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Heatherblaze Of LC
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Default ~.Dappled Moonlight~. A Warriors Story


Spoiler: show



Leader - Skystar - brown tom with ice blue eyes

Deputy - Flowerheart - fox-colored she-cat with leaf-green eyes
Apprentice - Juniperpaw

Medicine Cat - Fireleaf - fire-colored she-cat with emerald-green eyes


Bayfeather - Bay-colored tom with one white paw and soft amber eyes

Lakewater - silver she-cat with white swirled in and blue eyes
Apprentice - Mysticpaw

Darkfern - black she-cat with green eyes
Apprentice - Slitherpaw

Ravenfang - black tom with amber eyes
Apprentice - Adderpaw

Seabreeze - Beautiful thick-furred dark tortoiseshell she-cat with a white blaze on her forehead, amber eyes, and a black tail-tip
Apprentice - Heatherpaw

Ambereyes - dark gold she-cat with dark amber eyes

Forestfalcon - black tom with brown legs, white ears, and a russet tail-tip

Russetleg - brown tom with russet legs and green eyes

Solarstorm - black tom with long fangs and green eyes
Apprentice - Cloudpaw

Moonheart - white she-cat with beautiful blue eyes
Apprentice - Honeypaw

Brambleblaze - brown tom with a white blaze on forehead and chest; green eyes

Leopardtail - gold she-cat with a speckled black tail
Apprentice - Cherrypaw

Cinderbreeze - gray she-cat with green eyes
Apprentice - Snowpaw

Patchfoot - tortoiseshell she-cat with yellow eyes
Apprentice - Grasspaw

Greencloud - pretty she-cat with gray fur and gold eyes

Firestorm - ginger tom with blue eyes

Flowerfeather - black she-cat with feathery fur and gold eyes
Apprentice - Featherpaw

Bramblestorm - calico she-cat with green eyes and a white underbelly


Grasspaw - black tom with muscular shoulders and amber eyes

Adderpaw - Muscular tom with a sleek black pelt and amber eyes

Slitherpaw - black tom with huge paws and amber eyes

Cloudpaw - White tom with amber eyes

Snowpaw - White tom with green eyes

Heatherpaw - Beautiful she-cat with white fur, black stripes down her sides, one black right hind paw, a speckled black tail, one tawny eye, one ice blue eye, and a black star over one eye

Honeypaw - gold she-cat with amber eyes

Cherrypaw - red she-cat with amber eyes (Kinda looks like Sorreltail)

Mysticpaw - black and silver she-cat with yellow eyes

Featherpaw - silver she-cat with yellow eyes

Juniperpaw - light red she-cat with light brown ears, tail-tip, and flecks


Spottedfrost - Beautiful sleek-furred she-cat with spotted fur and tawny eyes (Mother of Skystar's kits: Mosskit, a light brown tabby with amber eyes; Seakit, dark brown tortoiseshell with amber eyes)

Sunflower - gold she-cat with green eyes (Mother of Russetleg's kits: Crystalkit, a gold she-cat with silver paws and amber eyes; Hawkkit, a brown tom with fierce yellow eyes)

Gorseflower - silver she-cat with blue eyes (expecting Scarface's kits)

Spottedfeather - Orange and brown mix she-cat, white underbelly,
very feathery fur and tail, has many spots; (expecting Brambleblaze's kits)


Owleyes - silver she-cat with blue eyes

Jayheart - gray tom with solid amber eyes


Leader - Shadowstar - black tom with yellow/gold eyes

Deputy - Glisteningfang - bracken-colored tom with huge fangs and amber eyes
Apprentice - Wolfpaw

Medicine Cat - Shadowrose - black she-cat with yellow eyes
Apprentice - Wiltedpaw


Silverlake - silver she-cat with amber eyes
Apprentice - Riverpaw

Rainriver - black tom with green eyes
Apprentice - Briarpaw

Thistleheart - yellow tom with yellow eyes
Apprentice - Clawpaw

Snowbelly - white tom with blue eyes

Spottedtail - white tom with a spotted tail


Wolfpaw - brown she-cat with black spots and amber eyes

Wiltedpaw - beautiful white and gold she-cat with green eyes

Riverpaw - black tom with yellow/gold eyes

Briarpaw - brown she-cat with tri-color eyes

Clawpaw - brown tom with stripes that look like clawmarks and green eyes


Brightflower - black and white she-cat with blue eyes (Mother of Shadowstar's kits: Sweetkit, a lovely brown she-kit with green eyes; Fiercekit, a black and white tom with yellow eyes)


Sparrowclaw - brown mottled tom with blue eyes


Leader - Morningstar - beautiful long-furred white she-cat with purplish eyes

Deputy - Brightwhisker - tortoiseshell she-cat with green eyes
Apprentice - Fernpaw

Medicine Cat - Runningshadow - black tom with vivid green eyes (Thnx Starry!! )


Rabbitspring - white tom with yellow eyes
Apprentice - Foxpaw

Silkpelt - pretty grey she-cat with tri-color eyes
Apprentice - Sunpaw

Harefoot - brown tom with amber eyes
Apprentice - Blossompaw

Moormist - silver she-cat with blue eyes
Apprentice - Eaglepaw


Foxpaw - russet tom with dim yellow eyes

Sunpaw - orange/ginger she-cat with blue eyes

Blossompaw - silver and brown she-cat with green eyes

Eaglepaw - dark brown tom with purplish eyes

Fernpaw - bright white she-cat with purplish eyes and one green hind paw


Silverheart - silver she-cat with green eyes (Mother of Harefoot's kits: Leopardkit, a black she-kit with blue eyes)




Leader - Stonestar - stone-gray tom with glowing silver eyes

Deputy - Hawktalon - brown tom with massive claws (Thnx Starry!! )

Medicine Cat - Owlfeather - beautiful brown and white she-cat with moss-green eyes


Shellheart - sand-colored tom with bright blue eyes
Apprentice - Hopepaw

Freeheart - ginger tom with dim green eyes
Apprentice - Oakpaw

Cowspots - black and white tom with a thin tail

Nightpelt - black tom with amber eyes

Icebreeze - pretty silver she-cat with amber eyes

Foxstorm - ginger tom with bright green eyes

Birdfeather - beautiful thick and long furred she-cat with silver eyes
Apprentice - Coldpaw

