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Old 12-01-2010, 09:03 AM   #21
hy, clearly I'm a
Webkinz :)
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Default Re: ~Armageddon~A Warriors Story

Ooh, you think?

Chapter 7:
Nightfern was happily sorting herbs in her den when there was a rustling at the entrance. She glanced up and swished her tail when she saw Goldentail standing there.
"Hello," The medicine cat meowed.
"Have you seen Yowlsong?" Goldentail asked anxiously, shifting from paw to paw. "I’m supposed to go on a patrol with her, but I haven’t seen her all morning,"
Nightfern shook her head. "No, I haven’t seen her, but when I find her, I’ll let you know,"
Goldentail flashed a brief smile before ducking out of the den. Nightfern sighed softly and prodded at one of the leaves with a paw. Absently, she scratched the stone floor with her claws.
"Nightfern," Thorntail meowed, and the medicine cat glanced up at him. The brown tom was shifting anxiously on his paws.
"Willowtail has a bellyache,"
"Juniper seeds," Nightfern mewed automatically. "Wait here and I’ll get them for you," She picked up the bundle of leaves she’d been sorting and padded to the back of the den. Tucking the bundle away, she searched for the seeds. She pawed them from the crevice in the rock, and the leaf dropped to her paws. She unwrapped it to see the juniper seeds in it. Nodding, she gripped the rolled up leaf in her mouth and padded back to Thorntail.
"How bad is the bellyache?"
The tom shrugged. "Not too bad, I don’t think."
Nightfern flicked her eyes over the seeds. "Hmm...one seed then. Can you take it to her?"
Thorntail nodded. He licked his paw and gently pressed his pad to the seed, and when he removed it, the seed stuck.
"Thanks Nightfern," He called over his shoulder as he left the den. Nightfern smiled slightly. She’d forgotten how good it felt to be able to help her Clanmates. How could she ever have acted so...so...different?
"After the feathered jay and the winged wolf, water will bring peace with help from the striped tiger," She murmured, and closed her eyes. She shook her head, tail tip twitching. Then she squared her shoulders and bent to pick up the leaf.
I know what’s going to happen to the Clans...and I wish that I didn’t.

"Rippedfur," The Clan cheered. "Rippedfur,"
BreezeClan’s newest warrior sat proudly in the center of camp, looking around. Thunderfoot smiled sadly as she watched him.
"You’ve done well," she murmured in his ear. Rippedfur nodded and gave her nose a quick lick before padding off to sit beside the warriors’ den. Thunderfoot felt a tingling along her spine, and she imagined Halfstar watching his kit. She smiled again, a small smile. Halfstar would have been so proud of him...
A tail brushed against her flank, and she turned to see Tigerlight smiling up at her.
"Rippedfur was a good apprentice for Ashstar, and he’ll be a great warrior,"
Thunderfoot nodded and glanced at the brown tabby. She couldn’t help remembering her dream off the faceless brown tabby with torn ears and Halfstar’s voice meowing, ‘His name is Rippedfur,’
"Yes," Thunderfoot agreed. The tip of her tail twitched nervously, and she watched Tigerlight bound away. The gray tabby she-cat turned her gaze to the dawning sky. Fat clouds drifted lazily across it, painfully reminding Thunderfoot of the morning after Halfstar had died. She gave her tail a sad flick and padded off to congratulate her son.

Jayheart flicked his eyes around the camp, but saw no sign of Graythroat. Growling quietly in frustration, he brought Specklepaw into his den. The medicine cats’ den must have once belonged to a fox, because it sloped down like a tunnel into a larger space.
Jayheart flicked his tail at a nest for Specklepaw and joined the apprentice; nosing his ears and asking how he felt. He examined Specklepaw’s nose before deciding that he was fine, but should rest here for awhile. Specklepaw sneezed once and began grooming his fur. "Thanks Jayheart," he murmured, and curled up in the nest.
Jayheart watched the apprentice for a few heartbeats before slipping out of the den. He glanced around the camp again, but still no deputy. Twitching his ears in annoyance, he started for the warriors’ den, but Cindersplash hadn’t seen Graythroat that morning. Blackstar came out of his den, and the medicine cat hesitated before asking if he had seen the deputy.
"Yes," Blackstar meowed. "He came to see me awhile ago. I don’t know where he is now, maybe hunting,"
"Great," Jayheart grumbled. "Now we just have to search the entire territory for him,"
Blackstar tilted his head. "Why are you looking for him?"
Jayheart shifted on his paws. "Um...nothing," He lied. He remembered that Graythroat was Blackstar’s littermate as well as deputy. Of course the leader would be defensive of him. "I just wanted to ask him something."
Blackstar flicked his tail. "If you find him, let me know. I’d like to speak with him." He disappeared back into his den.
"Right," Jayheart muttered, and trudged out of camp in search of the deputy.
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Old 12-01-2010, 08:23 PM   #22
Heatherblaze Of LC
Webkinz :)
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Default Re: ~Armageddon~A Warriors Story

