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Default Sunstar: A Wolf Story of courage, hope, and confidence :) Now rated 5 stars!! ***** -Approved- Chapter Fourteen is up!

Hello, everyone! This is my story of a young she-wolf named Sunstar. Enjoy!

Notification List:

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3. WolvesRGr8t

(that's all the numbers I will put up for now. if it gets bigger, of course I will add numbers )


The moon was like a ghostly ship, tossed upon the seas of clouds. The night was quiet, and the stars spotted the sky, shimmering with a white glow.
The forest was silent, except for the chirps of crickets and the occaisional call of a lone owl.
Moonlight touched down on the entrance of a small, stony cave, which a barrier of thorns guarding the entrance.
Inside, a pretty white and black wolf was laying against the cave wall, looking down on her newborn pups, her blue eyes gleaming with pride and happiness.
Her pups were sleeping in the curve of her belly, and protected by her silky black tail. She counted them, discovering six in all.
The thorn barrier parted to make way for a large grey, black, and reddish brown he-wolf.
"Are you alright, Moonshine?"
He asked, walking over to his mate, his sharp claws scraping the stone floor. His amber eyes glowed eeriely as his body seemed to disappear into the shadows.
Moonshine nodded, and gestured to the pups with her muzzle.
"I'm perfectly fine, Storm. Your pups are beautiful, too. Look, this one had your colors."
She said, nudging a small male with her nose.
Storm's eyes grew wide with joy and shock. He turned his head every few moments, counting his children.
"Great StarPack! Look at how many there are! Theres got to be at least five."
"Six to be exact. Now hush, you'll wake them."
Moonshine scolded, licking a small pup that had awoke, lulling her back into slumber.
"Have you thought of names yet? The pack will want to meet them, and they need names."
Storm asked, obviously anxious.
"Yes, Storm! Now calm down a little. You'd think that these are the only pups ever born!"
Moonshine said. Then, she nosed a small brown he-pup.
"This is Owl."
Examining the pure black one, she announced:
"She will be Shadow."
Nudging the reddish brown, grey, and black pup, she thought for a heartbeat then said:
"He is Fox."
Seeing a black and white she-pup and a grey he-pup, she added:
"She is Ice and he will be Stone."
"Moonshine! Look at this pup!"
Storm interrupted, and nosed a she-pup.
Moonshine looked and gasped.
This pup was a orange-yellow, with white star shapes, and a red star over her left eye.
"She looks like the sun and stars... can I tell you my choice of name?"
"What have you thought of?"
Storm hesitated, looking at his extraordinary daughter, his amber eyes gleamed with pride in his choice of name.
Moonshine smiled, and licked her daughter, in both happiness and amazement of having this beautiful pup.
"Sunstar it is, then."

Chapter One

Sunlight poured into the cave, warming Sunstar's fur. She opened her eyes for the first time to see her mother, a pretty white and black wolf. Sunstar looked around at her littermates, who were still sleeping. Her mother, Moonshine, turned her head to give Sunstar a lick on the ear.
"Did you sleep well, little one?"
Moonshine asked, still licking Sunstar clean. Sunstar tried to dodge her mothers tounge.
She replied. Then she studied Moonshine's fur, which in some places were a pure white, and in others, like her tail, were black as the darkest shadows in the back of the cave.
Moonshine seemed to read her thoughts and chuckled.
"No, Sunstar, you don't look like me or your father. Your one of a kind, and a beautiful one too."
How did she know that?
Sunstar wondered, but she pushed the thought away. It should be natural for her mother to know what she was thinking. Sunstar heard a soft, murmuring noise from behind. She turned her head to see her brother, Fox, waking up. He looked just like their father, with swirls of reddish brown, grey, and black. Even though he had his father's pelt, he had Moonshine's eyes, which were sky blue. Fox yawned and streached like a cat.
"Morning, Mom! Did you sleep well?"
He asked in his sweet little voice. Sunstar giggled. Fox was such a goodie-goodie, he even complimented Moonshine when she went hunting and only caught two scrawny thrushes. Sunstar leapt on her brother, who gave a screech of surprise. They wrestled along the cave floor, running into their littermates. Shadow woke up after getting slammed into, and she was grumpy.
"Sunstar! Fox! Watch where you're playing, some of us are still sleeping."
Shadow growled, her green eyes blazing. Sunstar rolled her eyes. Shadow was always grumpy when someone woke her up early.
Her other sister, Ice, was still sleeping. Sunstar envied Ice because she looked like an exact copy of Moonshine, blue eyes and all. Ice was curled up close to her mother's belly, head on her paws.
I'll wake her later.
Sunstar noticed her older brother, Owl, sitting near the mouth of the cave. His dusky brown fur absorbed sunlight. His muzzle reminded her of Storm, but his eyes gave away that he was Moonshine's son. They were sky blue just like hers. Shadow crept up on Owl, slinking into the shadows. Sunstar raced over to join her, and they stalked him in the dark of the shadows.
Owl twitched his ears, listening. Sunstar admired that her brother was always alert, just like Storm. Shadow flicked her tail, signaling to pounce, and Sunstar and Shadow leapt out of their hiding place and tackled Owl, who gave out a surprise howl.
"I so heard you!"
"No you didn't, Owl! Admit it, we were to stealthy for you."
Shadow taunted, pinning Owl down with a paw on his throat. Sunstar had a paw on his chest and was ontop of Owl. She gave a playful growl, but then giggled. Owl pushed her off and ran around the cave. Sunstar and Shadow gave chase, but soon grew tired. Owl was worn out too, and he slumpt down on the stony cave floor.
Ice was awake now, and went over to give Owl a gentle lick.
Sunstar noticed that Fox and Ice were the sweet ones.
Shadow was sneaky, but still nice.
Owl was the oldest and tried to be responisble, but he could be bossy.
Sunstar just wanted to have fun, despite her different coat. She liked her star shapes, especially the one over her left eye, that was red. She thought it was a hint of Storm.
Moonshine howled, a kind of roll-call, and all six of her pups came to have breakfast.
After they ate, they snuggled down for a nap. Sunstar closed her eyes, and snuggled into Moonshine's belly. It wasn't long before she fell into a blissful sleep.

