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Old 10-23-2010, 03:01 PM   #1
hat? I'm not a
Webkinz :)
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curlyannabelle will become famous soon enough

Red face Saving Sheila!

Hi! This is my little sister's play that she wrote! She's only 9! PS Those are not the kids' real names!
Gavin/Herman: We won’t harm your kingdom if and only if you give us Princess Sheila and half of your kingdom’s wealth.
Michael/King: Not Sheila! What about the neighboring kingdom’s prince, Jacque?
Jordan/Obrie: No. Only Sheila good. Me want girl in fort.
Michael/King: (fake crying) Fine. You may have her and the money.
(Hannah cries hysterically)
Opening Scene
Grace/Town Crier: (plays trumpet) Hear ye! Hear ye! The King Maxwell III is requesting a meeting of the village council!
(crowd mumbles/whispers)
Avery/Blacksmith: What is the meeting for?
Grace/Town Crier: (looks at scroll, puts down trumpet) Tomorrow, October 10, marks the fourth anniversary of our dear Sheila –er—PRINCESS Sheila’s abducting. We must send a young man on a quest to retrieve her and half of our kingdom’s wealth.
King/Michael: Thank you all for coming.
Trevor: Who will rescue her? ME?
Avery/Blacksmith: (bangs down fists) NO!!!! How about her own father, the king!!
Sinclaire: Meanwhile…………
(Haley is shown attempting to escape)
Haley/Sheila: Ahhhh! STUPID TROLLS!
(Sophia & Marcus grab Haley’s legs and ride)
Sophia/Troll 1: Heehee! Come with me to a magical world of happy!
Marcus/Troll 2: What she said!
Haley/Sheila: Urrrrgggghhhhhh!!!
Back to Town Square
Harley/Jacque: King Maxwell, I really don’t know about this. Who is Sheila anyway?
Michael/King: (spits out water) Who’s Sheila!?! Sheila’s just about the most the most beautiful girl who has ever walked the face of the earth! She also happens to be my daughter!
Harley/Jacque: Ohhhh……… What’s she look like?
Michael/King: Well, she has silky midnight hair, emerald green eyes and snow white skin.

Narrator/Sinclaire: That night, Jacque prepared for his journey.
Jacque: (look down at costume) Really? A lumberjack? COME ON!
Narrator: Jacque grabbed his ax (Harley winks and grabs the ax) and set out into the enchanted forest.
Jacque: Ahhhh…… I’m tired. I’ll sleep now. (owl hoots)
Jacque: (yawns) Good morning, me! (ßeyes still closed) (opens eyes à) What? Where am I? Oh yeah! I’m SAVING SHEILA! Hmmm… Catchy. (starts walking)
Sinclaire: 2 hours later…
Jacque: Finally! The giants’ fortress! (knocks)
Giants: We’re not home!
Jacque: Oh, too bad. Wait! Someone has to be there to say they’re not! (knocks again)
Jordan/Obrie: Fine. Fine. I get door.
Jacque: (says to himself) This is it! They’ll let me in, I’ll grab Sheila and the treasure and run out! This’ll be SO easy!
Obrie: Who there?
Jacque: (whispers to himself) How about Tom? Yeah, Tom! (says normally) I’m Tom, a humble lumberjack looking for some food and water and perhaps a fair maiden.
Obrie: Nope. Sorry. Have a nice day. Bye-bye.
Jacque: Oh, I forgot to say how strikingly beautiful you are.
Obrie: Really? Ok. You come in. One little man not do harm.
Sinclaire: 1 hour later…
Jacque: Hey, Obrie?
Obrie: Yeah, little man?
Jacque: Do you know anything about Princess Sheila?
Obrie: Nope. No idea. I only know that she’s here. Nothing else.
Jacque: Oh… Could you tell me how and where to find her?
Obrie: No. You just have to get past Bo, me & Herman. She’s in Herman’s maze.
Jacque: Could I meet Bo?
Obrie: No. Why does you little Tom ask questions? He’s right there. No more questions.
Jacque: Why?
Obrie: Yes. I like pumpkins. Thank you for asking.
J: (says to himself) Okay…
Bo: So. I is a good riddly-maker-type-giant. Here is my hardest one: (clears throat) What has two eyes and is handsome?
Sinclaire: Jacque thought Bo was freakishly ugly, but guessed anyway:
J: You?
Bo: YES!YES!YES! You gotta beat Obrie in chess now. WARNING WARNING: She good.
Obrie: (cracks knuckles) So. Little Tom-like-thingy thinks it can beat me. You is going not up!
Sinclaire: I cannot believe she doesn’t know the word “down”!
(Jacque moves piece)
Obrie: (moves piece) Ha!
Sinclaire: 4 hours later…
Jacque: Yes! Yes! I win!
Obrie: Fine. We go with that. You go through Herman’s maze now. I think you gonna be dead.
Herman: Rules: You turn left and right. You die. The end.
J: (gulps) Here I go!
(Sophia and Marcus appear, kicking at his shins)
Sophia: Yaw! Ha! Bam bam! Pow!
Marcus: What she said.
J: What the? Get off of me!
Sophia: No no! I’m going to stamp on your toe!
Marcus: What she said.
(J turns corner and trolls faint/sleep/die)
Sheila: Help!
J: Sheila!!!!!!
(J runs through maze)
(J sees Haley/Sheila)
J: Sheila!
Sheila: Person!
J: Treasure!
Sheila: Beard!
J: Let’s go!
(J holds Sheila and jumps out opening)
(J lands and runs into forest)
(Lights GO DOWN)
(J lays Sheila down)
J: Good night, Sleeping Beauty.
(J hides treasure)
(J lies down)
Sinclaire: 8 hours later…
Sheila: (shaking J) Wakey-wakey, my savior!
J: Oh, hi. (sits up and stretches)
S: Back to the castle?
J: Sure.
Sinclaire: 3 hours later…
S: Home! After 4 long years!
J: We better take you to your parents.
S: Oh, right! Yay! I’ve missed them so much…
(S sees parents and runs to them)
(King & queen begin hugging/applying lipstick or kiss stickers)
S: Okay! Okay! That’s enough!
Queen: You’re so… pretty…
Queen: Sorry, I just haven’t seen you in so long.
J: Sheila, I am not Tom the lumberjack.
S: You aren’t?
J: No, I’m Jacque, the prince of the kingdom Elbuna.
S: Oh, Yay! A real prince! (Hugs him)
Sinclaire: And that is the story of a fake lumberjack, two angry trolls, three giants, a beautiful princess, and lots of obstacles.
(As Sinclaire calls your name/part step forward and bow/curtsy) Cast call:
Sophia and Marcus --------------------------------------- Angry Trolls
Lucca, Jordan, & Gavin --------------------------------- Giants
Harley ----------------------------------------------------- Jacque
Haley ------------------------------------------------------ Sheila
Hannah ---------------------------------------------------- Queen
Michael --------------------------------------------------- King
Grace ------------------------------------------------------ Town Crier
Avery ------------------------------------------------------ Blacksmith
All the townspeople!
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Old 10-24-2010, 04:14 PM   #2
Call Me Sarah!
Webkinz :)
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millie12378956 is the bees knees!millie12378956 is the bees knees!millie12378956 is the bees knees!millie12378956 is the bees knees!millie12378956 is the bees knees!millie12378956 is the bees knees!millie12378956 is the bees knees!

Default Re: Saving Sheila!

It's good, but sort of hard to read with the size, color, and font of the text you used. This seems a little... extensive for a 9 year old. And you shouldn't give away her age.
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