Ahaha! I knew his name was either going to be Rippedpelt or Rippedfur!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Old 12-02-2010, 09:08 AM   #23
hy, clearly I'm a
Webkinz :)
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Default Re: ~Armageddon~A Warriors Story

It was going to be Rippedears...but he didn't have ripped ears yet...and Halfstar told Thunderfoot what his future warrior name would be.

Chapter 8:
Staying still. Ever so still. So very still.
Thistlefang sprang forward and up, bringing the bird down with a soft thump and biting its neck before it could escape his claws.
"Nice catch," A voice purred. Thistlefang raised his head, tensing, but he relaxed as the slender she-cat slid out of the shadows, her fur speckled with darker gray flecks.
"Featherpelt," He smiled and licked her ear when she came close. He searched her blind eyes for any sign of news; any sign that she had accepted his offer to become his mate. For moons, she had seemed somewhat distant and unfocused, as if she knew something she couldn’t tell anyone else, and she had to think about it herself.
Featherpelt bent over the thrush and sniffed it before nodding in approval. Thistlefang smiled slightly, and he longed to rub her neck or lay his tail over her shoulders.
"Have you seen Hollytail?" She asked suddenly, and Thistlefang blinked a few times as Featherpelt continued. "Runningleap said she was acting funny."
"No, I haven’t," Thistlefang gripped the wing of his thrush in his teeth and raised his head, his meow muffled by feathers. "Should we go see her?"
Featherpelt nodded, staring into the trees he knew she couldn’t see. "Yes...." Then she shook herself. "Here, I’ll take the vole you burried earlier." She bounded off in search of the prey, leaving Thistlefang to trot after her.

Paw by paw, Lionstep slunk out of his den. It was night, and leaf-fall air nipped at his face. He shivered and closed his eyes, puffing out his fur.
"Brrr...." He murmured, stepping out of the den. Something cold crunched under his paw, and he opened his eyes. "Snow?" He meowed in disbelief, flakes swirling before his eyes. A thin layer of frost crept along the ground, piling up as he sat watching it. He thought of what Cherryleaf had told him about Blackstripe, one of CloudClan’s elders, predicting early snow, and his throat tightened.
He put his paw in the snow again, shivering. Already, his paws sank into the snow, coated completely with frost. He drew it out a licked the snow off, staring across the field of white. Guilt coiled in his belly, and he flicked his eyes around the camp. There were no cats out now, with the darkness gathering. He looked up at the moon, narrowing his eyes as though it helped him focus.
"Tomorrow night," he breathed. "Tomorrow....night..."
He shook his pelt free of frost and disappeared back into his den. He cast one last glance out into the flurries of flakes. Then he shook his head and crept back towards his nest.
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Old 12-02-2010, 04:32 PM   #24
Heatherblaze Of LC
Webkinz :)
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Default Re: ~Armageddon~A Warriors Story

So, Lionstep is seeing Cherryleaf tomorrow night?
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Old 12-03-2010, 10:19 AM   #25
hy, clearly I'm a
Webkinz :)
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Default Re: ~Armageddon~A Warriors Story