Gorgescar - huge tom with lifeless amber eyes

Berrymist - small black she-cat
Apprentice - Yellowpaw


Hopepaw - black and white she-cat with green eyes

Oakpaw - boulder-grey tom with startling silver eyes

Coldpaw - black and white tom with yellow eyes

Yellowpaw - yellow she-cat with blue eyes


Silverstripe - silver she-cat with gray stripes and green eyes (Mother of Stonestar's kits: Moonkit, a silver she-kit with green eyes)

Willowsong - bright blue she-cat with sky-blue eyes (Mother of Cowspots' kits: Dapplekit, a pretty white she-kit with tortioseshell patches and amber eyes; Sorrelkit, red she-kit with white stripes and amber eyes)

Smallfur - gray she-cat with amber eyes (mother of Gorgescar's kits: Iciclekit, a black she-cat with dull amber eyes; Tigerkit, a black tom with orange stripes and dull amber eyes)

Sparklestream - she-cat with white fur that sticks up and seems to glitter; bright blue eyes (Mother of Shellheart's kits: Calmkit, a pretty light tan she-kit with amber eyes; Hazelkit, a beautiful tan she-kit with weird hazel eyes)


Sorrelpelt - red she-cat with white stripes and amber eyes

Tornear - black tom with green eyes and a tattered ear

Rainheart - very old tom with a light gray pelt and amber eyes

Oneclaw - black tom with only one claw


It was a cold leaf-bare night. A half-moon shone down coldly on a hill. Four cats made their way up the slope and into a cave. They emerged into a cavern with a hole in the roof and waited.
Suddenly the half-moon rose higher into the sky, bathing the cavern with dappled moonlight and causing a red and gold stone in the middle to light up in a flurry of colors. Fireleaf stepped forward with the other cats and laid down. She pressed her nose to the unusually hot stone.
She waited, and she was emerged in inky blackness. She woke up in a starry clearing. "Hello?" She called. Then a small tom parted from the shadows. Fireleaf dipped her head. "Fleetfoot," she murmured. Fleetfoot touched his nose to her ear. "Hello, Fireleaf," he murmured. Then he stepped back, the stars shimmering in his fur. "Fireleaf, I bring you a warning," he meowed. "Darkness has decided to try to rule light, and the Dark Forest will gain reign. Yet, one cat will rise above them all, and lead the journey to save all the Clans. Yet, the cat will not only save the Clans - but she will save StarClan." Suddenly, Fleetfoot vanished, and darkness pressed on Fireleaf. Yowling in terror, she awoke beside the Sunstone.
~.Chapter One.~

Heatherpaw scented squirrel. Quickly and quietly she dropped into a hunter's crouch, and let her paw steps take her swiftly but silently across the forest floor, strewn with leaves. She spotted the squirrel up ahead. When she was close enough to see the squirrel, who was eating an acorn, she leaped. The squirrel didnt know what was happening until a split second before it happened. The squirrel fell limp at Heatherpaw's paws. Satisfied, Heatherpaw carried it back to camp. Her jaws were aching by the time she reached the ThunderClan camp. As she dropped the squirrel on the fresh-kill pile, she looked around camp. Adderpaw was eating a mouse by the tree stump beside the apprentice den. Cloudpaw, her brother, was coming through the gorse tunnel, taking moss to the elders with his mentor, Solarstorm. Solarstorm's long white fangs gleamed in the leaf-fall sunlight as he followed his apprentice into the elder's den. Her other brother, Snowpaw, was picking a shrew off the fresh-kill pile. Skystar, leader of ThunderClan and Heatherpaw's father,was in deep conversation with Flowerheart, the deputy of ThunderClan, outside his den by the Highrock. Spottedfrost, Heatherpaw's mother came padding up to her. "Hello, Heatherpaw," she said, nuzzling her daughter's sleek cheek. "That's a nice squirrel you caught, honey," she said. Heatherpaw twitched her ears. "It was nothing. Im sure Owleyes and Jayheart will like it." Spottedfrost purred. She started to say something, but then the sunhigh border patrol came through the gorse tunnel at a run, their fur bristling and their eyes wide. Skystar ran up to them. "What's wrong?" he asked, his tail flicking in worry. Honeypaw, Heatherpaw's best friend, answered. "Skystar, RiverClan crossed the border. They're taking Sunningrocks!"

~.Chapter Two.~

Heatherpaw's fur bristled. She felt the cats around her do the same. She heard Slitherpaw mutter, "They're taking Sunningrocks? I'll shred them!" He flexed his claws. Heatherpaw flinched when she saw the deep scars they left. His brother, Grasspaw, did the same. Skystar's ice blue eyes were hard. "Alright, we will need two battle parties. I will lead the first. Ravenfang?" Skystar indicated the large black warrior. "You will lead the second." Ravenfang dipped his head. "On the first patrol, I will take Patchfoot, Flowerheart, Bayfeather, Darkfern, Seabreeze, Forestfalcon, Solarstorm, Adderpaw, Cloudpaw, Snowpaw, Honeypaw, Mysticpaw, Cherrypaw, and Heatherpaw. On the second, Ravenfang will take Russetleg, Ambereyes, Moonheart, Greencloud, Firestorm, Flowerfeather, Leopardtail, Cinderbreeze, Lakewater, Slitherpaw, Grasspaw, and Featherpaw. The rest of you, stay here and guard camp!" Skystar quickly looked at Ravenfang. "Ravenfang, go the long way to Sunningrocks. At Flowerheart's signal, jump into the battle. It'll hopefully scare the RiverClan cats off." Skystar ran out of the gorse tunnel, his battle patrol following. Heatherpaw caught up to Honeypaw. "Why is RiverClan taking Sunningrocks?" she asked her honey-furred best friend. "Don't...Know." Honeypaw huffed. "Maybe it's because they think that they can beat ThunderClan?" Heatherpaw ran faster to match Honeypaw's run. "Good....Idea." she gasped. Finally Skystar signaled with his tail to stop. They crouched, and slunk forward. Heatherpaw managed to glimpse Stonestar and the RiverClan cats swarming the rocks. The huge brown tom stepped forward. "An ancient wrong has been put right!" he yowled. "Sunningrocks belongs to RiverClan once again!" "Never!" Skystar hissed. "ThunderClan, attack!"

