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Im a new
Webkinz :)
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olive9090 will become famous soon enough

Default THE WHOLE Izzabellas 9 Lives. Its my old story but the whole thing.

Ok well i used to have a thing where i would write it as i go but it got closed cause to many people talked on it. Some of my friends wanted to knwo what happened so here is the whole story... i didnt eddit the spelling or anything so a bunch of stuff is wrong but i dont really care xD Im not sure if it will come out right because im copiying and pasting it but its worth a shot. Ive tried to right a lot more stories on WI but they werent as fun as this book so i stopped righting them completly. I really hope you like this one. And also i dont want it to go off the topic so if you wannu talk to me or anybody else, there is this thing called Private Messaging xD


Izzabella sat in the store window. All the webkinz except her sat on the shelf. All the kids had webkinz in their hands. Soon, Izzabella would be alone in the shop window. She was one of the new webkinz and guessed the little children didn't know that. The webkinz on display didn't get sold often and Izzabella new that. She looked lonsomely at the webkinz being carried out of the store and wished she was one of them... All of a sudden a brown haired girl with freckles squeeked and looked through the window. She had seen Izzabella. Then she disapeared. Seconds later hands gripped her and she saw out of the corner of her eye the girl picking another webkinz, a yellow lab, and then she dashed over too the counter. She slapped down $20.19. The salsewoman carelessly threw the too webkinz in a scrachty burgandy bag marked Hallmark. Then she was taken out of the store and into the rest of the mall!

From inside the old scratchy bag Izzabella's stumach bubbled with excitement. she had and owner! and better! a friend! The gir named Izzabella Izzabella, but the yellow lab was named Bramble. He was the same age as Izzabella and was VERY handsome. He had a kind nature and a sweet voice. Izzabella had taken a quick liking to him. Soon the girl lifted them out of the bag to reveal a thing called a computer. The girl, who izzabella and bramble found that her name was Holly, quickly snipped off the tags. The she wrote their names on the comuter. Then Izzabella was thrown into a vertial world! Soon Bramble came flying down to. "What is this place?" he asked. Izzabella began to catch on and excitedly said, "This is our house! suddenly, a present fpr each of them popped out of knowwhere. Inside Izzabella's was a beautiful chimmny a yummy looking dish and a jellybean tree! Out of Bramble's came a Beautiful pool, a bone, and a dragster racer! Then, all kinds of webkinz popped up. 3 more is what Izzabella counted. "Hi!" said a tree frog."i am your sister Amy,"
Then a trutle came forward. "Hey! i am your bro Flip." At last came a beautiful grey and white cat. "Greetings," she meowed happily, "I am your sister Joy! I hope you like webkinz world!

As soon as Izzabella's room was made, she went to find Bramble. He was washing his paws in the bathroom. "Did you see the trampolines?" he asked. "There is one for each of us!" Izzabella had always wanted to go on a trampoline and quickly replied yes. When bramble was ready they loaded to the backyard. Bramble's pool was in a corner, in the center were 5 trampolines were sitting. There was a W-Pond with chairs around it too. Bramble chose his. Izzabella looked at the trampolines. Two were different. One was shaped like a white cat head and the other was lime-green. "Whose are those?" she asked curiously flicking her tail toured the strange trampolines. "Those?" said Bramble, barly glancing at them, "Those are Joy's and Amy's special Items. Like your chimney and my pool." Izzabella chose the cat shaped one, hoping Joy wouldn't mind. Soon, the human got back on the comuter. Then, to Izzabella's excitement, clicked the clubhouse button

In an instant, I zzabella was loaded into the clubhouse. The walls were rockstar wallpaper and there were leather couches everywhere. Cool looking kinz Izzabella had never seen before were talking to each other. Izzabella sat down next to a Husky. "Hi!" she said. "I am Sasha!" Izzabella smiled. She liked Sasha. "I am Izzabella." she said. Then added, "I'm new here." and smiled. Sasha also smiled. "Would you like to be my friend? I am also new here." Izzabella responded 'yes' and the two plunged into a wonerful conversasion about Webkinz World. Izzabella learned Sasha had been in webkinz Worl a couple more days then her. She spoke of Docter Quack, Flying snowflakes, the arcade, tournament arena, Kinzville Acadamy, Quizzy's and Employment Office. Izzabella liked the sound of the tournament Arena or the arcade.


Izzabella's Stuffed animal will come next in the story!

Izzabella Loses a Life

Meanwile with her plush body.....

