud, she explained, "I am expecting kits, but it will be a long while. Do not tell anyone." Mooncloud simply nodded, then asked, "Does Spottedtail know?" When her leader shook her head, she dismissed the subject with a flick of her tail. "At least your mate isn't off joining another Clan." Greystar's eyes pained, knowing that her friend's mate, Firefeather, had left to join WetClan. She flicked her tail, letting Gingerkit play with it...
The next afternoon, Greystar and Spottedtail went for a border patrol along BlackClan's border. An earlier patrol had caught the scent of BlackClan cats on their territory. Greystar sighed and trudged on. She had told Spottedtail about the kits and he was very happy. As he padded along in front of her, he smiled at everything, even purring here and there. Spottedtail was not normally like that, love had changed him.

"Are you sure Wetpaw caught scent of BlackClan?" he mewed, a now angered tone to his voice. Greystar shrugged and admitted that he was just an apprentice. "Maybe he just caught the scent from far off?" she suggested, trying to calm her angering mate. Spottedtail flexed his claws, thinking. "Maybe. But he shouldn't make mistakes like that! Why was he even out here alone?" he demanded. Greystar glared at her spotted mate and he silenced, the fire in his eyes cooling. "Come on, let's get back to camp." A sudden screech rang through the air and a black blur landed in front of the two...
Greystar blinked her eyes as sunlight filtered through the cracks in the canopy of leaves. She frowned and looked over at her badly injured mate. They had been attacked a moon ago, and they were still stuck in the Medicine Cat's den. Petalnose padded over towards Greystar, a bundle of herbs in tow. She worked swiftly and silently and then moved on to Spottedtail. "What were you two doing out of SmokeClan territory anyways?" she demanded, breaking the silence. Her leader opened her mouth to protest, but nothing came from her mouth. She just shook her head, then laid it back down, closing her eyes wearily. Greystar's buldging belly had kept her awake for many nights, giving her no rest whatsoever. Her mate suffered from this too, for when Greystar couldn't sleep, Spottedtail couldn't. Greystar and her mate sighed at the same time, then drifted back off into their fevered sleeps.

Webkinz Luver 10104-22-2008 05:44 PM

Re: Chronicles of Love♥Can they survive?

harrypotterfan10104-22-2008 06:14 PM

Re: Chronicles of Love♥Can they survive?
Thank you!

---------- harrypotterfan101 added 26 Minutes and 32 Seconds later ----------

Anyone else?

1cheergirl1204-22-2008 06:32 PM

Re: ♥Chronicles of Love~ Greystar and Spottedtail♥
Wow! Love the story! It's amazing! I definately want to read more of this forbidden love!

harrypotterfan10104-22-2008 06:43 PM

Re: ♥Chronicles of Love~ Greystar and Spottedtail♥
Aww, thanks.

1cheergirl1204-22-2008 07:05 PM

Re: ♥Chronicles of Love~ Greystar and Spottedtail♥

If it's true, might as well be typed!

Gylfie04-22-2008 07:28 PM

Re: ♥Chronicles of Love~ Greystar and Spottedtail♥
this is a really cool story

harrypotterfan10104-22-2008 08:42 PM

Re: ♥Chronicles of Love~ Greystar and Spottedtail♥
Thanks everyone!

Gylfie04-22-2008 09:12 PM

Re: ♥Chronicles of Love~ Greystar and Spottedtail♥
your welcome

harrypotterfan10104-22-2008 09:29 PM

Re: ♥Chronicles of Love~ Greystar and Spottedtail♥

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