Chapter Two

Sunstar blinked awake from her sleep to feel that something was wrong. Terribly wrong. There was an inexcuseable heat pouring inside the cave from outside, and there was a funny smell to it. She raised her head to sniff the air, only to cover her nose with her paw. It smelled awful!
What could be making it smell so bad and make it really hot in here?
She wondered, looking around the small cave. The rest of the pack wasn't here, and she hadn't even met them yet! Where could they be?
A sharp howl pierced her thoughts, and she turned her head to the wolf who had sounded the alarm.
"Fire! The forest's on fire! Get the pups and elders out now!"
A large timber wolf growled, nudging a grey elder out of the cave. Sunstar's eyes few open with shock and fear. Fire? Whats a fire?
"Pups! Follow me! A fire is very dangerous and very, very hot. You mustn't go near it, ever!"
Moonshine was saying to Sunstar and her littermates. They all nodded, still confused as to why the fire was there in the first place. Moonshine flicked her bushy black tail toward the large grey timber who had told them a fire was near.
"Stay close to me and the grey wolf! He's the pack leader, Falcon. Come!"
She howled, nudging her pups along. Sunstar started to panic, wondering if the fire was going to hurt someone. As Moonshine, her pups, and Falcon made their way to the cave entrance, thick, black smoke blocked their way. It rose up from the burning grass and bushes, wrapping its foul scent around them. Sunstar coughed to clear her lungs and keep the smoke out. As Moonshine lead her pups closer to the entrance, Falcon jumped out into the forest to see if it was clear for them to come out. Falcon turned his head and suddenly growled out a command.
"Watch out! A tree that's burning is about to fall! Run out of the cave, quickly!"
Fear gripped Sunstar like razor sharp teeth, sinking into her heart. She had heard of falling trees from the elders, and from their stories they sounded scary. Moonshine jumped out of the cave, and her pups tried to follow. Fox, Owl, Stone, and Shadow jumped out first, leaving only Sunstar and Ice to escape.
"Jump, Ice! You can do it! Hurry!"
Fox was calling from the outside. Ice jumped out, but hadn't caught enough air. She tumbled to the ground when she landed, but got up and shook it off. Sunstar saw her chance to jump out before the burning tree fell. She raised her hackles to jump, when she heard a ripping sound.
No, a snapping sound.
Sunstar looked up in horror. The tree was falling! It fell with such force that it made a crunching sound and shattered, sending burning chunks of wood, flames, and sparks across the cave floor. The tree blocked the cave's mouth, preventing any escape.
The smoke was beginning to fill up the cave, and make Sunstar light headed. Stumbling around, her vision blurred, leaving her unable to tell when the cave stopped and where the burning tree began. She collapsed on the hard, stony floor with a thud. The last thing she heard was Fox, Owl, Shadow, Ice, Stone, and Moonshine calling for her, then she closed her eyes and faded into the dizzying darkness.

Chapter Three

Sunstar was unconcious for a long time inside the cave, listening for any signs of hope. She wasn't able to get up, so she just walked in the darkness that her closed eyes brought. She listened to the birds outside, chirping their sweet songs. She heard the sounds of prey scuttling along the forest floor. Sunstar didn't hear her mother, father, or littermates calling for her, and she lost hope.
Will I be here forever, walking in darkness while I can still hear the outside?
Sunstar wondered. Thinnking that no help would ever come to her, she let out a small whimper, then a bark, then a miserable howl.
Something suddenly responded to her howl. Not a wolf, but a small yappy dog. She began to wonder how a dog got here, then she suddenly realized:
Then, something clicked in her mind. If she could howl and bark loud enough, maybe she could get the Two-legs to move the tree and free her! She had to breathe fresh air before she could get up, but Sunstar could do other things. She barked and howl for five straight minutes. Sounds of footsteps came form the outside. The Two-legs had heard her! Hope glowed inside her, and images of her mother and littermates flooded into her mind.
A large crushing sound came to her ears, and Sunstar realized it was the tree being moved. A new smell wafted into the cave, and when she breathed it in, she opened her eyes.
Freash air!
Sunstar got up to her paws, and looked towards the cave mouth, which was now clear. She saw three Two-legs staring at her with jaws dropped.
They must see my fur.
She concluded. She stood up and charged out of the cave, knocking over a Two-leg in the process. Sunstar gave one look back, trying to mentally say thank you, when she saw a horrifying sight.
One of the Two-legs held a long metal thing, pointed at her. She ducked down, hopeing to hide, but Sunstar's bright orange-yellow fur gave her away. Sunstar got up to run, but something stung into her side, and she felt light-headed all over again. Sunstar looked at what was stinging her and found a sharp metal dart with colorful... things on the end. Sunstar wobbled, about to fall over, when she gave one howl out to her pack:
"Moonshine! Its me, Sunstar! The Two-legs got me!"
"Let her go or we shall attack!"
Came a husky voice. Sunstar turned around to see a large black wolf with a white paw and tail tip. Behind him were five other wolves, snarling and growling out threats to the Two-legs. The Two-legs looked terrifyed and ran off, leaving Sunstar and the other five wolves.
"Thank you for saving me, I don't know what I would have done if you hadn't showed up."
She thanked the big black wolf as he pulled the sharp metal dart from her side.
"No problem. Were you howling out to your pack just now?"
"Yeah, I was. How did you respond so quickly?"
A pure white wolf came up behind the black one.
"We were already coming because we heard some wolf howling and whimpering. As we came closer we saw you, hit with a tranquilizer dart."
"A tranqui-what?"
"It makes you dizzy and faint so the Two-legs can get you."
The white wolf said, looking Sunstar up and down. He tilted his head to the side, thinking for a heartbeat.
"Why does your fur have stars and such in it? Its a rather un-natural color, you know."
Anger boiled up inside Sunstar, because it wasn't her fault she was like this.
"I was born with it, OK?! And I know its not a natural color for a wolf, but do you think I chose this? I wanted to be a beautiful black like my mother and sister, but I had THIS!!"
She growled, rather provoked at his comments of her pelt. The big black wolf widened his eyes and used his tail to push the white wolf back.
"Don't mind Snow, he's just annoyed at his own fur for being so white you can see it sky-lengths away."
Snow growled at the black wolf, and sunk back in with the wolves behind him.
Sunstar stifled a giggle.
"Your awfully young for a loner... aren't you supposed to be with your mother?"
The question stung her heart like a nettle. Her mother!
"Yes, I'm only a few moons old but I can eat prey. My mother is with a pack called Cloud Pack, but I haven't met anyone because you have to be an adult before you can leave the cave."
She explained, drooping her tail and the mention of her mother. She wanted to smell her sweet, foresty scent, and she wanted to nuzzle her gently.
The black wolf gingerly wrapped his tail around her, a sign of comfort.
"We can't get you back to Cloud Pack now, but your welcome to live with us."
Sunstar looked up at him with hope, and looked beyond him to the other wolves and they nodded, even Snow. She looked back at the black wolf with a smile.
"Of course I'll stay here, I can't be alone now."
"Good, my name is Night of Barren Sky, but you can call me Night, and these are my comrads."
He said, and showed her to a large grey and white wolf.
"This is Grey Stone of Dark Cave, but we call him Grey."
Grey nodded a little, and Night showed her to a reddish brown and white wolf.
"This is Russet of the Fox's Fur, but call him Russet."
Night said, and gesturing with his muzzle, he replyed teasingly.
"I bet you already met Snow by now, his full name is Snow on Slippery Mountain, But don't mind him, he's just grumpy most of the time."
Night went over to a brown wolf.
"This is Eagle that Soars in Sky, but we call him Eagle."
"I'm Sunstar. Do you call the pack anything?"
Russet nodded, and Grey answered her, sitting down.
"We are the Tribe of Night Stars, but we are normally called The Night Wolves. Welcome, Sunstar."