Izzabella was excited at being in a new home. But something TERRIBLE was about to happen. Izzabella was sitting, on the bed with the other w-plushies when a black puppy came in the room. It grabbed Izzabella by the tail and dragged her out of the room. Izzabella Yoweld in protest, but the dog kept dragging her. She could smell the awful puppy breath. She could here All her brothers and sisters from the room paniciking, but what could they do. Izzabella was thrown up in the air, tost two and fro, then, with a final nip, she was left with two holes in her pelt. The dog left. Izzabella lost her first life. But then it was over and she was healed and back in bed. She only had 8 lives now and she new it. "From now on she whispered, "I will live each live Differently

Back two vertial life:

Izzabella in Webkinz World fuflfilled her promise. Today, she thought, is the begining of my second life! Hmm.... I want to live this life as a rockstar! She got outof bed and went to her dresser. She loaded the drawers. She picked out a dude had, black shaded, boots, a black t-shirt, and pirate pants. She looked like a rockstar. Next she went to the Playroom and selected a guietar. Just then Amy walked into the room with bramble. The both looked at Izzabella in aw. "I am a rockstar now!" Said Izzabella. "May me and Bramble join your band?" said Amy. "Sure why not. Just pick an instrument." replied Izzabella, glad to not be going through this life solo. Amy was a singer and bramble a drummer. For a long time they played new songs and made up a few when theire turtle brother walked in. "Wow!" he exclaimed. "Can i be your band Manenger? Please?" he begged. "Finally they all agread this was a great idea. A couple hours later there manenger came back with a triumphent expression on his face and said, "I GOT YOU A GIG!"

life 2 2 be continued

Izzabella and Her sister and Brothers cheered! "Where!?" asked Amy. "The best place there is!" said their brother mananger. "The Clubhouse!" the band cried. "Yep! Aren't i the best!" He said smiling. Izzabella could only comtain and ounce of her excitement. She quickly loaded to her room. She put on a shirt and regualar jeans. Then she loaded back into the room. "I can't believe it!" Amy was saying. Bramble was looking triumphent. Izzabella smiled. She went over to the tow box and waited while it loaded. Thenb she picked out some pink stickers that said 'Rock On Kinz!' and stuck them all over her guitar. Then she said "We should have a name!"
The others agreed. Here are some of the names theypicked out:

K00l Kinz [Mananger]

Hot Jumpkins [amy]

Exploding Strawberrys [bramble]

The W Blasts [izzabella]

zzabella sat thinking in one of the chairs around the W-Pond. What should her bands name be? She had gotten some good suggestions but neaded more. She siged. Being in a band was hard work! She had thought of a couple more:

Orange Banana

Fruit String

The Yellow Mousetails.

But she needed more. Meanwhile the gig was in two days and she needed an ORIGINAL kinz song. She had thought up one:

They call them webkinz,
but i call them ROCKINZ cause they rock all day and night,

and if you them it would be a wonderful si-sight!



She called the song Rockinz. Like rockin but KINZ. She decided to think some more. "OH WHO CAN HELP ME! ANYBODY?!" she wailed.

Izzabella and the others had to decide on a name. After hering Izzabella's Song the new what to name there band. "We're the Rockinz!" the all cheered. "And this will be our openening song!" said bramble. "Definetly!" said their turtle mananger. Izzabella's excitement grew as the days moved on toured their 'gig' at the clubhouse. They all sounded perfect. Amy's Voice was sounding more rock lovley then ever before and bramble's drumming skills were on fire. Izzabella herself was doing good. Her paws worked the cords on the guitar better and her claws didn't scrape against them either. Flip was getting some awsome advertising in the Kinzville newspaper boy at they employment office and Mrs.vwonMeow loved theire band. Word was going quickly around webinz world about the 'Rockinz' and everybody was paying for tickets! Izzabella couldn't wait!

Izzabella was excited. The night of the gig was 1 more night away! She was excited. She and the band whered themself out practicing. Izzabella's paws were sooo sore. The were raw where they had touched the cords so much. "I need to take 5." murmured amy, and hopped away. "More like 10." snorted bramble and loaded to his room. Izzabella was tired and neaded some time to think. Nobody was coming to her story at WI. she needed that population. "Oh i hope people come!" she wailed.

