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Old 05-20-2008, 09:06 PM   #1
Webkinz :)
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Talking A truely amazing tail... MERMAID tale!!!!!

[FONT='Arial','sans-serif']It was a warm, sunny, and cheerful day along the shore of Lany beach. Children were playing; having races on top of the hot sand, building sand castles, burying friends and chasing guppies in the water. Their parents watched, smiling because of the faint laughter of the happy children and because of the fact that it was finally peaceful on this hot, steamy day that previously had been full of complaints. Above them all flew seagulls, fish of the air. One---in particular--- rose above the rest. This one was both the biggest and the loudest. From below, a young child watched as he circled the crowd in slow-motion, gently falling into the ocean. Then she turned back to resume playing with her friends.[/FONT]
[FONT='Arial','sans-serif'] What she didn’t see was the seagull swimming deep into the ocean, going passed sea anemones, fish, and finally passing by a cristal-blue castle! From there he swam through the doors, passed two guard fish (a sword fish and a shark) who saluted him in, and dodged penguins hopping around, carrying huge glass tables. He swam higher, swimming over a fifty-layered cake, and then lower to swim underneath two penguins carrying a long banner that read in beautiful, cursive letters as big as can be, [/FONT]
[FONT='Arial','sans-serif'][/FONT]Happy Birthday, Candeletta!!!
[FONT='Arial','sans-serif']From there he climbed exactly ninety-nine stairs and walked right into a long hallway filled with doors. He passed them all until he got to a door that had a golden star on it. He knocked four times before he was let in.[/FONT]
[FONT='Arial','sans-serif'][/FONT][FONT='Arial','sans-serif'] “Oh, seawall! Am I ever so glad to see you on this fine evening?” Said Candii (Candeletta), smiling a large smile. All seawall could do at this moment was stare. Candii had on a long, light pink dress on that just barely covered her light pink fin. Her eyes had violet all around them, and her lips and cheeks were a rosy red. Behind her stood her mom, putting the finishing touches to her daughter’s--- the princess’s--- hair, which at this moment was in an elegant bun, with curls dangling out of it. Finally, Queen Aquanetta stood back, ran around to face her daughter and smiled.[/FONT]
[FONT='Arial','sans-serif'][/FONT][FONT='Arial','sans-serif'] “My daughter… turning ten… oh, this day will be the best ever! Now, just one more thing…” She trailed off, pulling out a diamond crown from her pocket. Candii gasped.[/FONT]
[FONT='Arial','sans-serif'][/FONT][FONT='Arial','sans-serif'] “Your wedding crown!” She exclaimed, mouth wide open, “Mother, I simply cannot---“[/FONT]
[FONT='Arial','sans-serif'][/FONT][FONT='Arial','sans-serif'] “Take it! Tonight is your special night. I want you to look your best, my beautiful daughter.” From there, she walked out, her head up high and dignified. Seawall smirked.[/FONT]
[FONT='Arial','sans-serif'][/FONT][FONT='Arial','sans-serif'] “Nice princess act; “I simply cannot”, “Am I ever so glad”… all these years have finally paid off. You are now a real princess.” Seawall laughed.[/FONT]
[FONT='Arial','sans-serif'][/FONT][FONT='Arial','sans-serif'] “Now, I talk like that to make mom feel accomplished. After all, it is the way I should talk. And what about you?! Don’t act like I didn’t see you through the kaleidoscope! Flying in slow-mo, trying to look “cool” for the “ladies”…” Seawall blushed.[/FONT]
[FONT='Arial','sans-serif'][/FONT][FONT='Arial','sans-serif'] “Uhhh, so how are Heidi and Mandy?” He asked. Candii smiled.[/FONT]
[FONT='Arial','sans-serif'][/FONT][FONT='Arial','sans-serif'] “I gave them an all expense paid spa day… tonight they will come back, manicured and all. I even bought them each a dress for the ball tonight--- anything to make daddy impressed with my best friends.”[/FONT]
[FONT='Arial','sans-serif'][/FONT][FONT='Arial','sans-serif'] “But I thought I was your best friend…” Seawall looked down and began to cry, though it was obvious that it was fake. Candii laughed. So did Seawall.[/FONT]
[FONT='Arial','sans-serif'][/FONT][FONT='Arial','sans-serif'] “Well, I think you should go now. No offence, but now I have to practice being “elegant”… oh, I wish that right now I could be outside! But, of course, I am a princess…” She trailed off, looking at her new crown in her hand. Seawall understood, and obediently walked out.[/FONT]
[FONT='Arial','sans-serif'][/FONT][FONT='Arial','sans-serif'] “I am a princess…” Candii repeated, thinking long and deep. Finally she looked back at the mirror and forced a smile. “Good-bye Candii…” She said, raising the crown, “and hello Candeletta.” [/FONT]
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