*Tilts head, looking puzzled* Yes, I think so. *Counting* One, two...I think

Chapter 9:
Two kits on a cold snowy night, two kits wriggling as they searched for warmth and food. Their mother rasped her tongue over their backs as the snow fell around them.
The first kit was a tom with the same color fur as his father. His larger golden form stood out against the snow, fur speckled with white as the snow gathered on it. He shivered and mewled, and his mother had to answer, warming him with her tongue.
The second kit looked a little like her mother, her ginger fur pale and yet bright, so it looked almost rosy. Her fur was covered in white patches; patches of fur, not of snow. She was a rosy ginger color with cloud-like patches. Her mother smiled slightly and pressed the pad of her nose to the she-kit’s ear.
"Cloudykit," She purred. "Little Cloudykit," She turned back to the golden tom, who was mewling quietly, pummling her belly with tiny paws, his eyes squeezed shut, his tiny mouth agape and whining. Through the snow gathering on his pelt, his golden fur shone like the rays of the sun. The mother cat pricked her ears. Rays? Yes.
"Raykit," she whispered. She wrapped her thick tail over the kits, shivering in the cold. She had to get them warm, or they would die.
The snow still fell, she would have to move quickly. She knew the Rockhills would be her best chance, though they were many fox-lengths away. The mother cat strained her eyes, but because of distance, darkness, and swirling snow flakes, she couldn’t see her destination. She bent down and touched Raykit with the pad of her nose.
"Be safe, my sweet. I will be back in just a moment." She scooped Cloudykit up and ran, listening to Raykit’s confused mewls and wails as she did. Her paws hit the snow, throwing it up behind her as she bounded through the drifts. Cloudykit, swinging back and forth in her mother’s jaws, meowed in terror.
The mother cat reached the Rockhills and dropped Cloudykit. The rose and white she-kit lay on the dying grass beneath the shelter of the rocks. The she-cat licked Cloudykit’s nose before racing back to find Raykit. He was there, struggling in the drifts, whining pittifully.
"There, there," The queen murmured, gripping his scruff. "Mama’s here..." She curled herself around both kits and closed her eyes. "Mama’s here...."

Wind. Nipping wind. Chilling wind. Biting wind. Jayheart struggled forward, his paws sinking into the snow. He had searched all day for Graythroat, with no luck. Now he was on his way back to camp, the light fading into dark. He wondered where he was, and hoped he was going in the right direction.
A strong gust of icy wind blew him into the air, flipping him over, and he quickly twisted so he would land on his paws. The wind pushed him back again, and he rolled head over paws into the drifts. He hoped none of his Clan had gotten sick while he was gone.
The snow storm swirled around him, and he struggled to his paws. White blurred his vision, and then suddenly, it was black speckled with white. He let out a gasp as a shadow tackled him to the snow. It was a cat, with wild eyes, and if Jayheart didn’t know better, he would have said its expression looked frightened.
The deputy pushed Jayheart’s head deeper into the snow. "Not another word," He hissed, his wide, frightened eyes darted around. "Not another sound,"
"Or you’ll kill me?" Jayheart accused, lashing his tail as best he could. Graythroat slapped a paw over his mouth, and the words came out muffled as Jayheart tried to bite it. "I’m a medicine cat, and you’re...you’re a traitor and a coward, that’s what you are."
"Shhh," Graythroat hissed again. "Do you know where we are?"
Jayheart pricked his ears and parted his jaws slightly when the deputy removed the paw from his mouth. "I scent...." His eyes widened, and he leaped to his paws, sending Graythroat rolling in the snow.
"We’re in BreezeClan territory!"

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Old 12-03-2010, 11:18 AM   #26
Webkinz :)
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Default Re: ~Armageddon~A Warriors Story

Cherryleaf and Lionstep have kits? 0.o
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Old 12-03-2010, 10:52 PM   #27
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Default Re: ~Armageddon~A Warriors Story

View Post Originally Posted by carrub
Cherryleaf and Lionstep have kits? 0.o
That's what I was thinking!!
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Old 12-04-2010, 08:34 AM   #28
hy, clearly I'm a
Webkinz :)
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Default Re: ~Armageddon~A Warriors Story

Crazy Graythroat is crazy.

