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Old 05-04-2009, 03:29 PM   #1
Webkinz :)
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Default ~♥~VampireDiarys~♥~

Remember me, my love,
In the river of blood,
And call my name sweetly,
As I wake up again.
Your blood as sweet as thorns,
And flames upon the fire,
As hunters surround us,
And call us dead to them.
With power great and true,
You kiss me one last time,
Your whisper words in my ear,
Confusing and unknown.
I am what I used to be,
No different, though scarred,
You look my way, begging me,
But I know not who you are.
*****en days, sleepless nights,
It’s all the same to you,
But who are you to worry of me,
And why should I worry of you?
I know you not, your crimson blood,
Too many lies and deceits among it,
But I run to those you hurt you,
To make them breathe no more.
Then darkness surrounds me,
Your ever flame gone,
As sweet candy runs down my throat,
And I remember things long lost.
So remember me, my love,
In the river of my blood,
And call my name sweetly,
As I sleep the night away……

“Hey! What’s that? On the bank?” Jen shouted over the music. I turned it down and pulled the car over. Jen, Amber, and I got out. “What is that?” Jen repeated, as we neared the dark figure. I leaned down and pressed my two fingers to his neck.
“He’s a vampire.” I said quietly.
“Yeah, a dead vampire.” Amber said, obviously noting all the stakes poking out of him.
I shook my head. “His heart's still beating. Well, sort of. We need to get him somewhere where he can recuperate.”
“Why!? So he can kill us as thanks? Look, Rayne, not all vampires are as nice as we are.” Jen said, gesturing to herself and Amber.
“Jen, I’m way stronger than you. Face it, kitsune are way stronger than vampires.” I said evenly. I wasn’t bragging, I was telling the truth and they knew it. I had saved both of them before I knew if they were good and I wasn’t about to not extend the same kindness to this vampire. Amber shrugged, agreeing with me, and Jen just got quiet, looking off into the distance.
“Just hurry up, okay? I don’t want to be out here for too long. You know the Hunters hide out around the river.” Jen said nervously.
“Bet that’s who got to him.” Amber said, ignoring Jen. She always liked to figure out a mystery.
“I’ll take the stakes out. When they’re all out, I’ll need you to help my put him in the car.”
“Kay, I’m in.” Amber said.
“Whatever.” Jen said, not liking being so close to the river. I understood that though; they had both been hurt by the river. We all knew how dangerous the Hunters were. They hunted any mythical creature, though kitsune were usual not caught, they caught and killed a lot of vampires. Not many survived an attack from the Hunters.
I grasped the stake that was stuck in the vampire’s leg. Though he was unconscious, he still tensed in pain when I pulled the stake out. There was five in all, the one that had just been in his leg, another stuck right through his stomach, another in his shoulder, one just barely missing his heart, and another in the upper part of his arm. He looked like a shish kabob.
After I pulled all the stakes out, I expected him to bleed. He didn’t. “Guess he’s to hurt to bleed anymore.” I thought out loud. Jen and Amber didn’t comment.
They helped me place him in the backseat and then we got in the front. Amber stopped at my house first. “He can stay with me.” I said. “That way I can keep an eye on him in case he wakes up.”
“Kay.” Amber said quietly. They got out and after a lot of struggling, and complaining from Jen about how he was so heavy, we finally got him on my couch. I told the girls good bye and then walked into the living room.
I walked over to the vampire and sat on the ground, watching him. He really needed blood in him, or he might not get better. However, vampires usually went crazed when they drank kitsune blood. What had Amber called it when I’d given my blood to her? Ah yes, addicting and sweet. I’m just glad she didn’t drain me dry. I had had Amber give Jen her blood when Jen had been hurt so as to not repeat my mistake. I should have thought of that before they left. Ugh, it’s too late now. I hope that this vampire can fight the addiction like Amber did.
I walked into the kitchen and grabbed the sharpest knife I had. Then I walked back into the living room. I sliced my wrist and held it at his mouth. It didn’t take long before he responded. His fangs lengthened and he bite deeper into my wrist. He ****** deep and I felt a large amount of power leave my body. I felt his mind as he drank from me trying to learn something about him, but surprisingly, it was well shielded. When the worst of his wounds begin to heal, I tried to take my wrist back. That was when the difficult part struck.
I pulled gently on my arm but he wouldn’t not let go. I sighed, not wanting to hurt him after all he had been through but he most certainly was not going to **** my dry. I grabbed him by his soft black hair and pulled on his head. He just bit deeper. My vision had red specks in it now, great. I pulled again, this time harder. Even though he ended up slashing my wrist with his teeth as he tried to hold on to it, I was still alive and he was somewhat conscious. Now, first to take care of my wrist, don’t want to bleed to death, then to figure out who the heck he is.
He laid back down, but his hand was rubbing his temples, like he had a major headache. I went into the bathroom just down the hall and grabbed a gauze pad. I wrapped it around my wrist and it was soon soak in blood. Whatever, I thought, sending some of my remaining power to my wrist so that it would heal quicker. Though it was a nasty scratch and I didn’t expect any miracles here.
I walked back into the living room to see his sitting upright against the arm of the couch. He looked up at me when I walked in and his eyes immediately went to my bleeding wrist. He licked his lips, wiping off any of the remaining traces of my blood. Then he spoke.
“Who are you, and where am I?” He voice was beautiful, I will admit. Now that he was better, I could feel a small thrum of power around him. I was sure that he was usually much stronger than he was now. I looked him over, just now taking in his appearance. He had hair as black as night that threw off rainbows where the light hit it. His eyes were just as black as his hair. He was, overall, very handsome.
“I am Rayne.” I said, answering his first question. “And you are in a house.”
He glared at me. “I realize that. I mean, where am I on a map?” He sounded annoyed and, well, by the increase in the thrum of power, I’d guess that when he was annoyed or mad, he did stupid stuff. Like, for instance, attacking the kitsune that just saved him and ending up killed.
“The river you were floating down is about five miles from here. Not far from where you started.” I said, not really wanting to get into geography with him. He obviously knew before where he was earlier so I shouldn't have to tell him that. I sat down in the chair across from him. “Let me guess,” I said, suddenly getting very tired from the loss of blood. “You were attacked by the Hunters?”
“The what?” Okay so he has no clue what they are.
I sighed. “You know what, I’m dead tired, you need to get better, how about we skip the questions for now? I’ll answer them in the morning that okay with you?”
“Sure, whatever, I’m kind of tired I guess.”
I nodded. He probably doesn’t want to tell me how tired he really is. If I had had five stakes in me and I just got them pulled out and had a bunch of kitsune blood poured down my throat, I’d probably be exhausted. Whatever, it’s his problem.
I got up and went to the hallway. Just before I left the room and I remembered that I didn’t even know his name.
“Hey,” I said, turning around. “What’s your name?”
He looked at me hard, like he was trying to see something through my eyes to my soul. I stared right back, trying to do the same thing. I don’t know how long we stared at each other before he sighed. “My name is Damon.” He said. I nodded.
“Well, good night Damon.” Then I walked out of the room.

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Old 05-13-2009, 05:59 PM   #2
Webkinz :)
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Lil Angel has a reputation beyond reputeLil Angel has a reputation beyond reputeLil Angel has a reputation beyond reputeLil Angel has a reputation beyond reputeLil Angel has a reputation beyond reputeLil Angel has a reputation beyond repute

Default Re: ~♥~VampireDiarys~♥~

Hello anyone?????? Waiting

anyone like it??>? PLEASE (n.o.t again )
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