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Brightpaw of LC
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Smile .::Starpool's Path--A Warriors Story--Book 1::. *2 new chappies 1/12/11*

Welcome to Starpool's path. The first book in my series 'New Forests'. Please comment, rate, and share! (:
The Series is called: New Forests
The Book is called: Starpool's Path


PROPHECY: Wildcat..Kill...Kill......Star, Dawn, Moss and Whisper must stop the Wildcat..(Wildcat=Mudstar)

Spoiler: show


Leader:Silverstar-Silver Tabby Tom pure silver claws and pads

Deputy:Lightningclaw- White and light orange tom with lightning fast claws
Apprentice, Midnightpaw
Medicine Cat: Fernpool- Undersized Grey tabby she-cat
Apprentice, Mistycloud- Light grey she-cat with misty paws
Stormblaze- Calico she-cat with a white underbelly, sandy paws, and bright moss-green eyes
Apprentice, Sandpaw
Stormfur-Dark grey tabby tom
Snaketail-Silver tom with a long tail
Apprentice, Bluepaw

Rainwhisker-White she-cat with black whiskers
Apprentice, Dawnpaw
Swiftfoot- Black tom with swift paws
Snowstorm-White she-cat with black whiskers (Rainwhisker's twin)
Rosepelt- Rusty she-cat
Apprentice, Starpaw
Foxcatcher-Rusty brown tom
Apprentice, Mosspaw
Icestorm- White she-cat with icy blue eyes
Apprentice, Willowpaw
Berrynose-Cream tom
Thornclaw- Black tom with thorn sharp claws
Patchpelt-White she-cat with black patches
Blackheart-A white tom with a weird black heart shape on flank
Nightclaw-Black tom with white paws
Apprentice, Paintpaw
Starpool- White She-cat wit a blue star marking on her back
Apprentice, Whisperpaw
Dawnleaf- Pretty light brown she-cat with white a underbelly and paws
Mosspelt- Dark brown tom with patches of dark green on his pelt
Willowstream- light brown she-cat with small dark green stripes on her pelt

Midnightsky- Tuxedo Tom
Whisperwind- Beautiful Snow white she-cat with bright blue eyes, formly a Kittypet.
Bluecrystal- blue-light-ish grey she-cat

Littlepoppy-little cream she-cat (Mother of Berrynose's kits: Creamkit (Light cream she-kit), Vanillakit (creamy vanilla she-kit), Dovekit (Very light grey she-kit), Stonekit (Light grey tom-kit)

Bramblestorm-Dark Brown Tom
Spottedflower-Cream spotted she-cat

Sandpaw-a Solid black she-cat with startling grey eyes and a weird sandy colored star on forehead
Paintpaw-a white she-cat with brown and grey spots, also have black spots on both eyes.

Leader: Brightstar- White she-cat
Deputy: Twistedfoot-ginger tom with a twisted paw
Medicine Cat: Brackenpelt- Dark brown tabby she-cat
Apprentice, Hollybush (Very Dark cream she-cat with spiky fur)

Stonepaw-light grey tom
Lilypaw-cream she-cat with orange ears and paws
Rosepaw- light ginger she-cat
Rustpaw- rusty tom
Snowpaw- white she-cat with black paws
Daypaw-orange she-cat with a yellow face

Sandclaw-brown tom with sandypaws (One who almost killed Starpool, Dawnleaf, and Mosspelt)
Viperclaw-sleek black tom with viper fang like claws
Cougartooth-light tan tom with very long and sharp fangs
Boneclaw-black tom with boney claws
Pineforest- brown tom with green tipped fur
Weedwhisker- dark ginger she-cat with weed-like whiskers
Whiteclaw- pure white tom
Acorntail- ginger-brown she-cat with a nub tail

Leader: Mudstar-evil huge brown tom with long cougar fang like claws, has half of a tail due to battle with Starpool
Deputy: Moonstripe-black tom with a silver stripe going down his spine
Medicine Cat: Leaftail-Brown Main Coon tom
Apprentice, Rainpaw

Shadowpaw-Black-as-night tom
Bonepaw-massive white tom with a black tail
Cherrypaw-dark ginger she-cat with lighter brown ears, tail, and underbelly

Blossemlight-Calico she-cat with sandy paws
Highstep-Tall brown tom
Rainfall- White and spotted with grey she-cat
Tallflower- Calico she-cat with long legs
Apprentice, Blossempaw
Moonpoppy-Dark cream she-cat
Foxleap- Rusty tom
Apprentice, Highpaw
Starstep- Black tom spotted with white dots
Rockfall-Grey tom
Pebblestep- Grey she-cat spotted with black
Tallmountain- cloudy white tom
Bluefur-greyish-blue tom
Killerclaw- Black and White tom with Nettle Sharp Claws and Snake-like fangs
Highlight-light cream she-cat
Brightflower- White she-cat with sandy paws and bright blue eyes

Leader: :Leafstar-White she-cat with brown patches
Deputy: Cloudfoot-Ginger tom with White paws and bright green eyes
Medicine Cat: Littlemoon-Undersized white she-cat
Apprentice, Falconwing- white tom with black head, tail, and paws.
Tortiseshell she-cat with white underbelly and green eyes.