Izzabella decided they should all have rockstar rocking names. Hers was Izzy Amys was Ams, Brambles was Big B. Flips was Flop. Izzabella didn't like the name Big B. But if bramble did there was nothing she could do. The day of the gig was that night. Everybody was excited. They rested, practiced, and Amy drank a LOT of water to keep her throat nice. The planned to have a party after the gig. The room the were doing it at was the 'rock party room' of COURSE. They had gone there to decorate. There was a big banner that said Rockinz, lines of chairs, and a consetion stand. Finally they all picked out their outfits. Izzy wore black shades, jeans, a Plue T-shirt and the black big top hat. Everything was perfect. Ams wore a pink shirt, blue jeans, boots, and a pink spotted bow. Big B. wore a Dude hat, black jeans, boots and a camoFLASH shirt. Flip wore the acadamy outfit with a ball cap. Now the band got inside there limo and loaded to the clubhouse. When the were there izzy was greeted by sasha. They gave her a back stage pass. Then it was time to go and sing. They all walked out togeth from the curtain. The sang there songs while the croud of webbies danced and cheered. The they all went to the party. All there fans came to. When the walked in the room was filled wwith giant pies! 'SURPISE!" shouted joy. That night everybody got lots of free pie and listened to the rockinz.


---------- olive9090 added 0 Minutes and 56 Seconds later ----------

Izzabella's stuffed animal was being dropped from the window by their owners little brother. Izzabella lost a life.

Now that Izzabella had lost a life, shechose for herself a different life style. She had always wanted to be an actor..... "I will be an actor!" she thought, and loaded to Bramble's room. "I am going to be an actor." she told him. Bramble smiled. "That sounds fun!" and tied his shoe. "Say," he said, "Why do we only have shoes on our back feet?" Izzabella thought for a moment. "Im not sure..." "Back to the point." she said. "Can i use your kinzville studio?"
Bramble replied "Yep, infact, you keep it. i never use it anyway." and pointed to his brand new, not used studio. Izzabella walked over.she pushed the edit button on her life and loaded it to her room. There she picked out some movie cloths. She wore pink glasses, pink bow, pink sandals, and Black jeans. Then she loaded herself into the studio. It was a big room with lots of webkinz in the crowd. Izzabella was the main person. She screamed when she was supposed to, cried when the sheriffe took away the little bunny, and laughted at the snowmans weird jokes. After the show, a Black lab walked up to Izzabella and put out his hand for her to shake. "I am Tom York of Kinzville studios at LA." "i am interested in your acting."

Izzabella looked around. There was nobody else around her. He must meen her! izzabella thought. her whole body started quivering like a violen string. She looked at the paw. the labs was starting to get irritated. "That is a paw." he said, "You shake it."
Izzabella hurridley shook it, her grey face reddening with enbarrestment. "Maybe you should come into my office." he said, he was not irratated anymore. Izzabella nodded. She followed the lab into a small cube of an office. It had neat stacks of paper, a white trash can, lots of certifacits on the walls, a cream rug and a two chairs and a coffee table. The lab sat behind his desk. Izzabella seated herself in one of the chairs. "Cookie?" said the lab. Izzabella took a sugar cookie witha hersey kiss in the middle. For awhile they talked about the show, the lab complimenting her, a lot. After awhile he started talking about a movie they were shooting in LA. It was called The Jazzie Cat. It was based off a book he said Olive9090 wrote on WI. He started to talk about how he needed a spunky grey cat, looking at Izzabella. "How whould you like to do it?"

Izzabella couldn't comtain her excitement. "Could you excuse me for.... 1 sec?" she said her tail twitching. "Sure." said the lab. Izzabella walked camly out into the hallway. She checked there was nobody around. there wasn't. "WEE!!!!!!!" she shouted, dancing around. "MEMEMEM!!!" she calmly walked back into the office. Definitly." she

---------- olive9090 added 1 Minutes and 4 Seconds later ----------

"Wonderful then!" said the lab. "Here is your script!" Izzabella took it and ran back to the house

---------- olive9090 added 1 Minutes and 7 Seconds later ----------

Izzabella couldn't comtain her excitement. "Could you excuse me for.... 1 sec?" she said her tail twitching. "Sure." said the lab. Izzabella walked camly out into the hallway. She checked there was nobody around. there wasn't. "WEE!!!!!!!" she shouted, dancing around. "MEMEMEM!!!" she calmly walked back into the office. Definitly." she
"Wonderful then!" said the lab. "Here is your script!" Izzabella took it and ran back to the house.

Izzabella read the script over and over until she had memorized every word of it. This is what it looked like:

Jazzy the cat danced on the street where there music and sounds, Jazzy the cat danced on the street when there where no people around. And to tell you the truth, he never sat down.