Chapter Four

The Tribe of Night Stars treated Sunstar with compassion and treated her as an equal, even though she was the only she-wolf in the Tribe. As moons went by, she grew older, and her pelt changed too. It was still a orange-yellow with white star shapes, but there were fewer stars, and only one red star over her left eye. Her eyes were a lighter blue now, a slightly lighter hue than the sky. Sunstar loved how the Tribe lived where-ever they pleased, and slept under the glittering stars. Although Sunstar never knew it, the rest of the Tribe began to notice her more, especially Grey.
They admired the way she hunted, despite her colorful fur easy to spot. She could clear a jump a few fox-lengths away, and she was stronger. One day, Sunstar awoke from the sun's pouring rays shining on her fur. She got up from her spot, which was really just a place in the grass where the vegetation was flattened by her body. After stretching, she looked around to see who else was awake.
She saw that Night was still snoring away, his sleek black pelt absorbing the sunlight, with his one white paw nearly blending in with the grass.
Russet and Eagle were asleep too, and so was Snow. Sunstar looked around for Grey, the large timber wolf, when she saw him sitting on a large boulder, sunning his fur. He turned his head to look at Sunstar with deep, amber eyes.
"Morning, Sunstar. Would you like to hunt before the others wake up?"
She nodded, and Grey rose from his rock. They snuck off, being careful not to rouse the Tribe. After going quite some ways into the forest, they came to a nice thick part of the forest, with trees covering every inch.
After a few minutes, Sunstar had caught a thrush and a rabbit. Grey had turned up with two squirrels and a young fawn. They decided to eat a little, and once they were done, all they had left was the fawn. Grey looked into the distance, as if to admire it for a moment. It was sunhigh now, and the shimmering light penetrated the thick trees. Sunstar was amazed at how much Grey loved the forest scene, day and night. After a few heartbeats, she spoke.
"I never really noticed how pretty the sun looked, peeking through the trees like that."
Grey twitched his ears and turned around to face her.
"Everything can look pretty if you look at it for a moment."
Sunstar nodded, and she went over to sit by him and watch the sun. Grey looked at her when she came over but said nothing. Sunstar swished her tail into a comfortable position, and settled closer to Grey.
It was comforting to know that she would always have the Tribe, and never be alone. She took a deep breath, and drank in Grey's scent, mixing the smell of pine trees and the summer air. As she breathed out, her left foreleg grazed Grey's. She looked down at it, then back up at Grey.
He had done the same, and as soon as their eyes met, Sunstar saw something in his eyes that was kind of... mysterious. She knew so little about his past, and yet she felt like she knew him better than anyone.
A few heartbeats went by before she heard something in the bushes behind them. She turned her head, and when she couldn't detect the location, she cowered back behind Grey.
Grey peered down to look at her and stood up, drapping his tail over her flank.
"It will be fine, Sunstar. Trust me, I'll protect you, whatever that is."
Grey said, and he flattened his ears and bared his teeth, letting out a low growl. He stopped abrubtly, then he rolled his eyes.
"Snow! Russet! Come out of there! Were you spying on us?!"
He said, a hint of annoyance in his voice. Sunstar rose to her paws and glared at the bushes. Snow and Russet crawled out, Snow stifling laughter. Russet was barely able to stand, he was so hysterical. Finally he collapsed to the ground, laughing and rolling. Snow covered his face with his paws and laughed harder.
"You foolish fox-hearts! Why are you here, anyway?!"
Sunstar demanded, anger and embarrassment overflowing inside her as she watched Russet laugh even harder. Snow spoke up, still giggling a little bit.
"Night sent us to find you after we woke up to find you not at the camp... but apparently, we interrupted your DATE!!"
Then, he laughed as hard as he could, rolling around on the ground with Russet. Sunstar's fur grew hot, and Grey appeared to do the same. Sunstar ran from the forest to the camp, and dove behind some thick holly bushes and started to cry out of embarrassment and frustration.
How rabbit brained of you! How could I let myself get caught up in Grey? He probably won't ever talk to me ever again! Stupid Snow and Russet!!

Chapter Five

After a few moments behind the bush crying, Sunstar regained her composure and sat up, looking beyond the bush. Grey, Snow, Russet, Eagle, and Night were talking, possibly about her. Sunstar strained her ears to hear what they were saying, hoping that Grey wasn't ashamed of her.
"Snow and Russet, I'm deeply disappointed in you. I never told you to fetch Grey and Sunstar, in fact, I was still sleeping when you left! I woke up when I heard some wolf laughing like a hyena!"
Night growled, staring disapprovingly down at Snow and Russet. Snow shot a glare at Russet, who hung his head with embarrassment. Eagle flicked his tail, and Grey had his ears flattened, claws plucking at the grass, obviously annoyed.
"I know that Sunstar is the only she-wolf in our Tribe, but that doesn't mean that she is a prize and we are fighting over her! We must let her choose, and whoever he is, we are going to have to accept it."
Snow sneered and then he retorted.
"If she's not a prize, then why are you drooling over her?"
Night looked awfully embarrassed, and from the bushes, so did Sunstar. Was this really what they thought of her? A prize?!
"Don't deny it, Snow! I've seen you do the same exact thing when Sunstar is close to you! I've seen you too, Russet."
Eagle was laughing, obviously enjoying this. Sunstar's ears grew hot, and she ducked her head down.
They all like me?! This is ridiculous, absolute nonsense!
She thought, and began to think about what they might think of her when she wasn't paying attention.
"Oh, so that leaves poor little Eagle, unaffected by the presence of a she-wolf! and a gorgeous one at that! Why aren't you owning up?"
Russet teased, but Eagle only smiled.
"Because love isn't a big deal to me! I could get every she-wolf I wanted, you know!"
And I'm a mouse!
Sunstar thought, knowing that she wasn't affected by Eagle's so-called "charms".
Just as she decided it was time to come out, Grey started talking.
"Whatever happens, we mustn't tear each other apart over this. Granted, Sunstar is beautiful-"
He stopped himself when he saw Sunstar walk out of the bushes. Her ears grew hot, and every wolf turned to look at her, and she felt like a large buck, waiting to be eaten.
"Uh, hey guys. Whatcha talking about over here?"
All five he-wolves straightened up and looked in a different direction, blinking a lot.
"Oh, nothing important."
Grey said, trying not to make eye contact with her. Russet slipped up, and blurted out:
"Just that we all think your beautiful and we were going to have a contest to see who would be your mate."
Eagle clamped down on Russet's tail, but it was too late. Sunstar had heard everything. She stood there for a moment, and the boys stared at her, waiting for her verdict.
"That's it? That's what you all think of me? Just a dumb prize that you think you can win in the sweep of a paw?!"
She growled, scraping her claws against a nearby rock. They all turned away from her as if she had a disease. Tears flooded her eyes and she dashed away, scarcly aware that she was being followed. She ran until something tripped her up, a sharp rock, and fell over, sliding her head right into a metal loop with a chain on the end. It clamped around her neck, and sharp endings buried into her skin.
Sunstar let out a howl of pain and tryed standing up, but the metal loop jerked her back down, making her lay on her side.
"Sunstar! Are you OK?! Please be OK!!"
A voice called from a while away. She looked up to see Snow, standing over her.
She tried to respond, but the loop tightened and all that came out was a choking sound.
Snow let out a howl, and in minutes, the whole Tribe was there.
Night pushed Snow back with his tail and put his paw on Sunstar's neck, trying to see how tight the loop was.
"Its very tight, but if we all bite down on it and pull up, we can open it enough for Sunstar to slip her head out."
He said, and every wolf nodded, they took hold of the barbed loop and pulled upwards. Snow was closest to her head and he whispered.
"Its going to be fine, sweet. We'll get you out of here."
Grey shot a menacing glare at Snow, but he ignored it and continued pulling. Soon, Night's plan worked, and Sunstar slipped her head through the opposite way.
"Thanks... I guess... my neck really hurts."
Russet went over to her neck and gave it a good sniff, and then started to lick up some of the blood that began to spill out. Eagle and Snow joined him, then Grey and Night were licking too, all around her neck where the barbs cut her. Once they were done, the pain was gone, and she felt much better.
"You were so brave, Sunstar. I couldn't have done that without complaining."
Grey praised, and Sunstar lowered her gaze, trying to to look at any of them, because she was afriad that they would see her awkwardness. On the way back to the camp, Sunstar couldn't help thinking that Grey's voice didn't give off the same spark as Snow's did.