Moonpaw-white she-cat
Flamepaw-Ginger tom
Leafpaw-Brown Tabby she-cat with white underbelly
Lightningtail- Light orange tabby tom
Apprentice, Moonpaw
Shrewfang-battle scared dark gray tom
Longtail- white she-cat with a long tail
Apprentice, Bramblepaw
Heavystep-plump brown tom, oldest warrior of CreekClan
Blackstorm- Black tom with blue eyes
Apprentice, Leafpaw
Whitestripe-black she-cat striped with white
Apprentice, Flamepaw
Whitefeather- blind White she-cat



Scarlet light bathed the Camp. The sun turned red and started to Drown in the hills. A Silver she-cat wondered around the camp, looking for something to do. "I want to be with Silverpaw, but I'm stuck in Camp." Moonpaw sighed. Silverpaw was her crush, she got every chance she could to be with him. "Thank StarClan we're becoming warriors today." She thought. "I might even become a Queen...soon." She added. Silverpaw came back from the Patrol. He spotted her and padded to her. "Hey, wanna go hunting with me and Bramblestorm?" He asked. "Yes, Yes I do!"

Chapter 1:
Silverclaw padded to the nursery with a vole hanging from his jaws. Three kits crowed around Moonleaf. "Do you know what you want to name them?" Silverclaw asked. "Yes, I have, This is Starkit, Dawnkit, and Mosskit." She pointed her nose to a Silver kit, dark cream kit, and a light brown kit. "They're wonderful." He smiled at the three kits. "Here, I thought you might be hungry." He added and nosed a vole to her. "Thank you." She chewed the vole and gulped it down. "I'm going on a hunting patrol, see you in a little while." He smiled and padded out of the den.
"Starkit! Dawnkit! Mosskit! Hurry Run!" Yowled Moonleaf. A tree was starting to fall onto the Nursery. "Nightcloud!" Moonleaf yowled and raced for her best friend who was still in the Nursery with her kits. "Moonleaf! Help!" Nightcloud yowled back. Moonleaf dug her claw into her friend, which was the only way to grab her. "Momma!! Wait!" Squeaked Willowkit and Midnightkit. "Willowkit! Midnightkit! Moonleaf! I must go get them! There is no way to get to them if the log closes the cave opening up!" Nightcloud mewed to fast for Moonleaf to catch. Nightcloud slid under the log and grabbed the kits scruff, then slid back. "Oh no! My paw is stuck under the Log!" Nightcloud yowled in pain. The LightningClan leader--Stormstar-- Came to see what was happening. "Stormstar! Fernpool! Help Us!" Moonleaf yowled, scared her Friend wouldn't make it. Fernpool heard her name and ran back into the Medicine Cat's Den, She came out with herbs and her Apprentice. "Mistypaw, Hurry!" Fernpool mewed to Mistypaw her Apprentice. "Yes, Fernpool." Mistypaw raced into the den and came out with cobweb and poppy seeds. Dawnkit, Mosskit, Willowkit and Midnightkit watched, To young to know what's going on. Only Starkit knew what was going on, But she was just to little to help out. "Moonleaf! What happening!?" Silverclaw screeched, he had heard the yowling while he was training Lilypaw. "A tree fell on the Nursery and Nightcloud got her leg stuck under it." Starkit mewed. "But Me and the kits managed to get out in time." Moonleaf finished her sentence.

Chapter 2

Nightcloud yowled as the foot was free from the log. "That hurt!" Mewed Nightcloud. "But your paw's free now," Replied Fernpool. "Try walking on it." She added. "Okay," She laid her paw on the ground. "Ow!" She fell to the ground. "I think it's broken!" she added. Mistypaw gave her some poppy seeds while Fernpool wrapped Cob web around her leg. "Silverclaw, fetch Nightclaw, He'll need to pick her up and lay her in the Medicine Cat's Den." Whispered Stormstar. "Yes, Stormstar." He raced into the forest to where the CreekClan border was.

Silverclaw zig-zagged through the forest. He sniffed, A unfamilar sent! "CreekClan." He whispered and finally heard mewing as he got closer. "I'll sneak up on them, if they're a threat I'll attack." He thought. He stalked the ferns in front of him. Then he listened. "Give us your territory or its a fight." Riverstar's booming mew startled him. "No! LightningClan Will never ever give territory to any clan!" Nightclaw growled. Silverclaw jumped out behind the ferns and Battle Cry. "ATTACK!!!" Silverclaw yowled to his Clanmates. "Bluepaw! Fetch Stormstar and more warriors and Apprentices!" Hissed Silverclaw. "Yes, Silverclaw!" She mewed and raced to camp. Her claws dug into the soft earth making her run faster and faster. "Stormstar!" Yowled Bluepaw. "We need more warriors! CreekClan is attacking!" She added. "Warriors!" Stormstar mewed. All warriors raced out of the den. "What's happening?" Lightningclaw mewed. "Lightningclaw, gather warriors and lead them to the CreekClan border." Mewed Stormstar. "Why?" Lightningclaw asked. "CreekClan is attacking! Hurry and go!" Stormstar was already in the forest before Lightningclaw could reply. "Come on, You heard Stormstar, hurry!" All the warriors raced after Lightingclaw. Stormstar yowled and jumped into the battle. "Riverstar! Why have you caused Blood Shed?" Stormstar demanded. "My Clan is starving to death, And the only thing to do is take some territory." Riverstar growled. "And you choose to take ours? Mouse-brained." Stormstar shook her head and jumped onto the tom. "Riverstar you will pay for bringing Blood Shed to my clan." She snarled and pinned down Riverstar. "Now my Clan is injured, and so will your clan." She added and clawed his face and throat. She jumped off him and landed onto the CreekClan Deputy. Then bounced off her and onto a CreekClan warrior. She heard a Yowl of pain. Thornclaw! Her mate! He was laying limp on the ground. Stormstar growled clawed the CreekClan warrior. "You will die." She bit into his throat. "RETREAT!!!!" Yowled Riverstar. He and his clan fled into their Territory. "That's right! Go!" Growled Stormstar. Many CreekClan warriors layed dead on the ground. She ran over to Thornclaw, "Thornclaw, are you Alright?" She mewed hopefully. "Get Fernpool.." He trailed off. "Silverclaw! Nightclaw! Lightningclaw! Help me carry him to The Medicine Cat Den!" Stormstar hissed.