~.Chapter Three.~

Heatherpaw ran forward. Her Clanmates streamed out on either of her sides. Skystar rolled away with Stonestar in his claws. Flowerheart was battling a huge tom that looked so much like Stonestar that Heatherpaw could only tell them apart by scent. Ambereyes was getting tossed all over the rocks. When Heatherpaw leaped and attacked the tom with her wicked snow-white claws, he shied away. But Heatherpaw followed, her eyes red. Finally the tom attacked. He was stronger than Heatherpaw had expected, but she still found strength to fight harder. The tom's claws were getting feebler. He couldnt land blows as hard as he used to. Heatherpaw thought he was weakened, then foolishly let down her guard. Then the tom leaped on her and smashed her head on a rock and shoved her into the river. Heatherpaw tried to fight the current, but her legs were tired, and her vision was fuzzy. Then all went black.

~.Chapter Four.~

Skystar slashed at Stonestar in anger, his claws raking Stonestar's side. He yowled in pain and slashed his ear. Skystar screeched and kicked him away strongly, and looked around at the battle scene. His eyes grew as he saw Heatherpaw in the river. "Oh no..." He murmured, his tail dropping. He tried to race to his daughter, but Stonestar kept him busy, jumping onto his back. He reared, about ready to take the rest of Skystar's lives with a bite to the neck. Then Flowerheart's signal echoed around the rocks. The second patrol came surging through the gorse. Slitherpaw knocked Stonestar off of Skystar. Leopardtail came to help. "Retreat!" Stonestar was forced to yowl. RiverClan surged into the river, with ThunderClan chasing them. "Mouse-hearts!" Grasspaw yowled. Then a long, loud yowl puncuated the air. All eyes turned to Honeypaw and Adderpaw, who were standing on the bank. They were looking down at Heatherpaw's motionless body.

~.Chapter Five.~

Heatherpaw awoke in a star-dusted clearing. She was staring up at a starless sky. How weird, Heatherpaw thought. She scrambled to her paws and looked around. The clearing was beautiful, with stars glowing on plants and grasses. Then she noticed the clearing had an edge. Like, it swooped down gracefully into nothing. Heatherpaw padded up to it and looked down. She gasped and almost jumped back, but shock held her paws to the ground. She was looking down at the Clans' territories! She saw the ThunderClan, WindClan, ShadowClan, and RiverClan camps, she saw RiverClan retreating from Sunningrocks, and she saw a small, limp body being washed up in the shallows. A lump rose in Heatherpaw's throat as she realized where she was. She was looking down from the stars! Heatherpaw twisted her head and saw beautiful glowing stars in her fur. She saw where she had placed her paws because of the starlight-imprints in the grass. They faded quickly. Then a cool, star-dusted breeze stirred Heatherpaw's fur. "You are not dead," a quiet voice said. With a strangled hiss of surprise, Heatherpaw turned. A beautiful silver she-cat with ice blue eyes was sitting there. The ice blue eyes were the same exact shade as Skystar's - and Heatherpaw's right eye. "Hello, young one," The she-cat said. Heatherpaw dipped her head awkwardly. The she-cat purred. "My name is Feathershine, I am Skystar's mother," the she-cat said. So we're kin? Heatherpaw wondered. Then Heatherpaw said, "If I am not dead, then what am I doing here?" Feathershine looked troubled. "StarClan has decided to give you a second chance." "But why?" Heatherpaw persisted. Feathershine sighed. "It is not time for you to know yet," Feathershine meowed. "How come you're saving my life, then, if you're not going to tell me?" Feathershine sighed again. "Your worse than Skystar's father, Pebblestar," she mewed. "But there will come a time when leaves are bursting on the trees, when Sea realizes her true destiny, and when Green, Amber, and Russet will walk with StarClan. Then we will tell you." Suddenly a harsh breeze whipped through the clearing, and Feathershine faded, leaving Heatherpaw angry and confused.

~.Chapter Six.~

"Hey! She's breathing!" Heatherpaw heard an achingly familiar yowl reach her ears. She opened her eyes. Her eyelids felt stuck together, and when she blinked, she had to pry them open again. She lifted her head and looked around. Skystar, Spottedfrost, Cloudpaw, Snowpaw, Mosskit, and Seakit were crowded around her body. Seakit looked sad, her amber eyes sparking when she saw Heatherpaw's flank rise and fall. The pretty she-kit ran up and touched her nose to Heatherpaw's. Spottedfrost looked relived. Skystar's ice blue eyes - so much like Feathershine's - were like chips of frozen river water. Mosskit jumped on Heatherpaw, but Spottedfrost pulled her off, scolding her gently. Cloudpaw and Snowpaw had twin expressions of surprise and happiness on their faces. "What happened?" Mosskit asked, far from being restrained by Heatherpaw's mother. Heatherpaw opened her mouth to answer, but just then Fireleaf rushed up. Her fiery fur was ruffled, and her emerald-green eyes were wide. She looked as though she had just woken up from a nap. She shooed Seakit away and announced that Heatherpaw needed to come to her den. Heatherpaw them realized her intense pain. After Fireleaf helped limp Heatherpaw to her den, she applied cobwebs and asked in a quiet voice, "StarClan has just told me, Heatherpaw." "Told you what?" Heatherpaw asked. Fireleaf shook her head. "It is not your time to find out yet, Heatherpaw. All I can say is that you are special, Heatherpaw. This is not the first trouble you will get into." Then she left for the medicine supply in the split rock outside the den, leaving Heatherpaw with her scrambled and confused thoughts.