Chapter Six
Snow's Point of View:
Morning came much too early, it seemed. Snow was the first to wake up, and he looked around the camp to find Sunstar, curled up in a tight ball, sleeping some tail lengths away from the rest of the Tribe.
How could we have been so mouse-brained! Now she's afraid of us, I bet!
Snow got up to take a walk and think when he heard the rustling of grass behind him. He turned around to see Sunstar waking up, opening her beautiful sky blue eyes. Sunstar looked at him and Snow felt as if lightening surged through his pelt. This happened regularyly for him whenever she looked at him. Sunstar got up and streatched, yawning. Snow knew that he had to make a move if he was going to make ammends with her.
"Uh, Sunstar? Do you want to take a walk with me?"
Sunstar's face showed three different emotions: confusion, fear, and nervousness. After a few moments, she answered.
"Sure, I guess. Where are we going?"
"Just to the lake."
Snow said, gesturing with his head in the lake's direction. Sunstar nodded then joined him. They walked for a little while, and stopped to hunt, catching a large buck. They ate it in five minutes flat, leaving some for the vultures. Sunstar didn't say a word to him, but Snow had an idea of what she was thinking:
Why am I walking with him? He's so arrogant! This is way too awkward.
"So, I guess I should apologize for yesterday."
Snow said, sitting down on a flat rock in full sunlight. Sunstar sat down too, and it took Snow's breath away at how her fur looked like golden sunshine with white stars. The red star on her left eye looked bright, like a smoldering fire.
"Well... Go on."
Sunstar said, snapping Snow back into reality.
"Ok, well I'm sorry if I've acted a little... arrogant. I've just never been around a she-wolf as long as this, and I don't truly know how to act. I'm a terrible wolf."
"You got the arrogant part right, but I don't think your a terrible wolf."
"You don't?"
Sunstar shook her head, then wrapped her luscious tail around her paws.
"Then what do you think of me?"
Snow asked, almost afriad of the answer. Sunstar lowered her gaze then turned her head away, as if embarrassed.
"I can't tell you."
"Why not?"
"Because... because I just can't get myself to say it."
She can't tell me what she thinks of me? This can only mean one thing...
"You'll laugh, and so will the rest of the Tribe."
She likes me! She totally likes me! Theres no other reason for not telling me!
Snow nodded, then edged closer to her.
"They don't have to know what you think, just me."
He said, getting lost in her blue eyes, like shimmering pools.
"Can I just give you a hint?"
"Of course."
Sunstar leaned her head closer and gave him a gentle lick on his face. Every muscle in Snow's body stiffened up, and every nerve was on live-wire.
"We should get back to the Tribe before they wake up."
He said, trying to act calm, but he couldn't stop smiling. Sunstar nodded then pressed her body against his. They walked back that way, not saying a word to each other, in pure serenity. At least, it was serenity for Snow.

Chapter Seven

Sunstar giggled to herself as she walked back to camp with Snow. She knew that he was helplessly head over paws for her, so she buttered him up, just to see his reaction. It was Snow constantly smiling. Then, during the middle of the day, a loud bang rang out through the forest.
"Come on! We have to move if we're not going to be caught by the two-legs!"
Night growled. Grey pressed his pelt against Sunstar's on the left, and Russet planted himself to her right. Eagle and Snow trailed behind, making sure that the Two-legs weren't following them. Another bang rang out, much closer this time. Sunstar's heart beat faster than a rabbit going full speed. Russet licked her ear to comfort her, and Grey ran his tail down her flank.
Then yowls from the Two-legs told them that they were behind the Tribe. Snow and Eagle turned and growled at them, but the Two-legs pointed at Sunstar and held up a long metal tube at her. A bang sounded from it, and Sunstar braced herself for the impact.
Night jumped in front of her and took the tranquilizer dart. He stumbled around, then he yawned and fell asleep. Sunstar felt loyalty to him burn inside, and she attack the Two-legs, biting the metal tube that sent the dart into Night's shoulder.
They back up, and she bit the nearest Two-leg on the arm. It howled in pain and ran off with his friend. Night was still sleeping, and Russet pulled the dart away from the black wolf's massive shoulder.
"Night? Are you alright?"
Sunstar asked, and she began to slowly lick his face to rouse him. Eagle and Grey looked at each other, then gave her a suspicious look. She ignored them, and the Tribe leader opened his eyes and lifted his head, then froze when Sunstar licked his muzzle.
Snow, Eagle, Russet, and Grey laughed under their breaths, and Night lowered his ears in embarrassment.
They are way too easily swooned... and ****** season is just around the corner...
She thought to herself, looking from one wolf to the next. She had been playing around before, now she began to seriously think about which would be a good mate. They seemed to know what she was doing because they stood up straighter and puffed out their chests.
"We better head back to the camp now, its getting dark."
Night said, leading them back. Sunstar spent the entire time considering the he-wolves. After much thought, she couldn't make up her mind.
One of them is bound to ask me.
She concluded, and in no time they were back at thier camp, which was unharmed by the sudden Two-leg invasion. The Tribe of Night Stars settled down for the night, and Sunstar slept peacefully, preparing for serious choices tomorrow.