Chapter 3
They ran to her and picked up his soaked red body. As the padded blood dripped on the ground, leaving a trail to camp. Then they finally came to the thorn barrier. "Fernpool!" Stormstar hissed. "Yes?" She asked. "Oh no! What happened? Is it bad?" She saw Thornclaw's Body. "Take him in!" She mewed. They carried Thornclaw into the Medicine Cat's Den. Fernpool sewed his gash up with a very thin vine and gave him poppy seeds and put Cobweb on his gash to soak up the blood. Nightcloud and her kits where in a nest beside Thornclaw. "Mama, who's he?" Asked Midnightkit. "That's Thornclaw, a very brave warrior." Nightcloud replied, then closed her eyes and went to sleep. "Sandpaw! Paintpaw!" Mewed Stormblaze. "Yeah?" Yawned Paintpaw. "Yes?" Sandpaw's head popped up from her nest. "Come on, you two are going on the Dawn Patrol." Stormblaze mewed back. "Okay." They both mewed and padded to the Thorn tunnel. "We're going to DarkClan border." Snaketail mewed. Stormblaze, Paintpaw, Sandpaw, and Snaketail were on the patrol. Snaketail halted. "Stop, I smell something." No one moved a whisker. "DarkClan Patrol." Snaketail whispered. "Lets go see what they're doing." Snaketail followed their sent. They where just sitting there. "What are you doing?" Asked Stormblaze. "We've came to talk to Stormstar." It was Cloudfoot! And two more warriors! Stormblaze bristled. "Um, Okay." Stormblaze mewed and led Cloudfoot through the trees. Lightningclaw was guarding the camp. "What is he doing here?" A growl was rising in Lightningclaw's throat. "I've come to talk to Stormstar." Cloudfoot mewed. Stormblaze Led Cloudfoot to the Leader's Den. "Wait here." Stormblaze mewed. Cloudfoot nodded and sat down. "I hear someone is on my Territory." Stormstar chuckled. "What brings you, Cloudfoot?" Stormstar was serious now. "We shouldn't take about this outside your den." He replied. They both padded deep into the Leader's Cave. "Stormstar, Leafstar has had a dream about The Clans." Cloudfoot breathed. Stormstar's eyes grew wide. "What about The Clans?" She gasped. "The Clans will have to move away from the Forest." He mewed, his voice clam as a breeze. "Move? But where?!" Stormstar couldn't leave the forest! That's the only thing she knew! She was born there! Where would the clans settle? Was there more than the forest?

Chapter 4
Paintpaw, Stormblaze, and Sandpaw led Cloudfoot to the Border. "Have a safe walk home." Sandpaw mewed. "You too." Cloudfoot replied, Then padded into the Shadows. The three cats padded into the shadows as well. When they got back Stormstar called a meeting."Let all cats old enough to catch their on prey gather a the Highrock for a Clan meeting." Stormstar yowled. Bramblestorm and Spottedflower limped into the Clearing. "What going on?" Murmurs came from the Crowd of cats. Starkit, Mosskit, and Dawnkit poked their heads out of the Nursery. "What's going on, Mother?" Starkit mewed. "Its a Clan meeting Sweetie, Hush now." Moonleaf soothed. "Cloudfoot has told me something horrible," Stormstar's mew was starting to shutter. "W-we must move, Twolegs are going to take over! Monsters will start driving through the Clans' Territories!" She breathed. Gasps were passed among the crowd. "Where will we move? Where is more Territory that is Safe?" The LightningClan Deputy mewed. "He told me One of each Clan will be chosen to go to the Sun-Drown-Place too meet someone." Stormstar meowed. Ooh..me hopefully! Starkit thought. Aww..but I'm just a kit. She added. Like StarClan would pick a Kit..well..Apprentice. She sighed. "The chosen will gather at the Sunningrocks, so Remember the other clans are not Taking Territory." Stormstar mewed. "Clan dismissed." She added and padded into her den. "Right when mostly half of the Clan is injured." Stormstar sighed. "I guess I'll go Check on Thornclaw." She smiled at the Thought of seeing Thornclaw better. She padded into the Medicine Cat's den. She poked her head in. "May I come in Fernpool?" Stormstar mewed. "Yes, you may." She replied without looking up From Thornclaw's gash. "Is he healing well?" She mewed hopefully. "Yes. He is." Fernpool finally looked up. "Stormstar!" Yowled a voice from outside. "I got to go. I love you, Thornclaw." Stormstar purred. "You too." He replied. Stormstar smiled and raced out. "What's wrong?!" She mewed to Paintpaw.