~.Chapter Seven.~

"Grassclaw! Adderstrike! Slithertail! Grassclaw! Adderstrike! Slithertail!" ThunderClan yowled to the sky. Heatherpaw cheered half-heartedly. She knew Grassclaw and Slithertail were ambitious, and they would do anything to get their way, like their dead father, Lynxfang. However, Adderstrike seemed to be an exception. He was more like his dead mother, Larchbreeze. Quiet, thoughtful, and sensitive, his brothers always likes to tease him because his claws werent as sharp as his mind. Heatherpaw stifled a sigh. The ignorance glowing in Grassclaw and Slithertail's amber eyes was enough to make Heatherpaw cuff their ears. But she squashed the temptation. The three brothers went to sit their vigil as Heatherpaw followed her brothers into the apprentice den. Thankfully, they arent as ignorant as Grassclaw and Slithertail, Heatherpaw thought as she curled up in her nest. She winced in pain as her half-healed battle scars burned. Then a comfortable, almost calm feeling came over Heatherpaw. Suddenly her moss felt softer, and her battle scars stopped burning. She allowed herself to be swept into a deep sleep.
The sounds of screeching awoke Heatherpaw. She sprang to her paws. Then she realized something. A brown-pelted tom was fighting for his life in a dark clearing. His ice blue eyes burned with fury and pain. A huge black tom with glowing red eyes finally bit down on his neck. The warrior dropped. Heatherpaw saw his spirit float upwards into a starless sky. Then a voice stirred her ear fur. "The killing of Brownpelt," the voice whispered. Then a light brown and white she-cat appeared in front of Heatherpaw. She was back in StarClan territory. The she-cat dipped her head. "Hello, Heatherpaw. My name is Sweetstar, formerly Sweetwhisker, deputy to Fallenstar." Heatherpaw dipped her head. "Who is Brownpelt?" she asked. Sweetstar's eyes darkened. "Brownpelt is a son of Pebblestar. Skystorm is Brownpelt's brother." "But why was Brownpelt killed by the Dark Forest?" Heatherpaw asked. "Well - " Sweetstar hesitated. Then a breeze stirred the beautiful star-dappled plants. Then a dark ginger tortoiseshell she-cat was sitting next to Sweetstar. "Sierraheart!" Sweetstar scolded. Sierraheart paid no attention to Sweetstar and gracefully padded forward and touched noses with Heatherpaw. "Hello, young one," Sierraheart mewed. "I am Sierraheart, daughter of Fallenstar and Tigerlily." Then Sweetstar interrrupted. "Sierraheart, I was talking to - " "Yeah, I know," Sierraheart dismissed. "But she needs to wake up now." "But why - ?" Then the two she-cats shared a gaze. "Oh," Sweetstar whispered. "Go now, Heatherpaw." Then darkness crashed around Heatherpaw.

~.Chapter Eight.~

"Get up, yer useless lump of fur," A cruel voice spoke in Heatherpaw's ear. Heatherpaw stretched open her eyes and blinked. A ShadowClan warrior's scarred face loomed up in front of her, claws unsheathed. He looked ready for a fight. Then the yowls of pain and battle hit Heatherpaw's ears. Heatherpaw rose, then attacked the warrior with such fierceness and fury the warrior was knocked off balance. He hissed and his eyes darkened. Then, just when it seemed Heatherpaw might win, she was slammed in her side and hit the cave wall and slid down the side, wind knocked out of her. Heatherpaw dimly heard the warrior say, "She almost beat me!" "That is why a stronger warrior should have fought her, Snowbelly," A smooth voice replied. "Thistleheart should have gone after her. Didnt I say that she is too much like Pebblestar?" Snowbelly spoke quietly. "She is about to go under. Let's go, my leader." Then teeth pierced Heatherpaw's scruff. and that's the last thing she remembered.

~.Chapter Nine.~

"Well?" A voice demanded. The voice was smooth, but it sounded far away in the distance of Heatherpaw's clouded brainpan. "Are they alive?" "Yes, they are alive," A strained, grief-stricken she-cat's voice answered. "Good," the smooth voice answered, clouded with relief. "Then they shall join ShadowClan." Heatherpaw forced her eyes open.
A bracken-colored tom and a pretty gold and white she-cat were standing a couple tail-lengths away. A low moan reached Heatherpaw's ears. The she-cat sighed. "You know, whoever shredded Snowbelly must have to be pretty good at fighting," she mewed. "Who did, anyway?" The bracken-colored tom turned his gaze to Heatherpaw. She bared her teeth at him. The she-cat's green eyes widened a fraction of an inch. Suddenly, as though pulled under a wave, darkness crashed on Heatherpaw.

~.Chapter Ten.~

"Come on," a gentle she-cat's voice whispered. "Get up." Heatherpaw shot to her paws. "Im Wiltedflower," the she-cat said. Heatherpaw blinked, furious. "Why am I here?" she asked. "Why have you taken my brothers and I?" Wiltedflower looked at her paws. "Glisteningstar wishes for you to join ShadowClan," Wiltedflower meowed. "Glisteningstar? Who's he? What about Shadowstar?" Wiltedflower looked up. "He's dead, Heatherpaw. He walks with StarClan, along with my mentor, Shadowrose." At this Wiltedflower looked down, her eyes full of grief. Heatherpaw didnt know what to say. One minute she was ready to box Wiltedflower's ears, but now she felt like apologizing. But Heatherpaw was too angry at the moment to apologize. "Where is Glisteningstar? Maybe he needs his nine lives ripped from him!" A low growl sounded from the mouth of the cave. Wiltedflower shrank away as the large bracken-colored tom ducked into the den. "You couldnt attack a kit," the tom growled. Wiltedflower dipped her head and started to back away slowly. "Glisteningstar." Glisteningstar barely glanced at Wiltedflower. "Listen, weak one," Glisteningstar growled."You are joining ShadowClan, along with your brothers." He glanced at the unconscious forms of Cloudpaw and Snowpaw. "But why?" Heatherpaw demanded. "What has ThunderClan ever done to you?" Glisteningstar's eyes flashed. "Pebblestar killed my father," he hissed. "He probably had it coming for him!" Heatherpaw hissed back. Suddenly, Glisteningstar's eyes grew dark. His claws unsheathed. Heatherpaw noted that they were long and curved, like hers. "Tigerfang's death was injust," he hissed. "But now, vengeance has been served. Pebblestar's kin will join ShadowClan." Heatherpaw unsheathed her claws. "And if we don't?" Glisteningstar's eyes. if possible, went darker. "Well, then," he said. "Then I'm afraid that Cloudpaw will go to StarClan," he hissed.