He wiggled and jiggled and loved to dance, sometimes he forgot to put on his pants! Trust me, he loved to dance at night, what a sight!

That is one jazzy cat said passing by people, I wonder if that cat could dance on a steeple! I do not know the answer to that, but you had better ask that jazzy cat.

He seams to love jazz a lot, Sometimes he dances right into a pot. His favorite is the sax, and he thinks that all it lacks, Is a dancer like Him.

Yes, HE has some great moves, something he says he can prove. He says he likes dancing better than fish, or the most famous dish, Oh yes, he is a cat, but he says, what of that? For he is Jazzy, The jazziest cat.

There wasnt much SHE said, but she did a lot of dancing. There were other webkinz in it to. there was one open part. The movie needed ONE more person. She checked what webkinz it was supposed to be and her heart leapt when she saw the name 'Yellow Labkinz' Bramble!" she thought. She raced to the phone to tell the mananger of the set about bramble. He listened about Bramble and Agreed he was perfect for the job.

TO BE CONTINUED.............

Izzabella and Bramble practiced everyday together. The found acting VERY enjoyable. Sometimes they would make up there own plays.

"Wow! look at that cat go!" said Brambel IC [in character]. Izzabella [IC] Started dancing. She listened to jazz a lot now that she was an actor and had come to like it. Her favorite was the saxaphone. It was soon time for break. Izzabella went outside for some fresh air. She got in the pool and swam around. Gracy was over in one of the chairs with Doofles. Doofles is probably tootering her. thought Izzabella. ''Duh duh duh....hmm hmm." Izzabella started humming. Soon, she thought, it would be time for the movie!

Izzabella couldnt wait. Her and Bramble felt like there were ants and their pants and rox in there sox at the same time. The were really excited and nervouse. now it was time for an all-day non-stopped practice. Every once in awhile joy would bring them a cookie and some milk, but other then that, the never stopped. If they wanted there movie to be on the KinzTV the would have to work really hard. They found out the movie was a little bit more like a musical. They were always dancing and singing and wiggling their tails. They enjoyed every bit of it. "So," said Brambel "If the movie is tommorow dont you think we should rest?"
Looking threw the window Izzabella saw the stars were starting to twinkle and a dark blanket had stretched over the one-to-be beautiful sky. "I suppose your right Brambel" She said half heartedly. "Good night Izzabella." Bramble said and loaded away to his room. "Good night." said izzabella.


That morning Izzabella woke up and put on a White T-shirt and some blue jeans and headed down for breakfast. Bramble met her on her way loading to the kitchen. "Mr. Lab the director said we can bring anybody we want so i was thinking we should bring Joy and all the rest of our family. You could bring Sasha and I could bring Maxwell! You know, the dalmation i met at the clubhouse?" Izzabella replied, "Of course i remeber him. Should i call them now?" Bramble smiled "Nope, I've already taken care of it. He is going to pick us up. He will be driving the fire truck. It is a 10 person ride so we should all fit in there."
"That sounds wonderful!" Izzabella exclaimed. "I cant wait to see Sasha again!"
Izzabella and Bramble loaded all the way to the kitchen where the met Joy happily hummin to the tune of 'Mary Had A Little Lamb.' She was making bagels. On the table were plates of bacon and egg, fruit and turn-overs, waffles and pancakes, guetti and a loaf of hot, home-made bread. At the end of the table was a glop of butter orange juice, coffee and a jug of milk. "What is this!" said Bramble, grabbing a peice of bacon and shoving it into his mouth. It was Amy who replied. "Joy made you guys a special breakfast." Joy smiled. "I thought it would be special. I cant wait to see the movie!"



After breakfast with their bellies stuffed Bramble and Izzabella loaded to the porch to wait for Maxwell and Sasha to come. Maxwell had said he would be late, wich didnt matter because THEY were early.Bramble and Izzabella played card games while they waited. Maxwell finally pulled up. Bramble loaded back to the to tell everybody the were ready.

please post

Izzabella and family had a peaceful ride to the set. Maxwell chatted about how Peep the duck his brother was sitting under an apple tree and an apple fell on his head and he thought the sky was falling and everybody called him chicken little, Sasha was playing with a toy called clackers while talking to joy and Bramble and Izzabella read over there scripts a couple of times. It was 5:00am. They were almost there.