Chapter 5
"BreezeClan Is on our Borders! And they are not being friendly!" Paintpaw mewed. Stormstar stared at the Spotted She-cat. "Okay, I'm on my way." Stormstar's mew was stiff. Paintpaw raced back into the forest with Stormstar a few tail-lengths behind. A few warriors behind them, too. Stormstar yet out a battle cry and jumped into battle. "Moonstar!" Stormstar yowled. "Why have YOU brought Blood-shed also?!" She added. "The rabbits have gone, we need prey." Moonstar growled, and pushed her off. Why is everyone taking OURS then? A growl rose in her throat, she began to rise to her paws, her fur bristled, eyes blazed with fury, claws starting to slip out, tail lashing. "You aren't going to like what I'm about too do." She hissed and blew Moonstar and all his warriors away with just one claw. "You are breaking the Warrior Code, Moonstar." Her voice started to rise into a yowl. She jumped high and while she was in air, her claws sliced through their throats, then landed. Stormstar's warriors and apprentices rose from out of the bushes behind her. "We are out numbered!" Moonstar yowled, and limped into a bush, his warrior fallowing. "Here let me help you get home." Stormstar rose up her claw and swiped her claw, making them blow back. "Stormstar! Stormstar! Silverclaw! Silverclaw!" Yowled Moonleaf as she ran right up to them. "T-the kits!! They've been stolen! A BreezeClan warrior took them!" She added. Silverclaw's eyes grew wide. "Oh no! They better NOT have!" His yowl could he heard throughout the whole forest. "If they-..." He trailed off. He saw the three kits in a Brown warriors jaws, the brown warrior held them over the Creek that led to CreekClan. 'Oh-no! He's going to drop them in the Creek!" Moonleaf screamed and clawed the ground. "Wait..what is Starkit doing?" Stormstar's eyes grew wide. The she-kit had her fangs and claws on the warriors throat! "Help me here!" Starkit's mew was muffled by the warrior's fur. The brown warrior let the kits' scruff go, but they all still hung with their fully grown claws and fangs. Silverclaw raced over and pushed the warrior in the creek. The kits landed on the soft sandy creek bank. Moonleaf and Stormstar padded over too. "Help! I can't breath!" The unknown warrior cried, water muffling his cry. "Mouse Dung," Stormstar sighed. "Okay, I'm coming." She added and ran to the Creek Bank. She let him flow by until she could grab him. She gently put him on the bank. "Now, go tell Moonstar to NEVER come here again, got it?" Stormstar mewed. The warrior nodded and ran off.

Chapter 6
"Thankfully no one was injured, just a few Claw marks," Fernpool mewed to Stormstar. "Is it time?" She added. "Yes, it is." They padded onto the Highrock. "All cats old enough to catch prey gather at the Highrock for a clan meeting." Stormstar yowled. "Let Starkit, Mosskit, and Dawnkit come forward." The three kit bounded up the High Rock. Starkit, Mosskit, and Dawnkit stood in front of Stormstar. "Starkit, Mosskit, Dawnkit, you all have reached the age of six moons, and it's time for you all to be apprenticed. From this day, until you receive your warrior name, you will be known as, Starpaw, Mosspaw, and Dawnpaw. I ask StarClan to watch over you and to guide you until you find in your paws the Strength and Courage of a warrior." Stormstar mewed. All the cats in the Clan joined in. "Rosepelt, you will be mentoring Starpaw. Lightningclaw you will mentoring Midnightpaw. Rainwhisker, you will be mentoring Dawnpaw. Foxcatcher, you will be mentoring Mosspaw. Icestorm you will be mentoring Willowpaw." Stormstar called up all the cats. The mentors dipped their heads and led the apprentices to the training clearing. "Clan dismissed." Stormstar yowled and the Clan went back to their duties.

Chapter 6

Starpaw walked over to the training hallow. "Are you ready to start?" Rosepelt meowed. "Sure!" Starpaw smiled. "Okay then, watch me." Rosepelt darted at a tree, jumped off you it and glided under Starpaw's belly and let her paws slide gently across her belly. "See? If you do that you cut open their belly." Starpaw nodded and darted to the same tree and jumped off of it, but this time she let her claws slide out. Rosepelt darted out of the way before the claws even touched her. "Starpaw watch out for that cliff!" Rosepelt yowled. Starpaw slid until she dropped off the cliff. "Rosepelt!" Her voice seemed to fade away as she fell down into the canyon. "Starpaw!" Rosepelt echoed. Starpaw saw Rosepelt get farther away as she fell. Dawnpaw heard everything and dashed to the seen. Before she could speak Rosepelt yowled, "Get Fernpool, Stormstar, and Silverclaw! Starpaw has fallen off the cliff!" Dawnpaw dashed to the camp. Starpaw hit the black water with a thud, then all went black.

Chapter 7
Starpaw woke up in a bright meadow. Everything was beautiful. Rabbits to catch, butterflies to catch, a sparkling river to drink from. She looked down from another cliff, she saw cats gathered around a small, water soaked she-cat. "What? I-is that me?" She stammered. "Am I dead?" "Hello, young one." A soft, clam, voice purred. Starpaw spinned around and faced the beautiful silver she-cat. "Skystar!" Starpaw gasped and dipped her head. "It's not your time to go, Starpaw." Skystar mewed. "It's not?" Starpaw squeaked. "No, but i have something to share with you. A darkness will overcome the clans around you, all will be lost if you and your clan don't fight them." Starpaw nodded and started to shiver. "A new leader will take Riverstar's place. The darkness will flood into him."Skystar added. "Mudclaw." Starpaw whispered. "Now it is your time to go, it isn't your place here." Skystar meowed and Starpaw hit her earth body has hard as a rock.