Chapter 10:
Raincloud watched Spiderpaw as she spoke to her siblings. The tip of his tail twitched, any moment now, Fernstar, both his mother and leader of the Clan, would make them warriors.
Grayfur and Ravenpelt settled beside Raincloud, though the mottled tom noticed that Mothfall stayed on the other side of camp. Nightfern was back to her old self, the self he hardly remembered, and he wondered what it would take to cheer Mothfall up too.
"Here comes Fernstar," Ravenpelt whispered. His whiskers quivered slightly, and he looked as nervous as his apprentice, Mintpaw, did.
"Let all cats join here for a Clan meeting," Fernstar yowled. Many of the warriors were already gathered, but Raincloud noticed Willowtail and Thorntail duck out of the nursery to watch the ceremony. Their kits, Mousekit and Littlekit, squealed and batted at eachother playfully, and Willowtail kept shushing them and smiling at her mate.
"Spiderpaw, Dawnpaw, Mintpaw, and Sunpaw, step forward," Fernstar called. The four apprentices bounded forward, shivering in excitement.
"Raincloud, Grayfur, Ravenpelt, and Mothfall," Fernstar continued, turning to them. "You have taught your apprentices well, and brought them up with knowledge of the warrior code and of the Clan. Are they ready to become warriors?"
"They are," Raincloud answered.
"They are," Grayfur and Ravenpelt echoed.
"They are," Mothfall meowed.
"Spiderpaw, Dawnpaw, Mintpaw, and Sunpaw; you have trained hard to understand the ways of the Clan and the warrior code. Do you promise to protect your Clan, even at the cost of your life?"
"I do," They mewed in unison.
"Then by the powers of StarClan," Fernstar meowed solemly. "I give you your warrior names. From now on, you will be known as Spidertail, Dawnfur, Mintwhisker, and Sunpelt. StarClan honors your honesty and bravery."
"Spidertail," Raincloud yowled. "Dawnfur! Mintwhisker! Sunpelt!" The rest of the Clan joined in, and Raincloud thought his former apprentice might burst with happiness. He noticed Nightfern at the edge of the camp, sitting by the medicine cat den. She was smiling sadly, cheering the names as loud as any warrior. Raincloud thought he saw a glimmer of stars behind her, and beside him as well, and felt certain that Waterpaw and Treepaw were attending the ceremony too, watching over their Clanmates every pawstep of the way.

[Edit: Argh, I can't beleive I brought Rabbitstar back to life! Ashstar is da leader, Ashstar, Ashstar! Rabbitstar is dead, dead, dead! ]

"Attack!" Ashstar yowled, and sprang from the Splitrock. All around, warriors slashed and snarled and hissed. Every once in awhile, Ashstar would hear a, "StormClan, to me!" and see Blackstar fighting beside his Clan. Why they had attacked BreezeClan in their own camp was a mystery that he didn’t have time to ponder.
A paw, claws unsheathed, thumped against his flank, and he whirled around and sank his teeth into the shoulder of the attacking cat. She let out a yowl and stumbled away, her blue eyes wide. Another cat slashed claws near Ashstar’s neck, and with a snarl he flung the attacker away. The dark ginger tom crashed to the snow, motionless.
"Blackstar!" A she-cat shrieked. "We have to retreat, they’re overpowering us!"
"No, Petalfire!" Blackstar snarled, and Ashstar saw him, wrestling with Galefur. There was a small splash of blood across Blackstar’s white muzzle, and his eyes were wild. "StormClan will not be beaten!"
Ashstar didn’t hear Petalfire’s answer, because he dove for Blackstar, knocking the larger tom backwards. He heaved Galefur to his paws, and the blue-gray tom stumbled. Blood was gathered near his neck, and when the deputy shook his head, he flung drops in all directions, staining the churned up snow a pale rose color.
"Retreat!" A voice yowled. "StormClan, retreat!"
The fighting slowed. Shrieks and snarls died away. Ashstar looked for Blackstar, but the tom was nowhere to be seen. On one of the hills, staring down into the camp, was a form, smaller than Blackstar, but Ashstar couldn’t recognize it because of distance and swirling snow.
StormClan warriors began racing up the hill, vanishing over the crest, but the black figure still stood. Ashstar saw Blackstar charging up the hill, and chased after him. The snow blurred his vision, but he saw Blackstar standing, snarling at the black cat.
"Graythroat! What are you doing?"
"It was the right thing, brother," Graythroat answered. Snowflakes swirled around, but Ashstar saw Graythroat standing firm, looking eye to eye with Blackstar.
"Don’t call me that," The leader of StormClan snarled. "You’re not my brother, you never were." In a heartbeat, Blackstar’s claws were out, his paw swinging towards Graythroat, knocking the tom down the hill. In a flash, Blackstar was gone.
"Graythroat!" A new voice yowled, and a gray form skidded down the snowy hill to the deputy’s side. Graythroat was struggling to his paws, several fresh cuts lining his flank.
"Graythroat," Jayheart meowed again. "Can you stand?"
Graythroat blinked snow from his green eyes, swaying a little, and then collapsed back into the drifts. Soon, both his black fur and the patch of gray on his chest were covered with snow.
"Jayheart," He mewed earnestly. "Specklepaw...."
"He’s okay," The medicine cat assured him. "But why...?"
Graythroat closed his eyes. "I had to...had to...get the warriors to the river...get them...out of camp...before...before they came." His eyes opened again, wild, yet clouded with pain. "I knew Specklepaw would...would be okay...he has to be...he’s part of the...prophecy..."
"What prophecy?" Jayheart whispered, running his paws along the deputy’s flank, piling more snow on his scratches.
"They came," Graythroat whispered. "They killed them all...my mother...brought me and...and my brother...to a place where we could be safe...I couldn’t let it happen again...." His eyelids flickered.
"What do you mean?" Jayheart begged. "Please tell me Graythroat, I don’t understand,"
"Snow..." Graythroat mumbled. "Snow speckled red with the blood of those who had died for our sake." He reached out a paw, then let it fall beside him again. His eyelids shot open, and he stared at Jayheart.
"It’s happening again...it has begun,"
"What’s happening?" Jayheart was standing now, trying to nose Graythroat to his paws. "Tell me, I don’t-"
"They’re coming!" Graythroat yowled, his eyes wild. "Don’t let them get me! Broken promises, endless pain!" He stumbled down the other side of the hill, and Jayheart stared after him for a few heartbeats before racing after him, snow filling the tracks he left on the hillside

