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Old 12-06-2007, 04:54 PM   #1
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Default Two Webkinz, One House

First chapter, I'll work on more if you guys like this. It's kind of long though, just a warning if you don't like reading long stories. This story is based on my two Webkinz that I love very much. x3

Chapter 1: Winter Break!

Vroooom…. Kerchunk.

The large yellow and black vehicle slowed to its first stop. As soon as the old creaky door opened, the Webkinz that resided in that particular neighborhood rushed out, some even jumping up and down all the way home. It was finally the end of another long day at the Kinzville Academy. All of the school-aged Webkinz were extremely joyful today; more than usual. Why? It was finally winter break!

Happy little noises could be heard all the way through the bus trip. The bus driver, an aged lion, white mane and all, had a headache. He also couldn’t wait to get home. It had been an awfully noisy day.

Finally, the bus came to its last stop. The remaining five Webkinz were unloaded from the bus. Among them was a beige colored long-coated Chihuahua, Chi Chi, and a sable coated Collie, Lissette. Chi Chi was clad in a neat purple baseball cap, cute cropped jacket, and some cuffed light blue jeans. Lissette wore a slightly older-fashioned look; a blue blouse, a grey dress, and a pink bow tied in the fur on the top of her head.

The two Webkinz, best of friends, ran towards their cozy little home. Lissette was adopted in to the same home a few months after Chi Chi, explaining why they lived under the same roof. It was slightly chilly outside, and some of the soft snow on the ground was still left from the day before.

“I wonder if our snowman is still there,” the small Chihuahua thought out loud, slowing to a walk.

“Hm, I doubt it. It was pretty warm today compared to yesterday,” Lissette answered, also slowing down. She was younger, but she didn’t have the same youthful personality as Chi Chi.

“Aww, don’t be so pessimistic!” Chi Chi turned and smiled playfully at the golden and brown Collie. “Hurry up, I want to see if he’s still there!”

The two canines loped through the snow towards their house. Their home was a good distance from the bus top, but the two didn’t mind. They always enjoyed a nice run. Lucky for them, their neighborhood was very scenic. It wouldn’t be so pleasant otherwise. The path connecting their home to the bus stop was always shaded by bright evergreen trees. The two dogs loved walking here, for it always had a fragrant scent for some odd reason that only they could smell.

As they neared the house, they saw that their beloved snowman was still there, but very melted and much smaller than it had been before. The snowman was not much like a snowman, but more like a snowdog. It had floppy snow ears and a lump of coal for the nose. Two smaller coals made the eyes, but one eye had fallen off while they were in school. The snowdog’s tail consisted only of a small thin stick.
“Aw, he’s melting already,” Chi Chi whined childishly while slowing to a walk. The Chihuahua always acted like a little kid during these kinds of situations.
Lissette didn’t answer, but merely stepped toward their friend, picked up the small piece of coal on the floor, and placed it back where it was supposed to be. “There, at least he has two eyes now,” the Collie said with a sigh. “Come on, we should go inside now. Besides, it’s winter break, don’t you remember?” Lissette added with a warm smile.
The small Chihuahua smiled back, her large round eyes pools of joy. “Yeah, we should get some hot chocolate to warm up, too!”
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Old 12-06-2007, 05:33 PM   #2
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Default Re: Two Webkinz, One House

You have some real talent!

I like the story..so now you can post Chapter 2~

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Old 12-06-2007, 10:09 PM   #3
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Celena is on a distinguished road

Default Re: Two Webkinz, One House

Thanks for the comment. I finished with chapter two. This time there's more dialogue and less details. I don't know if it's a better or worse change, though. My brain is kind of not working since it's almost time for me to sleep. X_x Tell me if you see any typos/grammatical errors.

Chapter 2: Trick
“Uungghh,” Chi Chi groaned as she turned over and pulled her bed covers over her even more than they had been before. “Mind if you close the blinds…?” she mumbled. It was the day after their winter break had started, and the small dog intended to sleep in as long as possible. “Also, turn your radio off.”

“Chi Chi, wake up. It’s already noon!” Lissette stood beside the open blinds, flooding the small room with golden sunlight. Her right ear twitched slightly in frustration. “You’re going to miss the Wheel of the Month!” Of course, the Collie had decided to wake up early that day to get some work done. She had already watered and weeded the garden, a duty that Chi Chi was supposed to do that day. She was intent on harvesting more Ossilily bones. She had given away her first harvest as a gift to a friend.

“Hmph, do I have to go? Also, stop trying to act like Celena. You’re younger than me! You shouldn’t be telling me what to dooo,” the Chihuahua whined and buried her black nose deep in to the blue plush pillow. Her fur was riddled with knots from oversleeping.

A sly grin crept on to Lissette’s face, with Chi Chi completely unaware of what was going to befall her. Lissette slunk away to the bathroom. “Now, how will I carry this out…?”

The Collie opened the door to the kitchen. The fresh smell of an egg sandwich being cooked enchanted the room. She walked across the cool white tiling and opened the cabinet. After shuffling through the items, she finally pulled out a good sized plastic bucket. She then took it to the sink. Lissette turned the knob on the cold water setting, and in it went in to the bucket. It was nearly filled now. She decided to leave it at that before it was to get too heavy to carry. She returned to Chi Chi’s bedroom, at a painfully slow pace, but luckily none of the freezing water spilled out, even if it was sloshing around in the pail.

The golden brown dog found the normal resident of the room fast asleep. It was hard for Lissette to stifle her laughter until the plan was carried through. She stepped as quietly as she could to the bed, lifted up the pail, and tipped it over, causing a torrent of icy water even larger than the victim to rush out of the bucket. She had truly outdone herself this time.

“Ack, wh- what was that for?!” Chi Chi leapt out of her bed, coughing up water while attempting to growl at the same time. Her already messy fur was now dripping wet; a pitiful sight.

“That was for not waking up!” Lissette was breaking out in laughter now. “Wow, you look like you were lost in a hurricane or something! At least now we can do something now.” The two were great friends, but constantly played pranks on each other and such.

“That wasn’t a nice trick…” the small pouting dog said. “Well… it was pretty funny, I guess,” her frown quickly curving up in to a smile. For some reason, the two could never stay upset at one another for very long. “I guess we could go to the W Shop for a bit after I walk over to spin the Wheel of the Month. After I eat, of course.”

“Sounds like a plan.”
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Old 12-09-2007, 10:14 PM   #4
Pm me for it!
Webkinz :)
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Default Re: Two Webkinz, One House

That is really good, could you post chapter 3 i want to keep reading!!
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