~.Chapter Eleven.~

Despite Heatherpaw's best intentions, she flinched. Glisteningstar noticed too, because he yowled, "Thistleheart!" The warrior slowly dragged himself from his nest, and went over to Cloudpaw. He held him down with one huge paw on his flank, one on his neck. He slowly unsheathed his claws. Cloudpaw's piercing amber eyes opened. "Don't...Heatherpaw.." he rasped. Thistleheart shook him. "Quiet, you!" he growled. Cloudpaw shut his eyes. Heatherpaw sighed. She didn't want Glisteningstar to win, but she was stuck between a rock and a hard place. Taking a deep breath, she said the words she loathed. "Fine, I'll join. Just leave my brothers alone, or I'll rip your pelts off." Glisteningstar seemed satisfied. "Fine," he mewed shortly. "You start training today. You will be my apprentice." He started to walk away, then turned and said, "Thistleheart, take Heatherpaw around the borders. Then bring her to the training clearing."

~.Chapter Twelve.~

"That's Shadowstar's Rocks," Thistleheart said. But Heatherpaw wasn't listening. She was too busy trying to come up with a witty retort. "That's where Shadowstar caught an eagle once, so the hunting's good," Thistleheart said. Heatherpaw pretended to yawn. "Yeah, whatever," she said, knowing it would annoy the warrior. He slashed with his claws, opening a cut on Heatherpaw's cheek. But Heatherpaw didn't even blink. "Now time to go to the training clearing," he said. He glared at Heatherpaw. "If you run for it, we'll kill your brothers," Thistleheart promised. Heatherpaw bared her teeth at him, but followed. Thistleheart led Heatherpaw to a clearing. Glisteningstar was waiting. After he dipped his head to Glisteningstar, Thistleheart left. That only left Glisteningstar and a highly agitated Heatherpaw alone in the clearing. But what Glisteningstar didn't know was that when Heatherpaw was angry, upset, agitated, or all of the above, you might get your pelt ripped off. But, of course, Glisteningstar didn't know that.

~.Chapter Thirteen.~

"Alright, weak one," Glisteningstar growled. "Show me what you've got." Heatherpaw immediately unsheathed her long, snow-white, wicked curved claws. "Claws sheathed," Glisteningstar hissed. Heatherpaw sheathed them, but was ready to let them slide out when Glisteningstar didn't notice. He crouched, then sprang. Heatherpaw rolled and unsheathed her claws. Glisteningstar changed direction at the last minute. His claws ripped into Heatherpaw's pelt. Heatherpaw raked her claws down his face. They were fighting for a while before Heatherpaw being to weaken. She hadn't eaten in a while, and if she let Glisteningstar win - "Glisteningstar!" Wolfpelt gasped as she ran into the clearing. Glisteningstar growled, but stood up and shook out his pelt. "Yes, Wolfpelt?" he asked the warrior. "Its ThunderClan," the she-cat gasped. "They're attacking.

~.Chapter Fourteen.~

Heatherpaw's mind whirled. Yes! This was her chance! She and her brothers could escape! Glisteningstar seemed to read her mind. He shook his head. "Stay here," he growled. He and Wolfpelt took off. Suddenly, Heatherpaw felt dog-tired. But she forced her paws to move. She needed to at least get her brothers back to ThunderClan. She ran. Ran like she's never run before. She managed to get back to the ShadowClan camp. Hisses and growls split the air. The flash of pelts and claws stung Heatherpaw's eyes. Fur went everywhere. Suddenly a loud hiss split the air. Heatherpaw turned to see Honeypaw get tossed across the clearing as if she were a scrawny mouse. Heatherpaw pelted after the bundle of golden fur as Honeypaw hit a tree and slid down the trunk with a soft "Oh!" Heatherpaw spit, "No!" and pelted to the golden she-cat. Honeypaw's amber eyes were glazed. "What,,,what happened?" Honeypaw asked. She didn't seem to have recognized Heatherpaw. Cherrypaw, Honeypaw's sister, saw Heatherpaw and Honeypaw and ran over. "No!" Cherrypaw wailed, her so-much-like-Honeypaw's amber eyes grief-stricken. Cherrypaw's red pelt was torn in several places and she was bleeding. Her left ear was nicked. Her silver claws slipped out. "Is she alive?" Cherrypaw asked, sticking her nose in Honeypaw's pelt. "Yes," Heatherpaw answered. "She isn't going to die, either." It was weird. Heatherpaw just had a burning certainy that Honeypaw wasn't going to die.


Thistleheart saw that Skystar's daughter had come to fight. He saw his chance and leaped, unsheathing his wicked claws.


Suddenly, something hit Heatherpaw square in the back, and all went black.

~.Chapter Fifteen.~

Heatherpaw wrenched her eyelids open. She was greeted by the smell of herbs and ThunderClan. She rose and stretched. Suddenly, a very familiar she-cat padded over to her. The she-cat was a very dark brown tabby, with a white dorsal stripe, white paws, a white tail-tip, and white-tipped ears. "Seakit?" Heatherpaw gasped. The she-cat shook her head. "Seapaw," she corrected. Heatherpaw was surprised. "You're the medicine cat apprentice now?" she asked. Seapaw nodded happily. "Fireleaf is getting old, and she asked if I wanted to be her apprentice," Seapaw's eyes darkened. "Well, she offered it to Mosspaw first, but she wanted to be a warrior. But I don't like killing cats. I want to help them. Heal them, I guess you could say." Heatherpaw nodded. That sounded more like Seapaw's style. "You never wanted to play-fight as a kit. You preferred to watch Fireleaf." Then Seapaw's whiskers twitched. "Mosspaw called me boring," Seapaw mewed. "All the time," Heatherpaw put in. The she-cats twitched their whiskers. Suddenly Seapaw added in a whisper, "Greencloud died in the battle. So did Russetleg." Heatherpaw felt a terrible pang. Greencloud had been beautiful, and Spottedfrost's sister. Russetleg had been a kind warrior, but got his fur fluffed easily. Suddenly Heatherpaw noticed how drawn Seapaw's face looked. "Seapaw, you look dead on your paws. Take my nest," Heatherpaw meowed. Before Seapaw could protest, Heatherpaw fluffed up the moss and gently pushed her into it. Seapaw was asleep before Heatherpaw could blink. Heatherpaw walked over to Fireleaf. "Is there anything I can do to help?" she asked the aging medicine cat. Fireleaf blinked. "Sure. Do you know where the poppy seeds are?"