Chapter 8
"Wake up! Starpaw! Breathe!"Moonleaf nosed her. "Moonleaf, she's breathing!" Fernpool meowed. "Oh, Honey i thought i lost you! You weren't breathing for a moment!" Moonleaf mewed. She tired to get up. "Ow! My leg!" Starpaw looked down at her crooked, out-of-place, bleeding leg. "I think it's broken!" Fernpool checked it. "No, its not, but it's very swollen All was silent. "Help me take her to the den." Fernpool mewed. They nodded and lifted Starpaw's body.
"It still hurts, Fernpool." Starpaw complained. "Here, eat these poppy seeds, they'll make you sleepy and soothe the pain." Fernpool pushed the seeds to her. Starpaw lapped them up. It was moonhigh. Mistypaw and Fernpool would be going to the Starpool soon. "Starpaw, we're going to the Starpool. Your mother will be looking after you." Fernpool explained. "Okay, see you at dawn." Starpaw sighed. well, at least it's my mother. "Are you okay?" Moonleaf's soft voice echoed in the thick vine tunnel. "Yeah, i'm good. I'll yowl if i need you." Starpaw replied. "Okay." Moonleaf's meow faded away. Starpaw was starting to sleep. She dreamed she was in a dark meadow. "Wildcat...Kill...kill..." Dark Cats with glowing red eyes moved across the clearing like snakes. "Wildcat...kill..kill..." They repeated. "Who are you?! Go away!" Starpaw yowled.

Chapter 9
"Starpaw! Wake up!" Moonleaf shook her. "Wha? Huh!" Starpaw blinked. "You kept saying things in your sleep. You look like you needed help." Moonleaf mewed. "Yes, i did, these Cats kept saying: Wildcat...kill..kill..." Starpaw replied. "I'll speak to Fernpool about that..it might be a message from StarClan!" Moonleaf got up and trotted out of the den. Starpaw went to sleep again.

Fernpool and Mistypaw arrived at the Starpool. All the medicine cats dipped there noses in the icy water. Fernpool started dreaming. She was in a dark meadow, pitch black with only star light to light the meadow. A loud booming evil chuckle came from the shadows.
"Fernpool...your clan will die.." Mudstar crept into the dim Starlight. "Mudstar!" Fernpool drew back her lips into a snarl. "I'm not afraid of a Medicine Cat." Mudstar growled. "Mudstar, why have you came here?" Fernpool hissed. "I come to tell you that your clan will die if you don't give us your territory." "Never!" Fernpool jumped on him. The two fought. "Mudstar! If you dare come near us, I'll claw your ears off! I wish you where dead" Fernpool hissed. "Be careful what you wish for, Fernpool. I'd be even more Powerful in StarClan." "Don't you mean Dark Forest, Flea Brain?" Fernpool rolled her eyes. Mudstar trotted into the forest with a evil grin and her dream turned into a mist.

Chapter 10
Starpaw was better. Her leg started to heal. She could walk again, but she still couldn't hunt or fight. Starpaw limped out of the den. Fernpool and Mistypaw where out looking for herbs. She looked around and smelled a unknown cat sent. None of the clans, it smelled like a Kittypet! A Kittypet she-kit. Starpaw followed the warm sent. Till the sent was so strong, it smelled like it was on top of her. Then she spotted the kit, she was pure white with bright, icy blue eyes. The kitten looked about 5 moons old. Starpaw smiled and crept toward the kit, then stood up straight. "Hi there, Kittypet!" Starpaw mewed. The kit ruffled her fur and her eyes grew wide and spun around to face Starpaw. "Eeeek! Who are you?!" The kit squealed. "I'm Starpaw. Don't worry I can't hurt you." Starpaw soothed. "Oh, okay, good. My momma said not to talk to the wildcats though. She said they sharpen their claws and fangs on old bones and eat kittens like me!" "Hmmph, that's not true. We only eat mice and rabbits. We don't use bones for anything!" Starpaw snapped. "My name is Angel, By the way. Why don't you get a nice cozy home? It's so damp and uncomfortable here in the forest!" "What?! I couldn't think of anything worse than being a Kittypet! Eating stuff that doesn't look like food, only going outside when the twolegs allow you. That's no life! Out here it's wild, it's free. We come and go as we please." Starpaw sniffed the air. "I smell cats from my Clan. You should go!" "But...I don't smell anything!" Angel looked around. "Go!" Angel dashed away, but Stormstar stopped her dead in her tracks. "What's going on here?" Stormstar hissed. "Stormstar!" Starpaw dipped her head. Angel saw what Starpaw was going, and did the same. "And who is this?" Stormstar met Angel's gaze. "She's no threat! Just a twoleg pet from beyond our territories." Starpaw meowed.