Finally they arrived. Mr.Lab was there to meet them. "Hello Izzabella, Bramble." he said shaking their hands as they spoke. "Hello." said bramble and Izzabella in turn. "Come this way please. we are first going to go over it." said mr.lab walking off only to stop to signal the, to come along. Izzabella and Bramble followed.



Mr. Labkinz led Izzabella and Bramble Through a Brick street. All kinds of webkinz bustled around.pushing and hsoving to get to there destination. "This is the place where the story takes place." explained Mr. Labkinz. "Its so busy! How will we ever be able to dance here?" said Bramble. Mr.Labkinz replied, "These people are setting up the set, they will be gone by the time we start."
he went on talking to bramble about where he was to be during the movie, leaving Izzabella alone to think. There are so many people here! thought Izzabella. I cant wait to see the movie!




After awhile of exploring Izzabella was bustled into a room full of makeup, props, outfits, brushes, wigs, and other movie stuff. There she was seated on a stool. People tuched every inch of her body trying to make her perfect. Someone but her in a purple dress and a big poofy purple hat with a fluffy peacock feather sprouting right out of the side with a piece of light purple lace around the part that popped out. Someone also put purple flats on her and gave her a purple purse. She had another light purple peice of lace tide around her waist on the dress. Then they started brushinh her fur and putting makeup everywhere. Finally, after much switching, they were finished. THEN IT WAS TIME TO START THE FILMING!


Izzabella first started dancing, then singing, then dancing again. Bramble was in his place also dancing. Everything went on and on. Finally it was over. The whole thing and Izzabella and the rest of the movie actors went to have a party and watch the movie. They all went to Izzabella and Brambles house. There the walked into a room full of cookies, punch, cupcakes, popcorn and all the PSFs a webkin could dream of. Joy had moved the big TV into the room to. There the had a party.

Izzabella's stuffed animal was dropped out the window and she lost a life... also the little girl bought 7 new webkinz.... [dah dah dah music]

Izzabella desided her next life would be normal... no rock or acting or anything special, it would just be fun.

Izzabella was sitting outside with Bramble one sunny day when they heard some excited shouting... "There are new webkinz! she got new ones!" Izzabella sat up. There was a popping sound and Amy, Flip and Joy entered the backyard. Then there was another pop... a bigger one. A Black Poodle appeared. She had her head held high up in the sky. "Your new here right!" said Amy. The Poodle looked at her. "Duh!" she spat. Then there was another 'POP' and a Kangaroo appeared. "I new! Me Me Me!" Amy started to hop to. Then there was another 'POP' and a Love Frog POPPED in. "I am Romeo!"

There was 4 more 'POPPING' sounds and a Cow, Pink and White cat, PINK poodle, Cheeky Dog [black and white] and a Snouzer [wich i WILL spell it snouzer because it is easier] popped in. They were all greeted by the new family. The pink and white cat was over alone by a tree so Izzabella went over to meet her. "Hello" said the Pink and white cat in a sweet but shy voice. "Hi!" Said Izzabella. They talked awhile. then went over to meet the others.

Izzabella soon was best friends with the pink and white cat, not so with the poodleS. They were mean and full of themselves. They were best friends. Allthoug the pink and white cat had the super bed. "I dont see the big deel about my bed. You know the super one? YOU can have it. It is a green one with lots of roses." She said to Izzabella. "Really!" said Izzabella with excitement bubbling up. "Sure! I really like YOUR bed.... Do you think we could trade?" She said. "Definitly!" replied Izzabella purring. Then she had an idea... The poodles who's names were Mia [black] and Niki [pink] shared a room right? Well she and her new friend should to! Her new friend agreed so they went to start moving the stuff.

While they were moving the bed Izzabella learned the pink and white cat's name was Angela. They became quick friends to. The painted the walles pink and got some plants, windows, and pictures. They both also spent time working on getting Angela some awsome clothes. The got a bunch of stuff. They filled the toy boxes with the coolest games and made a clubhouse in the closet. Izzabella loved having a room mate to. "I think we should put your chair in between our beds." Said Izzabella. Angela agreed. They also put a polka dotted sunny day window over there beds. They added some exclusive stuff and there room was awsome. Lets go see the others rooms!


