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Old 12-14-2010, 01:01 PM   #1
Webkinz :)
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Default .:The Total Eclipse Of The Heart:. The Story Of A High School Ghost


I sat in the waiting room at the hospital. I tapped my Converses against the dirty tile pavement. My mom sat beside me, her gray-blue eyes filled with fear and tears. Her face was pale with worry. Across the room, my dad sat in the chairs, his face in his hands. His flannel work top was covered by his leather jacket, and his paint-covered jeans hid his scars from falling of his paint ladder so many times. I worried about his safety, and so did mom. On the dirty green carpet rug was my little brother, Izzac. He was only three, and he had no idea what was going on. But the rest of us did. We didn't want to, though. My big brother, Seth, had been in a horrible car crash with three other cars. Half of the people in the accident were already dead, but the rest, including my brother and his girfriend, were in critical condition. Suddenly, the nurse came into the waiting room. "Which one of you is Hayden Barbington?" She asked politely. I stood up, rasing my hand to my shoulder. "I am, ma'am." I replied softly, trying to hide my breaking voice. The nurse smiled, "Your brother wants to talk to you." She whispered. I nodded my head, and walked to Seth's room. My eyes widened as I saw him, lying in bed. His brown eyes were open, and he was in better condition then any other one I saw passing by. "Seth?! Are you ok?" I whispered, my voice breaking. He nodded, smiling, "Ya, Hayden....I'm fine. I just have a couple broken bones and muscle tears. But I'll be fine." I smiled brighter than the sun. "Seth?", I whispered, "Your going to still be able to come to school with me, right?" Seth paused. I looked. "Seth?!" I muttered. He didn't speak, not even make a noise. "SETH!" I yelled. He looked. "I don't think so. Look over there." He whispered. My eyes wandered to a motored wheelchair. I froze. "Seth....you're...." I paused. He nodded, "Hayden, I'm paralysed." He muttered. I stared at the wheelchair. "Can I talk to mom and dad now?" He asked the nurse. "Sure, hon." She whispered. I walked out the door, glancing back at Seth. I swallowed a big lump in my throat. Seth, I'll find who did this to you. He'll pay no mercy. I thought. "Come on, Izzac. Let's go home." I whispered. We walked out the door, into the parking lot. I looked down at my feet. I shook my head in disgust, and started to head home.

Chapter 1:

I lay in bed, staring up at the ceiling. I looked down at my Dalmation, Dolly. "I don't wanna go to school Dolly. The kids'll hate me." I whispered. Suddenly, my door slammed open. It was Seth, smiling wider than he ever had. "Rise and shine, Ms. Lazypants!" He hollered in a hillbilly accent. I laughed at him, chucking a pillow at his face. "Hey, Mr. Stooge! I think you missed you bus stop to Stupidville!" I yelled. He groaned. "Haw haw. If I haven't heard that one a MILLION times already!" He yelled, waving his arms around like a loonie. I stuck out my tongue and made noises. "Mruweeweer!" I yelled. He mocked back at me. We laughed, and I jumped out of bed. He smiled while I made my breakfast. I looked at him. "What?" I asked, a smile on my face and humor in my voice. He gazed around the room. "Ooooohhh...nothin. Just that a little birdie told me...." I looked at him. I growled. "YOU DID NOT READ MY DIARY, DID YOU!?!?!" I yelled. "He chuckled, "Noooo... I heard you talking about someone last night." He smirked. I looked. I had sleeped talked last night?! How embarrassing. I looked. "Oh...really? WHO did I talk about then?" I smiled. He laughed. "You were talking about your.....your.....", he was trying not to laugh, but was spitting everywhere, "YOUR TEDDY BEAR!" He yelled, laughing louder than an earthquake. I sunk down, looking away. "Yah, so what?!" I yelled. He chuckled, stearing his wheelchair away.
I ate breakfast and made my lunch: a summer sausage and cheese sandwich on white bread, a bag of corn chips, a brownie, and a small can of Diet 7-Up. I then decided what to wear to school. At first I though of wearing a t-shirt and some jeans with my Converses, but instead I wore a cute yellow dress with black plaid design squares on it with my yellow high-top sneakers. Next, I put on my makeup: some powder makeup, some mascara, and some lip-gloss. Last, I did my hair. All I did was put it in a ponytail. School-time Hayden was ready! I walked and fetched my bookbag from my room and walked outside. Mom yelled from the door. "Hayden Daniella Barbington!", She yelled, "Get on your coat!" I groaned. I walked into the closet and got my lightweight jacket and headed out. I waved to Seth and Izzac, along with Dad, who was paint on the side of the house. He was grabbing his camera to take a picture of me, when he stepped in a paint can and tripped from the second step of his ladder. "WAH WAH WAAAAAAAAAAH!" He yelled out. I covered my mouth to hide my grin. He got up and waved. "I'm okay!" He hollered. I waved to him, still laughing. "Bye dad!" I yelled. Then, the bus pulled up. It's door opened up, and the bus driver looked at me. "You...", he looked down at a clipboard, "Hayden Barbington?" He asked. I nodded. "Then go sit down." he muttered. I walked to a seat and sat down. I felt eyes staring down at me. It made my skin burn. I looked down closing my eyes. Today was going to be a loooooong day.
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Old 12-14-2010, 04:21 PM   #2
Heatherblaze Of LC
Webkinz :)
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Default Re: .:The Total Eclipse Of The Heart:. The Story Of A High School Ghost

Great story! Could you please VM me when more comes out? Thank ya!
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