Chapter Eight

The morning sun peeked over the trees, sending gentle rays of warmth down to the cool earth, signaling the start of a possibly life changing day for Sunstar. Since she was the only she-wolf, the males were going to do a series of events to decide who got to ask her first. If he got rejected, second place went, and so on.
While they organized the events, Sunstar snuck off to the lake, which was a golden-red shade because of the sun's reflection, and she went to a flat rock to sun herself and think.
Who do I say yes to?
She thought to herself, and started to read a mental list of the Tribe's members.
He was strong, but very very arrogant. That was a definate no.
He was kind of clingy... she didn't want to have a leech on her side all the time.
Snow? Lets not even go there.
Sunstar shook her head.
He was kind, and humble, but very quiet and let Sunstar decide things without his opinion. He was an option.
The black wolf's image stuck in her mind. Night was brave, kind, and unbelievably sweet, yet he voiced his thoughts. She hadn't forgotten the other day when he had taken a tranquilizer dart for her. Night was an option as well.
Her thoughts were interrupted by Eagle crashing through the bushes.
"We're ready, Sunstar. Snow will explain the rules once we get back."
She nodded and followed the brown wolf back to the camp where the Tribe was sitting in a straight line. Sunstar titlted her head in confusion, and once Eagle sat down, Snow got up and steped forward.
"There will be four events, and the winner shall be the first to ask you to their mate. This is just a last minute evaluation by you, Sunstar.
You will evaluate each of us, one at a time, but these are just so your decision will have facts to go on. You'll wait by the lake while the events take place."
Sunstar nodded, and the white wolf went back to his place in line. Grey was first, and he remained sitting while she looked him over. He let out a howl to show off his voice, and it was low and deep.
Russet was next, and he figeted when she walked around him and looked him over. His howl was a higher octive that Grey's, but it was a little... yappy. This was a definate no.
After him came Snow, his ice blue eyes followed her as she moved about him. His howl was strong, but he coughed right in the middle and it ended with a choke.
He lowered his ears in embarrassment, and just to give him encouragement, she winked at him.
Eagle's howl was just as yappy as Russet's, and it Sunstar wasn't sure if he was trying or not, but he fidgeted more than Russet did when she looked him over.
Then came Night.
His sleek black coat shined in the sunlight, and his one white forepaw glistened. His howl was strong, deep, and powerful. It rang in Sunstar's ears, and she nodded after he was done, which unnerved the others.
She took a step back and swished her tail.
"Your evaluation is done, and I'll be waiting by the lake when your done."
The wolves got up and prepared for the events, stretching and shaking out their pelts. She went to the lake, and waited.
It took forever for the first male to come out. The first place winner was Snow, and he had a rabbit for her. She ate it gratefully, and then he started.
"Sunstar, I think that your pretty and kind. Will you be my mate?"
His voice was slightly trembling with excitement. That made it much harder for her to say no.
"Listen, Snow, your a good wolf, but I can't think of you anything more than a friend. I'm sorry."
She said, and Snow nodded. Sunstar gave him a lick on the ear, and he walked away, disappearing behind the thick ferns. Eagle came next, with a purple flower in his claws. He shook it free, and Sunstar gave it a good sniff. It reminded her of her mother's sweet scent that was from so long ago.
"Sunstar, to me, your very smart. Will you be my mate?"
He didn't give much feeling into it, as if he didn't really care what her answer was.
"Eagle, I don't think your really making an effort here, so no."
The brown wolf shrugged and disappeared behind the ferns.
Well that was easy.
She thought, and she batted the purple flower Eagle brought her until Grey appeared. He had an autumn leaf, golden-orange, in his mouth. He set it down in front of her, and she smiled at the warm colors.
"I don't want to take up too much time, so I'll make this quick: will you be my mate?"
"Grey, I like you, I really do, but your more of a friend to me than... what it could be."
This was more diffucult, because Grey was her best friend. He nodded, a sad look on his face, and she nuzzled his face. Grey dipped his head and left.
Russet came out with a leaf filled with golden honey, and Sunstar lapped it up greedily.
"Sunstar, whenever I see you, its like lightening surges through my body. Will you be my mate?"
His eyes shone with hope, and when she said no, they seemed to grow dull. It was like a claw pricked her heart, and she gave him a lick on his muzzle to comfort him. Russet was still pretty sad, but he held his head up high.
By now it was sunset, and Sunstar gazed up into the sky. The Tribe knew that she didn't have to pick any of them, so they were nervous.
She knew that too.
The ferns rustled and Night came out, he held a rose that was a deep red. It was in full bloom, and it made her gasp at its beauty.
Night did not set it down infront of her, instead, he tucked it behind her left ear, and it matched the red star over her eye.
"Sunstar, I can't describe your beauty. Its definately one of a kind, and your eyes look like sparkling blue pools. When your golden yellow fur shines in the sun, it looks like fire. The white stars glow that those in the night sky, and the red star burns like the love in my heart.
Sunstar, I truly do love you. Will you be my mate, until the stars fade away?"
His strong voice asked, it was like poetry to her, and happiness welled up inside her.
"Yes, Night. I will be your mate, until the stars fade away."
They smiled, and they scooted close to each other, and kissed in the sunset, with the lake shimmering red and gold, the rose in Sunstar's ear reflected the colors, and their love flaring up in their hearts.

Chapter Nine

2 months later.....

Sunstar woke to the rasp of a tounge on her face. It was Night, her mate, stooping over and whispering to her.
"Its morning, love. Better wake up and check on Leaf."
Sunstar nodded.
Leaf was a silver she-wolf that came to live with the Tribe when she met Russet. It wasn't long before the two were mates, and Russet's jealousy of Night melted away, just like his heart when he was near Leaf.
Sunstar got out of their little den, which was a large cave Night discovered while out hunting. The Tibe expanded their territory, and now Sunstar and Night slept there.
Sunstar also didn't know before that Night was the alpha male, so she was impressed when he told her.
"I hope she's not a late sleeper. It'll be hard to have a lazy wolf around here!"
Night smirked.
"I thought we had enough practice with Snow!"
Sunstar burst out laughing, covering her eyes with her paw. She regained her composure and went out to check on the new Tribe member. She was satisfied to find Leaf at the drinking pool, grooming herself.
"Good morning, Leaf. Did you sleep well?"
"I sure did, Sunstar. Real nice place you've got here! It must be a dream to be the alpha female."
Leaf said. Sunstar looked at her paws.
"Oh, its not that big of a deal. Are you up for hunting or patrolling the territory?"
Ever since Russet had fallen for Leaf, Snow was chasing off loners, and was tired of it. Night then decided, with Sunstar's help, that patrols in the morning and at night would work. She didn't truly see a need for it, but she eventually didn't care.
Leaf nodded and met Russet at the edge of the clearing, and they headed of to hunt.
It shouldn't be long until we can expect pups from them.
Sunstar thought to herself. She went over to a nearby rock and began to sun herself. Night took Grey on a morning patrol, leaving her alone.
Suddenly, a large shadow blocked the sunlight from the rock.
"Hey! What gives?"
She asked, turning her head. She looked right into the eyes of Snow, and his teeth were bared.
"So, what do you think of your friend now?"
He growled, and Sunstar began to feel scared. She huddled closer to the rock, curling her tail to her face. Snow snarled, and he snapped his jaws at her. Before he could knock her out, she pressed her face down on the rock and shrieked:
Then all was dark.


Night was sniffing around the edge of their territory when he heard the terrified howl of Sunstar call for him. He snapped his head up, and starined his ears to listen. He heard the faint nosie of whimpering.
Somone was attacking Sunstar!!!
"Grey! Come on, Sunstar's in trouble!"
He growled, and Grey was at his side in a heartbeat. They raced to the camp, but they were stopped by Russet and Leaf, hunting.
"Hi Night! We just got done hunting!"
Leaf said in a cheerful voice. Russet nodded, holding a fawn in his mouth. Grey shot a look at Night.
"Great, but there's trouble! Sunstar's being attacked!"
He said, worry rising in his voice.
Russet and Leaf instantly dropped their kill and raced along with them. When they got there, Sunstar was on a sunning rock, unconcious, but other wise alright.
Night's yowl seemed to rouse her. Fear flashed in her eyes, and she was too tramutized to speak, she only whimpered and pressed against him.
Snow came out of the woods with a shrew in his jaws. He dropped it and rushed over.
"What's wrong with Sunstar?!"
he asked.
"We're not sure, she's too startled to speak."
Leaf said, licking the alpha female to comfort her.
Sunstar only looked at Snow once, and cowered away. Night thought he saw terror in her gaze, but he ignored it.
He was going to pulverize whoever startled her so badly, and find out what they did.