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Default Re: ~Armageddon~A Warriors Story

I agree. Graythroat is crazy. Like, lunatic crazy
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Old 12-05-2010, 09:14 AM   #30
hy, clearly I'm a
Webkinz :)
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Default Re: ~Armageddon~A Warriors Story

Crazy, but I love him anyway.
This chapter starts off as being weird/random, then becomes kind of sad. Kind of.

Chapter 11:
Hollytail swung around, and her paw thumped against Thistlefang’s shoulder. The brown and white patched tom stared at her, his tail tip twitching.
"Hollytail, are you okay?" Suddenly he jerked backwards, the medicine cat had looked at him in the eyes. "Hollytail, your eyes-"
"Red," she finished, and padded closer to him, staring unblinkingly into his own eyes. "They are red,"
There was something about her voice, something deep and mysterious. Thistlefang wanted to look away, but her gaze held him, spellbound. Something stirred in his own mind, pushing away his fear. It’s okay, he told himself. There is nothing wrong here...
"Thistlefang?" Featherpelt meowed. A tail brushed his flank, and Hollytail blinked, breaking the connection. Thistlefang didn’t remember what had just happened, but he noted that her eyes were back to blue, and that she looked as confused as he did.
"Is everything all right?" Featherpelt murmured.
"Yeah," Thistlefang mewed. "Fine...just fine..."