Chapter 11
Angel stared at Stormstar. "Me? Join...Your Clan?" Angel's eyes where bigger than the moon. "Yes. Will you?" Stormstar blinked. "Um...Can i think about your Offer?" "Yes, you may. My Deputy, Silverclaw will be here at Dusk. Be there if you want to Join." Stormstar meowed. "Yes, Ma'am." Angel dipped her head and trotted off.
Angel sat on her fence, staring into the forest. It was starting to get dark outside. Something was moving behind her. "Angel?" Storm chirped. "Hello, Storm." Angel purred and walked across the fence to her Brother. "Why are you out here? Dinner is ready." Storm mewed. "I didn't want Mama to know..That i'm going to live with the Wildcats.." Angel looked at her paws.
"What?! The Wildcats? Why?!" Storm screeched. "I met two of them in the forest this morning. They want ME to join their Clan." Angel looked up from her paws, and her gaze met with Storm's. "You? Why? Don't they hate cats that live with Housefolk?" Storm asked. "Yes, they do, but Their Leader said she saw that i was truly a Warrior." "Well...I'll miss you...Mom will too." Storm sighed. "I know, I'm sorry. It's just here, I feel like i'm always caged up. I want to be free!" Angel lifted her chin to the Stars. "But, I'll come visit." "Mom loves you. Don't you want to say Goodbye to her?" Storm jumped off the Fence. "Yes, I guess I do." Angel jumped off the fence and trotted into the house. Her mother lied in her bed, washing her face and paws. "Mama? C-can I tell you something?" Angel was scared her Mother would burst into tears. "Yes, dear? What is it?" Honey stood up and licked her Daughter's head. "I'm leaving to live with the Wildcats." Angel breathed. Honey stopped licking and lifted her head. "W-why? I can never see you again?!" Honey's eyes started to water. Angel licked her tears away. "I'm sorry, but..They want me to join their clan." Angel sighed. "I guess this is goodbye..Goodbye my sweet. I will miss you. Try to visit me.." Honey trailed off and put her head to Angel's, then started crying. "They'll take good care of me, Mama, I promise." Angel purred and licked her Mom between the ears.

Chapter 12
"Starpool! Dawnleaf! Mosspelt! Midnightsky! Willowstream!" LightningClan cheered there new warriors names. Starpool saw her Mother eyes shining with proudness. Nightcloud sat beside Moonleaf, doing to same. "We're warriors! Finally!" Dawnleaf trembled with happiness. Starpool saw Silverclaw walking beside a pure white kit. "Angel!" Starpool gasped and ran over to greet the small kit. "STRANGER!!" Nightcloud screeched. All eyes where now staring at the pure white kit. Angel crawled under Starpool for protection from the burning eyes. "Stop!" Stormstar was walking down into the clearing. "This young cat is going to join our Clan." Pelts bristled. "Our Clan? But she's a Kittypet!" Midnightsky hissed into Willowstream's ear. "No StarClan, Mouse-brain! Of course our Clan! Who cares if she is a Kittypet, she looks tough enough!" Willowstream snapped, rolling her eyes. All eyes went back to their Leader. She was now at the top of the Highstone. "Let all cats old enough to catch there prey, gather at the Highstone for a Clan meeting!" Stormstar yowled. All cats where already there though, looking at their Leader. "We have a new Apprentice, until she recives her warrior name, Whisperpaw will be her name." Whisperpaw looked very happy. "I am very Glad to be here. That Kittypet life was not for me! I belong here, in the Wild!" Whisperpaw yowled. The Clan cheered. "Oh and i almost forgot! She needs a mentor....Starpool!" Starpool gasped. "But I've only been a warrior for a day! Why me?" Starpool looked confused, for she was. "Starpool, my dear, i see more than a warrior in you." Stormstar winked. Did she know about the Prophecy? Surely not. But why did she chose her?

Chapter 13
Sandpaw and Paintpaw walked into the Warrior den. They stood over Starpool and shook her. "Starpool, wake up, Stormstar wants to see you in her den." Paintpaw mewed in her ear. "Hmm? Me? Mmmkay." Starpool blinked sleeply. She padded out of the den. The rich sent of prey was in the air. It was a beautiful day, everything was perfect. Starpool flexed her claws and yawned. Sandpaw was sharing a mouse with Paintpaw. They were best friends. They spent a lot of time with each other. "Starpool! Come here into my den with me. I need to talk to you." Stormstar mewed loudly and padded into her den. Starpool padded into her den. Darkness swept over her pelt. It was dark and cool inside. "Why did you need me, Stormstar?" Starpool asked. "I have had a dream about your apprentice and your siblings. Star, Dawn, Moss, and Whisper must kill Mud and bring peace to the lands. If Mud kills the chosen, all will be lost." Stormstar mewed, she had a hint of fear in her voice. Starpool bristled. "I've had many dreams about the same thing, but in other types of signs." Starpool mewed. "And, Cloudfoot came to me when you where a kit. You may not remember this. He said Leafstar had a dream about the Clan's having to move from the forest because of Twolegs and their Monsters running over the trees." Stormstar added. Before Starpool could reply, a terrified screech stung Starpool's ears. "CREEKCLAN IS ATTACKING!!!!!! MUDSTAR IS LEADING THE BATTLE!!!!! THEIR WHOLE CAMP HAS CAME!!!!!" Nightcloud screeched. "My kits! Oh, My kits! They have been injured! Moonleaf has been killed trying to save them!" Littlepoppy cried. Mudstar stood in the middle of the fightning cats with Moonleaf dead in his jaws. "Mother! NO!" Starpool yowled and jumped on the massive tom. "I hate you, Mudstar! I hate you!!!!!!!!!" Starpool wanted to rip his tail off. Mudstar let her mother drop. He swiftly turned around and blew a claw at her Throat. "Ha! Missed! You stupid, fox-hearted, furball!" Starpool spat and bit the base of his tail. If she did that, he would lose blance! Perfect!