~.Chapter Sixteen.~

"Heatherpaw, from this moment you shall be known as Heatherheart. StarClan honors your courage and bravery, and we welcome you as a full warrior of ThunderClan." "Cloudfur! Snowstorm! Cherryfeather! Honeyflower! Heatherheart! Cloudfur! Snowstorm! Cherryfeather! Honeyflower! Heatherheart!" Heatherheart flicked her tail-tip happily. Honeyflower pressed into her side. "We're warriors!" she whispered. Heatherheart nodded
happily. Moons of being called Heatherpaw were behind her. She was Heatherheart now. "On tradition, Cloudfur, Snowstorm, Cherryfeather, Honeyflower, and Heatherheart will sit vigil, watching over the camp as we sleep," Skystar said. "But first," he continued, "I'd like to make Crystalkit and Hawkkit apprentices." Crystalkit and Hawkkit squealed and raced up to the base of the Highrock. Sunflower looked ready to burst with pride. "Crystalkit, from this moment you shall be known as Crystalpaw. Spottedfrost, your mentor was Morningfrost, and I trust you'll pass on her wisdom to Crystalpaw." Crystalpaw and Spottedfrost touched noses. "Hawkkit, from this moment you shall be known as Hawkpaw." Skystar looked hesitantly out in the crowd. "Ravenfang, your mentor was Clearstream. I trust you pass on her knowledge to Hawkpaw." Hawkpaw and Ravenfang touched noses. Then the crowd broke up. Hawkpaw, Crystalpaw, Mysticpaw, Featherpaw, and Juniperpaw headed for the apprentice den. The warriors headed to the warriors' den. The elders limped to the elders' den. Gorseflower and Swiftkit, Spiderkit, and Lemonkit headed for the nursery. Skystar went into his den. Heatherheart sat in between her brothers and felt proud to be a warrior of ThunderClan at last.

~.Chapter Seventeen.~

A brown tom, a dark gray tom, and a light tan tom sat in a star-dusted clearing, looking down at the new ThunderClan warriors. The she-cat in between the two white toms was looking up at them, but not seeing them. Finally, the tan tom spoke. "The Dark Forest has found out about the prophecy." The dark-gray tom had a slight roughness to his voice as he spoke. "So they were eavesdropping?" The brown tom shook his head. "Pebblestar, you know the Dark Forest has their own means of finding out about things." Pebblestar shook his head. The tan tom spoke again. "Yes. This is very dangerous." "Fleetfoot, this is more than dangerous. There is not even a word to describe the Dark Forest finding out about the Great Prophecy." The brown tom nodded and looked sadly at the she-cat. "They are going to guess wrong again, like the last time. I can feel it." Fleetfoot and Pebblestar looked at each other. "Or they may guess right," Pebblestar growled. "That would not be good," Fleetfoot put in. This time, neither Pebblestar or the brown tom replied.

~. Chapter Eighteen.~

Heatherheart watched through tired eyes as the sun rose. Skystar stepped out of his den and stretched. "You may go sleep," he said. "Cloudfur, Snowstorm, Heatherheart - I wish to speak with you." Heatherheart glanced at Cloudfur and Snowstorm, puzzled, but followed Skystar into his den. Skystar was sitting in his nest. "Cloudfur, Snowstorm, Heatherheart - I didn't get to say this last night, but I am proud of you. Serve your Clan well." There was a clear dismissal in Skystar's tone, and Heatherheart wondered why her father was acting so weird and distant. She hesitantly dipped her head, and followed her brothers out of the den.

~.Chapter Nineteen.~

Heatherheart followed Flowerheart and her apprentice, Juniperpaw, and Ravenfang with his new apprentice, Hawkpaw. She was already fed up with the brown tom. "The next intruder I see is going to wish they were never born!" Hawkpaw meowed, sliding his claws in and out. Heatherheart rolled her eyes. Suddenly Hawkpaw yowled and leaped. His claws sank into the soft fur of a she-cat on the border. She was bending her head over a light brown tom. "No...Blaze...live..." "Hawkpaw!" Heatherheart screeched. She ran over in time to pull the over-aggressive tom off the she-cat. "You can't attack a queen!" Hawkpaw hissed. "Queen or not, she crossed the border!" "Enough!" Flowerheart ordered, and Heatherheart let go of Hawkpaw. The queen looked up. Heatherheart saw that her belly was so swollen she had trouble walking. She must be near her kitting time. "Please," the queen mewed. "My mate...we were attacked by a fox. Blaze saved me and my kits life. Please help us." Flowerheart looked thoughtful. "I can take them back to Skystar," Heatherheart offered. Flowerheart nodded. She went over to the queen. "Can he walk?" she asked. The queen whispered in Blaze's ear. "Blaze? Can you walk?" The tom only grunted in reponse and tried to stand. He winced as he put weight on his hind leg, which was stuck out at a weird angle and bleeding. He leaned heavily on the queen's shoulder. Heatherheart flicked her tail. "Follow me."