When they got back to there room Angela was a tidle wave of fury. "We were JUST looking!" she shouted angeryly. "How dare she acuse ME of steeling!!!!" she went on. "Calm down!" said Izzabella, amused. "I mean it isnt that bad! She's a POODLE! There is only a handful of UNsnotty ones on Webkinz World." Angela thought for i moment.."I GUESS you are right. But i still dont like them!" "I didnt say u had to! i dont like them either!" Angela went over to her wardrobe and started rumaging threw the stuff. "What are you doing?" asked Izzabella. Angela didnt pay attention. "Angela!" said Izzabella. Then Angela turned around. She was holding to Beautiful Neckalces. "These are our new friendship necklaces! They are more beautiful then what the poodles have ." She said handing one of them to Izzabella. It was gold and was in a heart shape. A rose was molded into it with the vines going everywhere. The rose was a ruby and the stem another jewl. "They are beautiful!" she said.
Izzabella and Angela had lots of fun everyday. At the moment the were going outside. It was a nice, warm, sunny spring day. JUST right for swimming. When the reached the back yard Angela said, "We should take our friendship necklaces off. Izzabella thought it was a good idea. "I will take them to our room." Angela said. Just then the poodles loaded into the room with tanning lotion on and pink lemonade. "Perfetct timing." grumbled Angela. The poodles walked up to them and were about something [probably mean] when Niki noticed their necklaces. "Where did you get those?" she said, pointing to their necklaces. Mia was also eyeing them. "They are one of the kind! You wont find them anywhere else." said Angela. "Aren't they beautiful?" Izzabella said, not to be bragging. "I'm going to go set these on our dresser Izzabella, ill be right back." and with a long icy glare at the poodles, loaded away. The poodles also loaded away, leaving Izzabella alone at the garden. She sat in one of the chairs. Then, Bramble loaded into the room. "Hi there Bramble!" Izzabella called. Then Angela loaded back. "C'mon!" said Angela, jumping into the water. "The water is great." Izzabella looked back at Bramble. There was a look of rejection in his eyes and with his tail drooping he loaded away. "Whats wrong with him?" said Angela. "I donno." said Izzabella, wondering the same thing. Now that she thought of it, she hadn't spent any time with Bramble since Angela came. Could he be jealous? Thought Izzabella. The more the idea came into her mind, the more it scared her. Bramble used to be so close to her! Would she lose him forever?


TO BE CONTINUED....... da da DAA!!!!

The whole time Izzabella and Angela were swimming, Izzabella's mind couldnt stop thinking of Bramble. Finally, annoyed, Angela asked, "Whats up? you have barley talked!" Izzabella looked away. "I dunno. I guess im tired." she lied. "Sure you are." said Angela. Just at that moment Amy appeared with Romeo. "Hey guys!" she called! "what you doing?" croaked Romeo. "Nothing much." said Angela. Izzabella splashed water at Amy. "What was that for!" said Amy is mock irratation. They began talking Izzabella half heartly. We are going to play volleyball... wannu play?" Amy asked Angela and Izzabella. "Sure!" they both agreed. They played for awhile till the all had sunburns. "Izzabella, could you go get the sun screen please?" said Angela. "Yep sure!" Meowed Izzabella. "BRB!'' she added before going. She loaded to a halt in here room. "Doopadop dee..." she hummed. She went over there dresser.... where was the stinkig sunscreen! it was awhile before Angela loaded into the room. "What is taking so long!" she asked. "I look like a strawberry- wait have you moved anything" her voicing flicking worridly. "No why?" asked Izzabella. Angela started looking around everywhere. "What are you looking for!" asked Izzabella. Angela had panic in her eye. "They're gone!" she said.

"Whats gone?" asked Izzabella.
"The necklaces! thats what!" replied Angela.
"What necklaces, we have a lot." meowed Izzabella.
"Our friendship ones!" painiced Angela.
Izzabella's heart turned to ice. There was a lump in her throat as she said: "What do you mean, somebody took them?" she said, her mind ring. "Well i set them right here, in plane sight. Anybody could of took them." said Angela. "ok, so if we are posative somebody took it, then who?" said Izzabella. "Lets make a list of everybody in this house." suggersted Angela, "then we can cross out the ones we KNOW couldnt or wouldnt of taking them."
"Ok," said Izzabella, as she grabbed a peice of paper.

this is what they cam up with:

1. Flip
2. Amy
6. Oreaa [cheeky dog]
7. Jackie [the kanga]
8. Niki

"Okay," said angela. "I know Flip wouldnt do it, Amy and Romeo were with us at the time, Jacki and Oreo are still at there friends house. Ok, who does that leave us?" she asked Izzabella.
Izzabella gulped. "Niki, Mia and.... Bramble.