Chapter 14
Starpool bit the base of Mudstar's tail, he yowled and swiftly turned to try to catch her. "I know about the prophecy, runt." Mudstar hissed in Starpool's ear. "I must kill all of you before you kill me." He added and backed away. "Ha! You fox-hearted fool! You can't kill me! I have StarClan on my side!" Starpool spat. "Dawnleaf, Whisperpaw, Mosspelt and me." She added and jumped for his throat. She clung onto it and dug down. HARD. He let put a cry of pain and pushed her off. Paws where heading toward her. Dawnleaf! Mosspelt! Whisperpaw! "Ha! The Prophecy cats have come, Mudstar!" Starpool hissed. Every CreekClan warrior was out of the camp, they all ran away. But Mustar stood there, breathing hard. Whisperpaw finished off his tail. Mudstar now had a half-tail. Mudstar ran into the forest with a cry of pain. "I'll come back even stronger next time!" He howled and ran away. Silverclaw stood over Stormstar, she laid motionless on the ground. "She used her last life.." Silverclaw trailed off. All cats where shocked with pain. "NO! NO! NO! I CAN'T LET THIS HAPPEN AGAIN!!!!!!" Starpool yowled and ran into the forest toward the CreekClan boarder. "Starpool, NO!" Dawnleaf yowled. Mudstar was waiting to strike.

Chapter 15
Willowstream and Midnightsky raced into the forest after Starpool. "Don't try and stop me!" Starpool called. "Why are you going to the CreekClan border?!" Midnightsky asked. "What? I'm going to the Starpool for help!" Starpool corrected. "You must come-" "ATTACK!!!!!" Mudstar flew from the bushes and landed on Willowstream. Darknight landed on Starpool. Before his fangs touched her skin, she swiftly turn on him and bit into his neck. "Say goodbye, Darknight!" Starpool spat and cut into his throat. Hot and sticky blood bubbled at his neck, his body stank with death. His body was Ice Cold. "You needed to die." Starpool muttered. She looked around and saw Mudstar sprawled on the ground. "Ha! You died!" She stood other the body. "I shall cut into your belly t-" "Ha!" Mudstar opened his eyes and let his hind legs push onto her belly and knock her into a tree. The faintly saw the dead body of Willowstream. "No..." Starpool murmured, then all went black.

Chapter 16
Smells of CreekClan flooded into Starpool's nose. "Wake up, you stupid furball." A rude voice hissed in her ear. She jerked awake and her head hit Mudstar's. "Ow!" Mudstar growled and cut Starpool's flank. "Hey!" Starpool jumped back. "Where am I?!" She added, her eyes wide. "Where is my Clan?!" She shouted. "Shut up!" Mudstar snapped. "They're still alive. Silverstar is their Leader now. He's is you father, Am i correct?" Mudstar asked, looking at his claw. "Yea! Why do wanna know, Flea-Brain!?" Starpool snapped. "You don't talk to your Leader that way!" Mudstar snapped harshly. "MY Leader?! YOU? My leader? A big ball of Fox Dung!" Starpool retorted with a chuckle. "Yeah you heard me! You live in my Clan now. I'll use you for many things." Mudstar grinned evilly. "You live in the Prisoners Den." Starpool looked around and saw old cat bones and old fresh-kill bones. "Eeeek! Ever heard of cleaning a den?!" Starpool bristled. "This den is for prisoners, like you. It never needs cleaing." He spat. "Hey, what if i escape from here?" She asked curiously. "You won't, I'll have this den locked down so no one can get through." Mudstar replied sharply. "Oh, well I'm never gonna get out of here, Oh my oh my!" Starpool retorted. "Whatever." Mudstar snapped, looking very offended. He padded out of the Den, he slid a large rock over the den opening, making everything quite dark. "Finally," She muttered and started digging at the back of the Den. Light flooded the den, "Yes!" She tried not to make herself heard. "LIGHTNINGCLAN IS ATTACKING!!! SILVERSTAR AND HIS WHOLE CAMP IS HERE!" One of the queens screeched. "My time to kill some cats." Starpool grinned and slid into the apprentice den. "Hey!" A six moons old apprentice squeaked in shock. "You will be too easy!" The tiny kit looked at her with sadness in his big blue eyes. "Fine, i won't kill you, i'll just take you to join LightningClan." Starpool rolled her eyes and grabbed his scruff. "Let go of me! I'll never join your Clan!" The kit squeaked. "Oh, you will, Trust me."

Chapter 17
Starpool padded into the camp with the kit in her jaws. "Stay here with Littlepoppy." She told the kit. Littlepoppy grabbed him gently with her jaws. "Do not fear, little one, I won't Harm you." She said softly. "What is your name?" She asked. "Littlepaw." He replied.

Starpool stood over her mothers body. "You said you wouldn't die..." She trailed off. "You said you wouldn't leave me until you where a elder, you said you wouldn't leave us." Starpool felt tears rolling down her cheek. "I didn't mean too....I just...needed to save Littlepoppy's kits." Moonleaf's spirit sat down beside her. "Mother!" Starpool jumped to the ghostly form of the starry cat. "Moonleaf! I can't-" She look where had jumped and a mist just started settling on the ground. "No! Mother! No..No...No" She cried and pounded the ground with her paws. Fernpool and Mistycloud sat by their den, watching Starpool sob. "You mother was very brave, Starpool." Littlepoppy mewed. "She saved my kits' lives." She added gratefully. "Your father is still here." Fernpool reminded her gently. "I'll never be happy again! Knowing i have no mother, a evil cat is after me, and i might die!" She wailed. "Silverstar and the Clan is back!" Mistycloud mewed loudly. "We brought back their Medicine Cat, CreekClan is injured badly, so i took the Medicine Cat. He's still alive but we knocked him out." Silverstar mewed. "Put him in my den." Fernpool demanded. "I brought back a apprentice." Starpool mewed. "He's with Littlepoppy, his name is Littlepaw" She added and pointed her tail to a little light orange kit. "He'll make a Fine warrior." Silverstar smiled.