Chapter Ten

For the next few days, Sunstar lived in confusion, terror, and nausea. She knew that Snow had knocked her out for some reason, but she couldn't think of a good one. Everyday, Snow would look at her, as if to examine her from afar, and then he'd grin. Sunstar avioded him now to get away from those looks. She shuddered at the thought of it. Her stomach hurt again, so she went to grab some grass to help soothe it.
While she was out of hers and Night's den, Leaf padded up to her.
"Hey... Are you alright today?"
Sunstar managed to nod weakly. She kept on chewing grass, then swallowed it until she threw up. Leaf wrinkled her muzzle in disgust.
"You don't look alright... is something wrong?"
Sunstar knew that she could confide in Leaf, mainly because she was the only one who could understand what she was feeling because they were the only females in the Tribe right now. Sunstar sighed and sat up, ready to explain her thoughts.
"Well, ever since the 'day', I've been really confused, and scared. I've been getting sick to my stomach too, and I'm a little afraid of Snow now."
She shuddered at the mention of his name. Leaf listened quietly, and then she came closer, and dropped her voice to a whisper.
"Did Snow have anything to do with the 'day'?"
"I think so... I remember a shadow covering the sunlight from the rock I was sunning myself on, then I turned around. It muttered something, then it's paw crashed against my head and I fainted."
The words were tumbling out like a steady waterfall, and Sunstar kept on shaking and shivering.
"Are you OK, Sunstar?"
Leaf asked, warily looking her over.
"Its really cold. Is tree-bare here yet?"
Sunstar's teeth began to chatter, and Leaf gave her a look that seemed to question her sanity.
"Sunstar... its new-leaf."
When Leaf said that, Sunstar stopped shivering and stared in chock. It couldn't be! It was much too cold! Her teeth chattered again. Suddenly, it all seemed to come together.
"I've got to go talk to Night!"
Sunstar said urgently, and before Leaf could say good-bye, She bolted off to the den where Night was still napping. She entered the cave, took a deep breath, then scraped her claws agianst the cave wall to rouse her mate. His ears twitched and he looked over at her.
"Sunstar? Is something wrong?"
He asked. She nodded slowly, and padded closer to him.
"Tell me, I want to help."
Night's comforting voice calmed her nerves a little bit, but Sunstar didn't want to tell Night what she had to tell him.
"Night... I... I think... I think that I'm having pups."
She stammered. Night was shocked, then his gaze warmed.
"Our pups will be great, love. You wait."
Sunstar shook her head. He didn't understand!
"Night, did it ever occur to you that we never talked about this?"
"What do you me-"
He stopped to think, then he became confused, and nodded.
"What are you saying?"
"I'm saying that they're not your pups, Night!"
She said, hysteria was building up, and she turned her face away from him. Night sighed.
"Then who's are they?"
His voice was unsteady, and his words were slow and sad, but Sunstar knew that once she revealed the identity, he would understand that she didn't leave him for another.
"Snow's pups."

Chapter Eleven


"Snow's?! You left me for Snow?"
Night growled, furious. Sunstar shook her head, a pleading look in her eyes.
"No, Night, no! I'm saying that he was the one that knocked me out on that 'day'!"
No sooner than she said that, everything began to come together. So it was fear in Sunstar's eyes whenever she and Snow made eye contact! He was right! Anger sent ripples of energy into his body.
He stomped out of their den, jumped up ontop of the tallest boulder he could find, and growled.
"SNOW!!!! Come here this INSTANT!!!"
Night was too angry for expression! jealousy had gotten the better of him, so he had to make her suffer by making Sunstar bear his pups, and not Night's!! Every wolf in the Tribe turned their heads to watch Snow come up to the foot of the rock.
He says it so innocently!
That just made Night even madder. He flattened his ears and growled. Sunstar watched from the safety of their den.
"Don't try to play dumb with me! I know it was you who is the father of Sunstar's pups!"
Shocked gasps echoed across the clearing. Leaf's jaw dropped, Russet stopped in mid-chew of his food, and Grey dropped low and growled ferociously.
"I did no such thing! Why would I make her carry pups that aren't the alpha's?"
Snow's innocent act was ticking Night off- bad.
Sunstar emerged from the cave, and for the first time, Night noticed that her belly was a little bit swollen.
"Because I know that you've been jealous of my decision of Night over you ever since the moment I rejected you! And we've never talked about pups, so why spring it on me?"
She challenged.
Snow growled and leapt at her.
Night sprinted from the rock and pulled Snow off his mate, who was cowering where she'd fallen. Snow snapped his jaws at Night's ears, but he was too fast. Night bit into Snow's tail, and he howled with pain. Snow gave Night a cut on his face, but that was all he could do. Night clawed his face, belly, legs, everything that would make him hurt.
In the heat of the battle, Night finally bit down very hard on Snow's neck. realizing what he'd done, he backed off, Snow was bleeding heavily.
"Too bad... the... pups... will never... know... their true... father!"
Snow said, gasping between words.
"Good! Then the horrible truth about you will be hidden forever! I never trusted you, Snow. I hope you know that."
Night growled into his ear.
Snow growled out his last words before going limp:
"But... Sunstar will.... have something.... to remember me by.... those pups.... are mine Night.... and you'll forever... face that fact."
His white body jerked, then went limp.
Sunstar ran over to Night and licked his face wound.
"Night, since Snow is dead, you can adopt the unborn pups now. They're offically your own."
She whispered. Night grinned, and then he shuddered.
"I know what your thinking: no, I'm not ashamed of you for this. He deserved it."
"Thanks, love."
He said.
Now all that was left was to wait for the pups to be born. He remembered to not try and blame them for what Snow did, becasue they were innocent.

Chapter Twelve

Sunstar sat down just outside of her den, watching the beautiful sunrise. Her unborn pups kept nudging her, reminding her that she was hungry.
"Alright already!"
She giggled at them. Sunstar got up and walked over to the prey area. She pulled off a fawn and began to eat. As she did this, She got the feeling she was being watched. Turning around, she saw Grey.
"What are you staring at?"
She asked.
Grey looked slightly embarrassed that she'd noticed his staring, so he shuffled his paws and lowered his gaze.
"Its nothing bad... I just thought that you'd.... be a good mother."
His words seemed to stick inside his throat and it was obvious that he was flustered by saying these things to her, but Sunstar just smiled. Grey was her very best friend. She went over to him and brushed his flank with her tail. He seemed to brighten up at that, then he went to go talk to Russet.
Sunstar chuckled then padded out to the forest.
All was quiet, and she liked that. The lake was very peaceful, so she let her tail float in the water.
"Have you ever seen a wolf with that coat color before, Thorn?"
A voice had suddenly spoke.
Sunstar looked around her rapidly, starled by the voice.
"Never seen anything like it, Cloud."
A deeper voice replied.
Sunstar stood up this time to look into the woods.
"Oh! And she's having pups too! Wonder what they will look like?"
The first voice wondered.
Sunstar growled at them and dropped low, ready to leap at anything that would dare to harm her or the pups.
"Calm down, mom-to-be! Sheesh!"
As the voice spoke, two wolves stepped out of the bushes. The larger one, a male, was tan with a dark brown muzzle and tail tip. The smaller wolf, a female, was reddish-grey, with white paws and tail-tip.
"Who are you?"
"I'm Thorn, and this is Cloud, my friend."
The male said, nudging the female.
Sunstar nodded, then Cloud gazed at her in curiosity.
"Where are we, and who are you, anyway?"
"I'm Sunstar, and this is the Tribe of Night Stars' territory that your standing on."
She said proudly. Thorn and Cloud looked at each other in excitement, then Thorn walked up closer to Sunstar.
"May we speak to the alpha's?"
"Your looking at the alpha female. What is it you need?"
"Cloud and I would like to join your Tribe, if thats OK."
New Tribe members! Night's gonna love this!
Sunstar nodded, then she raised her tail for them to follow her. As they made their way back to camp, Thorn and Cloud were chattering behind her, excited about being part of a social group again. When they arrived, Thorn and Cloud gasped.
Night was eating some breakfast, but he noticed Sunstar and the other two and rushed forward to her.
"Who are they, Sunstar?"
"These are our new Tribe members: Thorn and Cloud."
She looked over her shoulder to see them freeze with fear. Understandable, because they were in both of the alpha's presence!
Night eventually nodded, approving her choice, and Thorn and Cloud began to meet the other Tribe members. Russet was telling them the rules, and Leaf was ready to take them on a tour of the territory.
Sunstar's pups were as excited as she was, they were moving and nudging.
It won't be long before you can see the world, now.