"Bramble?" asked Angela, beggining to calm down. "I thought he was your friend!"
Izzabella chose her words carefully. "I think he is...." she tried to think of a word that would fit other then jealous.."He is a little lonely." she ended aruptly. Angela cocked her head to one side and rolled her eyes. "If you say so. Come on! we are waisting time!" And she began to load out. "For what?" asked Izzabella. Angela looked at her like she was dumb. "To get the necklaces back, duh! What did u think i was going to do? Go to the fruitstand and ask for some dragon fruit? COME ON!" and she loaded away. Izzabella followed her. She stopped short of the door. Angela had her ear glued to the whiter surface. "Ssshhh!" she whispered. "I think they are in there..."
Izzabella tip-toed over and pressed HER ear against the door. At first nothing came clear. Then she heared voices. It was Niki. "What should we do with them?" she asked, then continued. "We cant just where them around!" There was a pause, then Mia said: "Hmm... you've got a point. Bramble, what do YOU think?"
Izzabella felt chilled to the bone. Bramble was working with them! Then, quickly here sadness and pitty turned to anger, fear and horror as she heard him say: "I think you should get red of them! You know... maybe you could crush them, or better! Sink or BURN them! They will melt easaly." She heared them poodles doing something like a dog-purr. "Your smart at this Bramble. I love the way you think." Niki spoke next. "I like the idea of crushing them. we can lay it on there bed and say we found them!"
Izzabella looked through the crack. The poodles were sitting on both side of Bramble. "I say...." began Mia, "we should do wut u guys say.... And CRUSH them to peices, but we can keep it. They could always get them repaired. Then we can sell them!"

"Those dirty stinkin gym socks!" whispered Angela. "I NEVER want to look at them again!" continued. Angela lashed her tail. "We cant just let them break it, we will get them back!" said Izzabella. "But how!" said Angela. "They keep there room guarded!" She conitnued. "What do you meen? asked Izzabella. "They got some nerdy google to make them some lazer boxy beeper alarmy type thing." then she continued saying: "But there is a way.. but its nearly impossible...." she had a thinking face on. "It will be very hard. Very very VERY hard." then she pressed her ear back to the door. "Tell me what we need to do." said Izzabella. Ok," said Angela once they were inside there room. "I am going to draw a sketch of there room."
She got down on her knees and started drawing a simple square, with squares and circles 4 the bed. [see picture] "Ok," she began, pointing tord a door. "We, will be here." she. "The lazers and alarm systams are activated by movement, sound and... colors other then black and grey. We will where black to be carful. We, are the blue line," she started drawing it. "We can easily avoid the sound part, but you can underestimate the lazers. The are in everywhere. above the ground and in the air. Some are even up four feet. There is only one possible path... ONE. There are two lazers in our path. One is 3 feet, like us, and the other 2 feet. The two feet one will be the challenge. It is from the ceiling down. We cant step over it or we will be caught and burned... a lot. We will have to limbo. after that, we will get to whe jewelry box. It has a lot of lazers pretecting it.. it is the green dot. The pink dot, is our necklaces. All the red dots are alarm systems." Angela kept going over the plans, and all the cheats they could take. Izzabella felt overwhelemed by the challenge. Lazers were everywhere and alarms were placed in there path. "I see what you meen by 'It will be hard' " she said. Angela took a deep breath and went on. "The poodles are going to s m a s h tomorow."
"Tomorow!!!!" said Izzabella "Does that meen we have to get it tonight?"
"The poodles are going to the clubhouse for awhile. That is the time we need... but there is one teentsy weency problem, well to tell the truth its gianormus....."
"What is it?" asked Izzabella.
Bramble. Bramble is standing guard."

"Well that sure is a teensee weensi GIGANTIC PROBLEM!!!!" said Izzabella.
"I thought you might think that, but i got some Halloween cat at the Club House to give me sleeping poshon. I put it in Brambles food, he ate it, then fell asleep.. and to make sure he isnt going to bother us, i locked him in the poodles closet. we will let him out before we leave." She said.
"Good... now we just need to get redy..." said Izzabella.
"Dont worry, I bought us the coolest black stuff at the w-shop.. and some ski masks from the curio shop." She handed Izzabella a bag. She loaded into them and in a couple of moments the were awsomely black. "Thats a check!" said Angela.
"You ready?" asked Izzabella
"I was born reddy!" said Izzabella and the loaded away into darkness. They both had on black boots, and other accseories. They stopped my the door. No sound came from within. "I think its safe!" meowed Angela. They opened the door with a loud
Izzabella started to go in. "STOP! your forgeting! the LAZERS!!" yowled Angela. She took a special flash light from her pack. She turned it on. It let out an eerie purple glow. She beamed it into the poodles dark room. Red lines appeared everywhere. Izzabella's paw was only a mouse length away from one. Okay, remember the plan! Izzabella thought. She to took her flashlight outs. Together she and Angela weaved through the lazers. All was going well. And then it happened. Angela slipped.