Chapter 18
"Littlepaw, I shall rename you. From now on, you shall be called Sunpaw. Serve your new Clan well, my friend." Silverstar mewed proudly. "Sunpaw! Sunpaw! Sunpaw!" LightningClan chanted. "Clan Dismissed." Silverstar yowled.

Moonleaf and Stormstar where buried. They are dearly missed, Starpool missed her mother most of all. Whisperpaw became Whisperwind, she was a very fine warrior, but was miss-treated
because she was once a Kittypet. Sandpaw and Paintpaw where a sunrise away from being a warrior. Bluepaw became a warrior a moon ago, she was now Bluecrystal. Littlepoppy's kits grew, and where now six moons old. Mudstar had seven lives left, Silverstar had eight. The CreekClan medicine cat was returned to his own clan, they needed a Medicine cat right away, and LightningClan isn't that hostile.

Chapter 19

Mudstar looked over his camp, Smiling evilly. I shall kill every living cat. He Thought. Even my clan. And Kits! He added evilly. "Mudstar! Leaftail has returned!" Moonstripe called. "Good. But where is my Son?" Mudstar asked. "Littlepaw is a LightningClan Apprentice, now, Sir." Moonstripe hug his head, waiting to be clawed, kicked, or even killed. "Traitor!" Yowled Mudstar. " Pffft, who needs him! I always have my Adopted son, Killerclaw. " Mudstar looked at the Black and White tom that was washing himself. "Killerclaw!" Mudstar called. "Yea, Dad?" Killerclaw shouted. "I need you to do me a favor." Mudstar hissed.

Chapter 20

Killerclaw raced through the forest with his Clan following behind. They where planning to Attack BreezeClan. "Hurry Flea-Brains!" Killerclaw hissed. "My legs can't carry me any faster!" Squeaked a tiny kit. "Shut up, Tinykit!" Killerclaw spat. Tinykit fell to the ground, gasping for air. "Throw him off the cliff." Order Killerclaw. A dark tom grabbed Tinykit, and sent him flying through the air, But, when Killerclaw looked down..Starpool was standing on the cliff's bottem, holding the kit gently in her jaws. "Not today, Killerclaw!" Starpool hissed. She put now the kit and ordered Lightningclaw to take him to camp. Starpool jumped from rock to rock, until she got to Killerclaw. "What are you doing here, In BreezeClan's territory?" She spat. "My father ordered me to attack BreezeClan." Killerclaw hissed.

Chapter 21

"I'm not telling you touch a BreezeClan cat without a fight!" Starpool yowled, jumping onto Killerclaw, but he kicked her off. He and his patrol tackled Starpool, but Starpool's body Lit up like a lightning bolt, And Skystar appered in front of them. "Go home, CreekClan Cats!" Skystar roared. "Never come to this place of the forest! It has been blessed by StarClan, and only BreezeClan may be here!" Skystar hissed. The CreekClan warriors scrambled to their paws, and dashed away. "Thank you-..." Starpool looked over to thank Skystar, but only a light mist floated in his place.

Chapter 22

Please comment. Or i won't write anymore! Remember, i worked hard to do this. I really don't want it to close. Oh and tell me if you want ur RP charrie in my story. or just a kitty.
Please check some of my BFF's stories!

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Tribe Of Rocky Mountain-Shadowy Times.
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Default Re: .::Forest Secrets--The Story Of Starpool--A Warriors Story--Book 1::.

I <3 this story! I cant wait for more!! Nightcloud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I rated it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Five stars!!!!!!!!!!
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Default Re: .::Forest Secrets--The Story Of Starpool--A Warriors Story--Book 1::.

Thank you!
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Default Re: .::Forest Secrets--The Story Of Starpool--A Warriors Story--Book 1::.

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Default Re: .::Forest Secrets--The Story Of Starpool--A Warriors Story--Book 1::.

50000000000 stars lol
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Default Re: .::Forest Secrets--The Story Of Starpool--A Warriors Story--Book 1::.

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Default Re: .::Forest Secrets--The Story Of Starpool--A Warriors Story--Book 1::.

pretty good autumn moon!
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Default Re: .::Forest Secrets--The Story Of Starpool--A Warriors Story--Book 1::.

Thanks! I'm on another Tab writing this on my other tab i'm making chappie 2

Chappie 2 is up! Its long to!

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Default Re: .::Forest Secrets--The Story Of Starpool--A Warriors Story--Book 1::.*New Chapter Up!*

Gaspeth!! Go Stormstar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Default Re: .::Forest Secrets--The Story Of Starpool--A Warriors Story--Book 1::.*New Chapter Up!*

xD I see u really like my story! Thank you!!
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great stories!, i killed mudstar, jess wuz here!, starpaw iz awesome, starpool!!!!!!!!! :d :d

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