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Old 01-03-2011, 06:42 PM   #1
Brightpaw of LC
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Smile .::What Life Would Be Like If Mudstar Really Took Over The Forest---A Warrior Cats Story::.

This book is for the Fans of 'Starpool's Path'. What the forest would be like if Evil Mudstar took over.
Mistycloud tells you all this, this is her dream.
I really did RP this with my Plastic Cats. ^_^

Mistycloud- That last living cat in the forest

Rusty/Rustyflame- A young loner who re-builds the clans with Mistycloud

Fernpool- A StarClan Cat who helps Mistycloud in dreams.

Mudstar- The evil rouge who killed the who killed all the forest cats.


"I curled up in my nest, and started to dream. A Bad Dream...I thought i'd never wake up from that Nightmare." Mistycloud Started. "Sit with me on the Highrock and I'll tell you my dream, Young One."


Chapter 1: The Day the Forest Died

It was a dark, rainy day. My Clan sat, waiting for CreekClan and Mudstar to come. I could smell his clan on the wind. We where the last clan left for him to Kill. Out of no where, I was tackled by Killerclaw, Mudstar's son. I watch my Clan and CreekClan die. LightningClan was killed one by one. Starpool was like Fresh-Kill. She and the Omen cats died, even my mentor, Fernpool died. I couldn't take it! I ran away, faster than a frightened rabbit. I suddenly ran into a Old Fox Den, i hit the den wall with a thunk and blacked out. That was the day the forest died.

Chapter 2: The Day I Saw The End.

I woke in the fox den. I must not of smelled the fox stench, since my fear-sent was coming off of my like a flowing river. I looked outside of the empty den. It was Moonhigh. I couldn't see the Moon, it was covered by Clouds. My paws where heavy as I walked to my Camp. When i saw my camp, My heart sank. It felt like stones in my belly. I saw Silverstar, Starpool, Whisperwind, Mosspelt, and Dawnleaf dead on the ground. My cry could be heard to the Heavens, If...There where still any..But, then, I saw Mudstar! He was dead on the ground beside his Son, Killerclaw. "Mistycloud..." A rasping voice trailed off. I flinched at the rasping voice. I looked around...But where was no one there. "Who's there!?" I yowled. Suddenly i saw a flash of a Small Grey Tabby. "Fernpool!" I gasped. "Hello, Mistycloud." Fernpool purred. My eyes started watering, but Fernpool whipped them away with her soft tail tip. "Hush now. I know this looks like the end, but you must go South. To the big lake. Re-build the Clans with the help of a Young Tom." Fernpool soothed, rasping. Right about when i was going to reply, She turned into a star, and flew up to the Dark, Unforgiving sky. That was the day i saw the end.

Chapter 3: The Day I Found The New Forest and Camp.

I went South, like Fernpool told me too. I suddenly came upon a huge lake, and a few un-fixed up dens. I gasped. This would be a perfect place for a camp to settle! I let out a squeal and jumped onto the nearest den. "This looks like the Highrock! And look! It has a near underneath!" I said to myself. I found the Nursery, The Warriors Den, The Apprentice Den, and Then...I found my Den, The Medicine Cats Den! It was a small cave, big enough for three cats to fit in. I lined every den with moss. I even found a small pool in front of my den to drink from and a cave in my den to store herbs in! That place was perfect..but..when was the Young Tom going to come and help me re-build my clan? Many Kittypets and Female loners came back to say Hi..But never the Young Tom. That was the day i found the new forest and camp.

Chapter 4: The Day Hope Came.

I sat at the Starpool, the Heavenly, peaceful place i found, where a Spring fed the water. I put a few curled leaves at the water falls, to make it like waterfalls. The Starpool river went under a rock. I went many times down under the rock to follow the River. I found out that the Starpool river led into the Lake. I drank from the Starpool...I soothed me..It felt like drinking smoothe, silver Moonlight. I finally went back up to my Camp. I settled down in my den. Suddenly, i heard a manly meow coming from the Highrock. I peeked out of my den and saw a Flame-Colored tom standing on the Highrock, looking into the Heavens. It was him! The Young Tom. "Erm, Hello?!" I yowled to him. But, he didn't seem to hear me. I crept closer. "Hi there!" I mewed. The tom jumped and spun around. "Who are you?!" He cried. "I'm Mistycloud! You where sent to me to help he re-build my Clan!" She mewed hastily. "Really? I was supposed to meet a She-cat here! I guess your the one." The jumped down from the Highrock and sat beside Mistycloud. "So, what's your name?" Mistycloud asked. "Rusty." He replied. "What's yours?" He added. "Mistycloud, Medicine Cat of LightningClan." She told him. That's the day hope came.

Chapter 5: The day I almost died

I showed Rusty the Starpool. I thanked StarClan it was still running. I took a drink from the water...but suddenly, i fell in the deep water! I couldn't breathe, water filled my eyes, nose, and mouth. "Rusty! Help!" I yowled under the Water. All went black..But i felt Rusty grab my pelt and pull me up...I just couldn't see or hear! I felt myself being tugged to the camp. Then i felt soft moss, and the smell of my den. "Mistycloud! Please don't die! What herbs should i give you?!" Rusty cried. My hearing came back...so did my sight. I started coughing up water. "The only thing you need to give me is Nothing..You've done enough." I coughed.

Night came and i was freezing! Rusty curled up around me, too keep me warm. He was a great Hunter too. He caught a Rabbit for me and him to share. I told him about Mudstar and the Death of my Clan. But he couldn't keep staring at me with admiring eyes..Soft, warm admiring eyes.

Chapter 6: The day I knew i was going to have kits

Rusty was going to be a Father, a great father. I decided to put a new rule to the Warrior Code:
'All Medicine Cats Can Have Kits With StarClan's permission.'

I called Rusty to the Highrock. "It is time for you to have a Full Warrior Name, Rusty." I mewed too him from the Highrock. "From this moment on, you shall be called Rustyflame, the Best Warrior Of LightningClan. Serve your Clan well, Rustyflame." I added. "Rustyflame! Rustyflame! Rustyflame!" The wind seemed to whisper. I knew this was the begging of a new Clan.

Chapter 7: The day the worst Storm ever came.
I sat in the Nursery, feeling Heavy and Plump. Me and Rustyflame fixed up the dens, for we could smell rain and lightning on the wind. "Rustyflame, could you fetch me some Fresh-Kill, please?" I asked. Rustyflame dipped his head and jumped the small cliff. I sighed and layed my head down. I started to hear the first few raindrops on the leaves outside. I thanked StarClan i had a nice, safe den. A few moments passed by, and i hear Rustyflame's paws padding on the smooth stone. He had a mouse, a vole, and a rabbit. I was thankful for him, i would never live if he hadn't come along.



Thanks for viewing!!! Please comment and rate!

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Old 01-04-2011, 04:41 PM   #2
Heatherblaze Of LC
Webkinz :)
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Default Re: .::What Life Would Be Like If Mudstar Really Took Over The Forest---A Warrior Cats Story::.

Ha! Mudstar died! *rolls around clutching sides*

But Starpool died

And Mistycloud's gonna have kits!
collielollie is offline Female

jess wuz here!

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