Chapter Thirteen
Sunstar woke up from her sleep to the sound of swallows singing in the trees. She rolled back over in her nest, feeling to lazy to get up and stretch. Night was lying next her in their roomy nest, his jet black tail resting on her flank. He was fast asleep, his chest slowly rising and falling in tune with his breathing. Sunstar loved to watch him sleep because it was so peaceful. Suddenly, she felt pain stab through her belly. She knew what it was and prodded Night with her paw.
"Night! Night, wake up! The pups are coming!"
That was all that she had to say, because Night snapped his head up, his eyes wild with panic. He ran outside, calling to Leaf. Sunstar was a little bit frightened, but she forced herself to remain calm, careful to not use up too much energy. Soon, Leaf was in, and Grey and Thorn were outside the den, trying to keep Night out and trying to calm him down. HE wanted to stay with her, but she growled for him to stay outside. He was silent after that, but Sunstar heard him pacing.
It wasn't long before three little bundles were up against her stomach. Leaf called to Night, and as soon as he laid his eyes on them, he smiled so proudly Sunstar knew he'd go boast to the whole Tribe.
"They're beautiful, Sunstar!"
He exclaimed. She knew that he'd forgotten momentarily that these were Snow's pups, but decided that she wouldn't remind him of that yet.
"I've got a name for this one."
She said, nudging a black one with a white mask on his face.
"He will be Shadow."
Sunstar said. Night nodded, and his gaze immediately grew serious.
She followed his gaze and saw a pure white one. A male, but he had a black front paw- like the opposite of Night.
"I... I think he will be Winter, because of his color."
She suggested, wary of Night's reaction to the name being close to Snow's.
His gaze warmed, as if the pups were his own. I looked down at my daughter, and a name popped into my head. She was a small, light brown wolf with a dark brown underbelly and paws. But what made me smile was that she had a white star shape on her left flank. Night nosed her.
"Her name needs to be Starlight, in honor of her mother and her birth mark."
He looked at me with my favorite smile, crooked yet perfect, and I licked his muzzle, and we were silent for a moment, taking pride on my sons and daughter.

Chapter Fourteen

The first thing on Night's mind when he woke up the next morning were Sunstar's pups. He smiled, then frowned. He remembered that they were not his, but Snow's. He flattened his ears at the thought of the jealous white wolf, and shuddered at the memory of accidently killing him and his last words.
They're mine Night, and you'll forever face that fact.
They rang in his head and made him hear blood roaring in his ears. Night's mind started to play back those words until the seemed to have dug a special hole in his mind. Blinking, he peered over at his sleeping mate, with her three pups snuggled against her. He smiled at all of them, especially his adopted son Shadow. His white mask made him look sneaky and mysterious, even though he was a newborn. AS Night wondered what color his eyes would be, his gaze was drawn to his adopted daughter, Starlight. There wasn't any sign of Snow in her pelt, and it would be a matter of time before her eyes would open. Night wondered if the sinister, ice blue eyes of her father would stare back at him. He wanted them to be a mossy green like Sunstar's.
FInally, the pup she named Winter captured his attention.
He was like a color inversion of Night!
Night's main pelt color was black, except one white front paw.
Winter's pelt was white with one black front paw.
The alpha male reminded himself that Sunstar's mother was black and white, so it was only a coincidence. But something inside him told Night that it wasn't.
Sunstar slowly blinked awake and she smiled at him with her sweet gaze that seemed to melt his heart.
"Morning, honey. Did you sleep well?"
She asked him, obviously not moved by the fact she was suckling her enemy's pups. Night tried to act the same way as if nothing was wrong and made her favorite smile: crooked.
"Yes. Did you? How are the pups?"
He made a conscious effort to truly sound worried so she wouldn't worry about him and the pups. She nodded and looked down upon them, those mossy green eyes shining with pride. Night couldn't help but notice that she looked very motherly. Another memory flooded back into his senses:
The night he asked her to be his mate forever. She looked just as beautiful, even with her now shrinking belly and little pups in addition. He smiled at her and his adopted children and wandered outside.
The fresh air seemed to give him energy, and he felt alive.
Russet was grooming Leaf, Cloud was talking to Eagle about something exciting, Thorn was out hunting, and Grey was.....
Where was Grey?
Night looked around his camp and then darted into the woods, frantic. He was about to howl out the timber wolf's name when he saw him sitting by the lake, looking at something. Since Night couldn't see what he was looking at without making noise and alerting Grey of his presence, he got out of the bushes and flicked his tail in greeting.
"Grey? What are you doing all the way out here by yourself?"
He asked.
Grey looked at him with dull eyes, and sighed.
"Yes, something! Now tell me what it is."

He ordered.
Grey sighed again and turned his dark grey head towards the other side of the lake, at a pretty black and white she-wolf. Night's mind was filled with confused thoughts, but narrowed them down to one when he was about to speak.
"Who's that?"
He asked.
Grey's eyes were even more dull, not their usual liquid gold. His tail drooped and his ears flattened.
Night was extremely confused, and tilted his head slightly, with a suspicious look on his face, even though he had nothing to be suspicious about.
"That wolf over there is Moonshine, Sunstar's mother."
Grey said duller than ever.
Night felt excitement, then he felt dull too.
If Sunstar ever found out that her mother always lived closer than she thought, she may want to go back to her and her littermates, and possibly lose everything she and Night had together!
Night merely nodded and flicked his tail back in the direction of camp, not saying a word.
Grey nodded as well and they headed back, both dull and worried that Sunstar would find out somehow. Then Night realized he had a reason to thank Snow for giving her accidental pups:
She wouldn't be able to go that faraway with these little newborns, so she'd hopefully never find out about her home pack.