~.Chapter Twenty.~

It took a while to get Blaze and the queen, who said her name was Feather, back to the ThunderClan camp. By that time, Flowerheart had gotten back after the patrol and told Skystar. Skystar was waiting on top of the Highrock. Feather looked nervous, and Blaze's eyes were half-closed. Skystar leapt off the Highrock. He padded over to Heatherheart, Feather, and Blaze. He looked them over. Finally, he said, "You are in bad shape." he nodded at Feather. "Expecting kits, and you're half-starved." Feather shuffled her paws. "Would you like to join ThunderClan?" Blaze was so surprised, he opened his eyes. "What do you think, love?" He rasped. Heatherheart felt bad for Blaze and Feather. She was surprised but happy that Skystar would let them join. Feather nodded. "I think we will join. But what's the catch?" she asked, eying Skystar susipiciously. Skystar shook his head. "You will just have to get warrior names." Blaze looked at Feather. "What do you think?" He rasped. Feather looked thoughtful, then slowly nodded. "Yes, we will join ThunderClan," she said. "But will Blaze be okay?" Skystar nodded. "Once he gets his warrior name, I'm sure Fireleaf and Seapaw will set his leg," Skystar jumped onto the Highrock. He didn't need to call the Clan - they had already gathered at Blaze and Feather's foreign scent. "Blaze and Feather were found on the border. Blaze is badly injured by a fox, and Feather is near her kitting time. Blaze?" Feather helped Blaze step forward. "Blaze, from this moment you shall be known as Brambleblaze. StarClan honors your courage and dignity, and we welcome you as a full warrior of ThunderClan." Brambleblaze's eyes were shining. "Feather, from this moment you shall be known as Spottedfeather. StarClan honors your preservance and swiftness, and we honor you as a full warrior of ThunderClan." Spottedfeather and Brambleblaze looked really happy. "Brambleblaze! Spottedfeather! Brambleblaze! Spottedfeather!" Heatherheart noticed Grassclaw and Slithertail weren't cheering. As a matter of fact, they both looked furious. Skystar continued talking. "Brambleblaze, Cloudfur will help you get to the medicine cat den. Spottedfeather, Heatherheart will get you settled in the nursery." As Heatherheart went over to Spottedfeather, she noticed Grassclaw and Slithertail run up to Skystar at the base of the Highrock. She shook her head and walked the rest of the way to Spottedfeather. The queen's eyes were shining. "Would you like a tour of the camp?" Heatherheart offered. The orange and brown mix she-cat nodded.

~.Chapter Twenty-One.~

After Heatherheart showed Spottedfeather around the camp, she helped her settle into the nursery. "Wow! Its so big in here," Spottedfeather commented. Swiftkit noticed Spottedfeather's arrival. "Intruder! Intruder!" He squeaked, and tried to dig his claws into Spottedfeather's feathery fur. Lemonkit and Spiderkit followed, trying to injure the queen. "Swiftkit! Lemonkit! Spiderkit!" Gorseflower scolded. "Get back over here, and leave Spottedfeather alone!" However, Spottedfeather purred, and pretended to bat the kits away. They squealed in delight and tried to grab her paw. Gorseflower looked harassed. She pulled Lemonkit away by her tail. Swiftkit and Spiderkit followed, squealing "Lemonkit! Lemonkit!" "Im sorry about that, Spottedfeather," Gorseflower meowed. Spottedfeather purred. "Its okay, um.." "Gorseflower," the silver queen put in. Spottedfeather nodded. "Its okay, Gorseflower. I love kits." Gorseflower nodded and smiled. "You can have Spottedfrost's old nest. It was always to most comfortable." Spottedfeather smiled. "Thank you, Gorseflower." The tortoiseshell queen stepped into the nest. She circled it three times before settling down in the moss. She looked really, really happy. "Can I get you some fresh-kill, Gorseflower? Spottedfeather?" Heatherheart asked. Gorseflower nodded. Spottedfeather looked estatic. "Yes, please!" she mewed. "Can we get some, too?" Swiftkit asked. "Yes, me too!" Lemonkit squeaked. "Yes!" Spiderkit mewed. Heatherheart looked at Gorseflower. The queen nodded. "Sure, why not?" The kits squealed. Heatherheart purred. "I'll be right back."

~.Chapter Twenty-Two.~

Heatherheart padded to the fresh-kill pile. She pulled out a juicy squirrel for Spottedfeather, a small mouse for the kits, and a fat shrew for Gorseflower. She took it into the nursery. Swiftkit, Lemonkit, and Spiderkit began to squeal loudly before Gorseflower hushed them. Heatherheart took the squirrel to Spottedfeather, then gave the shrew to Gorseflower. Heatherheart purred and pushed the mouse towards the kits. They squealed with delight and ran over to it, tripping over each other in their haste. They were tearing into it when a loud yowl rang through the nursery's bramble den walls. Gorseflower and Heatherheart shot to their paws. Spottedfeather managed to scramble awkwardly to her paws under the weight of her belly. They shot out of the nursery to see something very, very wrong.

Forestfalcon was bending over the still form of Ambereyes.

~.Chapter Twenty-Three.~

"Ambereyes?" Heatherheart and Gorseflower gasped at the same time. Forestfalcon looked up, his eyes full of grief for the death of his sister. "Juniperpaw found her dead on the border." "But I don't understand why," Juniperpaw put in. She looked upset too. "There were no wounds. Not even a neck wound." Shock rippled through ThunderClan. Even Swiftkit was quiet. Silently, Fireleaf slipped through the crowd. She gently put her tail over Forestfalcon's shoulders, and took him to the medicine den. Seapaw followed, gently dragging Ambereyes' body. Spottedfeather whispered in Heatherheart's ear, "I'd like to say something to Ambereyes. I know she's dead, but -" Heatherheart only nodded.

Spottedfeather padded after Fireleaf and Seapaw. Even though she had never met Ambereyes, she still felt she had to say something. She slipped through the heavily guarded entrance. Fireleaf looked up. "Spottedfeather?" she asked with surprise. Spottedfeather nodded. "I never knew Ambereyes, but...I'd like to say something." Fireleaf nodded, and Seapaw dipped her head. They quickly exited the den. Spottedfeather stood beside the fallen warrior. She dipped her head and shut her eyes. She took a deep breath. "I know this may seem stupid, to say something when I never knew you, but.." Suddenly a pelt brushed against Spottedfeather's. But Spottedfeather kept her eyes shut. Its not stupid, a voice whispered in Spottedfeather's ear. I find it very noble of you. You wll help Heather, River, Fern, and Oak uncover the mystery of my death. "Are you Ambereyes?" Spottedfeather whispered. Yes. Spottedfeather, your kits are coming tomorrow. Earlier than expected. But they will live. Then Ambereyes' voice and presentance - were gone.