Izzabella breathed a sigh of relief as Angela landed with a harmless thump. "C'mon!" she hissed.
"OOps!" Angela whispered.
Izzabella waited til Angela caught up with her.
"My bad!" she whispered.
There was only a couple paw steps to go.

Izzabella creeped tored the box. She put out a paw and slowly lifted the lid. Its swong open. Lazers were webbed everywhere. Izzabella looked around for the most open place to stick her paw through. She coukd already see the necklaces, gleaming in the lazers light. There was an open spot near the. She slowly slid her paw under it. She slowly unsheathed a claw and hooked it around the pair of necklaces. “I got them!” she whispered quietly. She slide her paw out safely.
“Good! Now lets get out of here!” said Izzabella.
“Wait! In my spair shopping time, I bought these!” said Angela, holding out the exact necklaces on Izzabella’s claw!
“You mean we did this for no reason at all!” Izzabella whispered, anger rising in her chest.
“They aren’t real! I got Arte from the curio shop to make us plastic ones! The poodles will think they smashed them, then we will where them in front of them!” Said Angela.
“Oh my gosh that’s so awesome! They will totally freak out!”
“Ya, I know!” replied Angela.
“Now lets go!” said Izzabella.
“Sure, I just gotta drag Bramble out of the closet so the poodles aren’t suspicios. It be weird for Bramble it be sleeping in there closet you know!”

The next morning Angela and Izzabella slipped the necklaces back on. It felt good to have the golden chain dangling from her neck again. “Lets go give those poodles a morning surprise!” Said Angela gleefully.
The loaded to the kitchen. The poodles weren’t there yet. “Lets slip our necklaces under our shirt so they don’t see them at first!” suggested Izzabella.
Angela agreed and they walked into the kitchen. Joy was making waffles with dried strawberries in the middle. Izzabella sat down with Angela and grabbed two waffles. In a few seconds the poodles and Bramble loaded into the room.
“Hello Izzabella, Angela.” Said Mia. “We found these all crashed up by the pool.”
She held out the two fake necklaces.
“Umm… that’s weird, we have ours just here.” Said Angela.
“Ya,’’ said Izzabella playing along. “See?”
She and Angela held out the two REAL ones. A look of disbelief came across the three dogs faces, which turned to anger. Izzabella and Angela got up to leave. While loading back to the door they past Mia.
“I will get you!” she growled.


My Mouth is Zipped

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awsome! it worked!!!!!!

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Default Re: THE WHOLE Izzabellas 9 Lives. Its my old story but the whole thing.

YAY the story!!!
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Im a new
Webkinz :)
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Default Re: THE WHOLE Izzabellas 9 Lives. Its my old story but the whole thing.

Ya i know!!! im so happy i have something to do! [as in a long time, i mean like tomorow!]

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im gonna go to the DCT

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I wish more people came.. like the last Izzabellas 9 Lives

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Default Re: THE WHOLE Izzabellas 9 Lives. Its my old story but the whole thing.

its great i just finished reading it!! well the part i havent read!
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Default Re: THE WHOLE Izzabellas 9 Lives. Its my old story but the whole thing.

LOL ya. The old story, plus the rest of it... or half... what life was that anyway? i will have to check!
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Default Re: THE WHOLE Izzabellas 9 Lives. Its my old story but the whole thing.

lol awesome! You actually did it!!!!!
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Default Re: THE WHOLE Izzabellas 9 Lives. Its my old story but the whole thing.

ya i did now im gonna start riting regualar chapters like the last time

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Default Re: THE WHOLE Izzabellas 9 Lives. Its my old story but the whole thing.

You should keep going!
Bump bump bump it up
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Default Re: THE WHOLE Izzabellas 9 Lives. Its my old story but the whole thing.

i agree with Luckyduck!
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Default Re: THE WHOLE Izzabellas 9 Lives. Its my old story but the whole thing.

I LOVE it!

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Can she be a soccer player in her next life?

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awesome story!

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