The queen listened to the snow falling outside of the Rockhills. She wrapped her tail over Raykit and Cloudykit, murmuring to them and licking their little faces. Every once in awhile, she’d strain her ears and peer out into the snow. Every once in awhile, her heart would feel heavy with guilt.
There. Something, a shadow, slinking towards them, turning its head and parting its jaws as it tasted for a scent. Finally, "Cherryleaf?"
"I’m here," she meowed, but her voice was faint. She licked her lips and tried again. "I’m here,"
The golden tom slid inside the shelter of the rocks, shaking snow from his pelt. His eyes fell on Cherryleaf first, filled with love and just a hint of guilt. Then he saw the kits.
"They’re beautiful," he whispered, and rasped his tongue over the fur between Cherryleaf’s ears.
"Lionstep," she meowed finally. "You need to take them. Now."
Lionstep nodded. "I know. I’m ready." He hesitated, his eyes full of love once more as he looked at the kits. "Do they have names yet?"
Cherryleaf bent down and nosed the golden tom-kit first. "This is Raykit," she meowed. "Sun rays..." She paused, and then flicked her tail across the rose and white she-cat’s back. "And this is Cloudykit."
"CloudClan," Lionstep agreed. "In memory of the sun’s rays and CloudClan. They’re beautiful."
"Are you ready?" Cherryleaf whispered.
In answer, Lionstep bent down and nosed Raykit to his paws. The kitten squealed in protest as Lionstep led it out into the snow. Flakes blurred Cherryleaf’s vision as she followed with Cloudykit. The four cats, two medicine cats guilt-laden with secrets, and two kittens, struggling to survive, slowly made their way across the territory.
"The CloudClan camp is just ahead," Cherryleaf called, nosing Cloudykit over a lump of snow. "Make sure you avoid it-the last thing we need..." Her voice faltered. "...Lionstep?" Snow swirled, blurring everything. "Lionstep?" She called again, louder this time, but she couldn’t hear anything over the sound of the wind. She turned to look for Cloudykit. The little she-cat was stumbling along, the rosy colors on her pelt almost entirely covered by snow. Quickly, she scooped the little kit up in her jaws and bounded off in the direction they had been traveling. Her eyes were wild as she searched for Lionstep’s golden pelt-could it be covered in snow as hers, looking only white? She’d have to call his name again. She hestitated, then set Cloudykit down in a drift.
"Be safe, little one," She murmured, and pressed the pad of her nose to Cloudykit’s ear. She paused for a moment longer before starting off, yowling Lionstep’s name. She was careful not to go far, she didn’t want to lose Cloudykit too.
"He must have gone on ahead," Cherryleaf realized. "I’ll just have to keep going, and we might meet near the border." She turned and bounded back to Cloudykit. The she-kitten was whimpering and wailing, shivering in the snow. Her mother pulled her out of the snow by the scruff and set her back down, then turned again to face the way they had been going. They struggled on, the snow trying to force them back.
"Keep going, little one," Cherryleaf meowed, nosing Cloudykit forward. Cloudykit gave one long wail, and then collapsed into the snow. Cherryleaf let out a soft gasp and nosed Cloudykit again, but the she-cat hardly stirred.
"Cloudykit," she whispered, fear gripping her tighter. "Cloudykit, don’t leave me...please don’t leave me, it’s just a bit farther, my little brave kit. You want to be a warrior, don’t you? Please Cloudykit, we’re going to a place where you can be warm, and we’re almost there. You have to, Cloudykit, you have to...go..." Her throat tightened, and she curled around Cloudykit, whimpering softly and licking her fur the wrong way to warm her, cupping the kit in her paws. Cloudykit’s tail twitched once, and then she went still.
"No...." Cherryleaf whispered. Then she reared onto her hind paws and threw back her head in a yowl. "Cloudykit!"
She should have known, she was a medicine cat, after all. Of course, the kits were too small and too weak to make the journey, of course they would die. Hot tears fell on the cold snow, Cherryleaf’s tears. She could only hope that Raykit would be okay with his father. She longed to run, to tell Lionstep about Cloudykit’s body, resting in the snow...the snow...
Cherryleaf scooped up Cloudykit. No, she would not leave her daughter in the snow to be crow-food. She ran towards the camp, there were a few more trees there. Snow flew behind her and swirled in front of her, but she kept her teeth in Cloudykit’s scruff. The kitten was limp, not curling as it had once before.
There. Trees. Cherryleaf slowed, her eyes darting around for the perfect one. She could pick one of the thick trees, such as that big pine. Needles covered the ground around it, though most of them were now covered in snow.
Then Cherryleaf saw it, and bounded forward. A sapling, just beginning its growth, grew beside a clump of snow that was probably a rock. Her paws dug into the snow, and then her claws brushed dirt. She gripped Cloudykit even tighter as she scooped paw after paw of the ground until the hole was big and deep enough for the kit. Gingerly, she set Cloudykit into it, using her claws to set the kitten’s tail over her nose. It looked as though she were just sleeping, but Cherryleaf knew better. She gave Cloudykit one last affectionate lick, tears falling onto her rosy and white pelt, and then began filling the hole untl she couldn’t see it anymore. At last, she patted the dirt into place. Snow quickly began covering it, and she scooped a few pawfuls onto it. She looked back up at the swirling snow and shivered. There wasn’t time to find Lionstep and Raykit.
She could only hope that they were all right.
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cherryleaf!, rippedstar is stupid, so is bearstar

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