~.Chapter Twenty-Four.~

Heatherheart was with Spottedfeather and Gorseflower when it happened. Spottedfeather winced and said, "Go get Fireleaf and Seapaw. My kits are coming." Heatherheart rushed to get the medicine cat and her sister. "Out of my way!" Fireleaf exclaimed when she rushed in with Seapaw at her paws. Heatherheart comforted the queen and sat at her head as Fireleaf pushed herbs at Spottedfeather for her to eat. She chewed them, but had a disgusting look on her face. Spottedfeather winced as Brambleblaze limped into the nursery. His leg had been set, and he looked much more comfortable. Heatherheart gave up her spot at Spottedfeather's head and Brambleblaze took it. "The first kit is coming!" Fireleaf announced. Heatherheart watched as an orange and brown she-kit came. Fireleaf gave the she-kit, who looked like Spottedfeather in miniature, to Seapaw and said, "Lick her and keep doing it 'till she breathes." Seapaw started to do that as Fireleaf announced, "The next kit is coming!" A little light brown tabby tom came into the world next. "Here, Heatherheart," Fireleaf said, giving the tom-kit to her. "Lick 'em 'till he breathes." Heatherheart began to lick him as Fireleaf pressed her paw to Spottedfeather's flank. "One more I think." The tom-kit began to mewl and began to press against Heatherheart fir warmth. Fireleaf took the she-kit from Seapaw and the tom from Heatherheart as Spottedfeather's flank heaved. Fireleaf placed the kits at Spottedfeather's belly as Spottedfeather brought the last kit into the world. The she-kit was cream with ginger, black, and light brown spots. Brambleblaze began to lick Spottedfeather's face. "I'm so proud of you," he whispered. Spottedfeather purred exhaustedly. "What should we call them?" Brambleblaze asked quietly. Spottedfeather looked at the orange and brown she-kit. "Can we call that she-kit Sunkit?" she whispered.
Brambleblaze nodded. "You can call our kits anything you want," he meowed. Spottedfeather looked at the light brown tom. "I think he should be Dawnkit," she mewed. "And the last one?" Heatherheart looked at the last she-kit. She was squirming and trying to press harder into her mother. "Spottedkit, after you," Brambleblaze said before Spottedfeather could open her mouth. Spottedfeather purred. "Yes," she said, and Heatherheart went up to congratulate the queen.

~.Chapter Twenty-Five.~

Heatherheart curled up in her nest in the warriors' den. As she slept, she dreamed. She dreamed she was back in that beautiful meadow, with the star-dappled plants and the wonderful smell of prey and catmint. Feathershine was waiting for her. "Hello, Heatherheart," Feathershine purred. Heatherheart straightened. "Hello, Feathershine," Heatherheart mewed. "Do you remember," Feathershine said, "When I told you a while ago, that I would tell you your destiny when the leaves were bursting on the trees, when Sea realizes her true destiny, and when Green, Amber, and Russet will walk with StarClan?" Heatherheart nodded slowly. "I get it. Its newleaf. Sea is Seapaw, and she realized that she was destined to be a medicine cat. And Green is Greencloud, Amber is Ambereyes, and Russet is Russetleg. They all -" Heatherheart gulped. "Are dead." Feathershine nodded. "So the time has come, Heatherheart. To tell you the Great Prophecy."

Dappled Moonlight is finished. Please check out the next book, Dappled Sunlight, which will be up soon.

Do you like it so far?

~.VM List.~

~.PM List.~

Sometimes I might use vocabulary words in here that are confusing. So here are the words, and what chapter they are located in.


Brainpan - means thoughts, in the brain, like the word suggests xD - Chapter Nine
(I found this word in the book Chains by Laurie Halse Anderson xD)

Alot of cats walk in the dreams of Heatherpaw. Here is a list, even if the cat has only walked in her dreams once. I will update it once the cat appears in the story
Spoiler: show

Feathershine - silver she-cat with beautiful ice blue eyes (Former warrior and queen of ThunderClan; mother of Skystorm and Brownpelt; Mate to Pebblestar)

Sweetstar - light brown and white she-cat with green eyes (Formerly Sweetwhisker, deputy to Fallenstar; former leader of ThunderClan)

Sierraheart - dark ginger tortoiseshell she-cat (Daughter of Fallenstar and Tigerlily; former warrior and queen of ThunderClan)

Please don't steal the name(s) Feathershine, Heatherheart, Seabreeze, Fireleaf, or Fleetfoot. I spent alot of time thinking up these names. Please don't steal

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call me lexi
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Default Re: ~.Dappled Moonlight~. A Warriors Story

Love it!! Can't wait for more!!!! Could you VM me when more comes out?
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Default Re: ~.Dappled Moonlight~. A Warriors Story

oooooohhhhhh. i heart fireleaf!
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Default Re: ~.Dappled Moonlight~. A Warriors Story

great can't wait for more
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Default Re: ~.Dappled Moonlight~. A Warriors Story

I love it Lollie! I wondered when you would write a story!
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Default Re: ~.Dappled Moonlight~. A Warriors Story

nice job so far!
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Default Re: ~.Dappled Moonlight~. A Warriors Story

View Post Originally Posted by Greytummy
Love it!! Can't wait for more!!!! Could you VM me when more comes out?
Sure!! thank you for posting!!!!!!

View Post Originally Posted by Magrathea
oooooohhhhhh. i heart fireleaf!
I know. She's awesome

View Post Originally Posted by FROGPRINCESS27
great can't wait for more
Thank you so much!!

View Post Originally Posted by starrose33
I love it Lollie! I wondered when you would write a story!
Well, I was too chicken to send in an application - then I noticed that stories didnt need to be approved anymore

View Post Originally Posted by Colliedog
nice job so far!
Thank you, Collie!!!

I will update in a bit!!! I hope!!!!


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Default Re: ~.Dappled Moonlight~. A Warriors Story

I will update in a bit!!!!! I hope!!!
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Default Re: ~.Dappled Moonlight~. A Warriors Story

I likes it!!! I want to be on the VM list pweese
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Default Re: ~.Dappled Moonlight~. A Warriors Story

View Post Originally Posted by starrose33
I likes it!!! I want to be on the VM list pweese
Thanks!! You shall be added!!! And I shall update!


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heatherheart! :), heatherpaw! :), jess wuz here!, katt. loves. you.

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