Chapter Fifteen

Sunstar was relaxing in the den, watching her pups. They hadn't opened their eyes yet, and she could't wait for them to open so she could see which had her eye color: the mossy green that seemed to change to a lighter green when she was angry. She always seemed to worry these days about Night giving them disapproving looks because of their father.
Sunstar shivered at the thought of Snow.
He just wanted to be her mate, and he let jealousy get the better of him. If things had been different, he might still be alive... if things had been different, Snow probably wouldn't have resorted to doing what he did...
Sunstar shook her head to clear it, and saw Shadow's eyelids start to part. Her heart beat faster. They were opening their eyes! Shadow's eyes were a light green, just a shade lighter than her mossy eye color. She turned her head in time to see Starlight open her eyes.
They revealed a mossy green, exactly like Sunstar's. She smiled and turned her head to find Winter.
He wasn't ready to open his eyes yet, mainly because he was asleep, and because before he did fall asleep, Starlight was murmuring to him in pup talk that he should open them with her and Shadow on the same day.
Winter refused and slid into sleep.
Sunstar just sighed and tried to stand up, planning to go outside and stretch her legs. She wandered outside to see Night and Grey returning together, rather dull and somber. She ran up to her mate and gave him a lick on the ear.
"Hey Night! Why such a sad face?"
She asked, concerned.
Night and Grey looked at each other, and then tried to act more chipper.
"Oh nothing... we couldn't find any prey to bring home. They were all still sleeping, with it being this early in the morning."
Grey said, not meeting her eyes.
Sunstar's ears flattened, because she knew that she was being lied to. It was almost evening, so this was obviously a lie.
Night detected her suspiciousness and nudged Grey away.
"Do me a favor and check on the pups will you, please?"
He asked, his eyes were practically shouting Buy me some time!
Grey nodded and trotted over to the den, and she heard a chuckle coming from him when Shadow and Starlight pounced on him.
"Would you mind telling me what's going on here?"
Sunstar snapped at her mate, annoyed that they would lie to her.
Night shuffled his paws and sighed.
"I want to, but I can't."
"You most certainly can, Night, and you know that."
She retorted.
Sunstar knew that she had him when he sighed even harder an drooped his tail.
"Fine the truth is-"
He was cut off by Grey.
Grey motioned for them to enter the den and pointed to Winter.
Sunstar gasped and so did Night.

Chapter Sixteen (I KNOW ITS SHORT ><)

The whole den was silent. Night's jaw had dropped, it seemed, all the way to the ground, while Sunstar was staring. She got misty eyed, and tears of joy welled up inside her.
"Night! Do you know what this means?!"
She asked, excited and overwhelmed at the same time.
The black and white pawed wolf looked back at his mated, smiling wide.
"Yes, love. I do know what this means."
He seemed more in control of himself than Sunstar was, for she buried her face into Night's chest and cried out of joy. He placed his fore-leg around her back and licked her head. Grey ran outside and gathered the Tribe, Who came quickly. Once they saw Winter's eyes, they let out caterwauls and howls of joy and smiled brightly.
Shadow, Starlight, and Winter didn't know what was going on of course, and looked confused.
"Wats going awn Mommy?"
Shadow asked innocently.
"Yeah, why is evewybody howlwing?"
Starlight piped in, rubbing her sleepy eyes. She must have just taken a nap.
Winter was curious too.
"Is thewe a cewebwation?"
He asked, his innocent grey eyes reflected Night in every way.
Sunstar dryed her tears and faced her pups.
"yes, darlings. We are celebrating your birth."
Night said to them before Sunstar could say a word.
She nodded and wrapped her tail protectively around her offspring and looked at Night with pride, joy, and surprise in her mossy green eyes.
"Congratulations, your a father to my pups."
She said, tearing up.

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cool! your making a wolfy story! nice Prolouge!
THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL IS GETTING CLOSER!!!! YAHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh, and new chapter on Starlight!
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Viva l'allegria!~
Webkinz :)
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starrose33 is not just visiting!starrose33 is not just visiting!starrose33 is not just visiting!starrose33 is not just visiting!starrose33 is not just visiting!starrose33 is not just visiting!starrose33 is not just visiting!starrose33 is not just visiting!starrose33 is not just visiting!starrose33 is not just visiting!starrose33 is not just visiting!

Default Re: Sunstar: A Wolf Story of courage, hope, and confidence :) ~Approved~

View Post Originally Posted by Colliedog
cool! your making a wolfy story! nice Prolouge!
THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL IS GETTING CLOSER!!!! YAHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh, and new chapter on Starlight!
oh thanks, collie! your not out of school yet? i've been out since May! i'll read your chapter in a minute. thanks for reading!

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Webkinz :)
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Default Re: Sunstar: A Wolf Story of courage, hope, and confidence :) ~Approved~

This story is really good so far!!!Can't wait to read more!!!Please vm me when a new chappie comes out!!
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Viva l'allegria!~
Webkinz :)
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starrose33 is not just visiting!starrose33 is not just visiting!starrose33 is not just visiting!starrose33 is not just visiting!starrose33 is not just visiting!starrose33 is not just visiting!starrose33 is not just visiting!starrose33 is not just visiting!starrose33 is not just visiting!starrose33 is not just visiting!starrose33 is not just visiting!

Default Re: Sunstar: A Wolf Story of courage, hope, and confidence :) ~Approved~

View Post Originally Posted by soccerjonna
This story is really good so far!!!Can't wait to read more!!!Please vm me when a new chappie comes out!!
i just did, enjoy! thank you for reading my story!
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Webkinz :)
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Colliedog is just really niceColliedog is just really nice

Default Re: Sunstar: A Wolf Story of courage, hope, and confidence :) ~Approved~

View Post Originally Posted by starrose33
oh thanks, collie! your not out of school yet? i've been out since May! i'll read your chapter in a minute. thanks for reading!
well, yesh i am out of school but i still like to celebrate when my siblings come out of school. awesome new chapter!

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Webkinz :)
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Default Re: Sunstar: A Wolf Story of courage, hope, and confidence :) ~Approved~

View Post Originally Posted by starrose33
oh thanks, collie! your not out of school yet? i've been out since May! i'll read your chapter in a minute. thanks for reading!
I got out in june. 2. Love the new chapter.
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Viva l'allegria!~
Webkinz :)
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starrose33 is not just visiting!starrose33 is not just visiting!starrose33 is not just visiting!starrose33 is not just visiting!starrose33 is not just visiting!starrose33 is not just visiting!starrose33 is not just visiting!starrose33 is not just visiting!starrose33 is not just visiting!starrose33 is not just visiting!starrose33 is not just visiting!

Default Re: Sunstar: A Wolf Story of courage, hope, and confidence :) ~Approved~

View Post Originally Posted by Cheetah lover
I got out in june. 2. Love the new chapter.
thanks Cheetah Lover! New chapter up now!
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Webkinz :)
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soccerjonna will become famous soon enough

Default Re: Sunstar: A Wolf Story of courage, hope, and confidence :) ~Approved~

OMG,I just relized something and that is .................................................I want no need more story or i will die of suspense!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Viva l'allegria!~
Webkinz :)
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starrose33 is not just visiting!starrose33 is not just visiting!starrose33 is not just visiting!starrose33 is not just visiting!starrose33 is not just visiting!starrose33 is not just visiting!starrose33 is not just visiting!starrose33 is not just visiting!starrose33 is not just visiting!starrose33 is not just visiting!starrose33 is not just visiting!

Default Re: Sunstar: A Wolf Story of courage, hope, and confidence :) ~Approved~

View Post Originally Posted by soccerjonna
OMG,I just relized something and that is .................................................I want no need more story or i will die of suspense!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
haha you'll get your story in a few seconds. I'm putting up a chappie now no, Sunstar isn't dead, she's just light-headed from the smoke.
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night = wow... o.o', snow is eviill!!!, starlight= new book??, sunstar + night, wolfies

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